System of a down spiders meaning

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Rappers React To System Of A Down "Spiders"!!!

13 785 views | 1 Oct. 2020

On this segment of

On this segment of Rappers React, Smokey and Hollywood checked out "Spiders" by System Of A Down!!!. Any suggestions, send them our way!!!

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#SOAD #Spiders #RappersReact

Vickie Lewis

If you haven't done it yet, do Hypnotize!


You guys have to do one of Serg Tankian's Empty Walls

Darren Napier

Please listen to Puscifer "Conditions of my parole" director's cut PLEASE!


The TV show live is much better

Jennifer Miliauskas

Just for fun, SOAD -The Legend of Zelda!! Made my inner nerd grin ? Have you guys ever seen Metalocalypse?

Donny Lynch

Metro is a great cover by these guys that you must react to, there can be no flex on this one!

Andrew Vasquez

This song was about intrusive technology. One specific reference in it, I am not sure if you guys remember, "the v-chip" was that thing in the late 90s/early 2000s that allowed parents to control what programs their kids watched. So the entire song is about different technologies that controlled what people watched or read.

eatthe canap

Circle Takes the Square - Non-objective Portrait of Karma
Guys, if you want to go a bit into the underground, this will blow your mind ;) Epic build-up, amazing musicianship. Their whiole album 'As the roots undo' is a fucking masterclass trip from second 1 until the end.

Christine Yacono

Great song, great reaction!

nath cascen

the cool thing about spiders ancestor u maybe dont know...they was absolutely the first animal walking the ground of this earth b4 anyone else animals.^^

Tony Gonzalez

Even though you just reacted to Spiders, you guys should react to the live version when they preformed on Conan. It’s their best version played live and you won’t be disappointed?

pierre behrends

I have an idea: Try his solo project. Empty walls is really...great? i dont know . Its beautiful in a cruel way...like killing murderers...satisfiying...but disturbing...The music is the killing...the lyrics the feeling after all...

Jeremy Henson

soad's first album was the best album they put out at least in my opinion, it will plow you over you like a train. its raw aggressive an unrelenting this is the slowest softest song on the album.


guys I highly recommend you check out SOAD - Question its a really dope song you gonna love it :)

Petar Vurdelja

Soad war, suggestions, atwa ,video radio also bangers

Christopher Blowers


Dylan Grace

Another great song to react to is I-E-A-I-A-I-O by System Of A Down Live at Reading Festival

Petar Vurdelja

And yes this song is about your toughts and dreams are no longer sacred as they are exposed to a weapon know as a remote viewing and monitoring so this like a bad dream that is why so weird and dark i forget to tell you keep on

Brett Doffing

1) Serj is a horrible singer (he’ll probably say so himself, and I might not say horrible I guess), but those lyrics though... 2) I’m voting you dive deep into S.O.A.D. by replacing Tool Tuesdays when you’re done ?

Nicolas Fracchia A.

These guys live are (were) amazing! they sounded just like the record, thats amaizing


SOAD, Know, is my favorite tune by them. 1st album throws down.

Chad Lininger

Please do question with the video!!!!! Dope! Pretty sure I've already asked but will keep asking lol


I'm sure there was some influence by Tool, and I wouldn't be surprised if they influenced Tool at some point as well. Especially after hearing Danny Carey talk about always searching for influences.

TekkonBlack Kinkreet

You should now follow this with War , from the same album. Yes Serj originally had dreads.

Robert Paulson

You compared them to Tool which was interesting. I reckon it’d be hard not to be influenced by them. I also think they may have been influenced by Faith No More. You should check out some their catalogue.


Human trash
I hate rap
It’s disgusting.

Joshua Johnson

This is my favorite SOAD song

Joe Mauceri II

Such a hauntingly beautiful song.

Chris Coote

Serj joined Tool on stage in 2007 in NZ:
Around 53 min...


I've asked for more Kyuss numerous times, I'll keep asking until you do it. More kyuss please.

Christy Carpenter

Way to take me back 20+ years. Saw SOAD live a couple of years ago in Sacramento at Afterschock. It was amazing!!! Gotta do
Deftones ft Serj "Mein"
SOAD "Sugar"


I dont know their stuff very well, but theres a breaking benjamin song with a very similar sound.


Serj Rob Zombie Tankian

noname noname

Good song. Yes I have no name.


Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't this song used in a movie ,


Their first record is special. i remember listening to the fuck out of it after buying it randomly from the record exchange.


you should check out Attack and Dreaming

noname noname

Saw them live with golgo bordello!

Tim Farrow

Suggestions p.l.u.c.k and soil off thier self titled album need reactions =)


SOAD and Tool. The two best. Definitely get into SOADs music.

Ruben Peralta

I've been waiting for you guys to do this song. I like the way this starts real slow then gets hardcore

Dusty Pilgrim

React to the Birthday Massacre

Jose Madera

Check out serj covering like a stone in memory of Cris cornell

Vincent Sandoval

Does anyone hear So Cold by Breaking Benjamin in the riff?

Bayu Pamungkas

Prison song plz?

Char Li

Great song! I returned like 23 years That first record is fireeee. You should hear "War" and a minute of silence for Armenia who is on war right now against arzebaiyan ☹. Greetings from Chile. Keep rockinnn

hydratank samari

I’m glad more people are hearing SOAD. They influenced a lot of my views in life and I have no regrets being aware with the issue most just overlook or ignore.

Good react

Justin G

HOLLOW PROPHET - INFERNAL CLEANSING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSyyC03nYbg

Mike Jones

Gate 21 by serj

Bigger Dreamers Productions LLC

Tool and System! That would be an incredible concert bill!

Zz-M3NIN0_D4_C4-zZ YT

trash talkers react to solitaire unraveling by mushroomhead

Noah Rodriguez

Y'all need to do a full album stream of this record. Their self titled debut is their heaviest and darkest. So good. Keep up the good work y'all!

Turtle Reed

Listen to scars on Broadway( they say) it’s the guitar player from system in his own band

Vincent Sandoval

Smokeypedia: spiders and scorpions are arachnids, not insects. <3

Marc Kenner

There are a couple of poisonous snakes. But yes. "Poisonous" means toxic by ingestion, "venomous" means toxic by injection.


Check out MR JACK! If you want a tool vibe

Matt Boselli

Why does FN YouTube God's the block two dudes just trying to make it you know I understand that you know I'm watching it right now

Demon Love Human

Man FOREST- SYSTEM OF A DOWN please react to it

Kyle Neff

I think this could have references to drug use. Some addicts have hallucinations about spiders crawling over the bodies.

Sky Fayette

My favorite System is a Down song is “Forest.” Sick ass riff and huge vocals that really get you thinking ? .. check it out mayn!

Scott Werner

Damn, I remember when this came out. Good times for music... these kids today got screwed. We got SOAD, they get squat.

Death Thrash

Back then, when this was released, there was no TIMELINE to pop up in. you had to watch MTV or hear radio and bought the CD ;-D

Tim Farrow

Spiders are absolutely essential to our eco system and they really do keep the bug populations down to a manageable level. Love this song it was the first soad song along with peephole both great songs

Chelsea Trevino

System of a Down song suggestions Mr Jack, Oldschool Hollywood


Great song! One of their earlier bangers. You REALLY, REALLY, REAAAAALLY gotta react to one of their biggest hits and perfect gem that is "Aerials". The whole thing is a masterpiece, from musical composition to the instrumentation, to the lyrics and ending in Serj´s vocals. Amazing!

Sean Crudden

Love System of a down. Good job guys ?

Kevin Sulistyo

I love seeing you guys slowly become metalheads

Edgars Ebrahimi

You guys need to have a day dedicated to system. They are unique just like tool.

Mr C

Serj is a classically trained opera singer.. same as Maynard


You still havent heard their cover of Wu Tang's Shame On a N...

Tim Farrow

One of the bands who got to hear fear inoculum first along with ratm was soad.

If i remember adam talks about how john from soad was there when they were recording fear and both him and tom morrello were quoted as saying very dark very sexy very deep very melodic and very tool. Cant remember the direct quote from morrello i think it was a twitter post before the album release. Im almost certain adam mentioned soad on his talk is jericho interview.

Bobby Shook

I say I like Spiders till I see one. ???

Ryan McCumber

You guys should check out "Institutionalized" by Ice'T's metal band Body Count! It's a sick cover of a great Suicidal Tendencies song. Also the video is hilarious :D


Looking for a super emotional (rage, sadness, etc.) song with an even more emotional video?

Serj Tankian - Empty Walls


One of their most "simple" songs and still one of my favorites!

TekkonBlack Kinkreet

Venom is a type of poison dudes

De Oppresso Liber

How’s that for you fellas n? and subscribed

K Tay


Gabriel Moline

3:05. You guys always amaze me. Every time. This is one of the things that rile me up. Thanks for educating people.


Their first album was the most sincere and real raw remorseless. Beautiful. RIP my bro that introduced me me to this literally the day it came out.


Listen to a GIRL !! singing. I know that I will not get a lot of support, but give it a try please : "GUANO APES" : OPEN YOUR EYES, OR LORD OF THE BOARDS ( THE OFFICIAL SNOWBOARDERS HYMN ) , OR BIG IN JAPAN ( AN ALPHAVILLE COVER), OR YOU CAN'T STOP ME. It's like Curt Cobain in woman's mood

Caroline Iero

You guys should react to B.Y.O.B. The video is amazing and the lyrics have an incredible critic.

Also, pleeeaaase please please please react to My Chemical Romance! They are completely different from SOAD hahah but we (old emo people :') ) would really appreciate it. The most known songs are Helena and Welcome to The Black Parade, and I would also recommend (from the last to the first CD - 3 songs each): Vampire Money, Planetary (GO!), Na Na Na, House Of Wolves, Mama, Dead!, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), The Ghost of You, Cubicles, Our Lady of Sorrows and Vampires Will Never Hurt You.
Thank you so much for your work, guys!

Teresa S

Fav SOAD song, great reaction guys ??

Simon Parnell

I had always thought this was about Heroin withdrawal - but I have no idea where I heard the idea.

Gabe Methos

Hey guys if you like songs with a message you should definitely check out Tentative, U-Fig, or Hypnotize all by System of a Down no rush brothers have a good one!

Tim Farrow

Ahhhh spiders such a great song. You guys gotta check out ernesto schnack and his soad and tool covers they are next level. Soooo good.

Mark Roy

Rivers of Nihil - the silent life

Shonda Phillips

The “actor” in this is the Bassist. Lol.
I love watching this journey!

Updated: thanks, Nope.

Moon Gazer

SOAD - Shame feat. Wu-Tang

Wesley Jones

Love this album

Papa Emeritus

If Rats terrify you,listen to "Rats" by ghost!?

Nick I

System of a Down fan since I was 9 years old, only knew about the metal scene at 15 ^^

Julian Santiago


Fonz E

I am a fan of both Tool and SOAD. Maynard and Serj have sang together on stage before.

John Godall

Man's, check System Of A Down I-E-A-I-A-I-O it's dope

Randy Nima

nice reaction! you should react to deer dance

TekkonBlack Kinkreet

This song is from their self-titled debut album (my personal favourite). Out in 98, some 3 years before Toxicity.

TekkonBlack Kinkreet

SOAD did start around the same time as TOOL, both from LA, and toured together.


That last part of the chorus ALWAYS gets me - the intensity, the emotion - puts a tear in my eye.

david fritz

hey guys please check Babylon AD by Cradle of Filth. thanks

System of a down spiders meaning

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System Of A Down - System Of A Down (Full Album)

306 273 views | 13 Apr. 2020

Album: System Of A

Album: System Of A Down

Year : 1998

Track List:

01. Suite-Pee 00:00

02. Know 02:31

03. Sugar 05:27

04. Suggestions 08:00

05. Spiders 10:43

06. DDevil 14:18

07. Soil 16:01

08. War? 19:26

09. Mind 22:06

10. Peephole 28:21

11. CUBErt 32:23

12. Darts 34:12

13. P.L.U.C.K. 36:54

I'm just mentally retarded

This album needs more attention N O W

Muhamad Zulkifli Md Zain


ธนูไฟ นายร็อคเกอร์


Kyba McLane

New System Of A Down fan.

Cesar Castellanos

My favorite after mezmerize ?

P.O.S. 69

Soil still kicks absolute ass

Can Daslan

this hand is still fresh..


I love blasting this album in my hotel room and doing the random death metal growls out loud My neighbors love it

Ricardo Hernán Muñoz Espinoza

Im here, on november 6th of 2020, the day of the SOAD's return. Yeah. after 15 long years, this day launched another new song. I write this post only for be part of the history.


peephole at 2x speed kinda slaps


Spiders is a quite a powerful song man. I thought it was kinda lame as a kid but man, I was wrong lol

Georgiy N.

8:58 the fuck will surely chew you up?

Martín Bungle

2:31 Territory Sepultura

Luke Walsh

A mind is a terrible thing yo waste, what an insanely heavy track

Joe Macdonald

Wtf is wrong with the 144 who gave this thumbs down. Cockless cunts


WOOOOOOOAh, who does those deeeeep death roars and growls in "Suite-Pee"? is that Serj or the guy who sings for Scars on broadway?
(Forgot his name, I'm sorry) I've been discovering these albums for the first time, over the last couple weeks and the songs on here are so. . . so. . . . so RAW! I love this!!!!!!


i love soad so much

Nikki babudada

This is their best album. So damn heavy

Jason Bohl

shut the fuck up you stupid fucking belly fat guy. So sick of that fucking commercial. Guys a dumbfuck

Maru Med



I used to listen to this album, toxicity, hypnotize and mezmorize when I played GTA San andreas

Tyler Basham

Ooooooohh baybayyyy! She's okayyyyyyyy!

The Virtuoso

why the fuck do you cut the outros


honestly id rather the demos to the release, however a small amount of songs like Sugar and War? are honestly better on the OG release

Сергей белорус

Слушаю с 99 года, топчик


2020 still screaming the album . Thank you SOAD

Abdul Mohsin

Arise as did the god Ninti

Mauricio Parada

this album is perfect


Whatta decade!


From “Sugar” they sing “in the end it all goes away”, it really does all go away, but at least we get some time to live

Кристиян Гачков

they are pure genius, new wave cant never reach this level of sound and charisma


I remember going into a nightclub first year of Uni requesting Spiders...amazing times!

Ramon Barajas

Damn i remember when they were on MTV


This is the first album I ever bought. My mom bought it for me no questions asked. I remember blasting it on her boyfriends stereo and then she walked in so I turned it down, to which she said "why did you turn it down? This sounds awesome".

I miss her.

Isabel Arredondo


Plasma Light

01. Suite-pee

lucas veloso

System Of a Down and Steal This Album: TOP 2 SOAD ALBUMS EVER

Sir Entity

Suite pee,sugar,and spiders are my favs

• Чак и ворона •

In every other soad album i could quickly name two or three favourite tracks, but this album... FUCK


i like Mind


I want to F*CK my way to the garden

Jacob Scott

Best album ever written.

hot apple pie

this whole album is good

Fresh Oxygen

FUCK! THE WORST PART about this album was trying to get a Set In during the Heavy Shit!

Artur Silva

I just bought this álbum.. so so good .. ???

Camilo del Pelo

im the only one who listen this after a CD of The Wailers? and vice versa too.

Braulio Carvalho

2020 ??


Soad : 10/10

Tóxicity : 10/10

Steal this album! : 6/10

Mezmerize : 5/10

Hypnotize : 5/10

Protect the land : 3/10


Herb Thompson

this might be one of the greatest albums ever made. how many albums are there where every song is good??????

Gianfranco Agolini

Basta con questa youtube music ??????????????????????

Gluttonous Slave

1998 jesus that was so long ago, this will be considered classic rock now

Chris c.

I am totally stuck on this Album now for weeks! Every song is fucking wicked, & it is HELLA fun to jam along to on Guitar! Cant believe I was only 11 when S.O.A.D released this. Probably on Cassette Tape as well .


THIS is how you begin your discography

Rawie Bagus

The best my broo


Why ads in the middle of every song?

LJ Bardz

Fact: Every surname members of SOAD has an ending of "AN"

Claudia Peña

Me encanta System of a down

Jacob DiMaggio

19:10 when your parents take away your playstation, D&D privileges, and your phone

Third Arm

This really is my favourite SOAD album

John Borowski

SOAD and QOTSA (both self-titled albuns) were genuinely two of the best albuns of 98.



The Devil All The Time

Fear not the gods that come from the skkkky.


Second verse last line of sugar makes me lol every time

Randy Dubin

Simply put, one of the greatest metal debut album of all time. A masterpiece from start to finish. Also my favorite SOAD album.

what is even happening?


Le Beurrichon

I listen them since 1996 :-) And you?

Luke Walsh

Definitely heavy as fuck. More raw and heavy than later albums were.

Tom Zadvydas

The first album was always the best one

Brain Soup

I can't seem to find the picture of them covered in oil that's in the insert for this album. It's pictured in the background here


i love the snort on DDevil


This is the band that lead me to like metal music. And I love them so much for that.

Nightlife 9

Less ads. You didn't make this shit and you barely compiled it. 3 or 4 ad breaks are passable but your greed is insane to say you don't own this stuff

Angel David

P.L.U.C.K My song favorite of first album of System Of A Down.

Mike Coxlong



My dad actually has this album
And My mom went to see Ozzy Osbourne and saw System at ozzfest

big penis parker

CUBErt is the best song in this album. if you think other wise then your opinion doesn’t matter.


the end of "mind" sounds like a battle theme holy shit.


This album is about 2020 all the way.

Jan Poelkamp

Everyone needs a mother... ?

3:03 = ?

hot apple pie

my neck broke from the headbanging

Bobson Dugnutt

Just found out SOADCD is gone so here I am

Bastian Aravena

where is marmalade? D:

Martin abel

sound? the best album!!! soad ????

Jacob David Cunningham

10:00 lol shosa shosa

Sergei Körolev

Sooooo ahead of its time....

Luke Walsh

Suggestion is insanely heavy and totally Rocks!


Awesome album, man I miss the days when youtube didn't have annoying commercials that Interrupt your music.

Steven Morrison

Wtf are ads doing on here -_-


This is the best album!


lol late 90s was a lawless land

jose Urdaneta



Gracias por subir esto, es el mejor album de SOAD!


i found this album at goodwill yesterday

Noosphere 30

Shit guys, i really miss the 2000. It’s not just music, it was a state of mind. So many innovations without all the internet elitists.

The Devil All The Time

How do I feel what do I say in the end it all goes away....

Beast Merc

This is their best album. Most bands, their first albums are my favorites

Mihajlo Nikolić



This album is the most perfect I've ever heard metal and punk blended


When i hear SOAD praised it's always Toxicity and later stuff, never this album, or is it just me somehow? Also: Suite-Pee and Sugar still rock

Astrological Bum

My first System album, I remember finding the CD in my older brothers room. It was in a booklet; Tearing at the zipper from how many discs stuffed in it. I skimmed through bands that I would later go on to also love but this CD caught my gaze and I ended up taking it to my room and played it. I was scared at first it was like nothing I heard before but by the end, I was sold on them for life. SOAD for life and all my love and support to the Armenian people and their struggles.

System of a down spiders meaning

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28 922 views | 12 Sep. 2019

Watch D-GiBBY react to

Watch D-GiBBY react to SOAD perform "Spiders" for the first time! #SOAD #Spiders #SystemOfADown

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Evgenios G

We are livin in a simulation

Durban Poison

Thanks, early SOAD! Check out, Forest and ATWA.


Amazing song! Goddamn I miss seeing these guys live. For the love of your fans PLEASE REUNITE!

Vinicius Ribeiro

Do Needles - SOAD, it was my favorite song by them for a long time, you'll love it!

Cory Saint

Serj Tankian... Might've spelled it wrong God knows I can't say it, just call him serj lol.

Der_ Meister


Jessica Aka.ms.awesome

Stuck on your reactions and this is one of my fav songs ever !

Check jinjer perennial live at wacken. ??

Lorin Leatham

You are going to LOVE the mandolin solo in Radio/video

XVHK Green

Geees, this guy is a sperg

Caleb Ethridge

Feed us from serj bro you won't regret it




Maybe my favorite System song ever. Do "Question?" pleaseeee....

Coágulo Grind

Dragonforce? : (

Akram Ghbabra

you should do #pluck next it's gonna make you lose your mind

Stark OFF

Thank you!)))

Artmatir KM

Okey.. next must be SOAD - RadioVideo ?

Jan Rivera

Prometheus by Septicflesh



Chad Hawn

Love the reaction spiders is one of my favourite soad songs

Christopher King

Bro this song gives me chills

Chloe Price

Tox ici ty

Raul Duke

One of my favourite system songs. Gibby try SoaD - Radio/Video

ArtBest ArtBest

S. O. A. D - Radio Video

Petar Vurdelja

System of a down war if you want real banger it is pure hard core vibe

Gokalp Kocer



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Mr. Paranoiac


please? ?

Andrew Cruz


Nathan Ornsby

one of their best songs

Tony with a T

Get that Peephole man. I will wait...but I don't wanna wait


Yo, Gibbs, I feel you about it not being your favorite SOAD song, but this song is just so chill through most of it that I can't help but love it above a lot of others. Back in the day I was listening to SOAD, Slipknot, Static-X, Korn.. and it was just a nice change of pace from the usual. I felt the same way when Slipknot did Snuff.

James !

Why dont you try King Diamond "This place is terrible", King Diamond totally goes the the fuck off!!!


Plz check out some Bands from Austria ! 1) The Sorrow -"Knights of Doom " or "Where is the Sun?" 2) Everlasting Dawn-"Faint" 3) Artas-"Rassenhass" 4)Norikum-"The Worlds Desease" 5) InDorsia-"Two Face" 6) Drescher-"First Blood" 7)Reset the World/Forever Young Have Fun ! Greetings from Austria!

Salmon FloatingUpstream

Forest ?


Beautiful song! Not as heavy as others SOAD's bangers but still great! Do Prison Song or Mr Jack!

justin polk

Serj best vocal performance , song is just too short

Norman Tompkins

Soad-prison song

Christopher King

Plz react to Cigaro by this band

Chris J

Ok, I just love ya dude. I subscribed and hit the sonomabich bell... Not to sound like I'm making demands or anything, but I would really like your reaction to " Fear Factory - Resurrection [OFFICIAL VIDEO]"..... Please..... Thank you!!! You're welcome...... YOU'RE ALL WELCOME!!!!

Filipe Lourenço

Holy montains

Wayne Howell


Koret Mulder

Tempo changes are SOAD's wheel-house. Love it.

nathan miller

Do people really talk like this? I can’t understand a word this guy says. Annoying as fuck.

Amenallah Othmani

React to soil / mind the greatest songs


RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - Demonstrating My Saiya Style

Vivian ?

SOAD - Deer Dance

Florencia Toledo

My favorite band ?


I'm realy jealous of you for hearing for the first time "spiders". I reminisce mine... You are in the right path bro...

Oli Sykes


Derrick Smith

Allow me to please introduce you to Serj Tankian of system of a down..........just one cool dude lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dLoc3PjEVe8

Raul Carrillo

Question? Please

c Johnson


Josh Moldovan

System of a down - bounce! Please!


Pls pls react System Of A Down - Chic 'N' Stu

Deuce -

yo legit watched this vid then dropped $75 over at grunt style...they should give u an affiliate link or something

Rupesh Chaulagain

System of a down-Dreaming.

Ishan RC

Pls do Sad Statue !!!!!


Soad deer dance. Must see


Do SOAD - Lost In Hollywood please!


4:18 that scream that he does always give me goosebumps, sooo good ???

Brandi Weber

Dreaming off of Hypnotize

Gary Halebian

Mr. Jack...epic song




Cigaro? Also down for Radio/Video, you'll love the tempo changes in that too


Underoath- A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White!

Paulette Fariq

System of a Down - Prison Song
System of a Down - Deer Dance

Christopher King

The lead singer is Serj Tankian


Buckethead - Soothsayer!


System's transitions are incredible. Time signatures are crazy good.


lets try something new what about some hollywood unead it would be great check their music i would recommend first to react to "undead" or "dark places" you will love it so much trust me

Cookie Shit


Rupesh Chaulagain

System of a down-Deer dance.

Augie Mesa

Suggestions please. It's also from the first album.


System of a down - Psycho

Andrew Wagner

Do soad prison song next and plz react to Unleash The Archers awaking please

Double FotyFo

Soad has an amazing catalog. Pictures, DDevil, or Cubert, next if you really wanna get litty 6 titties


A damn awesome band. Serj is a serious vocal badass. Definitely check out some Devildriver or Arch Enemy.

Steven LaPierre

Wow how original

Raychle Scott

You need to react to Bully by Shinedown!!!!!!!!!

Jose C


Big_Mak _Jak69

You should do Mr. Jack or Holy Mountains next. Love your reactions bro btw.


Omg. I. Looove. This. Song. ???? this reactionnabout to be LIT ?

Crusty Monk



Soil is my fav by them. The drop at the end is out of this world!!!


Weird song. Wonder what it was about.

Marcus Wade

I love your System of a Down redactions my dude. Been waiting for someone to attack them with your enthusiasm. If you want a song with a different vibe and Daron on lead vocals instead of Serj, hit up Lost in Hollywood. Songs with more emotion and that feeling that gets you in the chest, Holy Mountains or Mr. Jack.

Derek Wiedenheft

I highly recommend System of a down - violent pornography or tentative

jason wasson

Love it bad ass. 309 out.


You need to react to serj and daron's solo stuff (both singers of S.O.A.D)

I recommend Serj Tankian - Borders Are

Daron malakain and scars on Broadway - Guns are loaded

SilentWrath 079

Do system of a down attack and kill rock n roll please

Martin Stirnemann

Lamb Of God - Laid to Rest
or Walk With me in Hell

Patrick McDaniels

People don't like tool? We need more tool man ???

sTuv oHoy

This reminds me of 15 years ago, me on the schoolbus, minidisk player and KOSS headset blasting SOAD full volume in the back of the bus, while sleeping on the way to school. Sweet times. IF, however, youre looking for something hard AND something new take a look at "The Ocean - Silurian: Age of Sea Scorpions"


Please SOAD - Atwa :)

Living Life

Great video but wanting to k ow if there will be anymore mushroomhead

Wesley Kelly

Please do sugar by system of a down


SOAD “Forest”

storm exon

Yo fucking great song brotha!! You gotta do War? By SOAD now!!! Another great classic from them!!


I heard Spiders in a strip in Cancun for my buddy’s bachelor party. Shit was great.

t4 hola

Your reactions are insane men!!!! Keep It out!!!