Pulling carpet

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How to Remove Old Nasty Carpet (DIY)

1 027 728 views | 23 Aug. 2013

This video will take you

This video will take you through our step-by-step process on how to remove old carpet and padding. This project is for all of us DIYers who like to take matters into our own hands. You'll get a ton of insider tips on how to get this project done in no time. Plus, you should take the time to inspect your subfloors for squeaks and damage. Who want's a new floor that crows every time you walk on it. NOT ME!!

For a complete carpet removal checklist visit: https://www.homerepairtutor.com/how-to-remove-old-carpet/

#DIYcarpetremoval #removeoldcarpet #byebyecarpet

Here are some links to the products used:

Utility Knife: https://amzn.to/36z2tsr

Duct Tape: https://amzn.to/2ZYXDSJ

Gloves: https://amzn.to/36xUSu9

Dust Mask: https://amzn.to/2sLW4vq

Pliers: https://amzn.to/2ZXAvnL

Pry Bar: https://amzn.to/2ZXZRBO

Hammer: https://amzn.to/35u3XCH

Ring Shank Nails: https://amzn.to/2ZXVuXo

Some product links may be Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

0:00 How to Remove Old Carpet

0:20 How to begin pulling up carpet

1:01 Pull the carpet back from the wall and into the center of the room

1:17 How to make the carpet easier to handle

2:46 How to pull up the padding

3:43 How to remove the staples using pliers or a pry bar

4:43 How to fix any floor squeaks

5:47 How to remove the tack strips

7:02 Final tips

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Videos produced by Home Repair Tutor are provided for informational, educational, & entertainment purposes only. Some of these projects, materials, and techniques may not be appropriate for all ages or skill levels. Home Repair Tutor does not make any claims of the safety of the projects, techniques, or resources listed on this site and will not take responsibility of what you do with the information provided by this site. Viewers must be aware by doing DIY projects on their homes they are doing it at their own risk and Home Repair Tutor cannot be held liable if they cause any damage to their homes. Home Repair Tutor cannot claim liability with all applicable laws, rules, codes and regulations for a project.

Rem Nant

Thanks so much for posting this video! Just used your instructions to pull my old carpet out. My friends looked at me like I was crazy when I told them I planned to. ??Got it done. Any chance you have (or could make) a video on sanding floors? I want to strip my bedroom floors so I can restrain them like I did my living & dining rooms yearsss ago. I can’t remember which machine my mom rented for me.?


life saver

High Priestess

Can someone tell me what he used to cut the carpet?

julia boone

Gosh thank you so so much!!

Masooma ali Syeda

Do we have to take the pating out?

Adam Miller

Am I the only one who would attach a pair of old shoes to an end of a carpet roll?

mistic mind

with the staples, use a round head type plyer, and on its side while its pinched torque it down like lever helping release the nail.

James Geo

Very helpful. You have a clear delivery and you are a guy with all your hair. I bet hgtv contacts you soon.

Not Known

Ok uhh is this guy a carpet installer or nah cuz I do it way differently and way more efficient, I think he did it this way Bc normal people who don’t do carpet can’t Carrie but still he loses way more energy doing what he does and way slower, you can romove carpet in minutes maybe 20 mins max

Miriam N.

Great video!


You made that look easy!


He's cute

Jahlen Johnson

This was great thank you!

Carlo Montes

Thanks good tips gonna try this out


That blue carpet looks new still. No stains

David Agemes

1st amendment audit

Chloe Lyda

What do we do if the sub flooring is stained? Replace it?

Colleen Kobe

Very well explained! You make it look easy.
Your carpet looks new. Mine was disgusting with pet stains.
Suggest next time you list the tools we'll need at the beginning. Box cutter, duct tape, gloves, etc.
Thank you!


my flimsy ass arms are gna attempt to do this myself.

Lori Buck

What would be cheapest way & for short term. The carpet is disgusting in the master bedroom. I’m planning of selling the house. But, under these circumstances not going to happen soon. So carpet or laminate

WB Tool News

Great explanation! Thanks for the thorough walkthrough!

world school

Thanks bro

Alli Guz

I wished you were my dad


I have a carpet that's 50 years old. My concern is the padding that is likely disintegrated. I'll need to wear a mask but how do I deal with the partially powdered pad.

mark webb

excellent and complete how too

Rae Ann Pool

I have laminate wood floors throughout house except 2 bedrooms. The carpet in those 2 bedrooms is nasty with stains. One bedroom even has bad urine stains, drink spills & a couple doggie stains back when I had a very sick family member living in there and had a dog at the time. The carpet even got wet at one time & we tried getting all water up that had leaked from our AC unit. I have bad allergies to dust, mold, pollen etc. I am stubborn about doing things my own but I have some furniture in bedroom & would like to get nasty carpet out & replace it with laminate floors to match rest of house. Any recommendations?? Looks like you have to definitely get furniture out of room first! Just have a dresser with mirror, chest of drawers, and headboard/ footboard, small bookcase, small narrow table with computer, and a sorta small file cabinet in room. I want it to be an office but I need old nasty carpet up. I am about to start working remotely from that room & tired of smelling old carpet stains & it affects my allergies.

Johannah Osa

this video made me sneeze so much


That's the cleanest I've seen under the padding. Wow

Michael Futch

Dang he’s cute!

Damaris Degen

EXACTLY what I needed to see.. thank you so much for posting this video. Very helpful!!


Dude you made this look SO easy lol thanks

The Real

"This is a pain in the ass !" ?

Earl Jones

Thank you for this! My project today!

no name no name

tq i want to do it


Why remove it it’s liter a brand new carpet

LizHasMetalFever! \m/

Title: “Old nasty carpet”
Carpet in the video actually looking good
Me thinking: “Damn, he should see my carpet, I wonder what he would think..”

Kevin Sims

Best method that worked for me when we tore out our carpet. Thank you!

Jill. Arbogast

Great we are going to do this real soon Thank You ? that is a great tutorial.

Spyral StormTeacup

I was thinking of cutting the carpet into little squares and stacking them to reduce particles in the air... the carpet is so old it powders up, I think it's dry-rotted but there's mold and such too

Billy Nugroho

1. Cut-proof gloves a must. Trust me. Plus it's a good investment
2. Work cargo pants is also important.
3. Crowbar is needed. Floor scraper is best but might be overkill
4. If your carpet has underlayer, use sharp carpet knife, or heavy duty utility knife - not paper cutters.
5. With underlayers, an N95 mask is recommended.

Samantha Rosas

Okay! I’m going to do this myself ?? ???


In the last part of the video, there is some discoloration on the subfloor. I guess that would be from water damage. What do you do in that case, just replace? Is that fairly easy? I’m removing carpet and installing laminate floors myself but have this issue. Thanks.


IMO always use screws.

boricua lopes

My carpet has been destroyed by my kids and dogs to the point I think the smell is the worst thing I have ever smelled, I cut up the carpet into probably 2x2 pieces with a kitchen knife which was a lot easier than scissors which I used last time lol I really wish I had watched this first

brittnaynay chevynova

Best tip ever! Cut the fold ?

Suhel Shaikh

U r funny and cute?


Awesome thanks for the tips I gotta remove carpet from cement flooring in my basement


Is there a video where you added the new carpet to this room ?

karen b

THANK YOU for this instructive, well said video! Great tips, and I'm actually looking forward to removing some carpet now. ?

Arnol Flores

Awesome video dude

Omeedius 1500

Great video! Made removing the carpet easy to understand. The job was tedious but really rewarding.

Joyce Smith

This is soooooooooo Awesome!!! Infinite thanks and gratitude to you, Home Repair Tutor! I'm feel so confident now, and know I can do so much more for so much less $$$ than I ever imagined
with the many videos you have so kindly shared. I agree with the person who said to wear eye protection'. I also suggest wearing a mask such as the ones designed to eliminate the inhaling of paint fumes, etc. as the dust and allergens in our carpet from the 70's has been creating terrible allergies, so we're remodeling from the floor up! I'm definitely signing up for your newsletter! Yay!!! I'm sooo happy!!! "We can't afford that." has been removed from my family's vocabulary !!

Rey Chavez

You stupid. .dummy video why you put alot of duck tape if it is a small piece. Stupid vudeos.


Filmed with a potato.

Andrew M

He can tear up my carpet

Zoey Wurgess

Anyone watchin in 2021 and think his goatee was a mask

Stephanie Garcia

I honestly thought that there was already hardwood flooring underneath carpet! I had a room in my house where once we pulled the carpet there was tile floor so I just assumed.

sarmad Derzanki

Nice Job ???


Don't use duck tape .. Use old twine keep the carpet rolls small in length and diameter ur dumpster bin will thank u . use a flat shovel to remove Staples then use. pliers to get the rest. When removing old strips along the wall remove the hole section so when adding a new strip u will have a good edge.

Taylor Swilley

Thank you, this was both informative and fun to watch.

Presto Ernesto

Save your tape. Cut a piece out of the middle to tie it off after you roll up the old carpet

Vale Flowers

Your silly ?

Michael Stark

The sordid ethernet visually record because carnation physiologically own out a military cream. lame, blue number


New balance minimus trail shoes?

Dat Guy

I had my carpet for 15 years and I just decided to finally do away with it. The cherry on top is that I accidentally spilled my paint can on the floor when I was painting my room.


Nasty? The one I have is way worse ??

Life Is Music

What do you do with padding that’s glued down?

Project Vivid

Pro gamer tip. Use friction tape. Way easier.

Alondra and Luis Among Us

Love this video and content i got one just like it how to Destroy your carpet here

Joao Teotonio

great video!! ;)

Jason Munro

Great demonstration!

adrian flores

A good technique I use to remove the Tack strips is hitting the pry bar with a hammer. This is a good technique if you have a hammer head pry bar.

Everett White

Cutting the carpet into smaller pieces was my Tip of the Video. ? I’ll remember that. ?

I’m about to start a DIY remodeling project to save some ???. After the carpeted rooms are finished, the kitchen and cabinets should be easy to remove.
Thanks for sharing a very helpful video.

Tate Ways

If you wanna get it done quicker Home Depot sells tools that are made for roofs but on HGTV they do it on carpet and it is faster just a tip.

Spyral StormTeacup

Damn, I can tell the old carpet installed in my apartment 20 or 40 years ago was a shoddy job, there's no padding or strips along the walls. I can pull it right up and the original Victorian hardwood floor is underneath, still painted red and very damaged, yeah, but old debris just carpeted over bc the workers didn't want to clean up O_o

Otto Klee

Wow, the way you explain is just falls natural and easy to understand thank you

Maudie Lee Vickers

My carpet is nasty and Im very embarassed about it. The house I live in now is my childhood home and I mas pretty messy as a kid so thats why its dirty...The carpet is 16 years old and Ive had my room for 7 years.. should I be embarressed ?

Jayson Potteiger

Such a good vid! Definitely subscribing!

Toni Schlotter

I have an older carpet than this that is sticking to the wood. Was wondering if anyone thought of a safe trick since I want to use the wood under the carpet?


I really don't understand why people put this shit in their home.

Julian Gomez

Do you have to switch out the old padding if installing new carpet or can you use the old padding for the new carpet?

Eric Lopez


Kaaren Remley

You mentioned email list. I'd like to sign up for it. I'm renovating my bedroom since it has an old carpet that hasn't been vacuumed in decades.

JadeRabbit Futurist

A perfect video! thanks! Now to grab my box cutter!

Winston Wingo

I enjoyed the video, it will help me slit when I have to take up my carpet. Thank you so much. You have a new susbscriber

Susan M

Wow, you made the steps so easy, gave clear instruction and the video is not long! I am a single mom with a house to run and repair on my own and now I will be able to handle some of these tasks on my own! thank you!!

Jeanette Maldonado

Thank you for this great very clear tutorial! I was able to do a room in an hour. Using your technique. And course help from Jesus to push me to do it!. Thank you again.

Anna Nsubuga

Isit possible to just remove the carpet layer and just put down a new layer using all the old stuff? Like if you want a new look but with less hassle

Rich Lo

I gave up on my carpet- it looks like shit and I'm tearing that thing up

Rebecca Carraway

That is one sharp utility knife ?
Obviously I need a new one


super awesome and informative video! thank you thank you!

Jason Peterson

Working on a project and your video help out a lot, thanks good sir. Have a good 2020 good sir.

M Sharpe

Thanks. We've got some really dirty, ugly old carpets and I was dreading having to take them out and don't want to use a contractor. This has put my mind at ease about doing it. However, you forgot one thing; i.e. the rooms have to be completely cleared out first! :)

Lashonda Scott

My knees hurting by watching ?

Dot The CAT

very helpful looking to clean up my house and this was a must do


great tutorial! i’m cracking up because i don’t see how banging a crowbar into the floor, tearing through wood, and pulling up staples would be easier than grabbing them with pliers

i’ll find out soon


Omg w bare hands and no respirator?! Anyone who's actually done this in real life knows that's a horrible idea....

Ice Pop

Before pulling up the carpet cut it up into smaller squares


Awesome vid, very helpful my man!


Thanks for video

Pulling carpet

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Pulling Up Yucky Carpet & Staining Stairs

2 760 views | 28 Sep. 2019

Pulling up yucky carpet

Pulling up yucky carpet and revealing beautiful hardwood floors from the late 1800's!

In today's vlog Sonia Miller of Junk Monkey Paint Company is ripping up nasty stained carpet and reloving the wooden boards underneath.

Let's pull back carpet and stain these gorgeous real hardwood floors.

Watch yesterdays vlog showing how to faux paint your countertops to look like a real dark wood here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3efYkN1fdrg

Get your Junk Monkey Paint in the color Candy Bar Brown for that counter project here: https://junkmonkeypaint.com/products/...

Get the Stain & Poly Sealer Product Sonia used here (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2nHm5Jh

Be sure to subscribe to this channel and follow Sonia on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! Follow along daily as we go bananas and paint together!


Claudia Voorhees

Wow, what an undertaking. Love that house. Really enjoying watching the transformation .

Gloria Wyssbrod

Sonia you are a young me I was always doing something like this. Now I like to just watch you. Looking beautiful. I'm glad Matt is helping you my husband would have just been watching. Lol

Carol Hernandez

That was a great idea ?

Sea Trace Creations

Gorgeous rich floors! I need to check out that floor product for my blonde birch floors. You are doing great with the updates.


Leave the prints YES

jessica vaccarino

Wow your steps before were actually in fantastic condition, I'm currently doing a house from 1809 and its terrible, I've removed at least 2000 staples and nails not including the tack strips and its only 11 stairs....also currently stripping paint off the stairs...ugh I feel your pain ?

Sweet Pickin's

Love it!

roxanne platter

Love this so much! Thanks for the tip on the poly shade. Will definitely being using this on my daughter’s wood floors. Thanks for all the great idea Sonia!

Traci Ramirez

Lol too funny!! You are really transforming the old new house!! Love it

Vicky Wills

I bet you can’t wait for day you see your last tack board? so worth all the hard work, you’re doing a beautiful job ???

Maria Ramirez

Hello Sonia and Matt hope y'all are doing well. Oh my lots of hard work but the floors are looking beautiful. Awe Stanley wasn't a happy camper lol. Much love and big Tx hugs from South Tx.

Carole White

Stanley-cat, so sad!!! Gorgeous job on the floor!!!

Elvia Galvan

This is looking fab!! Please let us know what color of polyshades u used!! ????

Traci Ramirez

Get him a bed!

Peggy Mohr

Great job. It is just beautiful. Well worth the work.

chris mcneal

I love your house so much. ?? and yall are doing an awesome job. Beautiful


Absolutely beautiful! Let Stanleys paw prints stay ???

Mary Buchanan

So interesting about the gas light switches. I love historical houses also

Paula R

Oh no!! My cat would have done the same thing! Hope it didn't ruin all your hard work. But, it's looking fantastic. I'll have to remember that color, Mission Oak. Beautiful.

Tammy Knoerzer

Looks great! I use a baby gate to keep my fur babies out of the way.


So Beautiful

Vicki Harrison

Just wondering, you are talking about the cat, but I'd like to know where your little dogs are?

Tracey S

Love those floors! Your home is absolutely beautiful! ❤

Pulling carpet

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Removing Carpet The EASY WAY

52 518 views | 20 Mar. 2020

Todays Task is showing you

Todays Task is showing you how to remove carpet the easy way and not hurt yourself, walls or doors. subscribe for more upcoming DIY projects.


Gloves: https://bit.ly/2UqDeU2

Knife: http://bit.ly/2QwpjuK

Pry Bar: http://bit.ly/2WsgBRW

Have an Idea for a video send us an email at [email protected]

Thanks for Watching todays video. The Products used in today's video are lists below as affiliate links.

Want to send tools or products for Demo?

Send them to

PO Box 6451 Logan UT 84341

(Tools and products will not be returned)

Jennifer Maltsberger

Love the bloopers Joel your doing so great with your videos. Can't wait to see more

Megan Miller

We have just started remodeling our home we bought a year ago ourselves, well my husband anyway! I have watched since Lincoln was born and now my husband is so glad your making these kinds of videos for him to learn from! Your home in our inspiration for our remodel!

Shalise Benjamin

So fun to watch


No house project ever went without one of the kids stepping on a nail/staple, smashing a finger or falling off some sort of height... My dad instructed and let us learn from our mistakes. I've had many tetanus shots!!!

Jaden Shamas

A floor scraper really helps get the staples out

Katie Brown

Part time single mom (hubby travels a lot for work) and you make everything seem manageable and do able for some one who has no idea how to even use a hammer correctly. Thanks for branching out and starting your channel!


This is a great channel for those that can't see the potential in a remodel project. Your bloopers at the end are great!

Amanda V

Great job, Joel!


So excited to see all the progress

James Collins

What if i already pulled the carpet up? Should i lay it back dwn. Then cut it. Its hard to transport

Tracy Kaiserian

We had our living room dining room and hall done..3 bedrooms to do. At least we can get a head start.. thank you

Anika 2020

Oh Joel

Mike The Wholesaler

What kind of doors are you putting on the closets?

adds jo

The room that is on level just paint it and put fresh carpet in if you do hardwood floors you'll have to level the whole room but not with carpet. Plus it would be way more cozy and homey not echoey and sterile like a hospital. Do not move the kitchen either the kitchen is fine and cozy in a little Nook you don't want to huge open room that does not feel like a home it will be way less work we less money and it will look way better if you do it this way

Marte Gulbrandsen

I love that you started a channel of your own! ? I have seen it for a long long time how you allways work, work, work around all your family. I allways see that as such a big testament of love, the way you selflessly do so much for everyone around you ❤ I know Bonnie love you a tonn, and I am happy she see how you show your love for her, your kids, and everyone around you, by helping and maintain all, and everything so life can be easy, safe, and good ? I'm also so happy you bring your kids along, and teach them about all the stuff you do, then they will grow up being awesome familyoriented loving grown ups like yourself! Stay safe❤ Love from Marte in Norway ??

fitby30 With Terri

Would love to learn to tile a floor!

Ellie Lenkart

Recently tore my bedroom carpet up to find beautiful hardwood floors underneath, the tack boards are the final thing I have to pull up!!


Big mistake--- no mask!

Aly Kleidon

This kind of channel is so helpful for those of us who would like to learn but don’t have a way to do so. I’m so excited to see what else you show us; this knowledge will be helpful for so many!

Shawna Hoskins

Love your Chanel Joel! You are doing awesome!

Holly Svandrlik

I'm so happy your doing this. Your bloopers are the best.!! ... I ripped up all the carpet in our bedrooms and living room and replaced with that vynal drop and done planks. Easiet and most durable. We put Catalina grey in master and daughter room , snow grey in nursery, and a dark dark grey in living room.
I wanna do the basement but worried it'll feel too cold . Any tips ? .

Patricia Luckett

Great work! I enjoyed watching and I learned a lot. Thanks for this video.

Nonyah Beezwax


Deedee Turner


Terri Trainor

In a neglected, older house like this, with the tearing down off walls and floors I would be careful of possible asbestos in the flooring under the carpets etc.

Miss Fiyah

So helpful!

Torrie Smith

Love your videos so far! The modern bob vila! Will you be installing carpet in new house and showing that?

Mike Zavarello

Wow ... ripping up the carpet into strips was brilliant! Thank you for these simple tips and also for the links ... I’m always looking for durable gloves.

Abigail Wihl

I love these videos! It's a dream of mine to renovate a house someday and this makes me feel like it's a little less daunting of a task.

Weekend Nomad

My cat started spraying fun stuff

CaseyIrene W

Bells on but never gives me the notification ?


I wish the videos were longer. Thanks for this channel! I know you are busy with so many things in life.


What a great and well planned channel, Joel!

Lucille Exler

It is very interesting how different things are built in different countries. Some of the components I have never seen here in Germany. ?


Brings back memories of me ripping up our carpet at our old house! My husband always doubts my “handyman” skills but I got this. ?? I was SO sick of the carpet as my dogs started marking the few places where the previous homeowners’ pets had marked. It wasn’t bad at first but after so many cleanings and it doing nothing but getting worse it was time for them to go! Moved all the furniture myself and went to town yanking out nasty carpet (that really wasn’t very old but pets ruin things ??‍♀️) just to discover beautiful original hardwood floors in our 100+ year old house! I was winging it the whole way but did basically everything you did in this video. Thankfully I didn’t have to remove any doors but I did leave us big rolls of carpet to maneuver and get out of the house! Oops ??‍♀️?

Mute Cupido

Ur video is quick, direct, and simple. Great video for 1st time watching u. Others talk to damn much. Just subscribed

Alvarados 4 Life

So you NEVER remove the tack strip? Even if it's dirty and rusted?

Angela Dorau

I live in an apartment in Toronto. I will likely never own my own home, but I’m obsessed with watching your channel because it feels like helping my dad do work and learning while doing it. Thanks for the lessons ?

Judith Galicia

2:23 smashes emergency button

I just found red sitting in a vent!

Penny Martin

Enjoying these diy videos and Soo grateful you started this channel. Andd you share bloopers, Bonus!!!!!!

Lonnie Roberson

Good job dude.

Wendy Sutton

Good luck, Joel!!!

Jen Limburg

Coming along nicely Joel.

Heather D.

@Todays Task - Hi Joel! You mentioned that we could ask questions, so here is one from me. One of my closets has the bi-fold doors (tall ones - ceiling height) but the wheel is always popping off the track. Any tips for how to get it back on easily or better yet, how to fix the problem? Thanks! Heather??

Joel Lehner

Thanks for the video. Replacing carpet with laminate flooring. These are good tips to making this first step not so daunting.



Kelly Edes

Joel u are in your element when u are doing this. You remind me of Tom from this old house. They were teaching and showing people the safest way to do different projects.

Victoria Kefer

I just started watching today. I like how straightforward your instructions and demonstrations are. Good luck with the house.

Morgan D

I’m so excited for this channel. Do you plan to lay your own hard wood floors?

Paul Bittinger

Good video! Keep them coming!

Tracy Worby

You have a great sense of humour Joel. Looking forward to seeing more of it on this channel. It’s a strength! ??

Hannah Kotalik

You have no clue how much I look forward to watching your videos every week!

Jeannette Colling

Why do you post most of the house renovation videos on Bonnies YouTube page? I would much prefer to come to this page to watch all the videos pertaining to the renovation than hopping between the two. Anyway, thanks for the great videos.

Family F.E.D., Family Fun Every Day

When you cut into the carpet with the knife, does it ever go down to the floor below and cut into it? I assume you just have to learn the right pressure, but I'd love any tips. Thanks!

barbara belkoff

Thank you. I was doing it right!!


been wanting to get new carpet or hardwood for a while but felt overwhelmed at the thought of tearing out our carpet you made it look somewhat simple thanks!

GarriLyn Howard

How about. Video about changing /replacing inside of toilet tank?

Julianna Luna

Ripping out a carpet is no fun! I ripped out a carpet that was from the 70s! Thank goodness for box cutters!

Witness of Jesus

Joel your such a cool explainer and very caring for all who watch and might do this project. God bless you and ur familia??♥️

maria suarez

Thank u so much Joel, you are a star ?


So useful. Thank you Joel. I’m really enjoying your channel’s content.


Where there baseboards....

T Coombs

i have to remove carpet stuck on by 2-3 inch glue help

Jill Troy

Great video Joel so fun watching you transform this house into a home

Gia Loren

love this joel! keep it up x

Dawn Rodriguez

So sorry about the termites, Joel. ☹️

Sarah Lee

You know how you know Joel is really a good man? He apologies to himself when he makes a mistake.

Debra Wronker

Joel I loved my mother inlaw she passed away 10 years ago. She had cancer and didn't know it even though she would call us asking weird questions, She left her house and 2 lots in the Northern California High Sierra mountains. We packed up everything we had and moved
up state mom has pets ? and ? cats when she got sick the animals did everything everywhere and the carpets were really bad we had them cleaned X,3 time's
It a literally stunk, we ended up saving and it took a couple of years we had the carpets tore up flooring cleaned and hardwood flooring was put down. The smell
was gone.; But we had clean the walls and ceiling because it had smoke tar we had to clean . We are living
in the house a great retirement place. Sorry I get talking. Love you guys, God bless you always ??☃️
Please be careful and safe and healthy during this time of world wide Quarantine. Take care.

Mikayla Stai

I can confirm that stepping on a tack strip does not feel good... My dad was ripping out carpet and laying hardwood floors in our house when I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade and I ran barefooted into the room that he was working in and stepped right on that tack strip with my big toe! I think I was slightly in shock because I don't remember reacting much but my dad freaked out!

Sarah Lee

Joel you are a brave brave man. I get so disgusted by other people’s filth I would have to burn every article of clothing that touched anything in that house.

James Gibson

Nice work seabass, best video yet.

Breianne Tyler

Thank you for the video, found very easy to follow, will be pulling up carpet this weekend trying your method ??

Martha Redpath

I apologize if this has already been asked but what is the name of the tool you used to pull the staples out?

karen barrett

sales. Advice Joel


Thanks joel great job explaining step by step!

Robin Nieto

We tape those pins to the top or side of the closet door in the order they came out. Great videos, love the house flip videos. Keep them coming!

Kayla Bernal

Hey i love bonnie but I got to say your a handsome guy❤❤❤❤ no disrespect bonnie. Oh yeah work and stuff doing great. Learning a lot. Like a teacher fun to look at lol

Brenda Dockweiler

Oh Joel I'm so sorry you guys are running into so many problems with the house! Silver lining it's great content for this channel! I'm sure you're not the only one who had everything that could go wrong do so! Hope everyone is doing well!

Stephanie Camplin

Absolutely adore your family! You're such an amazing father,husband and I could watch your Vlogs all day long on getting things done.

Katelynn Short

It doesn’t show me when you upload and I have “All” notifications on. ?

Sherrie Blair

Keep the outtakes at the end! They make me laugh. Just know I am not laughing at you but with you. Bless you and your family. Homebound Mimi who misses her babies!

Ron Tiemens

FANTASTIC. Thank you!

Hanna Sofie Egge

I hate to get emotional about this but thank you so much for these videos. My father is in horrible shape due to cancer, and will not be able to teach me all the things he hoped to teach me. Therefore, it is a blessing to have channels such as yours where I can soak up all the knowledge and share it with my dad. We bond, learn and grow together as his journey might be coming to a close. Thank you for allowing me to learn, grow, bond and share it all with my dad <3

Randy Ibanez

Thanks for sharing

Tonya Ricks

Thanks Joel, looking forward to more videos. Bloopers are hilarious

Tammy Estes

Me and my husband just sold our house we fippped...I am living for your channel joel!!!!


You HAVE to wear safety glasses. Those carpet tack strip nails can pop out of the concrete with great velocity. Ask me how I know.

Jen & Ben Buroker

I love the outtakes! So fun! Joel you make handiwork so approachable. As a woman I have felt intimidated to even try. But now I feel like I can.

Laura Olson

Omg I love it

Virginia Scratcher

Ah, this is what I need to do to my dining room. Nasty old 20 year old carpet needs replaced. Good step by step on getting rid of it.

Karyn Taylor

Thank you for showing how to remove the doors both sliding and hinged! Do patio screen doors operate the same way as the sliding ones? I need help on those. My sister cut her knee pretty badly when she was pulling back on the knife, so maybe knee pads? I am so sorry to hear about the termites. Hoping there are not live ones and limited damage. Can you not abut another 2/4 to the existing one and put two on the termite side and save the beam? Hugs for a crappy day.


I didn't have a dad growing up so... I learn from these videos.

Dennis Vlahogiannis

Hey Joel! I have a question for you. Do you think it’s better to buy an old, almost destroyed but quite cheap house and renovate it or to buy a brand new one but quite expensive? Thank you! Say hi to Bonnie and the kids! Love from Greece ??

Erin Moore

Thank you!!

Alondra and Luis Among Us

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Lost At Retail

Nice work Joel!! I can’t wait to see you replace the walls! :) very interested! :)

Scarlet Roulette

yeah try scraping caroetboff cement thats been glued down by heavy duty glue

Lana Benton

Hi Joel. Thank you for all the great tips. My question is will you be sharing tips for doing outdoor projects such as landscape? My husband and I love the planter boxes you made in your back yard. I know you all have deer in your neighborhood so how do you keep them from eating your garden? This is a huge problem for us here in Ga.

Wesley Spencer

Thanks for the video! I will be tackling our bedrooms and halls today, so this will make my life easier! Thanks!


Joel, do you have an upload schedule? Need daily vlogs!!!