Trade war stock market

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Trade war trades: 6 stocks

5 046 views | 17 May. 2019

The "Fast Money" traders

The "Fast Money" traders discuss 6 stocks to trade as uncertainty in the China trade deal weighs on the market.

Arnold Dalby

Buying WRK (Westrock) for it's yield while the price is resting on major support is an interesting idea.

Trade war stock market

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What Is US-China Trade War & Its Effect On Indian Economy, Stock Market And How To Deal With It?

83 140 views | 24 Aug. 2019

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Watch what is US-China trade war & its effect on the Indian economy and the Stock Market and how to deal with volatility that comes with the trade war.


You can get my lectures from my website https://rachanaranade.in It’s an opportunity to learn 65+ concepts relating to Basics of Stock Market in 11 sessions! Feel free to WhatsApp on +91 9022196678 if you have any queries.

Biplab Chatterjee

Rachana ji, another master piece information....Hat's Off!!!

harish bachhav


Abhinav Gautam

Great lecture, Ma'am. Thanks!!


Great videos.... plz do make videos for how to start investing in mutual funds and how to choice between various mutual funds schemes available

kunal purkar

You made it so easy to understand. I attended APICS conference and there key note speaker talked about this issue at length and it intrigued me to watch this video. I am grateful for your precious time and service in spreading knowledge to all. Thank you Mam.

V vision

I love ur way of explanation

manjunath manjun

a good piece of information. excellent

pradyu vaikunt

can you provide also the references?

AV Krishnamurthy

Rachanaji, thanks for the video,

siddhesh ghatwal

Ma'am pls explain about NAV POINTS IN MUTUAL FUNDS
MA'AM pls make a video on how a common man will understand terms used in mutual funds ... technical terms and in this economic slowdown how to proceed with mf

Bhavesh Patade

I like Donald Trump dance

Aromal Joe

You have a wonderfully simplified way of explaining complicated things. Big fan!

mohammed haneef

Good one, Just subscribed to your channel.
How this TW affecting Indian Share market ?

Sagar Nanaware

She is a good teacher..makes difficult stuff to understand easily..must have remain a bad student on a lighter note... because only bad student knows pain to understand something and can make others understand by putting similar efforts.??..I subscribed her channel as I understood her way of putting subjects.

Piyush Nakrani

Mam because of US China trade war. It will impact on India economy...so for the student start there job that impacted to much....can you share videos on financial services job opportunity in this global recession

someshkumar maurya

just simply fallen in love with your voice, expression and analysis

Subodh Sinha

Thank u ma'm....
One doubt, why we can't put a huge tariff on Chinese Goods and
Start dumping our cheaper products in Chinese market ...
We could do it by investing more money on r and d deptt...
Likewise we may able to do something good for engineers who have only degree in this country unfortunately ...,

Monu kumar

Aaj tak ye samaj ni aya tha ki DEVALUATION se TRADE kese increase hota h , but now I got all

Sagar Nanaware

August 2019 ka video h..may 2020 corona me Sach saabit hua


plz plz make more videos like these. international trades.

Jugal satra

Thanx alot mam !!

vivek yadav

Apko hindi me bhi videos banane chaiye

Sorry mam , unsubscribe

Sudhamaya Nayak

Great Information.But I am unable to understand why this will be negative for us in short term .

Manoj Desale RICH MIND

Do you really think the crash happened in stock market of India in last month was just because of Trade worr or slowdown in economy . No wrong totally wrong Indian stock market fully and intentionally operated now days by big operators who knows retail holding details from broakers and make us phool

Dheepa Sundar

very short and perfect explanation of trade war... Really impressed....


Mam please give some discount in Fundamental Analysis series

Rahul Patil

good evening Rachana mam, can you please elaborate the term PE (TTM) in coming videos. Thanks

asif m

mam your explanation is so good mam

Nandakumar K

Nice video, one basic question - How does deficit matter to any country?

Rishi kumar Singh

I love your voice and the way you speak?

T.Vellapandian Tamilan

I think you can predict future, 1ce u said & now its happening.


why is India's market getting effected because of US and China trade war

SplitLook Official

thank you mam for such a quality & informative video , but there is my humble notice is that background music is little bit disturbing while listening you.

Chester Kamar

Mam how china becomes 2nd and,,, I dont believe this,,, india is lacking too much in front of china...in term of economic,,, I thought india is strong enough but ulta fulta...

Sagar Gaikwad

Superb clip Miss Rachna , you have explained a complex topic in the most easy & simple language ....thanks a Ton for making this clip ???

Amit Kr

Is there any rich people who studied science instead of commerce doing stock market? And they are really smart in it?

bharat dubey

Great information mam?
Mam im CA foundation student i want to be trader and investor after completing my CA I've started learning trading and investing
can u plz guide me how should i maintain my study with this!?

Arun Deshmukh

Which country's export is more than it's import ?
Do share market major movement is only depended on government policies ?

Rajesh Rangaswamy

Mazak Banarahi Hamari, Rachana,.. 10:34 i can explain full what you said


Is china a net exporter? Only then it makes sense to devalue currency..was surprised to see US is a net importer..
Don't u think tariff and import duty is same...in india also we have import duties to encourage local production...why the trade war is given so much of attention...only bcz it involves US...

Rajesh Kakkar

How Brexit will affect Tata motors and mother son sumi

vijaya madhavi

madam we want to know what are different types of duties levied by the Government- like excise duty and customs duty..etcc..similarly please make an video on GST also

anirudh g

Good show ?
Please share your views on Lupin and Mothersonsumi

Jaideep Shinde

Nice presentation!
You have done in-depth research for the same.
All the MPs of our Parliament should watch this video and gain some knowledge from it.

Resmi Nair

Ma'am can you give a lecture on India decreasing GDP and increasing unemployment.... what can be done???


Rachana mam love u

vishnu waghmode

How currency devaluated?
V S Waghmode

Bikshapathi surampally

less infotmative with more explanation

Akash Sunil

Can u post a lecture on procedures regarding how indian citizens can invest in foreign markets

Arun Bharti

Thanks ma'am

Abinash Tripathy

Dear ma'am, I would like to watch a video explaining how the INR value has been decided against Dollar.

Aditya Gupta

Thank you for giving this piece of information. ??

aditya munukutla

ma'am, i liked your video. if possible please make a video on ongoing iran-usa war and its effects on our economy. And also mention "why gold rates tends to increase whenever there is a war? and its relation to changes in currency values"
thank you.

Satish Wagh

Dear Mam your explanation of whatever things on share market was amazing... Thank you so much ☺☺

Anniket S

Haha...its very bad?

Shaban Shaikh

8.00 i think she is allien . Look at her mouth

my account

devaluing currency leads to inflation. isn't it?

Saurabh Kumar

Thank you ?

Jacob Mathew

Jacob Kerala. I have subscribed ur channel.it explained very meticulously in very simple language n in an easily understandable way.I am doing share trading in small way n have incurred any loss as involved in short term n long term trading only..
My present question is not on us China war but on fundandamentals.Means where can I have readily reliable details entry n exit of shares or more precisely support and resistance levels as I find it difficult work out as my own due to my old age related illnesses. If u suggesting some apps kindly suggests as to how we can reach there.

venkat manoj

How tax cuts improves Indian economy like n sitharaman did,, why put money 20 billion dollars in corporate hands rather give sme loan is it a right move plssss make video,, when will be time for land acquisition , labour happen and its positive impact

Chennakesava Parna

Thank u mam your explanation with examples is simple&easy to understand for the beginners.

Ayan Panja

Please make video on Yes bank. Is it worth to hold it or sell it?

Vemula Hemanth

Now this video is working what a future thinking mam

Shweta Patil

Other than thank you there are no words to say to u.. Keep uploading more bcz guru keeps spreading knowledge in right path.. Sometimes listening gives more impact than reading..

Venkatasuresh Jetteboyina

Thank you Rachana...

Ravi D

Thanks Rachna. Will you plz elaborate more on "what are the ways of currency devaluation?"

Roy Lalit

thnks mam to let us know the real meaning of u.s. China trade war .. master class again by you .. best teacher I ever heard .

Sudeep Roy

Very well explained.... Thanks Mam

Aravind Bio

thank you

Kandiah Kularaj


gp reuben

thank you rachana ... writing an "idiots guide" or a "dummies series" very tough ... you have surpassed that and nothing can be simple as your presentation, lectures etc.

Pongnyu Konyak

Than you ...I got it now ..

pranay gupta

Rite nw..china itself is facing the karma of corona.....mam u made an awesome video again????


How foreign factors affects Indian stock market ?
Recently Huawei CEO was arrested
& next day Indian stock market started declining
Please explain

Nilesh Phatate

Nice..... One

shanmugam vairavan

Awesome Rachana

Nikhil Panchmatiya

Absolutely fantastic, although there are lot of people who are really knowledgeable they cant articulate in simple terms..but you have a tremendous control over what you are speaking..abolutely loved it...btw i too am very good at presenting things..

surya s

Mam please make a video of Indian Taxation system and types of taxes in India

dinesh kumawat

You are so fluent...you belongs to india??...kidding

srijayan s

simple and clear way

Prasad Kamble

very nice rachana

Ankita Srivastava

Please make videos on slowdown of economy

sridhar chatti

Future of LIC of India can we invest. In LIC


Is india steping toward to grab this opportunity?


Super I m your fan


Thank you for sharing of knowledge. The content quality and the way it is delivered makes it easier for me to listen to your videos.

Christeena Mathew

Thank You Ma'am... Really Informative

Muhammad Waqas

Fantastic mam

Chetan Deshmukh

Dhfl fall


Pls suggest about gold .. Whether to buy it or wait for price drop

Rajesh Sahu

Time pass video

Louis Fernandes

Very succinct and lucid. Brilliant as usual. Keep up the good work. God bless.

Rajesh Sahu

Mam ache see samaj ni aya bakwassssss

AV Krishnamurthy

Why China is able manufacture and produce products at cheap rates? Secondly they have trade surplus with every country, I guess India has TD of $50 billion with China, I guess this surplus
money , they are spending on BRI projects, which is estimated at $800 billions, It is a war being fought on economic matrices. China is winning now, Many analysts say ,what US did globally in 80s and 90s , Chinese are repeating, they are masters of reverse engineering.

Muukul Sinha

Is China retaliating via Corona to US and impacted all the countries economy?

Chinmay Gujar

You mentioned about devaluation of currency...so in reality how does a country devalue its currency as daily rates are based on demand and supply.

Siddharth Mohite

the examples are great

Raghavan Iyenger

Really wonderful Information. Short and concise. Congrats ! I am always keen in listening to your video..though I am a Retired Faculty. But still I take keen interest specially yours....

venkateswara Rao Kanagala

Thank you
Jai Hind

Suresh Mandan

Really Very Good analysis short and simple

Trade war stock market

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Stock market responds to Trade War.

1 291 views | 19 Jun. 2018

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Regina Carino

Thanks for the video

Jaron Pope

We are gonna win!

2fly 101

Can I contribute to my traditional IRA if I'm not employed?

Phong Nguyen

Thank you


Contributing to Roth IRA during tax time is a big no no? :O

Elliott Miller

Nice hair cut!