What is 20% of 20000

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Should I spend $20,000 on this?

96 123 views | 7 Feb. 2021

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Uriel Trujillo

Just do it,
use it as a tax write off

Ryan Davila

"You have your skinny one then you have your fat Biitch" ???

Katy Brown

Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard ??

Victoria Holliday

Dope music. Dope video.

Edgar Poe

First, I grew up skating that elementary school down the street. Anyways, trying to get back into skating gets progressively harder with age lol. I’m not exactly sure at what age the cost / benefit ratio makes you over it.....but that’s when you know you’re old lol

Tiouti TV

defenetly do it

Truth Street

Sumo doesn’t count, i don’t care what you say.

Jordy Cazares

It would look good but dang that’s a lot of money

Megan Carney

Do it change the windows

Maurice Jenkins II

Martin Short and Pee Wee Herman had a baby? Jesus Christ

Maurice Jenkins II

Disgusting photo shoot


Just paint the middle part black


Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard...??‍♂️


...for Mona and I and not for myself and Mona... jeez Maxx, with that egoistic attitude youll never find a woman hahaha ;) JK dude

Joshua C

dumbest thing I ever heard.


Then the upstairs Windows would look off as well if you do the Pool Windows ?

Bennett Whittaker

anyone know the song name


Do it

Kevin Mejia

Dig the skating hitting the like button for more skating ???

mazen taifour

12:45 f&&k you bro !! I was eating at the time ?

Jonathan Recio

That 19k can easily be your vacation money. DON’T DO IT MAN!?


Don't do it, it's not even about the money, the lines are not that bad

Gladis Elias

Omg!!! Is that larger sizes I see!!! I’m excited may have to pick some of those joggers!!!!

Amanda Long

Don't change the windows. If you do they need to be able to open.


Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

Matt Weidinger

bro the house looks good save the money

Leeonna Robinson

Lmaooo I love how you wiling out yourself out there to get attacked by the internet. A NO GO ON THE WINDOWS BOO — no resale value

Kahler Leipzig

This was one of my favorites. Atta boy maxx keep grinding.

M Good

Skater maxx


Dont do it! I think this is gonna lead to a rabbit hole some way some how if ya do


Dumbest thing I ever heard.

mazen taifour

12:45 fuck you bro !! I was eating at the time ?

Lisa's World

Definitely not worth it, those windows Maxx! As an architect, I see that by removing those dividers (sills), you will lose the overall aestethic coherence of the whole back façades. All the windows have them (even upstairs), so removing a few will make the design "unreadable" and a bit messy...

Katherine De La Cruz


Robert Farrugia

The 'hey Dood' backwards killed me hahaha ???

Jessica Burlison

No need to change the windows

Darelys n Samuel Hernandez

Don’t do it!

Maninder Singh

Christian needs to get some solid rest soon haha


I’m beginning to realize we’re gonna be weird old people .


Yo Christian needs some sleep. ?

Xime Angulo

Christian is the grown up version of chancho

Kotian anna Fitness

Hi bro big fan here ? Going to support u everytime I see your video

John'Ta M Jones

Do it!!!

Juan Ramirez

Nacho libre scene deserves a like on the video

Ruben Carreno

Wouldn’t you have to change the upstairs windows too so it all looks as one?

Alex Lohier

Do what makes you happy Maxxi!!!



Tom Bush

Dumbest thing I have ever heard. EVER.

Evelyn Keel

No don’t do the windows ?

Cole Leonard

The window quote is way too expensive. My company has a branch in Houston and it’s a triple pane and would be like $12-14


Definitely replace the windows I mostly just want to see you spend all your money ??

Dj Kriss

Can you do Real Men Conventional Deadlifts?..

Moodii As

dont change the windows

James Nicholas

ever snowboard Maxx?

Noe Arguelles

Look for a new glass guy

lh 311

Just paint the middle part black ?

Joe Lopez

Contact window world for a quote

Kervy GoodVibes Videos

God loves you, turn to him today and Repent Your Sins So you can be saved. God Bless??

Jessica Lopez

Don’t go it


Nice kick flip. Idea for the windows. What would it cost to install one large window on each side of the pool, instead of smaller single windows? You’ll have a better view and overall look more modern.

Matt Smith

Paint the strip black and tint the windows. Replacing them should not cost $20k. Price per window is crazy high.

Reece Lord

I don’t know why, but I thought he’d be putting some sort of lighting in the glass cabinet ?

Alexander Van Ballaer

dumbest thing ever maxx

László Ricsi

Dumbest thing I ever heard... If you change the lower ones you need to change the top ones too because then it's not gonna fit


do ... but you forgot to count the upstairs windows... they are fugly.


I know you have money but $19k is not a smart business move lol get more quotes!

Trevor Black


Chris Ashline

No on the windows. You want to open them at some point.

Christian Weber

Definitely do it

Jessica Chang

Nacho libre ?? and the hey dood backwards ?


that earwax ad makes me wanna throw up every time. here's your goddamn algo comment so you can stop that partnership

Alright Looking Guy

I bet people said it was the dumbest thing they've ever heard when you wanted to launch a candy business. I say you pay $30k to get them done and shut down all the haters.

Matthew Segura

Maxx’s vid quality is honestly constantly the best on YouTube!!

Harrizona _

If you're gonna do it do the margaritas bar and the upstairs windows too!??

Brendan Shivratan

Stupid thing to do BUT I get it

mazen taifour

12:45 fuck you bro !! I was eating at the time ?

Amelia Ridenour

dumbest thing I've ever heard, respectfully tho

Halen Hulsebus, PA-C

Absolutely worth it brother. This is your dream home bro. Dooooo it!

Steve Steele

You'll use lose functionality for serving drinks to your pool. I thought you were gonna have pool seats, but I guess it doesn't matter now.
Shop around for windows or get a sponsorship to get a deal




I bought the Spade.... It's really good device

Javier Avila

Enough with the Rap music.


Ur videos are so entertaining that I put the vid just to see the part that u talk about the house and ended up watching the whole video..?✌?


Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

Luis Mora

Leave the windows alone

Dax Stephen

YOLO that $19k into Dogecoin.

David Hamilton

Dumbest thing I've ever heard... Definitely do it!!

Aarsh Vaishnav

Dumbest shit I've ever heard?


just turn the windows upside down badabingbadaboom

Studson B

"The dumbest thing I've ever heard". But in reality, as long as it makes you enjoy your house more and you have the cash, go for it.
p.s. really just here for the engagement, live your life king <3 lol

Alaina Buttiglieri

Dumbest thing I've heard. They match the rest of the house


Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

Art Perez-Lopez

Keep the windows how they are.

Benjamin Skinner

Dumbest thing ever heard.

Jonathan Martin

Never cares about crumbs ??

Dagoberto Solis

invest in changing the front windows not the rear

100prcntambition _

Dumbest thing bro ?

Sebastian Rios

I mean if you get the double plane windows, it’ll stop the air from coming inside the house and in the long run you’ll save money on your energy bill. But having open windows is great tho

Bri&bry T

I’d just paint that white strip black. Or just leave it it really give character to the house

Sebastian Rios


What is 20% of 20,000

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What does Medicare Part B cover? How much is Medicare Part B? - Insurance Simplified - Medicare SWFL

50 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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What is Medicare Part B? How much does it Medicare Part B cost? In general, if Medicare Part A covers Hospitalization, Skilled Nursing, Home Health Care, and Hospice, Medicare Part B Medical covers everything else. When looking at the costs someone is responsible for under Original Medicare, specifically Part B Medical, we have to imagine this is someone without a secondary plan. Understanding Medicare inside and out needs to be done as if you only have your Red, White, and Blue Card. Nothing more. If all I have is my Medicare Card and I need any medical services, I am responsible for 20% of the Medicare approved amount. Using Medicare for medical services would be using Medicare for doctor's office visits, lab work, x-rays, urgent care, outpatient surgery, physical therapy, etc. Medical is all non-hospital.

Under Medicare Part B Medical coverage, you the consumer pay a Part B deductible once per calendar year. For 2021 that amount is $203. You are on the hook for the first $203 for medical services. This could be one office visit, 1 lab test, or a combination of such. Once that $203 has been satisfied, Medicare now pays 80% of the Medicare approved amounts, leaving you the consumer paying 20% of that price. This could be $12 or it could be a large number such as $20,000. It all depends on where and what service(s) is being provided to you.

Medicare has no ceiling on your spending. Even your worst insurance has a max out of pocket. Not Medicare. Under Medicare, Part B Medical, you pay 20% of the cost until the year ends. Then it starts all over the next year with a new deductible. This is where private insurance can help. By adding secondary coverage such as a Medicare Advantage health plan, Medicare Supplement, Medigap, etc. you can help cover all or some of the gaps within Medicare.

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Medicare is confusing. We make it simple.

What is 20% of 20000

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How I Turned $10,500 into $210,000 at 19 (in 90 days) [Beginner Real Estate]

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11:02 $210,000 from $10,500.

16:30 Steps for You.

Here's an example of how at 19 years old I took $10,500 working at Jamba Juice and Red Robin and turned that into $210,000 in net worth and $100,000 cash, tax free, and fast. I did this by investing in real estate taking advantage of a 3.5%-down, home-owner-occupied loan and a 203k loan.

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❎I am not a CPA, attorney, insurance, contractor, lender, or financial advisor. The content in these videos shall not be construed as tax, legal, insurance, construction, engineering, health & safety, electrical, financial advice, or other and may be outdated or inaccurate; it is your responsibility to verify all information yourself. This is a Youtube video for entertainment purposes ONLY. IF stocks or companies are mentioned, Kevin MAY have an ownership interest in them -- DO NOT make buying or selling decisions based on Kevin's videos. If you need advice, please contact a qualified CPA, attorney, insurance agent, contractor/electrician/engineer/etc. financial advisor, or the appropriate professional for the subject you would like help with. Linked items may create a financial benefit for Meet Kevin®. Any use of other media is by fair-use or license only. The Paffrath Organization is a licensed real estate brokerage doing business as Meet Kevin® in California under DRE #02032575. This is not an advertisement of property for sale. Any mention of properties listed or sale or otherwise shall not be construed as anything other than an opinion for entertainment purposes only.

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California Shield Law provides statutory and constitutional protections to journalists seeking to maintain the confidentiality of an unnamed source or unpublished information obtained during news gathering. IF you submit news or information to [email protected], have faith Kevin will keep your name confidential if you so request. Obviously, you could request to be referenced.

Joe Fabiano

The dragon med helm!!!

Alexandr Kreidler

Ahhh the dragon med helmet, and the dragon crossbow. IYKYK

bryant rougn

Thanks brotha this is a game changer

Chico Urbano

I miss these types of videos. So inspirational

Munny *

This is so satire, i love it!

Deisy Munoz-Avila

What a well made video!!!

Just Dew It!

All of this hinges on the assumption that someone will actually buy the house after you've lived in it. It also hinges on the assumption that our economy is doing well. If you feel like you have nothing to lose then I guess you have nothing to lose but in reality you have tons of liabilitiesAnd you threw away your hundred grand net worth because you borrowed against it again

Nathan Sabo

Really good video!


Enjoyed this video, very clear to understand. Now...to figure out how to find the "deal" !!

Julia Martinez

Some body had to Co-sign or had to come in with him on the loan based on the income he was making you figure at a $300,000 loan FHA will require mortgage insurance and taxes to be included on the payment so he be looking at around $2300 so you had to multiply $2300 by 2.5 usual Banks want you to make that much in income so I doubt he was making $5k a month at Red Robin

Dr Suezz productions

Dafuq, i a 19 year old could get a mortgage for 3.5 percent down of a whole ass house!

Elder Leonel

300,000 in Texas is an awesome house ?


Ah, a fellow runescaper.

Preston Perez

Can you please help me.!! I’m 18 years old and I’m going to be working for the union in a month or so. But I want to be able to buy my own house using the FHA 203 (k) plan. And build on it. Then sale it, for more profit. How did you get so knowledgeable in this at in such a young age???

Milan Claeys

Why is there a dragon med helm on the background lol

James Fleming

How do you get pre approved for a 300,000 house working at a minimum wage job?

Bret Claar

D med helm!

Unknown YouTuber

Isn't that helmet from RuneScape?

Millionaire MindSet

You still have to have a certain amount of income. You wont get a 300k loan on a 20k a year red robbin salary


Do you play runescape?

Bob Plaque

Longer, educational videos are better Kevin!


I am really eager to get into owning my first property but I am so lost.?

luke gray

what is the benefit of refinancing, Kevin said the bank wrote him a cheque for 100k but this is still an extra 100k debt tied to the mortgage no? why would you want to add 100k to your loan to avoid mortgage insurance, surely its not more than 100k over the loan repayment term.

gulandana khan

PLEASE PLEASE, Investigate first before you invest with Gabriella.

burial bike

The harmonious wheel ostensibly receive because snowman conceptually glow sans a tidy centimeter. second, impartial playground

Taylor Neilson

The catch is the house is amortized

Meet Kevin

You can do it too!


This whole video is a simple example of "flipping a home"

Bryson DeStefano

Peep the Dragon helm and dragon crossbow in the back. Whats your RSN?

Jonathan Acuña

Crushed it on this video. So much value. Thank you for taking the time to create this

Roger Williams

Awesome! And very well explained.


me 16 watching this so I can know more when I turn 18

Leroy Crosby

Shout out to the dragon medium helm from OldSchool RuneScape in the background

King B The God

Hey bro I’m hooked to your channel I need your help ! I paid 30% for a 205k property it is 2300 sqr ft above ground pool,shed,5 acre lot. I’m 30 k into the renovation with my own money and I’m sweating bullets because I keep finding issues and my savings are shrinking.What advice do you have for me because I want to buy my first property this year.

Michael Briseno

Does anyone else here hear Ryan reynolds when he's talking?

Cynthia Robert

I was able to build a big income stream during the covid 19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, mrs Maria Thompson

Jeremy Smith

Hey Kevin - Maybe i'm a bit slower than the others, Just tryin to understand the numbers and refinance process. So when you refinance at 440k that means your monthly payments increased? But you still got 100k cash? The cash becomes tax free bc you reinvested it in a new property? And the now 20% down on the new loan came from where? or was it just because the value of the property had increased?


The info is amazing, but the first thing that caught my eye was the dragon med helm and the DCB!

Snow Getpaid

It is estimated that over 40,000 to 300,000 people have made a massive one million dollars in Bitcoin pending on the type of broker involved. For every investment to yield earnings a professional broker should be involved. Mrs Kamilah Thurston is a professional broker who manages, handles, and gives guidance on investments to get good profits.

Dana Schoggin

Loved it! Thank you so much for breaking all of that down in a way that is easy to understand. Loved the glasses as well ?

Mathias Reippuert

Awesome video, it's really inspiring and humbling to see how far other people have taken their businesses.
I'm trying to enjoy the journey, but I can't wait to get to your stage!


I'm 32 and married but with no kids. We have a great house in AZ that is a perfect rental property. My goal is to buy a new house to live in and then rent this one out. I can rent it for double my mortgage. I am just nervous about taking money out of our current home and then having two mortgages. That is the part I don't quite understand and feel comfortable with it.

Helga Walczynski

The heady bank substantively bury because radiator morphometrically shrug alongside a thankful israel. dependent, oceanic pair

Jesse Hosein

dont you have to pay back that 100k from the refinance?

gloria young

I make huge profit on my investment since i started trading with Lady Elizabeth Owen, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade


How come it was tax free if he didn't stay in that home for at least a year?


awesome knowledge

bubs m

Hi sir im a 16 year old from South Africa i want to get into real estate and i think i know how to but i need a mentor (NOT A INVESTOR) please if you can if you willing take me under your wing

Drew Page

Miss these vids! Great stuff.

Joe Rossomando

Is that refinance for the $100,000 still a loan? Is that a home equity loan? I'm not getting how he got $100,000 just because he refinanced.

Lori Harvey

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James Micheal

Due to the recent happenings about the COVID-19 has really affected the worlds economy because if the shot down of different firms and work place and people have to stay home dont for this period will be over surely and you wouldnt want to start from the scratch to pay your bills that why you can invest into Mr Reid Hoffman trading platform and be rest assured of your profit you would mak in a week so when this period pass away you would have enough to begin with. Mr Reid Hoffman is the trade you need for this people win everyday from him .

Ryan Reyes

I bet $10,000 this jerk off has no friends

Austin Jackson


milo tandez

Still in debt though

Charles Zvirbulis

nice d med helm nerd


18k to £535k in the same time ??

ViiV Creations

Problem is if you get a trash tenant that destroys the home, exponential repair bills, etc.


I immediately will trust what you say more because of the dragon med helm in the back.

danny chung

The ad fox subcellularly fence because teaching ultrastructurally compete pro a distinct cat. valuable, third marble

Jon Pasillas

My questions: The extra 100k from refinancing out of the FHA loan-isn't that still money you have to pay back from the new loan? I like the benefit of the extra liquidity from the refinance, but I'm ultimately questioning if I want to borrow the extra cash just to have (a lot) more liquidity...unless the real objective is going full throttle with an income property by means of the extra liquidity. You used that $100k to buy another property for income. Was that income property meant to eventually pay for the mortgage payments for both primary resident and income property? Thank you!

The Last BarBender

I dont Get it dont u have to have equity to be able to get a loan?

Dustin Potter

They let you get a $300,000 house loan while you were making $9 an hour at Red Robin? Lol

Victoria Lomba

I am a nurse and investor, I started with $29,800 to build a diversified portfolio, it wasn't easy but it was really worth it. I haven't gotten to the point I want to be in life, I want to retire early. I am grateful and thankful to my mentor (Chris Vandernaald) who took out time to work with a busy nurse and a beginner. I am happy that's all!♥️

Cameron Berry

D med helm!

Mya Grimm

In Kevin's video "How I Brought My First Property at 19" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek17zzsx4Q4
the story is so different than the story he presents in this video...in the other video he says his wife and him were real estate agent with no real estateincome, and he claims in that video he had $6,000 - $8,000 saved up from working part-time at Red Robins and Jamba Juice (this video he says $10k and that he was working at Red Robins for around $8.10/hr), and the other video he talks about how he didn't qualify for the loan from his income at Jamba Juice so he had to call his dad to be a cosigner it order to qualify for the loan (which he totally omits in this video), and in the other video at 8:09 he says they had to put down $12,425 - he completely left out how important his dad was in the whole deal in this video, without his dad, it would not have been possible. I can't find the video, but I'm pretty sure he said his wife's dad is a real estate agent and how he got into it.

Lanbar Associates

Just closed on my first house Jan 12th 2021. Good video


how did you pay the mortgage while you were fixing it up? did you have money set on the side for that?

lucy nsugaree

Is that a Runescape Half Dragon Helm i see?!!!!


300,000 in Cleveland ?you'd be living big

leon flowers

How long is a real state course? Did you invest the hole 100 in your second property? I’m interested in just buying my first property.

Chava Starkey

did you have to have credit to do any of that tho, i’m 18 and i have 10,000, but the bank tellers at my bank told me i can’t have a credit card in my own name until i’m 21, and i cannot be on my moms


why did you kill the fly? he was trying to learn your secrets...

Bryden Sears

Beginners beware. The "$30k" return he talks about in Year 1 is not accurate. Because it is a loan you then have to deduct the costs of interest ($300k x 0.325 = $9,750), state land ownership taxes, water, electricity, maintenance, repairs, Landlord insurance, structure insurance, rental management costs and vacancy when no one is renting or the tenant wont pay. So that $30k turns into $5k pretty quick. And you have a massive loan and tenants and agencies to manage which is 5 hours of your time taken up that you could have been working so you lost income that you could of had (5 hours x 52 weeks x $40 p/h = $10,400 per year lost income potential). So make sure to consider these costs when you make comparisons to stock market investing where you do not have to pay any of the above expenses.

Arizona Dalman

I only subbed b/c of the dragon med helm in the back.

Li Ging

Millionaires stay rich by making productive moves like investing but personally I recommend you do a background check up on your source before investing, Ensure You are investing through a solid foundation source to avoid blowing money away

a day in the life

I've learned so much watching your videos I'm ready to be rich ?

Michael Esquivel

Gotta ask Kevin how did you get approved as a real estate agent to buy the house or did u still work at Red Robin and got approved with a co signer(your girl)

LI Bullets

This is such a joke


It's sad how this information is hidden to some extent. Great video .

Cameron Dalton

lol whys my guy have a d med in the back lmao


Yes more videos like this please. :)

micheal anders

I like the long lecture videos, the more details the better, keep it up Kevin. Your changing peoples outlook which changes their life.

D Primo

How does a 19 year old kid qualify for a fha loan? Especially only making 9 dollars an hour

Alex Calhoun

Delete this before poor people see!

Jk I’m the poor person.


I love his presence on camera in this video. He's no doubt genuine, real, and speaks directly to the listener. He educates well and I love all his videos ?

Lara Aniston

Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid 19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Jessica Morgan.

Thomas Johnston

Kevin plays OSRS??? ?


I'm confused, is it 2 different guys on this channel???

James Willliams

I guess we are just lucky

Paul Steven

Nice strategy i must say. I didn't earn as much as this video claim but i earn about 3250usd every week and i don't do that using video

Michael R.

Good stuff! Thanks!


Why is there a RuneScape dragon Med helm?


You're a liar, I make, and have way more money than you did, and I can't get a 70k mortgage loan without massive hassle.

Tyson Wong

Love your videos! Thanks for doing this, keep going :)

Bradley Parson

Bruh, seeing this for the first time and noticed the dragon med helm and d crossbow. Youre now my hero, trying to save up money with a wife and 2 kids and trying to get her into real estate.

Jeffrey Rob

In few months or no time people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.

Evan Pogue

How I turned 10,500 GP into a D Med and DCB...

Kasir Production

Kids got a dragon med helm from RuneScape in the background

jorge alvarado

I really like kevin, this guy is awesome