Uphold cryptocurrency

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UPHOLD CEO "XRP Not A Security"

1 070 views | 21 Jan. 2021

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Ilich Irias

It's just a matter of time baby!! It can happen at any moment, HODL strong cause it wont be long!!!
Bag Man brings it, again!!!

Ana M Siva

Be careful with UPhold they holding your money for a long time. I transfer mine to UPhold 2/1 as of today still processing. I missed my trading opportunity and no one bothers to respond back after several inquiries. They will steal your money, buyer's beware.

Bryan XRPhree

Andrew Nation

Duuude you know his Titleist hat ....go type Titleist into the gematria calculator.... to the moon!


Bag man, search out and find the videos called War Castles: Robert Leroy Horton , parts 1-4. You been right all along brother! We’re just getting started

Bryan XRPhree

Appreciate the hard work and content! Thanks for not wasting our time with what you had for breakfast!

Dr. Crypto 101

The doctor is in the house...

WORK UNTIL I DIE Grow420,shop

Yeah what he said

PIGROLLS Restorations

Do It Bags !

Zuria Yamileth Sanchez Mendoza

Greetings From México Mr XrpBags

Hazel V


Uphold cryptocurrency

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How to Buy, Sell and Hold XRP Ripple || Uphold Quick and Easy || Adam Shelton

130 views | 9 Feb. 2021

How to Buy, Sell and Hold

How to Buy, Sell and Hold XRP Ripple || Uphold Quick and Easy

Start your free uphold account -

➡️ https://wallet.uphold.com/login

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Uphold Launched in 2015, uphold has established itself as an exchange where currencies are exchanged, stored, or can be used for any transactions by crypto and stock traders around the world for a small fee.

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compressedJackson balconyRivers

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Adam Palmer

i just made my uphold account how do I send my xrp from coinbase to uphold

Katelyn Ejmont

I don't know who need to hear this, you've to stop saving money.invest some part if you really want financial freedom.. i can help trade to earn $36,000 ask me how?

Uphold cryptocurrency

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Uphold Gave Me My Money Back, XRP Fast to Transfer, Jeff Bezos Step Down As CEO? GME low ETH High

1 054 views | 3 Feb. 2021

Uphold Gave Me My Money

Uphold Gave Me My Money Back, XRP Fast to Transfer, Jeff Bezos Step Down As CEO? GME low ETH High

Corey H

Is that a Christmas tree??? Oh, glad you got your money back. LOL


First time buyer in crypto is my XRP “safe” in uphold as far as I know it is. My understanding is it’s better to keep it in a wallet. Just want to make sure I get my “money” safe lol

Adam Martin

Glad to hear you got your money back! I was wondering if you could give your thoughts on the interview with Lawyer Joseph Hall on Thinking Crypto's Chanel. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it.

Frost Ayandeji

what was the verification required ? like how much triggers them to lock up our funds?


Coinbase is probably using ripple or xrp

Lee 1024

Can you send from uphold to s cold wallet? Are you still using them?

Adam Hastings

Good stuff, I'm happy for you. No more trading lol.

Henry Womack

Protect that crypto!!

John James

Thanks for the update. But I have a question. Did they send the whole money (which was in Processing state) which you moved to buying XRP or did they just gave what was left as per current value of XRP. I would be happy to see your response. Thank you.

shiva smith

Any xrp exchange app ?! Please I need help, an app I can sell and buy through ?!!

Jeff Spera

Please help, tried everything, xrp held hostage 4 days..

Talha Ikhlaq

I honestly want to move my crypto from uphold, maybe to Binance..
I genuinely dislike Uphold, it’s one of the worst exchanges out there potentially even worse then Coinbase. I’m glad you’ve got your money back!!


Thanks for the update. I’m am currently waiting because of same issue.


I was secretly hoping they would rob you. Oh well maybe next time. ?

Capital B

How long did it take after submitting your employer?

Travis H

Why does uphold need to know who your employed with?

Refat Ahmed

Hey cryptoman I’m in New York my xrp is stuck in Coinbase wallet how do I cash out or even transfer to another platform please help thanks

Marchas Silver Recliner Report

Thank God now I can stop worrying about my XRP and now go to the APP Store. Thank you my friend, Forgot I don't have an app ;p; I do it from my computer. I have already sent two e-mails to them It's so frustrating.


Honestly I dont think xrp is gonna run too far off before coinbase n other exchanges stop the halt. That would be sooooo unfair. It would be a major uproar. I can't even get uphold in NY.

Larry Lu

Hey Barbados,, can you buy xrp with debitd card on uphold

DonDon GTO

I am happy everything is sorted out but I think you should have left on Uphold if any just based on uptime + issues. Coinbase crashes every market fluctuation, seems to have a similar breaker switch like the stock market, seemingly hates Ripple and xrp.


I’ve got info on all what’s happening mate
Message me on Facebook or add me
James Clark
My account is private so don’t think it’s a bit sketchy ?
Look forward to hearing from ya soon mate ??

sean smith

So let me tell you after listening to your video I immediately went to the Google play store and gave bitrue a one star review. I didn't think they looked at it because there was no responses but only a few hours later and I got my e.o.s. from them. I was waiting 10 days so I definitely think that had something to do with it. Good call and I'm glad you got your stuff

G Money

Please help! I did the same scenario as you did. And now I'm waiting for the longest time. I gave them all my information . Yet, zero responds from them.


It’s kind of your fault for not knowing that uphold has a 10k limit where if you send anything over 10k usd you have to prove employment.

Ana M Siva

I sent a 1-star review and details of bad experience. I hope they will get back to me.

Jamie T

Glad you got your money back man. So at the 7:40 mark in the video what is that flying into the room behind you? Yeah i watch paranormal sometimes lol. Have a good night!!

shiva smith

Any xrp exchange app ?! Please I need help, an app I can sell and buy through ?!!