Orchid protocol

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How to setup your Orchid VPN account

1 216 views | 18 Nov. 2020

Take back your privacy!

Take back your privacy! Learn how to set up your VPN account in minutes with our easy step by step video tutorial.

Get the VPN app


How to setup Orchid


Learn more about Orchid


Learn more about getting OXT


Do you have questions about Orchid's VPN or OXT? Join the conversation in our Telegram group: https://bit.ly/2Tm9dUW

Stay in touch and up to date at orchid.com, or through our social channels:

Twitter: @OrchidProtocol

GitHub: OrchidTechnologies

Facebook: OrchidProtocol

Telegram: OrchidOfficial

Thank you for being part of the Orchid community.

Le'Nard Will

Do you have the setup guide written down in steps? For a newbie?
i.e, Exactly where we start from ground zero?

Sekan Meriç



역시 직접 해봐야겠네요 감사합니다

namg lee

오 감사합니다

Frank Compston

I wish I would have know I’d need to purchase 500 oxt in order to even use it. Wtf kind of shit is that, they don’t tell you you’re going to need at least this much they let you purchase the OXT only to find out later you need more. Fuck them that’s shady, count me out.

Eloi Segura

Hey, do you have to use the eth wallet or can i use directly the orchid wallet from coinbase?

Orchid protocol

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Orchid Protocol (OXT) $1 February 2021Here’s Why! OXT Price prediction

2 244 views | 1 Feb. 2021

Orchid Protocol (OXT) $1

Orchid Protocol (OXT) $1 Soon Here’s Why! OXT Price prediction this is a video on the orchid protocol the pump is real huge price prediction $1 OXT February! Huge gains with OXT crypto currency Bitcoin ethereum and other altcoins are ready to pump as well crypto cult bringing live news on OXT!

Plein Air Adventures with Tez Dower

I payed 32 cents and Im holding?

m v

just bought at .55!!

Arda Elif

I bought at the last pump at .98cents ?
Hopefully to the moon ?

Eleanor Dominique

Fantastic video ❤️I still see cryptocurrency as one of the best digital investment and i totally love the technology when it comes to the largest crypto asset Bitcoin . As a trader, i have been able to understand that there are two sides when it comes to crypto and everyone has their opinions when it comes to choosing sides, though i am not kicking against Hodl, but i see it as an old and odd strategy to make profit of the market as when the market goes bearish investors/traders loses their investment which is always painful, which is why expert opinion has always being a guide for me and i have enjoyed the signal service from a few with some losses until i started copying trades alert from Mr Logan Henri to mine for the past 6 weeks and i have seen difference in my portfolio. He is an expect trader with 89% trades accuracy. He can be contacted via whatsapp +1 236-233-2209 and telegram @loganhenri for more info into profitable trading.

Hari Krishna

by January 26th,2022, the Orchid will touch $142.Hurry up guys. purchase as many as you can now.

Cloud Tribe

Orchid has moved 100% in the past month.

Crypto Cult

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Max Louie

This will be $1.25 by March 2021 mark my words...

Orchid protocol

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Token Summit II SF - Show and Tell, Orchid Protocol with Steve Waterhouse

4 264 views | 26 Dec. 2017

Show and Tell

Show and Tell presentation, Orchid Protocol with Steve Waterhouse