Velocity problems

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Calculus - Position Average Velocity Acceleration - Distance & Displacement - Derivatives & Limits

150 836 views | 15 Sep. 2016

This calculus video

This calculus video tutorial explains the concepts behind position, velocity, acceleration, distance, and displacement, It shows you how to calculate the velocity function using derivatives and limits plus it contains plenty of notes, equations / formulas, examples, and particle motion practice problems for you to master the concept.

Here is a list of topics:

1. The position function - S(t) - Calculating the total distance traveled and the net displacement of a particle using a number line.

2. Average velocity vs Instantaneous Velocity - Equations / Formulas

3. Slope of the secant line vs Slope of the tangent line

4. Average rate of change vs Instantaneous Rate of Change

5. How to tell if a particle is moving to the right, left, at rest, or changing direction using the velocity function v(t)

6. Average acceleration vs Instantaneous Acceleration

7. Acceleration is positive when velocity is increasing

8. Acceleration is negative when velocity is decreasing

9. Acceleration is zero at constant velocity or constant speed

10. Instantaneous Speed is the absolute value of velocity

11. Vectors - Magnitude & direction - displacement, velocity and acceleration

12. Scalar Quantities - Speed and Distance

13. Average Speed is total distance divide by change in time

14. Average velocity is displacement divided by time

15. Number line and interval notation

16. The particle is moving to the right when the velocity is positive

17. The particle is moving to the left when velocity is negative.

18. The particle is at rest or changing direction when velocity is zero.

19. How to calculate instantaneous speed and velocity

20. How estimate instantaneous velocity for data tables using average velocity

21. How to find the intervals when the particle is moving to the right, left, or is at rest

22. Intervals when velocity is increasing or decreasing

23. How to find the intervals when the particle is speeding up or slowing down using a sign chart of acceleration and velocity

24. Calculating distance and displacement from the position function s(t)

25. Interval Notation - Brackets vs Parentheses

26. Derivative of position is velocity

27. Derivative of velocity is acceleration

28. calculating the velocity function using the definition of the derivative equation or the limit process / difference quotient

29. Calculating the instantaneous rate of change / slope of the tangent line

K. S.

I'm pledging 25% of my first year engineering salary to you when I graduate. You're literally the only way I understand any of this stuff and pass my classes

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Thanks alot

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Alassane Toure

JG, you should be given the title of the Nobel Prize of teaching. for the simple reason You are educating so many in the world to understand some easy way material I consider very important to Science. You are the best on YouTube.

anil sharma

If displacement and mass is given so how we determined impulsive formula force ??

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can u make vdeo last 10 min or something. 1h is too long and too sleepy to go with

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I have a quiz tommow and these detailed videos really help, thank you


how do you find the average velocity at 3 points in an interval?!

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Thank u so much!!! Worth the time!

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You're my new teacher. Calc teacher at school hardly teaches

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I even don't know the professor name, but he is the best best instuctor I ever had. He explain so well. help me deeply understand the concept! thank you all you done for us!

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Which writing software do you use?

Joseph KA Smith

Organic chemistry, I love you so much for opening my mind to these things

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your the best

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this literally saved my life thank you!

Barbecue Sauce Eyebrows

You’re legendary. I don’t go to anyone else anymore for calc help. I appreciate how thoroughly you review each topic, so by the end of each video I feel like I really understand the concept.

Rudraksh Agarwal

Thank you for this topic.....but I have a question.....why is an organic chem teacher teaching calculus??
Anyway...good effort?

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you da goat

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This literally put so much into perspective for me. You are AMAZING at teaching. You’re a hero!

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hey whoever you are
thank you very much for saving my ass from having zero in my next test. thank you

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Thank you so much

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Thank you for this tutor for helping me survive in my first sem in engineering. " Hope i will graduate" ;(

wasnt blessed with one

1:09:27 "the only issue, is, I need more space" looooooooool

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thank you so much you have saved me from failing all my classes

Zakaria Chahiedine

very good review after hammering so much integral calculus

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anyone else here the day before the ap calc exam?

Arianne Celica Consul

thank you so much!!

V Greenhalgh

Wrting a thesis on particle motion related to sound under water.. ths has defnatley helped a bran straned biologist gan a clearer vson on some of the hectic equatons have been working with .. Thank you so much. Wonderfully clear and fully explained. You are a star.

The Scottish Kangaroo

OMG Thank you thank you thank you !!! I have my final yr 11 exam in a couple of days this really helped!!!

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How did he know to use 1 and 3 in the second question to find total distance

Zakaria Chahiedine

i love you

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I love your channel so much, these videos are helping me with my studies so much....thank you

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Simply awesome

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Velocity problems

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Solving problems for acceleration

140 574 views | 25 Sep. 2013

Review how to solve

Review how to solve problems for acceleration.

Priya Vadgama

The Second one a = 300 -200 / 60s Because you do 30s + 30s = 60s , in total this would give you 100 / 60s = 6m/s squared THat's what I got....


Lol my teacher taught this to me, and i cannot understand this one, when i watched your video... lol i got it.

wth Dewd

How do you come to know that Velocity is missing?



Bobi Milev

Nice! Thank you for the video :)

Valerie Joy Intong

Is that - 6.67?

Kroi Rio

Thanks man now im finally recite in my school


Hmmmmm..... So...... What's the acceleration on no.3 tho?

Hasagi Yasuo

lol so easy'

Tutor Iman

help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

James Brunson

These ideas are simply preposterous and have been disproven by thousands of scientists within the last decade. This man is sporting lies. I ask that you remove your channel

Tutor Iman

two cars a and b are moving in te same directions with velocities of 12m / s and 9 m /s respectively. What is the relative velocity of the car a with respect to the car b? If the both cars are travelling in opposite directions, what will be the relative velocity???
[Ans: 3m/s,15m/s]
#help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tech Mario

This video helped me solve easier problems in my review packet! such as "A passenger in the front seat of a car accelerates from 13.3 m/s to rest in 0.10 s. What is the acceleration?"

Meriam Ceniza

you are so faster I can't figure it out

Milan Reyna


Rhey Alvin Quilapio

this made physics problems easy to solve.. THANKS

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FINALLY. Someone who explains it.



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Tnx it helped me u deserve my subscription

Mega Loser Gamer


charvien dionanao

Thanks sir☺

Aqua Mamba

thanks for the video keep up the good work man!

Jayce Zeniuk

these questions are all so basic. Lol my book is asking the acceleration of a car is 5m/s. THe initial velocity of the car was 20 m over 3 seconds. Determine the cars final velocity. These are the type of questions you need to find out how to do.

Tech Mario

Hello. Great video for teaching how this works with simple problems. My physics class in high school consists of solving for acceleration and sum of forces from displacement (delta x). I have an exam next week, and a review packet to study. I know about multiplying mass and mu s/mu k to find the Newton forces and sum, then mass * acc for sum. One problem in the packet says "A 1000 kg car is traveling at 25 m/s (55 m/h). Its brakes can apply a force of 5000 N. what is the minimum distance required for it to stop? Draw a qualitative force diagram and write an equation for sum of forces." Thanks. Keep it up ;)

Ann Santhosh

2:15 how the time is 30 sec?..

Tiger state MP

Thanks Sir nice video, have a nice day.

Sumera Arshad

in the 2nd one, don't we have to calculate the speed? why velocity

matthew bill

Thanks man

Ezekiel Bustamante

i dont understand the no. 4

Tracy Natalie

velocity has a direction

chandan banik

Nice video

Stiofán Caomhánach

in Q2 why is it 30seconds instead of 60seconds

shafaie Ahmed

in problem 2 : we know that acceleration is the change in velocity over change in time but there is something makes me confused that is no change in time which still 30 Sec in two cases ...Who i understand that?

Alfred Caoile

a car has uniformly accelerated motion and starting from rest has a velocity of 24.4 m/s after trqvelling 76m. Find its acceleration.

Baneen Ahmed

The second one is wrong because the rule says a=Vf-Vi and then dived by t so it will be like this a= 300 - 200 = 100 and then dived by 30 so the 100÷30= 3.33 .

laith Killer649

Hi me how are you why you stopped your vedios come on man you are the best teacher ever put advertisement in your vedios to get money bro

anshu tech

Give me a question answer

Edward Magat

I dont get the Q2

PieMazing YT

How did you get 0.11m/s?????

Gita Shrestha

So easy numerical problems

Nina simpson

You explain this in 5 mins. My teacher stutters and cant even explain it in 2 hours.

Sumera Arshad

in the 3rd one sorry

Aqua Mamba

thanks for the video again because we will be having a long quiz tomorrow hoping for a perfect score!

Paul nelapati

Thank you

Hello There

HANG ON A MINUTE, velocity and speed are related, but not the same, k?


Even the basic one i cant solve ???

Eunice xyza Serrano pascual

Stop tutoring your so dumb

It's Me Jennifer

Bruh this really made me understand this more than the whole 2 weeks I've been learning this in class

Anjana Behera


Aurelia Alma

Thanks you help me with my assignment

RavinS Vlogs

yesssssssssss now i know

Haruki Nakamura

0.5 was no where to be found in the statement I only see a time of 30 minutes

Mathew Orman

100 year old mathematical fallacy invalidated by an experiment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhldn0ef138&feature=youtu.be


Wow amazing teaching sir? you taught 4sums in 5mins but my teacher is teaching for more than an hour

Idiot Fyu

Emmmm? What do triangles do?

Ronald Vincent Saplad

in Problem no. 3, where did you get 0.5h?

Capt Mike

I did not understand the part how you get the 15m/s possible to explain me a bit? Thnx!


You just helped me with my exam review thanks ;)

Haruki Nakamura

I don't understand 3rd problem why do you need the 0.5 hours can't we just stick with 30 minutes, I don't even know where you got the 0.5 hours

John Vincent S. Pangilinan

Do you need to apply scientific notation?

Jemherka Chen

Woah woah WOAH!In the Q4,where did u get the 1000 and 3600?

Velocity problems

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Calculus 1: The Tangent and Velocity Problems (Video #1)

1 858 views | 16 Aug. 2020

An introduction to the

An introduction to the tangent and velocity problems. Using the slope of the secant line to approximate the slope of the tangent line to a curve at a given point. Also, using the average velocity to approximate the instantaneous velocity of an object at a specific time. An exciting start to the journey of calculus! #tangentline #tangentandvelocityproblems #calculus1 #mathtvwithprofessorv #mathprofessor #youtubemath #mathvideos #calculus #calculusvideos #calculushelp #tangentlinetoacurve #averagevelocity #instantaneousvelocity #algebra #precalculus #mathtutor

Isha Mumtaz Isha Mumtaz

Plz speak Urdu......
We more understand that way