Mana statistics

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Mānuka Henare: Reconsidering the Māori economy as an Economy of Mana

258 views | 6 May. 2015

Hear Mānuka Henare's

Hear Mānuka Henare's keynote presentation at the Philanthropy Summit 2015 on Thursday 16 April.

Mana statistics

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Statistical Tests: Choosing which statistical test to use

1 158 068 views | 1 Feb. 2012

Seven different

Seven different statistical tests and a process by which you can decide which to use.

See https://creativemaths.net/videos/ for all of Dr Nic's videos organised by topic.

The tests are:

Test for a mean,

test for a proportion,

difference of proportions,

difference of two means - independent samples,

difference of two means - paired,

chi-squared test for independence and


This video draws together videos about Helen, her brother, Luke and the choconutties.

There is a sequel to give more practice choosing and illustrations of the different types of test with hypotheses. https://youtu.be/QrYgXZf-Ay8

See https://creativemaths.net/videos/ for all of Dr Nic's videos organised by topic.

Here are links to the videos mentioned.

Test for a mean: https://youtu.be/Y3mGoW5w28c

Difference of two means, independent samples: https://youtu.be/0zZYBALbZgg

Difference of two means, paired samples: Coming soon

Chi Sq test: https://youtu.be/qfxzG6FgVlM

Regression: https://youtu.be/Ohp1PpzrRhE

#DrNicStats #Statistics

Bharat Rathor

Amazing session

Ashwati Konat Achary

Thank you

Girnara Mona

thank you...nice session.

Neha Liya

Thank you for the wonderful explanation and making it so easy.

jalpa rana

Good explanation with examples

Jeed Thirlwall

Hi! If I am planning to compare the effect of two independent variable (say: type of sweetener and daily intake frequency) on one dependent variable (antioxidant capacity), do I still need to have a negative control group? Thank you so much!

Suthar Rachana

Nice presentation..

Gopal Chhatrodiya

Thanks a lot...
Nice information

Anupriya Malonia

very creatively explained. Thanks


very informative Thank you

Darshana Upadhyay

Impressive explanation


Your method is amazing ! Thank you so much for helping us understand <3

Ritik Sinha

I will pause for sure, just keep insults


Best video ever

Komal Sutaria

It's very helpful. Thank you.

Archana Kamble

Nicely explained.

Kazbanu Sumra

Excellent..thank you

Happiness Unlimited with Shivani

Thank you so much for amazing session. It is very helpful for us.

Manish Chhatlani

Excellent Lecture! Thank You

Brinda Shah

Thank you

Dharma Veda

Thank you so much.
it's really helpful.
Lots of respect from my side for the way you explained.

Dipmala Parmar

Thank you


really ..very informative.

kavita galchar

Likr the way you explained

Ramapriya Rengaswamy

nice explanations... but am salivating for chocolates in every video.

Tithi Trivedi

Thank you

Rajnikant Zala

Thank you sir ji

Michael Crandall

So helpful!! Fingers crossed on my stats exam! Wonder if the difference between Chi-Square goodness of fit and test of independence could be clarified

Disha Trivedi

Thank you for giving this useful information

As K

clear explained with examples.

Dr. Purv Patel

Superb categorisation ?

Jet Stalknecht

still did not explain what test you should be using...

Abhigna Vaishnav

very informative and useful video

Tian Belawati

Thank you for a clear explanation. Please allow me to share this with my students.

Chris Tench

Nope, this approach can't test anything. If you get the data then make inference decisions you have done testing wrong.



Heena Patel

Thank you


Very helpful video thank you

Paurav Thakker

Very good Session. This has helped a great deal to clearly understand statistical tests. Thank you.

Arno Piegeler

Very helpful indeed, thank you!

Nisha Sheoran



Easy to understand

Ranjit Pada


20320456 Kaneki

For exaple two couln't the data also be numerical. 20% of 50 = 10 and we got 7?

Jaimi Dave

Thank you for explaining

Navodita Nagar


Janki Hindocha

Very informative session. Thank you mam

Bhavika Gohel

Thank you

Unnati Patel

Informative session. Thank you

Krupali Trivedi

So impressive, thank you so much

King Greco Roman

Wow, this was incredibly helpful. Well done. Thank you

Vikrant Baxi

Well explanation

King Greco Roman

I love how easy to understand and logical this was.

The visual displays helped my understanding immensely.

I wish all statistics teachers were this good at conveying information

kuman gagliya

This if useful.... thank you

Bhawna Gadhvi

Thanks for exploring data, sample and purpose through pictorical example.


very important and informative lec .Thank you

Neha Liya

Can I like it more than once???????????

Gaurav Virpariya

Very helpful session. Thank you

Payal Shastri

Thank You for this video! Helpful!

Nayan Patel

Informative session on basic statistical tests and when can we use it?, thank you ma'am.

Meet Shah

Thank you for such an informative lecture on tests

Gaurang Patel

Thank you so much for amazing session. It is very helpful for us.


i love thiss channel so much

Dilipsinh Chauhan


Pranay Patel

Very informative

Manushi Patel

Really informative. Thank you

drsupriya desai

This was a very informative session of the topic. Thank You

Brooke Hansen

You are saving my grade in statistics right now. God bless you

ravi solanki

Thank you

Shweta Thakar

Wonderful idea for brainstorming... that she let us think first and then give answer.

Pooja Sharma

Nice session. Thank you.

Ashish Singh

1 min into this video and i feel saved !!! thank you so much !!!!!!!! God bless you

Robin Vora


Hetal Dabhi


David Sarcol

how do you make a tabular presentation for a difference of two means that are paired

malay vyas


Dr. Ruchita Peter

Thanku sir

Hardik Ram

Very good explanation.


She lost me at "Statestical Taste" and which "Taste to use".

Shir Jayesh

thank you for teaching me how to chose the test.

Kosha Ruparelia

Thank you ma'am

Payal Modi

Thank you.

Jaykumar Patel

Nice explanation and very good graphics used.

Krishna Kumar Soni


Ayushi Patel

Thank you

Milly Jethwani

Thanks for sharing this video

Dhara Jadav

Thank you

Preponderant Samael

I just want you to know that you are very much appreciated by some random people on the internet, thank you very much!

Prachi Acharya

Thanks for the video

Ngan doy

Hi Dr Nic! I loved the video, I actually used it for my class. I'd just like to ask if there's a list of statistical tests that may be used for each type of test? For example, what are the statistical tests when testing for a mean? What about for difference of two means (paired & unpaired)?



Sonal Kunwar

Thank you for informative session on statistical test

poonam kulkarni

Thank you excellent lecture

Binjal Shah

Systematic guidance for selaction of appropriate test

Rikita Thakkar

Thank you

Kiran Vishwas

Very useful...


hye. i have a question. My group project question is "Check if shopping frequency are related to race, gender and shopping allowance". So, may I know what kind of test I need to use?

shopping frequency : once a month, every 2 weeks, every week, every few months
race : bumiputra and nonbumi
gender : female and male
shopping allowance: <below $ 200, > $ 500, $ 200 - $ 500.

i hope you could reply this comment and help me. thank you

Sanjay Lagdive

Thanks for the information.

Josh Miller

Where the fuck are the choconutties.

prashant shukla

nice explanation

Mana statistics

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Which Color is the Strongest? Gameplay STATS (pt2) l The Command Zone #239 l Magic the Gathering EDH

157 932 views | 24 Oct. 2018

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Show Notes:

It’s time for part 2 of our STATS SERIES! We’re going over the results of our data analysis from over 300 games of Commander.

What effect does budget and the monetary value of your deck have on your win percentage? Which color is the strongest? What cards appear most in winning decks? Tune in and find out!


The Command Zone podcast is brought to you by Card Kingdom! Make sure to use our affiliate link the next time you purchase Magic cards or products: http://www.cardkingdom.com/commandzone

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What we talked about on THE END STEP:

Immersion Circulator:



Our full gameplay data set (hosted by data analyst Andrew Greene):



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Email us:

[email protected]


Enjoying DJ's as a guest host on our show? Be sure to check out his YouTube channel: youtube.com/jumbocommander


Special thanks to:

Data Analyst: Andrew Greene

Data Gatherers: Erick Keller, Ashlen Rose, Josh Murphy, Jordan Gee


Huge thanks to Geoffrey Palmer for providing some of his amazing Living Cards animations for our videos. Follow him here:



Check out our sister podcast - The Masters of Modern:


Commander/EDH Official Rules, Banlist, Forums, and more:


Satisfyer Strong

A relevant point to remember about color win precentages in edh: Black uses alot of life assisting to cast spells and abilities. In edh you have 40 life so the life loss isn't that big of a deal!

Joseph Harris

I would argue that counterspells aren’t as powerful as people may think. You sometimes waste a turn to leave mana open and if it’s not a 1v1 often counters benefit everyone else more because it didn’t tie up their mana and their draw.

Blue and white are also unfun to play against and player may target them more giving them lower than expected performance

Jonathan Moore

I play red/green/white dinosaur and the white are definitely my best dinosaurs

DarkMatt3r 0

Beacause greatness at all cost.

Norman Rice



Everyone knows that foil cards add 1% win rate per foil.

Doug Carey

White was awesome in the 90s when it had COP spells and life gain.

Josh Rowlison

I wonder if commander availability screws with color balance and the value of color combos. There are a lot of commanders but if you're aiming for something specific and the commanders available that fit the bill are underpowered, you're stuck.


Josh: "Do you know how much ink for printers costs?"
Me a year ago still living with my parents: "Nope lol"
Me now: "Dear God just hearing that makes my wallet bleed"

carlos ariel mendez

burnished hart + mimic vat

TJ Cofer

It would be really cool to get data for CEDH for this kinda stuff


I am sort of surprised in the budget deck part they didn’t mention in their sample size how only a few of those decks are under 100 $


People who say Blue is the best because of counter magic should actually start playing EDH. Each counter spell a single ton and you have 3 players to control, cmon, it is not that good.

Buddha B

Lack of explosive cards in white make an easy identifiable target. In many commander games, you'll see people blowing up in one turn, they start their machines and deal huge chunks of damage.

Green has overrun-effects, red has X-damage, black has tutors + lifegain, blue has mass-bounce and extra turns. White is the only color that slowly but progressively build up their power, instead of shooting out all power at once. In game theory, we talk about "hidden information", the information your opponents don't have access to, which in magic most cases is your hand. In order for white to win, they have to lay these things bare and expose themselves to opponents, while other decks can collect all the pieces they need before they blast off. This makes white a target for people to pick off their progressing pieces, while giving time for other players to pick up when other people have exhausted their resources on the white pieces.


Black and green make sense to be advantageous colors because they both have alot more access to your graveyard than other colors which is a whole other source to get cards from.

LinaTheOne - AscendedViper

For White the winning play could be something like Roar of Reclamation or Open the Vaults, but to be fair you really need to build around it.

Carter Dupree

LOL i understand how white is statistically the worst color. But i enjoy playing FAR more than all the other colors. Im fine with losing

J-ROD Jarred Venema

I bet if you only took stats from fully competitive games blue is best.

Chandler Smith

Nether void is useless.... well obviously they haven't gone up against my mishra deck which still get to do things without being countered and is stax

Lukas Simonsen

What if your deck is fivecolored would IT then be +9% win percentage.


Red & white are land hate that you don't play to keep your friends

Robert Salay

I'm a little shocked that the average cost of commander decks was over $500, but I guess it makes sense since they're using data specifically from shows about playing commander.

Seijō-ki - Anime[FR]

The thing with Burnished Hart and Solemn Simulacrum is that the cards themselves don't matter in the situation. If the decks in which they are played win, it's that these decks probably have a better and more consistent manabase thanks to Burnished Hart and Solemn Simulacrum, but any other colorless card with land-fetching effects would give the same advantage. BH an SS are just some of the best colorless cards to get lands into play, but I can't get around why you would play Burnished Hart over Myriad Landscape.

Phil LeBorgne

When i play with my commander group, 5 out of 6 use Cyclonic rift.(The 6th being me with my Selesnya decks)

80% of the games are won with that card and counterspells. The only answer i can have is Teferi's protection wich is overpriced.

Pay to win is not a fable.

Nightfall Shadow

Green - Green doesn't do ramp. You don't put green in your deck to ramp, you put it into your deck to Anti Flying creatures, Eliminate Enchantments, Eliminate Artifacts which means mana rocks, Make your creatures bigger, more bigger creatures, you can still have lots of draw and still have ramp, oh, and HULK SMASH!
Finally, Green....has a counter spell. Which NO ONE will expect you playing it.


You want a red finisher.....Kiki Jiki, best combo card in all of magic hands down.


Most my decks cost as much as that difference...
but I still win so im fine.

Dante West

white win the game spell...Approach of the Second sun. Sadly since white has bad card draw it'll take you forever to get back to approach and recast it.

White Wolf

Green is clearly the best. #swolegang

Mighty One

In multiplayer, you can totally gain an advantage by flying under everyone's radar some games, though some groups will instead pick on the vulnerable one.

Honestly, I try to play with a budget, including trying to make mono decks more viable with careful choices of deck archtype (IE burn, which can win turn 3 on a budget in Legacy vs a deck that can't interfere), but in some cases the non-budget version of an effect is just so much better that you can't compete. Any of the fancy Swords vs Bonesplitter? Yeah, I love Bonesplitter in my budget weenie decks, but it's not of the same caliber, and in a face off, I don't fare well.

I will say, if you are very good at digging through the rivers of sewage that are bad cards, you can still find some very usable cards that aren't seeing much play, and are dirt cheap. A well tuned deck made up of 2nd string cards, with the odd first string card can be surprisingly effective. It helps if you pick a great Commander.

Blue is a big buff IMHO, the biggest I'd say, since it's easy card draw and access to the odd counter, as well as the odd crazy-powerful effect, Green is nice for the ramp, Black is good but it doesn't have as much to add to green or blue maybe, since Black can do ramp sorta and can manage card draw for life. Black having the best tutor effects arguably is the biggest buff period though, giving you many more chances to get your win cons, as well as the possibility to find solutions as needed. W and R just can't offer as much in general, but R sounds more playable, though burn is a nearly useless identity in Commander I find. I'd over all say B is the best mix in color, and BU does have a very good win con in empty library shenanigans, and U is the best color at protecting itself.

Edit: Just a thought, but if W adds annoying tax effects and wraths, wouldn't you expect it to draw extra hate in games? Wraths draw hate, tax effects make people want to kill the tax man to make them go away. W combines making itself a target with no card draw and life gain as core mechanic. Shocking it's a useless color!


I feel as if once the “best card” discussion started that it was skipped that this correlation is not causation. It is very important to note that although these decks that are winning more are running these specific cards, the cards themselves are not the things winning games, it’s the deck. A good indicator is Decree of Pain over Toxic Deluge. Toxic Deluge is a good black card but the reason Decree is “winning” more games is because most control decks run both, or tend to cut Toxic Deluge because they hang on to their life more, it’s very important to note that Decree signals that control decks win more vs Decree of Pain itself being the reason you’re winning.

Haddley J

So... of my opponent is playing a 600€ deck but is playing white, it’s OK ? =O


one word just one Prossh

Jordan Baker

What's interesting is that all the things that make black good is what makes a Feather, the Redeemed/Sunforger deck so good, which is obviously Boros.....

Bernd Bauer

Very fine video. In my opinion, however, it has to be mentioned that the strength of a deck also depends on the ability of the player to handle the stuff given. You can Necropotence and all the like on your field, if you're too risk averse to abuse this you will loose no matter what. Play what fits your playstyle, and wins will come over time.

So a somewhat different interpretation of your numbers other than OP commanders or OP colors: are there just too many dark souls outside? :)

Thanks for this vid, keep up the work!

Filipe França

I have to agree. I love white but wotc does not. Every set white always get the most boring cards, looks like everytime a good white card could come, it is just printed as other color = emry, beast within, narset, and many other. Every set white gets the most lazy cards


5 color is the best color pairing

LinaTheOne - AscendedViper

This episode made me look up how much my best deck is worth and it's 121,16 euro and this decks competes fine with decks that are like 500 euro :D It might not be super budget, but I'm proud that I can take down decks that used 4 or 5 times as much money as my deck. Thanks guys!


For making sense of Burnished Hart and Sad Robot, these are cards that would be included in decks that were designed with mana ramp in mind. Since they are colorless they would be in all of those decks where other mana rampers that might be better in that specific deck would be much more variable. This would mean that even though these cards aren't as good as some mana rampers they effectively piggyback off of the better ones because they will always be represented in any deck that is trying to ramp mana and as you've said decks that try and do that are going to be better than those that aren't even if they are worse than Diligent Farmhand in my Animar deck.

bookid 2 cm

Ha ha, all my decks were originally draft decks and all my friends say their really good. I've only spent $15 at a time on my decks.

Jonas Bergmansson

These statistics are interesting, but even with the large amount of data, I don't think you can draw clear conclusions from the results without designing specific experiments.

Deron Hood

Green would always be the best. But blue is most definitely the most powerful

anthony marciano

I lold when Josh said country Mike and dj quietly said 'josh... '

Phoenix Raven

Colorless is the strongest color.

Levi Coulter

So...Rune only has a 3% advantage? Seems sketchy to me

Grant Bowersox

I'm at 37:06 and ide have to say right off hand that golgari is probably the hardest to deal with next to control dimir on any table because of the simple fact that your graveyard can become (in most cases is) your second hand. That in and of itself makes winning against that player that much harder because you have to jump through hoops to lock them out of their graveyard. So yeah, I can see golgari being the #1 most viable way to win because of the amount of recursion you can have for cheating stupid stuff onto the field and keeping everybody else's stuff off the field. Rant over


Black with 40 life to use for costs and access to Aristocrats and Grave Pact effects shoulda made black an obvious choice

The Noeledge

Ah yes the law of diminishing returns. Love that effect!

deez ball

27:08 dash Hope's? Anyone?.... just me or does anyone else play with the black counterspell?

Doug Carey

White was awesome in the 90s when it had COP spells and life gain.




Mulldrifter is good because it can be evoked in Anima and Mimeoplasm - high winrate commanders -you can graveyard recur it as you do creatures, it counts as you playing a creature.
Back in Mirrodin block/type 2 skull clamp was recognised as the most OP banworthy card since aplha/beta absurd stuff.
You guys really undervalue ramp. In my playgroup games basically are won by whoever plays skyshroud claim etc first. I run the 4 skyshroud claim variants in almost every deck unless its ultra competitive turn 2-4 win combo with an unlimited budget. Burnished hart and solemn are auto includes in any mono deck. Would you rather have a land in play or an easily destroyed mana rock? Sure it costs 6 mana - but it doesnt have to be paid all at once and it doubles as a creature. Late game if you recur it it takes 2 lands back out of your deck for little cost. Early game it fixes you and jumps you 2 mana on everyone else. I devote 45-50 cards in every deck purely to ramp/lands unless its highly tuned competitive. I always rated cards like gift of estates and kor cartographer as some of the best cards in white.
My playgroup uses heaps of board wipes like pernicious deed/oblivion stone/perilous vault etc so any creature that has to tap or attack is always cut unless I run lots of haste enablers. Nothing lasts a turn on the board - almost ever. I see so many decks being played that just to me seem like fun suboptimal decks built around 'fun themes' - they rely on having wide board states and having creatures last to tap.

In the name of scientific progress

Blue the end

magic anteater 38

This video is just proof of wotc's bias toward the color black and their hatred for white. Wizards needs to stop being so demonic and start improving white.


I'm trying to work off a Chulane Brawl deck. Right now i have white land and white spells in the deck. I also have mana fixing spells and lands.
Could i win more games if all else being equal i just didnt have any white cards in my deck?
Hmmm maybe i could leave in planar cleansing.


Black also has instant win spells late game not necessarily needing extra combo pieces


This is not an accurate depiction of color strength. This is a rating for the top 10 or so cards of each color. If you are playing any deck with Black you are playing the best tutors. That doesn't show the strength of a color that shows the strength of tutor. If you did this with banning the top 10 of every color it would likely yield VERY different results because other colors are better at what they do. A 5 cost tutor is trash, where a 2 cost is god tier. However blue has dozens of 2 and 3 cost counters so it would still perform strong without the top 10 cards. Green has dozens of ramp so without the top 10 it still performs.


I knew black was the best

Michael Williams

I love how they just talk about food after the video and make us all jealous. :)

Alex Noa

The it cost six mana to use burnished hart, therefore it's bad, is faulty logic because sometimes (a good amount of the time) you have three mana to spare (as burnished hart's cost can be staggered) and the extra two tap-able mana later can make a difference. I think you are undervaluing mana ramp.

Josh McGregor

Austere Command is worth one of the three slots you can dedicate to white in an esper deck lmao

Hunter Thorne

I am actually very surprised that they consider a 500 dollar commander deck to be average? If my friend spent 500 american dollars on his deck, id consider him a 'rich' player and the rest of the players would go after them

elitepotato 23

I’m 12 years old and have like 2 dollars but I need new magic cards!!!


In regards to Burnished Hart, you have a reversal of the turn 1 sol ring effect, people see it and think that that person isn't doing anything too important with their mana, but it gives them long term value. "Oh look, that person's paying 6 mana for 2 basic lands that come into play tapped", but then 3-4 turns later those 2 lands are a bigger deal. Along with that, it also helps cover up mana-screws, so lowering the loss percentage of people who would otherwise have been a land or 2 behind in the earlier game, maybe they had 3 lands in their opening hand and thought that was fine, but then by turn 4-5 they haven't drawn a land.

If you destroy/kill Burnished Hart before they can have the mana to get the lands, is a lot easier/more socially acceptable at the table than destroying the lands that they get with it, but at that point in the game, there's generally that bigger threat that people care more about. However, by destroying Burnished Hart, you're taking away long-term value from the person that casts it, and chipping away at their win percentage.

Joshua Boyd

I feel like these stats are a little off seeing how a little more than half the time im seeing white mix decks beating black or green. White is not the worst?‍♂️ one mana removals/exile and life gain with some insane angels


Me an intellectual, plays five colors to have a 100% win rate

hypervioce show

My group has a krenko player so red is evil

Henrietta TheChicken


Red=+15% (mono red makes everyone scoop)


I can't take anything you say seriously when youre talking about $500 decks like thats a normal amount of money to throw at a casual game.

Barry May

You dont need 6 mana just play it on one turn and then search for the other two mana on your next turn and then you will have six.

LinaTheOne - AscendedViper

Dreamscape Artist is OP! I run it all monoblue decks! It's blue repeatable land ramp!

phil quota

I NEVER run Solemn Simulacrum or Burnished Hart. The only time I do is when I'm making a perceived stock gauntlet deck. I'm never happy to see them. Do you know how to get more land drops in blue? Time Warp! Or play on curve, play tempo cards, play within the limitations of the color.
Also keep in mind that this is a social casual competitive format. You don't want to win every game. You want to have a nice balance of challenge and attainability. I would say the higher goal is to stop out of control players and cards.


I think experience with EDH and MTG in general plays a big role in how a deck wins as well. Therefore, I also think it's reasonable to attribute the higher chance of a high cost deck winning not to the price of the cards, but to the fact that the pilot of that deck has likely been playing longer and has likely added to their collection more, which leads to more expensive options. I certainly would expect a 100% new player to be able to win more consistently with a simple deck than a super expensive, super synergistic combo deck that is simply too in-depth to keep track of at that level.

Luna Iux


William Pandori

Is "what is the color that most losing decks are missing?" another good way to look at the best color? For example with this analysis maybe black is only the "best" color because of very few cards, but it needs blue or green for the majority of the deck and support. What other questions should we be asking in this type of analysis?

Kara Tompkins

i feel like Gaea's cradle should not be an very impactful card when you also can have poor mans Gaea's cradle #Growing rites of itlamoc

Simon Lalonde

I play colorless and I have no idea where im in this lol

Marques Zarate

"Colors Appearing the Same Deck Together" graph is a bit misleading. First, they have a small sample size which they admit. Second, Rakdos to Orzhov are separated by only two or three percentage points and with a small sample size that is probably not statistically significant.

Dank Buds

The white in my Karametra Deck just sets it off and makes it godlike .. Mops up the table in my group everytime .. no matter the color


Damn I play Jeskai

Sebastian Baron

Good thing I'm making a golgari deck but I'm focusing on my grunn edh deck atm

Cyrus Ambrose

So I'm doing the thing of brewing a deck for every color combination from C to WUBRG right now, and as I was listening to this I was making my mono-White. Very encouraging. Also, Black is my favorite to play, my first card was a foil Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief, and she was my first commander in a mono-black Vampire Tribal, so this was nice to hear.


In my playgroup I am usually targeted by my deck its a $1000 deck. My other friends play $600-$700 decks. All on equal power levels. I still get targeted because of "the price tag" even though it a lord Windgrace deck. And the ones complainning are a Urza and Sliver deck.


For consistency and winrate: Any Tutors (Black) > Specific Tutors (All) > Land Ramp (Green)
> Cantrips/Draw (Blue) > Looting (Red) > Symetric Wheeling (Blue/Red) > Nothing (White).
White is fine so long as it is not disrupted, if it is, it doesn't have the consitency to recover.

Mana rocks allow you to play more spells per turn, and they are ubiquitous for a reason.
Ramp allows you to play more spells per turn, and removes 'bad' cards from your deck.
I will elaborate further, lets say its turn 6, with a 34 land deck and you've cast 4 ramp spells:
MR Deck = mana rock deck: Signet, Fellwar Stone, Commander's Sphere, Worn Powerstone
LR Deck = land ramp deck: Rampant Growth, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Explosive Vegetation
* MR Deck: has 11 available mana, 3 cards in hand, and 86 cards left in deck.
Chance of drawing: a land is 28/86 = 32.56%, ergo non-land is 67.44%
Chance of drawing a specific non-land is 1/58 * (1-28/86) = 1.163%
* LR Deck: has 11 available mana, 3 cards + 2 lands in hand, and 79 cards left in deck.
Chance of drawing: a land is 21/79 = 26.58%, ergo non-land is 73.42%
Chance of drawing a specific non-land is 1/58 * (1-21/79) = 1.266%
Ergo with LR you are 0.1% (+8.8% relative) more likely to draw a specific card,
but even if you don't you are 6.0% (+8.8% relative) more likely to draw a 'useful' non-land card.

Cantrips increase consitency to the same extent as land ramp, i.e. deck size reduction.
But they don't reduce the 'good' non-land to 'bad' land card ratio for subsequent draws.
Looting is similar in that it reduces deck size but provides card disadvantage.
Wheeling is also similar but it increases the consistency of the opponent's deck too.

Tutors increase consistency even more so, lets continue with the turn 6 example:
MR-T Deck = Deck 1 + one demonic tutor.
* MR Deck: has 11 available mana, 3 cards in hand, and 86 cards left in deck.
Chance of drawing a specific non-land is (1+1)/58 * (1-28/86) = 2.326%
Ergo compared to LR you are 1.06% (+83.7% relative) more likely to draw a specific card,
but if you don't you are 8.8% more likely to draw a 'useless' land.

Note: if you were to ramp all the lands out of your deck by turn 20 having drawn no lands,
You'd only have a 1/44 * (1-0/44) = 2.723% chance to draw a specific card.
Where as a 1 tutor deck after 20 turns would have a (1+1)/44 * (1-28/72) = 2.778% chance.
Note: cEDH deck's average 8 tutors, for a reason.

P.S. I agree that the winrate reflects the access to deck consistency. B>G>U>R>W.
However, unless I am playing cEDH, I find consistency to ruin the 'fun' of Commander.
Thus my playgroup has a ban on tutors and a softban on cantrip+ramp count.

Joshua Boyd

Ive won alot of tournaments with mardu syr gwyn deck and even more with mono green ezuri-renegade ?

Jason Jara

Watching this while shuffling my Feather deck. I never felt so attacked in my life.

Nick Costley

Boros Pirde!

Luke B

I got a $20 deck and it is undefeated.

Kaminara Tao

All I’m gonna say about the White stats is how many of the games in your sample had white in them...? I feel like its not played enough in these metas to be properly represented.

Bigaloo Booberry

Seeing Azorious at the bottom of your list was just the fuel I needed to take Brago out of retirement

David Loria

They should ban the entire Reserve list

Hand Banana

I think that the commanders themselves also have a huge impact on the stats for their particular color. I think now that someone like Urza has been released, mono blues win rate might jump up a bit. The same could be said for white if it ever got a commander that made up for some of its weaknesses.

Tucker wells

Jeskai decks be like


I really like this show...but c'mon, guys...at least check the English usage in your Twitter polls. "affect" and "its".

Louis seven7

Emos for win

Nathon Koehler

Blue does make sense in its ranking because yes counter magic but that's very powerful in a 1v1 setting but in a multiplayer setting you have to think about using it or saving it

Drawings from Jayden

People with expensive decks win more. Cause of their playskills. They have played more. But they can win with a budget deck to.


My Rakdos deck has some insane combos in it. I'm able to get 5 or 6 card finishers off which no one can ever see coming. Fat demons plus double strike can lead to some fantastic outcomes especially with additional turns and mana ramp. Add in that most demons have flying and/or trample it's got so much to offer.


I remember as a young man pulling my first tutor from a pack saying so this is the most powerful thing right? My best friend laugh and I knew he was wrong :P

deez ball

I agree with magic man Sam on the topic of budget one of the people in my play group has a sphinx tribal deck and it's probably $500 plus but I win with my 40 dollar kruphix deck just because he gets targeted when he plays cards like consecrated sphinx