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We Found The Million Dollar Championship! - WWE Warehouse - Ep. #5

1 557 234 views | 4 Aug. 2014

In this episode of WWE

In this episode of WWE Warehouse, Ben and Joey venture outside the archives for a trip to the Greenwich, Conn., jeweler that created Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Championship. How much is the title actually worth?


And TED Di Biase Jr Held it too

Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

I REALLY think the WWE screwed up by not putting the belt on DiBiase after the Andre beat him on Saturday Nights Main Event. I would have gone with a Chris Jerico style DiBiase manipulating the WWE rule book, using obscure rules in order to deny Hogan an immediate match. I would have made Hogan have to complete a series of tasks, with DiBiase interfering every step of the way trying to deny Hogan a shot at the title. I would have put DiBiase over pretty hard in his title run beating all the top babyfaces except Hogan to strengthen him as a heal champion. I might have even had Hogan wrestling as a Masked character ala Dusty Rhodes and the Midnight Rider and Ted throwing fits because he knows its Hogan and can't prove it. After about 8 months Hogan would win the Royal Rumble or something and get his long awaited shot at a PPV and get his belt back. To me it didn't make sense to put the title on another babyface and heal turn him later to face Hogan. DiBiase could get heat like no other back then and it would have made massive cash.

Patrick Dougherty

Hey @Wwe, would you be interested in the rejuvenation of this project? I have some impressive ideas about WWE Archivist, the Warehouse, and the "future of history".

Tough Life Entertainment

CZ Stone's ?? The "million" dollar belt don't even have real diamonds

Ahiya Frumar

The million dollar Championship tinle is one of the most beautiful tinles.

Tanjiro Q

It’s 2020 and I need this series back

The Strexil

The things WWE warehouse has shown are extremely rare and expensive. If I get my hands on any one of em, idk what i will do but if I'm like the way I'm right now, I'll probably sell it and become rich or if I'm rich, I would keep it as a collectible.


The $40,000 belt for the million dollar man. LOL

bravo evil plays channel

I think it is actually worth of $90,000

Isiac Artison

The nicest belt ever shown in sports entertainment

Tikkel Bikkel

Genuinely the ugliest championship belt, I would actually prefer the Universal title over the Million Dollar title


Magic gone

Tiffani Whiteside

Can i have it

Thomas Tufts

Cubic zirconium? Not a million dollar championship

mush room

It's not a belt!!!!!

Brandon Morgan

Wonder how much the championship is worth now in 2020?

Matthew Kicklighter

I'm thinking theres some relation from this to ric flairs big gold belt debut


WWE should reactivate the WWE Million Dollar Championship in a brand new design and make it a sanctioned title belt.

Conrad Sommers

Many fans don’t understand how much those TV titles really cost.


I remembered when this aired, then next week it was in the magazine.

Matt Leach

Everyone has a price for muscular Noel Edmonds!

WWE Stuff

Imma sue Ted DiBiase for false advertising that million dollars championship belt isn’t a million dollars??‍♂️

Ripped Reaper

The Thousand Dollar Man

Ca Blr

Would have been better to have Ted DiBiase return to the jewelers, mess with the staff all over again and ask for a bracelet or something to go with it just because he can.

Trash Panda

so its not a million dollar belt....

Justin McMichael

Get rid of the 24/7 title. Bring back the Million Dollar title

jordon gooden

If it was ice box that would have been at least 2 mil ???

Lamar Brown


Ozzy Lopez

Wait so it wasn't a million dollars


The adjusted to to inflation $200,000 man

mush room

Stone cold said the thing was a piece of junk and would fall apart easy ? said it was a million dollar belt that preformed like 3 bucks on his podcast

Stoned Cold

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WWE should bring back the million dollar $ title!


It was nice to see Ted with his million dollar belt on the anniversary show Monday night. Nicely booked. Say, didn’t Joey Styles get released when he addressed that the commentary team we’re ignoring the wrestling holds during the Monday broadcast?

Breaker Outlaw99

So now this year it's like a million



Greg Lemieux

This was AWSOME to watch . I remember watching this happen as a kid . I was 12 years old and WWF was Awsome. To bad it is no longer .


Rick: How much?

Me: 1,000,000 firm price

Rick: 25 Bucks or no Deal .

Me: flips camera Off

dean howard

WWE Jeweler appears to be more famous than Johnny Dang

Matthew Mason

Fake diamonds mostly

Anti Social


Lieutenant Powell

This is by far the best belt ever made easily million dollar man was my guy

john doe

I found out this years old that the million dollar belt didn’t cost a million dollars


That watch was $500,000

Dominic Manriquez

joey knew bout them pateks lol


Stone Cold said on his podcast it was made of rhinestones that would fall off if you dropped the belt an inch from the floor

Daniel Ryan

I love how the jeweler keeps the kayfabe up. You can tell he loved filming these segments.

Ares god of War

The Million-dollar belt looks Beautiful


So who owns the belt now? I couldn't find anything on wiki. Does it belong to Vice, DiBiase, or is it WWE company property?

Bookie Brown

The 1st busted down piece

Bad Ape

I think this looks like something a hip hop star would wear right now


Starting point.
Dont want to know what the price is

Jesse Thomas

I would of cracked undertakers head with it

juice box

So it didnt cost a million? Fake diamonds

i ad

looks ugly and uncomfortable

Sir Elix

I never imagined that these titles were so expensive. I thought they were just good enough to be carried, not that they are "real"!

Willie Hopper

I wish I have The MILLION dollars CHAMPion ship


31 years ago.

Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi

I remember when he introduced it and said those were all diamonds in the front LOL


“Over 700 cubic zirconias” my whole childhood is a lie ?

rj acierto

The $900.000.00 dollar man


so it's 1/5th the million dollar man

Polonium-210 XXX

Lol Rich people

Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

LOL I would do a follow up bit where the Million Dollar man comes back demanding his money back because he got ripped off lol.

808 G8GT

So....A "MILLION DOLLAR BELT" only cost $40,000!?! Lmfao.

Jesse Swarbrick


J.C. Tavares


John Harvey

Lmao... Uh huh

Darkie Mark

Find Eddie guerrero's low riders

Big Hawk

Fake diamonds now its the $10 Belt

MDM Pride

40 grand only

Brian Aguiar

Kayfabe alive and well back then

Raul Rubalcava

That is the ugliest and most stupidest looking championship belt design to have ever come out of some ones head no wonder the wwe did not pay to create it.


Please bring back Ted Dibiase Jr. to the WWE. I would love to see Kevin Owens go against him.

David Patterson Jr

My favorite belt!!!


if that was made of real solid gold you'd need a powerlifter to carry it

Trill DKW

Damn Virgil abloh had tha million dollar championship ?

Fun Hax

Why did Christian's voice got so deep?

Orella Minx

It is so ugly, and it's not even diamonds.

Lamar Brown


kevin clayton

One min so its not 1M DOLLARS worth of gold and diamonds. Well thats what I get for growing up.?

vince ng

no offense to anyone but thats the first paper championship


I feel like if the belt was made with a leather strap but had a shape like the world title but had diamonds all over it and 2 diamond covered side plates on each side with The dollar signs engraved all over it ???


BRING BACK THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! (or at least a one hour special on the wwe network) * Just $9.99 a month

LT Nation Radio

Today that belt cost 900.000


Hey maybe Vince can get that pawn it now..sure could use the money..

The Bro

They forgot Goldust and Ted DiBiase Jr.

angel mmmzz


David Towery

Except stone cold already talked about the title being a price of garbage


Lmao the million dollar title is only worth two hundred thousand at the most....


Imagine a version of this title with the leather strap and metal plates ???



Chris Hall

That belt is fake

Gucci Panda

4:29 New Patek on my wrist...


And they say Kayfabe is dead lol

niko lugo

Where is this WWE warehouse located?


wait ur telling me there isnt enough real diamond in the world to fill the million dollar title?


So depressing. The WWF used to be so great and culturally important. Now it's just sad...

Stacks The Box Breaker Beat Boxer


Craig Kowalczik

Actually (5) had the million dollar championship, Ted Dibiase Million dollar man , Jake the Snake Robert's, Virgil, Stone Cold Steve Austin, his son Ted Dibiase Jr., had it for a while

Wwe ep

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WWE 2K - Universe Mode - SmackDown - Ep 89 - Time Is Now

13 526 views | 12 Dec. 2020







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WWE2K - Universe Mode - It's Wrestling Done Right.

Watch as we take RAW, SmackDown and NXT to new heights!

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I need to breathe after Lee Vs Rollins. God Almighty!

RoJax_TheVoice TM

Holy crap! Did ricochet just do a suicide dive on Cena that sent him into the corner of the barricade?!

Dj Mason

It’s not sunday

Cowboy Casanova 187

I called it Shayna Baszler get's traded to Monday Night Raw, Watch out Rhea Ripley cause the ghost your past in coming back to hunt you.

Vise_ Atoxity

This was incredible Murfs, a really damn good show. Honestly probably my favorite episode this season (maybe? So far?)!


Did they fix this game or is it still broken

Slim Jim

So much to unpack in this episode, like the possibility ESM could recruit Curtis and Breeze ?

Film Production816

Wow Will Ricochet smell what the Rock is Cooking at Mania!??

Top gamer 96

I’m not an expert on the world time zones but I believe that aest time zone is 16 hours ahead of central USA time.

The Don


ThunderVOLT 101

I’ve been saying it since no mercy, that at wresltemania, the rock would face him



Omg this was a damn good show so much better than real life & FINALLY The rock is BACK AND HE’S COMING FOR RICOCHET AT WRESTLEMANIA LAS VEGAS!!! So you can say that this show was “electrifying” see what I did I’ll stop lol great show bro


The episode was good but that ending tho.....HOLY SH*T!.....WrestleMania is gonna blow the roof off the arena, I can't wait


I see a dom heel turn coming soon maybe a faction with Keith lee and someone else?

Gamer Zone

Why is the curb Stomp banned as move?

Simbarocks ONE

Still can’t believe they are BOOING Keith Lee outta the building! He is the LIMITLESS Intercontinental Champion and the fans will BASK IN HIS GLORY!

Ken Cooper

Don’t ever stop this! It’s just amazing

Gamaliel Ginting

Murfs can you launch this website to an app so that i can download it in playstore

Martin Solon

That Dominik CAW is class. Great show again.

Brady Grenier WWE

Cena hit the invisible wall?

PopCulture Asylum

What else can i say that hasnt already been said. This show was incredible. If i was in charge of wwe, i would hire you in a heartbeat. Awesome show murfs, we just started the road to wrestlemania and i already want wrestlemania to happen already. ?im so excited, and i just cant hide it, im about to lose control and i know i like it?

Correll Williams

WHAT A SHOW!!!!!! YES The ROCK VS RICOCHET IS WM Worthy!!!!!! Lee and Rollins steal the show all for CENA V RICOCHET to Take it RIGHT BACK!!!!! Then the Announcement of Rock v Ricochet!!!!!!! Then a Potential war between Gargano and Rusev, Plus Next Week, Dar Machine takes on Viperous Domination(with Lumis)!!!!!!! And No Announcements/Matches for No Way Out has even taken place

Zack Rushing


The Chosen One

You should put Lee in the hurt business

Walker Dudley

Jesus Christ Murfs, that show had... wait for it... COMBUSTIBLE WRITTEN ALL OVER IT


Murfs is truly the GOAT

Brandon _ Schloop

ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY! My heart is PUMPING from that ending! One might EVEN say it was......electrifying

Cowboy Casanova 187

It good to see Apollo Crews get taken care of it was money well spend by Mr Bishoff cause ESM has made him the biggest star in the WWE at one point and this is how he shows his loyalty. All I have to say to you Mr Crews after Danial Bryan is done with you have fun spending the rest of your career in WWE catering.

Paul Guimbarda

i.c. championship
lee vs rollins 5:20-20:40
lynch vs Deville 25:07-32:55
rusev vs local challenger 37:15-40:30
ricochet vs john cena 49:15-1:05:50

Evelyn Gravatt

I was so hoping the open challenge was going to be WALTER. ?


There is a website exclusive interview with Ricochet that went down after the show went off the air!


Check it out here: http://myt13.com

Ethan Drook

Where did u get that SmackDown arena from? It’s ???

Brady Grenier WWE

How impressive is ricochet... that was crazy

Revel Ation

Murf show commentate for a major wrestling promotion , you really know how to pop a big wrestling move

Zack Rushing

Murfs yesterday I didn't get the message about early access for the videos and I am a member of the channel

Elijah Pierce

The Rock vs Ricochet at Wrestlemania yes!!!! Keith Lee is a problem. Who going to beat him maybe Walter. ESM just let Apollo Crews vs Daniel Bryan happen. The fans want to see it and why not let it happen.

tyler dale

Is WWE2k20 better then it was when it came out

Anthony Marshall

The rock just laid the smackdown what an episode

Cowboy Casanova 187

What Kind of a Man spit in the face of the company that made him Apollo Crews that's who.



Benji Percival-Çelik

Keith lee for next years kotr? Ik it’s an early prediction but lbh is there anyone who can stop him?


Hey murfts when are the money in the bank qualifying matches gonna start?

Cowboy Casanova 187

Murfs is doing the AEW effect he keeps coming with the unpredictability, The Rock VS Ricochet talk about Wrestlemania moment.

Zed Cansado

Anyone who wants to mod in WWE 2K send me a message on discord SHINY # 6470

Justin Ames

Love the smackdown murfy from the stage to the ring to the in ring action to the storylines you know know what I’m sayin, I come for the matches I stay for not only the story telling but in my opinion my man murfs is the ? don’t @ me I’m not gonna argue

Tyler Browne

is this 2k19?


Yo he did a Rock promo exactly how The Rock would do it respect