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Spending 25 MILLION FLUX On Trove Of Wonders On PTS!

1 839 views | 3 Sep. 2020

I spent 25 MILLION FLUX on

I spent 25 MILLION FLUX on Trove Of Wonders - did we get a Ganda?

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I saw you yesterday

YouTube Supply


med zaidi

That sucks bro ?

Mobile Gamer

Bruh he did /exportaccount on main server then did /importaccount on pts I’m on ps4 and I know that ?‍♂️


6th... lol


i can earn million by doing the robotic business

Yo Explain

Turtle tank, turtle tank, I love my turtle tank.



Balie Mastello

Dat cash money

Ethan Reed

Do you keep the flux in the live server


Im here again.... remember me


of course not if u spam, That's my conclusion to the game,that's why i get ganda in 300k only with 30 min open 30- boxes


how to get flux in pts can you do some kind of tutorial

Try Me

My friend opened 200 and got one


How do you make 25 million flux on PTS?

Omy Renz

how to get alot of flux

Trove servers

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Scythe Streams Trove ✪ SERVERS ARE BACK!

2 686 views | 22 Jan. 2016

✎ Trove is a F2P

✎ Trove is a F2P (Free-to-Play) Voxel MMORPG adventure like Cube World and Minecraft. It includes random generated open-world maps to explore & complete quests. Not up for questing? Build your own custom PVP arena and fight with friends! You'll see it all in my Trove Let's Play / Trove Playthrough / Trove Walkthrough / Trove Gameplay.

► Let's Play Trove [Playlist] • http://bit.ly/1yG7Kaw

► Play Trove on Glyph • http://www.trionworlds.com/trove/

► Play Trove on Steam • http://bit.ly/1JSf3Vu

► Add "ScythePlays" to your Trove friends to know when I'm online (sometimes when I appear offline, you won't see me on your list)!

► Type "/join scytheplays" in-game to enter a single chat across all Clubs.

► Type "/joinworld Team Pixel" to explore my club!

► Under Mastery Rank 20? Refer me HERE & get a FREE Class Coin! • http://bit.ly/1D2pXAa


▼ What is that Costume? Probably one of my Trove Mods ▼

► Check out my custom Trove Skins • http://bit.ly/1UigVbT

► How to Use Mods (Trove Toolbox v1.0.0.9) • http://bit.ly/1h2rhPz

▼ Trove Class Tutorials ▼

► In-Depth Class Tutorial for ALL Characters • http://bit.ly/1PJ6SuQ

► Chloromancer Tutorial • http://bit.ly/troveflower

► Revenant Tutorial • http://bit.ly/1SPyr6h

► Lunar Lancer Tutorial • http://bit.ly/1RG2a3l

► Tomb Raiser Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassNecro

► Pirate Captain Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassPirate

► Dracolyte Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassDraco

► Shadow Hunter Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassHunter

► Fae Trickster Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassFae

► Neon Ninja Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassNinja

► Knight Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassKnight

► Boomeranger Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassBoom

► Gunslinger Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassGunner

► Candy Barbarian Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassBarb

► Ice Sage Tutorial • http://bit.ly/TroveClassSage

▼ Highlights ▼

► ALL Trove in-game Packs • http://bit.ly/1M9DGbF

► ALL Trove of Wonder Mounts • http://bit.ly/trovewonder

► ALL Trove Costumes • http://bit.ly/1bCO01a

► ALL Trove Wings • http://bit.ly/trovewings

► Trove Unboxing Videos • http://bit.ly/1SUkUKQ

► Trove Dance Party • http://bit.ly/1VUi7S6

► Trove Animation "Dragon vs Pinata" • http://bit.ly/1LQgTIg

► Special Playlist • http://bit.ly/1Q2Z1aZ

▼ Advanced Guide ▼

► How to Farm Flux • http://bit.ly/1Z5LSCN

► How to Get EASY Radiant Gear • http://bit.ly/1NCVbok

► How to Get Mastery Levels Fast • http://bit.ly/1PybHsB

► How to Craft Neon Nightsky Wings • http://bit.ly/troveneon

► How to Get a Dragon Mount • http://bit.ly/1WQZrTN

► How to "Boat Hop" • http://bit.ly/1LF1Cq8

► How to Refer a Friend • http://bit.ly/1O2Xm49

► How to Build the Game Breaker Cannon • http://bit.ly/1Ra3dbc


I was there




Scythe walked through me :P

The Flaming Gamer

Omg its back online whooo hooo also for givaway my user is FlamePlayzGames


when is the next live on yuotube

King of Spies

I play trove


next video says it is private???

Valeria Auden

My ign is :ExtremePKER Happy Very late Christmas...




I got invited to the dragon kigurumi today :D

Daniel Kauffman

Hello Everyone! If you log onto Trove anytime from when it goes back online (1/21/16) to Monday (1/25/16) you get a free Cloud mount that looks similar to the Nimble Nimbus, it is slightly bigger than the Nimbus, and it leaves a Rainbow Trail! You can find it in the "Promo" section of your Mounts in-game, hope this helps anyone who was wondering where to get the Cloud! (Scythe Also said this around 6:48)


Could you talk a little nerf because they are all objects, the lot, drop boxes adventure box, the loot of shadow objects U6, etc ?? It would be interesting to know your opinion.


I didn't know streaming on YouTube was a thin

Derp Herp

When is the next stream??

Matthew Low

Hey scythe can u invite me to dragon kigurumi pls
My name in trove is sendouaichi


im mrtwinkie3000


Do I still get the patron today and tomorrow?

Antonio Calvario

1:43:50 dat me


My name is Kgerio

Samuel Leung

i was in this vid

Wahedul Mahedi



Ugh! i missed it >_<


add me to your club please my name is muzthegamer

wing wong


Basilisk | The Poisonous Gamer

Can i have an invite to Team Pixel too?

IGN: MicroZeus

Krakan 456

TROVE IS BACK ONLINE, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huxley Holcombe


Huxley Holcombe


Phrozen Flame

Can I join the club if you don't mind...

IGN: Phrozen54

Brahian Rodriguez

scythe i <3 you


im so happy we are back in trove yay

Samuel Leung

i was in this vid

Phu Quang

Are you invited me join the club???
name in game is: HalwkEya

Trove servers

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NEW HUB COMING TO TROVE!? | Trove PTS (test server)

14 926 views | 2 Sep. 2020

Sign up for Trove with

Sign up for Trove with the following link & I'll get a cut from any store item you purchase https://bit.ly/3hK23VA

How it Works http://bit.ly/2GFtd1d

✏️ Trove is getting a brand new Hub overhaul that makes the game EXTREMELY accessible for new players on top of looking great! Finally, FINALLY Trove has a hub as interesting as other MMOs. The Trove Hubdate (Trove hub update) is currently on the test server (PTS) available for all players to experience.

✍ #Trove is a #FreeToPlay #MMORPG that #Scyushi has been playing for years. Build worlds or farm dungeons, it's #FREE so try it out!


Main: Scyushi

Alternate Account: ScythePlays

Trove Hubdate Patch (PTS) https://bit.ly/3gRchSP


How to Build Draco for Delves https://youtu.be/u1ZjaiThjRs

How to get Lunar Souls in Delves https://youtu.be/_8cO0POUAmc

Trove Delves Beginners Guide https://youtu.be/PcJlxb4B1TA

Tomb Raiser Rework https://youtu.be/qpPo89WNVFw

My First Crystal 4 Staff Drop https://youtu.be/cr_wV1TllDo

Best Classes in Delves? https://youtu.be/AOH_pXo468U

Trove Delves Patch https://youtu.be/Fx3GoWTzHqE

Everything You NEED TO KNOW About Crystal 4 https://youtu.be/C0DhkXI0wYE

Trove Challenge Delves (easy mode) https://youtu.be/CxjpMx88WQ0

Trove Delves are Removing Shadow Towers!? https://youtu.be/dPntwQoxoVI

New Trove Delves Mounts https://youtu.be/nCotQNjmBO8

Every Delves Ally https://youtu.be/Btk9humcwl4

Introducing "Delves" in Trove https://youtu.be/TwN8LgDIW38


How to get Binding Darkness 2020 https://youtu.be/0o3JOkrtkWA

Why I Changed My Name & Started Swearing https://youtu.be/pit2NM1n2Mc

How to Build Tank or Damage in Trove https://youtu.be/vS96UOGxQE0

Trove Guide for Returning Players in 2020 https://youtu.be/EmBP2Msury8

Mods I Use in Trove http://bit.ly/2OeI0RF

Trove's Most Popular Classes Rated by Players http://bit.ly/2PpWySn

How to Play Trove on Mobile (hack) http://bit.ly/2LbPchh

Trove in Virtual Reality!? http://bit.ly/2ZEYKJm

Reacting to My First Trove Video http://bit.ly/2LkKgoW

Unboxing Ganda http://bit.ly/2TVgR73

Trove's Rarest Mounts 2019 http://bit.ly/2Gdddlw

These Trove Mounts are Impossible to Get http://bit.ly/2D678FB

Unboxing Over 8000 Trove of Wonder (Playlist) http://bit.ly/2uXWUTe


In-Depth Guide for Beginners (2020) ► https://youtu.be/kfjd1ZYV940

Every Trove Dragon http://bit.ly/2VYTCLO

How to "Build" Trove Classes http://bit.ly/2FwdkcP

Trove In-Depth Gem Tutorial 2020 https://bit.ly/3d7K3kQ

Trove Flux Farming Tutorial 2019 ► http://bit.ly/2TY07jC

TROVE MASTERY GUIDE https://youtu.be/w6PicoZAtX0

Trove Gardening 2.0 Tutorial http://bit.ly/2HAmVie

Trove Tutorials for 2019 (Playlist) http://bit.ly/2Jsl4zb

Trove Class Guides for 2019 http://bit.ly/2TjckLt


How to Get Trove Strongboxes (Contains NEW Costumes) http://bit.ly/2SnhFEG

Trove News (Playlist) http://bit.ly/2NBicNg

NEW Free Costumes for Every Class http://bit.ly/2kehey1

Trove Leviathans are Coming! http://bit.ly/2UiD14T

Trove "Into the Depths" Patch https://youtu.be/AQWjyN59O1k

LEVIATHANS FIXED! https://youtu.be/yoclRslewlY

Trove "Light" Stat Explained http://bit.ly/2BvqulT

Cosmic Gems & NEW Stat! http://bit.ly/2EjIbYJ

In-depth Trove Guide to Crystal Gear http://bit.ly/2rr2cEO

U10 GEODE DRAGONS http://bit.ly/2Qfg8Rg

Crystal Gear Explained (C1, C2, C3) http://bit.ly/2ChQCma

CLASSES (Old & New):

Class Guides for U10 & Ultra Towers (2019) http://bit.ly/2TjckLt

Class Buffs / Reworks (Playlist) http://bit.ly/2RFuLdu

Dino Tamer Speed Build (Fastest Class?) http://bit.ly/2SUWl6i

How to Get the Vanguard ► http://bit.ly/2EMTGF6

Vanguardian "Star" Speed Build ► http://bit.ly/2Hr7vLN

Vanguardian Class Gem ► http://bit.ly/2FwyF25

Vanguardian Subclass ► http://bit.ly/2Hl1Dm3

Scythe's Gunslinger "Build" ► http://bit.ly/2CjTg8a

Every Class Gem Ability in Trove ► http://bit.ly/2dEI0M8

My Class Trailers ► http://bit.ly/2dz75q7

Revenant Rework http://bit.ly/2yQZtv4

Scythe's Shadow Hunter "Build" (2019) ► http://bit.ly/2Jgv3Gi

The Neon Ninja "Rage Speed Build" ► http://bit.ly/2js4ZHm

Every Trove Sub Class Ability Guide ► http://bit.ly/2sIHe7L

How to "Build" ALL Classes in Trove Guide 2019 ► http://bit.ly/2FwdkcP

Dracolyte Rework Explained ► http://bit.ly/2oGm2ek


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Hi I've been a fan for a short time now and was wandering what I'm doing wrong I'm a 6000 power neon ninja and I accidentally deleted 2 of my gems from the main quest the stunburst and the stellar water gem however I'm not sure if it's just that or if I'm actually doing something wrong my mates are around the same power as me with the exception of 1 being 7800 power but I still feel like I do 0 damage to bosses and enemies and almost die in 1v1s with normal enemies in chaos 7 if anyone has any tips for me other than I need to get those stellar gems it would be appreciated

Thomas Corti

Love ur vids

- AfterGlow -

@Scyushi all menus ARE accessible to console players tho ...we have a list if we press start just like your shortcut list and we can scroll through it. 3:10

Jason Bergenty

This is a way better look to the hub I may start playing more again, it is such a great fun game but it def gets stale after a while but I’m excited to see what’s next!!

Kaelan Tornga

Scyth called it



Warp Nova

Trove isn't perfect, but it's definitely better than it was a year ago.


At the first we were talking about how Gamigo would destroy Trove and It would be the end of Trove, they are literally saving the game right now

Lord Joe

Wow, trove actually getting content!


pog 26th comment also my birthday is in 4 days


Is trove even worth coming back to? Ive been gone for a while and wondering if this game is worth coming back to.

phat Dump

Wait fr ??


Where’s the fishing guy??


Does anyone know by chance if you’re able to transfer account from Xbox to PC?


Lol first

YouTube_ sns

That infinity train vibe



Yasmine Smith

alex on autos

Passarinho de osasco


Bill Han

RIP salt water Sam shack

J.J _Antics

Sign: the dragons come to visit
Is there going to be a new dragon everytime?

Ava Valeska


Cucumber Boi

does anyone know how to get the golden vale vanguard costume


Hi can you Add me please

Time Less

Dam not first 4

HOLA SOY Emperor Palpatine

770 views and 30 mins ago wow nice gg?

kiwi gaiming


kiwi gaiming


PenguinGod 9001

They have made cornerstones borderline useless

victor Smalls

I love the new hub???❤❤❤

Daniel M

us console players will get this next year



Mythical Gold



How can I be on the trove pts test server?

kiwi gaiming



Hello! How can i get into your club



Rob Allen

if I missed it sorry, but is there a date on the new hub?

Diego Hernandez

Cries in PS4


I think how they made the new hub makes more sense


one word - ohmygoditssogood

Black DeathXD

Man i really miss PVP mode

Jake Ambler

Can I support you on console with the 8% thing?


Spoiler jajaj xd

Daniel Coimbra

Wait where’s the fishing thing?

Elias Simpson

I think it would be really cool if they added a village area in or just outside the hub where the cornerstones are located, because at the moment they are just randomly spread out.
So, for example each "village" would look the same, with designated areas for the cornerstones, maybe with roads connecting to each one, and lamps come on at night on the paths. Or even add a little garden on the edge of each cornerstone, so every player has a nice space to do gardening, without having to create a bunch of floors in their own cornerstone, and you could even customise your garden to have fences and torches etc. It would make the hub feel much more alive I think.


Character corner thats the best name ive heard so far lmao

Time Less

First hiii


Scyushi do you have any tips for me i complete my weekly delves get the empowered gems and only get radiants i dont have gem fragments to make stellar gem boxes either how can i get gem boxes i also only have 90k flux if you could help id appreciate it been a fan for a long time <3

kiwi gaiming


HOLA SOY Emperor Palpatine



Looks like a normal club hub


Ive been waiting for a new hub forever

Detroit Gamer

U do realize console is at 0 disadvantage when it comes to menus, we can access everything

B3astG4merZ 070

I hope that they also make m&kb fully compatible with ps4 and xbox

Exotic dray

Love it

Twisted Shuriken

Yay im exicted hit like button if you are too


No matter how, fix the lag first

T.P.L .O.P

woahhhhhhh nice :D

kiwi gaiming


Reworked 7

there changing hub again


Nice i kinda just started about a month ag close to 6k p rank on ps4 love the vids keep it up

nathaniel danimo

Hi scyth btw if u press Y and then go to styles there will be a new tab called banners and u can hide it that way also there are 3(or4 not conformed) new 5* doungouns and 1 3* and hydra is now in delves with a new yellow couple delve portal (dont know what it’s called) and the caves have had a overhaul in that portal with new enemies any twist and turns and @15:5 the martial mount people are saying it’s a dayly mount rotation

Dr. Evil

Duuuuude the new hub is gorgeous

Daniel Vergara

Will Trove be added to Nintendo switch? Tell me pls

Jie Suke

love your channel been here since 2016


Hello scythe

kiwi gaiming



7:00 that probably is gonna change to an event/seasonal thing (spring hallowen)


And what Will hapenned and to trove ps5?


When I checked out the new hub I almost teared up from being so overjoyed like I'm just so happy, I love this update so much! Mega hype.

Sarcasm in a nutshell

9:55 ooooooo :0

kiwi gaiming



Does trove support ps4 keyboard and mouse?


Another hub? Samn I still miss the old one


Trove will be multiplataform?

kiwi gaiming


Nikita Muvikin



I answer the question but... i dont know if my ps4 is eu or us!!!! Lol


I still go in bomber royal for xp

Wesley Collins


The Atomic Potato

This is actually kinda hype. I immediately clicked the video!

Sonicle Hedgehoge

I love that Scy gets excited about the game design aspects of the new hub coupled with the ease for new players, even though he hasn't been a new player for a long time. It's really nice and wholesome~

Heejin is cute



Omg finally! A lot of this stuff isn't accessible on consoles

Edit: I got excited, the only new thing for consoles is the liked clubs


Dark luxion sell yabaki


I love seeing scythe excited


17 mins video for a new hub
Nep nep




That moment when Scythe didn’t know that the Clubit stuff was always there in the hub



Exotic dray

But of course I’m on con


scyushi thicc?


It looks nice and all, and you kept mentioning how it will be easier for new players to find stuff now, and i guess it will be. OR they could have just added a sign near where you spawn in that says... PRESS V! ?

Toxic Skillz_YT

I loved the old hub

Yeah I’m Vega

I saw the title and instantly clicked

kiwi gaiming