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TRUST WALLET - how to send receive and add custom token

76 074 views | 22 Feb. 2019

[ ✔ Verified Brave

[ ✔ Verified Brave browser publisher]

Video Sound is Muted! Alternative Link: https://files.fm/u/8rc6j9q2#/view/v4f5zg6t

1:53 - How to add custom erc20 tokens

Download the wallet at official website : https://share.trustwallet.com/GWbLweY

Trust Wallet is the premier mobile ethereum wallet which works with any ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens. Trust Wallet also supports the main blockchains in the Ethereum ecosystem - Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Callisto. Currently more than 20,000 tokens that are built on Ethereum are accessible through Trust Wallet app.

Frankly Mont

I was once referred to ZIPHARK on Instagram on a comment section and to be honest he does really a good in getting my account back.

Olivia petet

Great vid
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Wyne Sssemailtata

You can use my link to register in trust wallet... Thank you...
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Folorunsho Ishola

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Tricky Daeve

I have no more stress thanks to, P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m

Wood Dog

Trust Wallet sucks. Use metamask instead. Trust has cost me money glitching.


Where can i find thid recipient address

Tanya Backus

Any trust wallet issue now resolved by cryptojojo05gmailcom

outcast event

Hi mate can I add your video link to my channel is if that's ok with you

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Nelson Oziegbe

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1. Download Trust wallet from playstore

2. Fund your ethereum wallet with 0.034 ethereum that's about $10 including gas fee

3. Copy link


4. Open Trust wallet and click Dapps.

5. Paste link in browser section and browse.

6. Click Registration and approve and confirm payment in blockchain

7. Welcome on board you can earn unlimited ethereum now.
You can choose to refer or not but you still earn.

Link --->


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Arme Gallaw

It's not a multicoin. Just the BCT wallet suppose to receive. The QR code is not being recognized.
The ETH & XRP wallets are okay but not the btc.


Omg I'm sò happy ziphark cómpany âre the best and they are legit ańd trusted

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Mary Knueven

Thanks to this hacker on Instagram that a friend recommended cyberwizard19 my lost Tron wallet was recovered back to me in less than 10 mins,I’m so gratëful

Erona Requillas vlog

Really I want to know how receive..

Joel TV


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nek nek

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Official Trust Wallet App Download Link for 100 TWT Token: https://share.trustwallet.com/igKn2b6

Stan Jacob

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Michele Gordon

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Christiana Moris

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Devidas8888gamal Zunje

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Christiana Moris

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Abhishek Bieber

I got mine restored through cyberiwzard19 that dude is a professional in stuffs like this,he recovered mine in less than 30 mins, you guys should give him a try,he actually works ?

Roden Alvarez

Hello sir why Ltc address have ltc1 in the first digit ?


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Michelle Zoldyck

Hi! does anyone know how to disable watch only in trust wallet? everytime i try to send and receive it says "this is a watch only wallet" and I dont know how to disable it. Thanks in advance!

Amanda Louis

You’re really a life saver all thanks tø SLIVERHACKZ ôn iG he gøt mine recovered few minutes



Minimum use Android phone version 6 (2017 and above)
Click the link below to download the Trust Wallet from Playstore.

Don't forget to save your 12 keywords as safely as possible * MANDATORY

Fill in your Trust Wallet at least 0.08 ETH for registration.
(Not up to 300,000 rupiah)

If you don't have it yet, first buy 0.08 ETH to Indodax etc., or to your leader. already included for the TRX fee


> Request a list link via whatsapp from the person who invited you.

Or use the referral below


✅ Copy the link list ?
Make sure the ID number is 590060

✅ Open Trust Wallet, click point four below.

✅ Paste / copy and paste the list link in the address bar at the top of your trust wallet page.

✅ After the link is removed / pasted, click on the back (the cursor is placed on the left before), then click ok / enter.

✅ You will enter the Forsage website. Scroll down and click JOIN NOW

✅ Click the blue AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION button

Pembayaran Payment details will appear, click CONFIRM / APPROVE

3-5 3-5 minutes process, your account will appear.

✅ DONE ... ?

No need to fill in data, no need to transfer manually. Very easy!!!

Click: https://youtu.be/PyxHVvcqm6E

Ava John

Great vid
I see people comments about having issues with their trust wallet account
All you need to do is contact tolz_tools on Instagram and you'll be on your feet again in no time
I hope this piece of info is helpful to someone

Shekhar Shrestha

I did it for EOS and got my public Key. But when I tried sending it from my account in an exchange to the custom Token, i.e. EOS address. It says address invalid. Has anyone had similar issue

Adrian Coy

With the help of rush_hacking on instagram i just got my wallet recovery

Bary Ellington

I can’t get my money

Jaylen Fields

Cyberwizard19 on IG definitely has to be the best on this,he successfully helped me retrieve my lost private key ? ,this guy is a true hacker indeed,the world needs people like him ?

J C Gamingz

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Adesina Oluwasanmi

Good video.
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Christiana Moris

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Ajish Kumar

how to get BAT from brave browser to my trust wallet?


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Olivia petet

Great vid
I once have an issue with my trust wallet account
Tolz_tools on IG helped me rectify it
He's such a genius

Allen Walker

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has anyone been having issue with opening trust wallet app lately

lester magee

Is there customer service with trust wallet?

Douas Collins

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Kate Anderson

I just got my trust wallet recovered thanks to rush_hacking on IG

Dennis Clayton

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Ivan Hilton

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Frinces Kate Dozina

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Wisdom Bogado

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Crypto Boss

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Arme Gallaw

Why is my trust wallet btc QR code not recognized when I try to send btc in it from my other btc wallet.

Queen Patricia Roseline

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Joan Yusufu

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Stella Walter

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Dear friends,
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my question is how to transfer Bither tokens or ERC20 tokens to my exchange ETH wallet address ?
transaction id : https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa28b4084a994da7c822038626043e6863b5eb4918a0ffd72cc02a7a875acd6a1


can i recover my bither tokens or erc20 tokens to trustwallet ?

Yako Meletiko

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Nyembezi Nosibongile

Hi I need help to me there is next said tap

Shidharth Saini

My wallet was successfully recovered back to me through this hacker on Instagram Cyberwizard19 he is a life saver indeed you guys should give him a try✅

Alysha Gorases

Why he stop talking ?

Afzal Waheed

How to receive money ?

Token wallet

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how to create token pocket in hindi (Ethereum)

13 582 views | 22 Jul. 2020

Technical chennal

Forsage join karne ke liye contact kare 8860246650

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Bhojpuri Hit song

Sir plz help me में पासवर्ड भुल गये है तो केसे पता करेगे token pocket ka


How to send eth to other wallet from this?

vikki patel

Thank u bro

Gul lala ki duna


Ashok kumar Roy

Details main video banoy how to earn how to sell how to transfer

Indal yadav

Thanks sar

javed gul 92 changes


Manish Patil

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Md Abu Quaisar

Tocken pocket recoverr kaise karenge

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Umesh Kashyap

Withdrawal Nahin Ho Raha Hai Sar kaise karna hai

accounts dunia

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Shadeo Mahto

Kisko send krnaa h

Naeem khan Shinwari

Can I sent ethereum from blockchain to tokenpocket?
And many many love from Pakistan

Token wallet

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Get Free 350000 TOKEN, Direct in Your Trust wallet

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