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Ripple XRP - Could Be "The Highlight Of 2018"

30 984 views | 27 Aug. 2018

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TMI you also come to the Bora Bora party in 2020 right? ??

Trevor Johnston

Jillian, GO AWAY


6:35 modern investor clearly mentions to us all about a douche :)

Alissa Rose

What is your take on Morgan Creek not adding XRP or XLM to their fund?

Morshedul Alam Sazid

50$ by 2021!

Truth- -Seeker

Great analysis as always MI...you are just one of a handful of channels that i pay attention to..i'm surprised we didn't hear about this more...in fact i would go as far to say that in light of this news, some people that are ashamed to say they've invested, bought some frigen bags of XRP due to the impact of what Brad just said in his interview....combine that with the possibility of base token use and further decentralization, it's just a winning combo...thanks again

Alexandru Dan Ion

I'm a vampire so i never touch that garlic coin

Steven Rathwell

"See you in Lichtenstein" DAI

Andrew Pride

New logo you have hmmmmm?


Yeah dont skip videos because it "could" offend people. Facts are facts. Keep them XRP videos comming.

Ben Jamin

can anyone clearly explain why news about the company "ripple" reflects the price of xrp?
I heard one of the owners saying that they're two complete opposites and that they don't relate?
This was based on news and defence that they are a security.
With that being said - how come it seems from the outside in news about the company "ripple" does indeed affect and influence the price of xrp?
If someone could explain - I would love to know
seriously considering thinking about investing in the xrp token, but before i do - would like some clarification first


Will be ... will be.

James lol

Do you guys think the price will still stay the same or go lower? Trying to buy as much as possible as cheap as possible lol. What do you guys think? lol


Your title is incorrect: "should be" must be "is" ?

No Censorship

The Modern coin pumper

E Tishbite

20k xrp will be life Changing in a few years???

Mark Arandjus

Hopefully BearableGuy123 will be right, though I doubt it, but a man can dream :P

Eduard Esrever

Ripple. I'm loving it.

New Tron

I doubt that XRP will hold up his transaction speed whith more decentralization. Let's see what the future brings.

chamon blanc

The dislikes and negative reactions are done by bots I think, every human being would give XRP at least a change to develop over time.


xrp base currency on Binance, yes malta will tell!


XRP = Utility. = Me getting very rich. Thats the plan anyway!

Peter Kim

I still don’t understand how xrp will go up. Will banks buy xrp to make the transactions? Cuz if banks don’t use them it’s pretty much useless

Brandon F

XRP #1 baby!!!!!!!


Ripple more decentralized then Bitcoin? Take your meds




And nobody has a problem with all the off exchange buys and how this does not impact price?

Rei G

Ripple themselves are keeping the price down......for now.

Wanna Be

Is this paid advertising? R u payed by ripple?

James XRP

XRP the BASE and XRP will be number 1. Get ready to defend against FUD from bitcoin people

Christian Bazinet

As the supply increases from ththe escrow, will that not keep the price down significantly? Right now we're at something like 38 billion, but in 2 years you can tack on another 24 billion and it will keep going in that direction for another 3 years, maybe more. Does anyone see a bottleneck coming where it would be smarter to get out while the supply is on the lower end?

Gaz Mellen

have some, don't hate it, just worried about what institutions will control it......

Davon Thompson

Xrp is not going to do anything!!! Sell why you can!!!

Carlitos Mayo

XRapid is not XRP.

Mike Anthony

Sam Wong vs Vincent Wilson. The ultimate showdown.

Seadreamer rebel

Thank you again. Respect ?
I watch all you videos as you know. Can I ask you to look at AION, it’s a product with utility in real world use. See if your interest is piqued.

Mikko Lappalainen

What is the source for OTC buying? Regards, hodler of XRP with 99,99% portfolio of XRP. I wouldnt take this news sites word for anything, need source of sitation who said that.

trapped cat

Hello everybody... See you!

loi hoffman

this guy loves Ripple.. i do too


Not interested in Zerp.


TMI, like you I think Ripple is one of the greatest companies which will probably be one of the biggest successes in the coming years. However, I am a bit concerned about the price of XRP.
Could you explain how Ripple's success will automatically give value to the XRP token? The fact that Xrapid will be using XRP doesn't require XRP to gain value, right? The way I understand it, the token is just the vehicle for Xrapid transactions. So why would anyone want to hold XRP? Certainly, Ripple's stock is going to go up in price but, again, I don't see the reason for XRP, the token, to gain value.
Thanks for your reply.

fly guy


Vincent Wilson

XRP could be life changing in a few years

Charlie Parkhurst

Been watching and learning but staying out of positions in the crypto market since my attention was really drawn to it by the mayhem at the end of 2018, waiting for a good time to make moves once the correction seemed to be finishing. I'm now considering an "all in" move on XRP in anticipation of the market's resurgence later this year/early next year. Fundamentals for days and has the "alt coin" potential to pump too.


Projects are running out of ICO money, only news, rumors and announcements of possible partnerships and some dick teasing is being thrown around. Look into some REAL projects that have a working product and stick with those for the time being.
I own XRP, my comment is not directed at Ripple.

Marcelo Deo-Gracias

Woooww new logo is there gonna be a new intro too

Diamond One

Congrats on your new logo ?


My guy said douche at 6:36 lol

marios marios

Could you please do a segment on the why's and how's of Over-The-Counter trading and is it really fair?

The TechGeek

Had to listen to this twice...this is awesome news for xrp holders and investors waiting on the sidelines

primo axelito

Even Snoop Dogg is in xrp what more can you ask

Vincent Edward Lucas IV

Why would a person buy 50 million dollars worth of a coin and not want it to be done on a public exchange? Would that not send the price skyrocketing? If you buy a bunch of a coin wouldn't u want it to go up in price? I can only wonder if that will maybe send it down because someone has to sell that much but if the guy puts up the purchase for 50 million dollars it should go up because it is orginally a buy


Xrp had the biggest % of growth last year, (tens of thousands of percent), and Xrp hadnt had the developments and partners which are about to come out from the closet. As M.I. spoke about, the same will happen again, THIS YR, and wilp be ATH's, so IMAGINE!! what the hell thats going to look like!! Hodl XRP and reap the rewards, (scared money, make.no money!) ?✌?

A Google User

i thought xrp is seperate from the bank product x-rapid. If banks are using xrapid how is that going to effect xrp?

Matthew Worner

typical rich folks won't lower themselves into the seedy online markets and now they will as otc supply has run dry! game on

Salvador Ocampo

Someone brought up the point that if Brad Garlinghouse has stated that a lot of institutional buyers have been buying xrp directly from him then the price should have gone up. Someone else had stated that since it was bought directly and that it wouldn't. This makes no sense since the Ledger should keep all transactions and coins accountable.

Therefore, if it is true that these are bought directly from Ripple and there is no increase in price value then why would the price go up significantly once this thing was fully launched and being utilized? The average Joe is not going to push this to the levels people are speculating about.

Anyone explain this?

Aleš Gaber

So whats your xrp 2018, 2019 and 2020 top price prediction?


Crypto will not lead to a decentralized future. If you want money then hodl the blue chip coins and ride the coattails of the whales that move the market. Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple.. etc.

Santiago Velez

I find it interesting that one of the last criticisms levied against Ripple (the company), now that validation is fully decentralized, is their size-able holdings of the XRP digital asset. The concern now is that they can manipulate the market price and "pump & dump", as if the team there is a shadow organization of speculative manipulators and not a US based corporation with all eyes on their every move. Ridiculous. Maximalists are OK with the mining pools, and the unknown consolidation of holdings that is the natural result of PoW are the ultimate in hypocrites when compared to the vision espoused by Satoshi's white paper. Spare me.


I must say, the last 2 months I have seen a dramatic shift from negative xrp people jumping aboard the train and seeing the real value. Lot of xrp fans say the right thing and welcome the xrp haters aboard the train, I say I hope you keep hating and never buy xrp and I want to watch you guys cry while we reap the benefits not my fault your blind and dumb.

Phil Mitchell

I hope the price stays down for another 5 weeks.... Bulk buyers will come into play end of October ?

Micky House

Ripple price prediction in mid 2019?


52 people dont want to become the new 1%

MR Brice

Is what ever said here is going to be its a life changing cuz I just add on now I have 800k

Stuart Niven

Great Video as always! Thanks!

Thinking Crypto

HODL XRP!!, it will be the #1 crypto when its utility is on display via xRapid!

DbN Peacekeeper

There is a very good reason MI has made 3 XRP videos in the past two days. He’s afraid the XRP train will leave you behind. Even if you hate XRP at the very least consider it for diversification purposes. (Not financial advice) just my opinion.


starting November but before that BEWARE, strange things of mannipulation could happen

Sophie Vu

No highlight in 2018. maybe all crypto and xrp raising than eft in the game . So xrp not be used in the moment . Hope 2019 better than. 2018 no more ath all crypto or xrp. That is my point.


The Standard.

Reuben Quansah

Sell the rumors buy the news lol. I think it'd worth holding but not worth ignoring that the people who needed to get in early have gotten in OTC. Same goes with BTC but what IS XRP? Is it a coin, token, other?


Guys,question: Coinbase and Bittrex telling me i have a new IP address and that i have to confirm a link in a mail they sent to me. Im surprised because i use same device from same location...anybody experienced that as well???

Lamar Jack

I agree just like BitConnect was a highlight of 2017.
Definitely when this scam is exposed, it will be a highlight in 2018 of scams not to invest in.


HODL STRONG! Only put in as much as you are willing to loose!


So if these big entities are buying over the counter and this is not reflecting price appreciation in the markets because they are not going through exchanges, then how in the hell is it going to positively impact the price of the Crypto market when the institutional money starts pouring in if they buy over the counter too and are not going to go through the traditional exchanges???

chamon blanc

Love the XRP-centric videos!

Legendz FaII

589 market cap aprx EOY 15$

MD Rossi

Thanks for doing a vid on this. Good timing! Well done!


hope information won´t be hidden any time long-
everything is growing underground

Autumn Leaf

thank you for the great news, really appriciate all the time that you put in the video ! hope you have a great day !


Personally am trying to pull off a triple double. Triple my money with XRP, Double it with LTC. Pay for my wedding with LTC (nothing fancy but something nice enough) and if XRP ever reach $50/coin that'll be a very good down payment on a house for me and my wife to be. Hopefully XRP can hit that in 4-5yrs.

Anthony Flynn

I’m having a hard time buying Ripple (XRP) I only have Coinbase and it’s not available on there... anybody have any pointers?


Love the new logo!

Yahawah's Tents of Judah

Great coverage sir! Keep up the awesome coverage.

The TechGeek

Before I watched this video I bought XRP at 30 cents. Very happy with my investment. Let's get it XRP and Ripple!

Hidden Bull

Keep the XRP news coming man! Don't worry about offending people. It's 2018, use a gender specific pronoun and it's WWIII.

Sabrina S


Nem Xem

I hope xrp will go to 1dollar before march 2019

Chad S

A lot of the crypto pages are not active. Happy to see your sticking to it. Means a lot.

Hugo Cyr Theberge

Xrp will be number one ☝️ ????still love btc tho ?

United Noobies

China controls almost all mining of btc... How is that decentralized?

mr sandeep

If you hold xrp till 10 year one xrp 300 dollar


Anyone have a realistic price prediction for EOY? Realistic would be less than $10


Wonder how much xrp Snoop copped? If any

alex cervantes

Still waiting for xrp to be available on robinhood :(

chamon blanc

What if XRP liquidity is provided by OTC (or similar) markets, then the price would not be as high? Sorry if I am wrong.

Juan Calderon

U and @Alex Cobb need to read more on what an (OTC) is. Why was OTC created. These are High risk investment that don't qualify to be listed on main exchange also the prices have something to do with it.

Annaliz Cryptonian

Great content as always? thank you

Travis Omdahl

Hey MI why did you change your donation address from golem to BAT

Marc P

I want the price to drop to 25 cents. 4 XRP for $1.00 is a steal of a deal.

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Ripple XRP: Could Clarity Around XRP & Only 1 Alt Season Drain Other Coins’ Gains Into XRP?

9 354 views | 8 Jan. 2021


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Bitcoin Tops $37K, Setting Record, Hours After Roaring Past $36K


The Cryptocurrency Market Is Now Worth More Than $1 Trillion






Volante Technologies Hires Strategic Sales, Partnership and Marketing Leaders to Accelerate Global Payments as a Service Expansion






Photo Credit:


Charles Jik

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Antifa stormed the Capitol.

DJ Nate

Its nice that you are able to state large numbers clearly and concisely, you should be our next president.

Mario Däncer

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Blockchain Backer

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+ 8 5 2 5 1 7 5 0 1 4 1


Keep your eye on Telcoin .....?


One of best and most informative videos I have seen recently. I hope others are listening and following your words cos it all does make sense.

Ron Schutt

40k today


i thought this is a xrp only channel?

Xander D

This guy absolutely knows nothing about the space... Also it was Antifa not Trump supporters who stormed the Capital... Get your facts right, maybe not believe everything you turn on... This guy is the worst in numbers

Ninja Pants

In for the love

Lightning Flash

Nice to hear about ripple network adoption but is anyone actually using XRP ❓

Phyllis Wright

I wish I could add this screen shot but my Facebook memories just showed that on this day in 2018 I posted "I hope you are not one of the people who panicked and sold all of your XRP yesterday". Hmmmm ?

Jeff Patrick

Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money

Anthony James

Why is nobody talking about Cruptocurrency at this moment? It's on a bull run and a lot of people are defintely gonna miss out on that just like the last time

Brandon Delk

Pretty much every channel I tune to regarding XRP specifically, they all say that even if XRP is deemed a security in the United States, it still will not affect its ability to perform at its max potential, or for its intended use.

Speaking to that same point, even if all of these other coins are classified as a security in the United States, they are all still traded globally. I don’t see how that particular designation by the United States alone will make all these other coins vanish...

Yes, they may have some fines invoked by the SEC, but most of these companies have enough capital to pay the fine, and keep it moving.

Curts Review 2020

CIA has created false flags Northwoods etc , people r being played wake up people they want sheep not informed people like us!
The guy who busted out window was Army person, it’s all staged, lady that got allegedly shot my opinion was actor! Trump is actor, Munchin is Hollywood figure in past director writer! As I’d Adam Schift! Do your research as the CIA will stop at nothing to create illusion to incite fear or violence ( it’s distractions) from us going into crypto 4th industrial revolution ( that you don’t hear on news) FACTS

Mark S

Working Money Channel - you’re getting sloppy with your videos

Charles Jik

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MS London Suleyman

Just hold it can only go ?✅ ???


Thanks ?

Kaeden Wilder

Ripple xrp the only shit coin!! Xrp utility yet after 9 years... still shitz 30 cents !!banker corporate shit coin.. people will eventually find out the hard way... scam bullshit .. get with reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hailey Chad

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Alessandra Chesnutt

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FB 2077

Just sold my $XRP3S on #MXC_Exchange now I'm planning to flip to $XRP3L with 3x leverage and no forced liquidation trade here www.mxc.com/trade/easy#XRP3L_USDT

outcast event

Yess yess yesss

A Ddl Maxank

Maybe it's going to a 5 dollar or maybe 10 dollars, higher i Don't think so.

fractal visions


Ducky McScrooge

Good Morning Working Money Channel.

Daniel Monks

The king joining with God to control the gold.


Hey guys...I was FIRST


Storming the capitol was antifa scum

Meghan Audibert

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Nice and early


Bitcoin the chinese tulip token.


This is just my opinion in regards to the case. XRP will be deemed a currency soon and Ripple and the SEC will come to an agreement. However, I believe that Ripple will have to liquidate their escrow holdings of XRP but not allowed to sell them thus leaving them the only option but to gift them to a neutral institution such as the IMF. Should this be the case, XRP's price will jump very quickly. There is a possibility that XRP's price will drop drastically getting even some of the diehards to sell but it will have to happen prior to Coinbase closing the door on trading.

jockey tim

The market today seems corrected and I'm planning to buy some $XRP3L on #MXC_Exchange looks like the dip is good to buy time to buy long again ETF is less risky and no forced liquidations try it here www.mxc.com/trade/easy#XRP3L_USDT


I’m in it for the technology

Hypodermically Speaking

xrp or rip

Crypto Ronin Dude

Almost $42k at this time

Alden Gaven

You can get more info about me on my channel ?? ??❤️

Janea Spikes

Always good info! Thank you.

Ioannis Gatos

Xrp = Shitcoin = toilet paper = thin air...........

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Affinity Photo - Fake Water Reflection and Ripple Effect v2

1 104 views | 15 Apr. 2020

Affinity Photo – Fake

Affinity Photo – Fake Water Reflection and Ripple v2

I recently made a written tutorial (Activ8-issue19) that was a second version of the idea of making a fake water effect that had not only a reflection of the image above. But also, a fake ripple effect on that watery reflection. This time though the ripple wouldn’t just be some gentle waves, it would be like someone had thrown a rock into the water and the circular ripples would spread out from the rock’s entry point.

I have adapted a Blue Lightening TV, Photoshop tutorial to get this effect. That video and links to the original video and written tutorial. Plus the tree image used and the written tutorial for this version of the effect are listed below.

My Original Fake Water Reflection and Ripple video tutorial


My Original Fake Water Reflection and Ripple written tutorial


The written version of this tutorial


Blue lightening TV Photoshop Tutorial


Pixabay Image Used


Ken Galvin

Hi Carl, I just heard that you are suffering with covid 19, I hope you are recovering and that you and your family are moving toward better days. We look forward to your return soon to share your vast knowledge and artistic talent with all your online friends. I do not use facebook so I hope you get this message. Stay safe and get well.

Will Willis

Another great tutorial. Thank you.

Slightly Evil

Hello Carl. I've only just discovered your tutorials and find them very helpful. I like the pace and the way you clearly describe what you are doing. I will now make my way through those videos I need to watch, which is many. Thank you.

Kiprian George

super easy to understand intuitive tutorial, thanks