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Share Market YouTube Channel : Top 3 Stock Market YouTube Channel 2021

50 409 views | 27 Sep. 2019

Are you looking for a good

Are you looking for a good share market youtube channel? In this video, we have named the top 3 stock market youtube channel for stock market traders and investors in 2021.

Our list of best stock market youtube channels is prepared keeping in mind 3 aspects. First, the prime focus of stock market YouTubers should be on the content, not on selling their stock market courses. Second, the stock market content should cover practical aspects of stock trading and stock investing. Third, share market YouTubers should stick to their video theme and continuously produce value-adding stock market content.

Our list of stock market channels includes a stock market podcast channel, an Indian stock market youtube channel focused on stock market research and an option trading youtube channel for all options traders.

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Ramoz E

Trading got more easier with Mr Clinton Woods

Amisha Agarwal


faraz hussain

vivek bajaj , elearnmarket

Anime Man

Pranjal Kamra is also amazing

amit baghel

Koi hindi channel b btao

Rhythm Patel

Understood ?

jaydip jagani

Awesome yaar, thanks from the bottom of my heart


Vwap and moving average strategy explain


Please have a look on share academy channel. Look at the content of channel.

tanupriya gupta




Ajeesh Jayakumar

For investors #SHARE_ACADEMY is the best YouTube channel (Thier services are free too)

gurubachan singh


Monique Yadiel

Thanks for another Informative and Fantastic video ❤️Although Bitcoin did face the nasty rejection above $12,000, analysts are still optimistic that the bulls are still in control. Mr David Lambert noted that as long as BTC holds $11,500 strongly, it’s fair to say that the uptrend is intact and BTC will bullish to $15K. Bitcoin was rejected at that price level on three separate rallies: one in October 2019, one in February 2020, and one just a few weeks ago in June. To me, the good news is that it's been success despite the up and down in the market, as it does not have any effect on my portfolio instead it gives me more opportunity to grow a very strong portfolio as i have been doing with Mr David Lambert's strategy/daily signals. Mr David signals remains unmatch in crypto trading, with his careful guide and supervision I've been able to grow my portfolio to over 5.6 btc within the space of 5 weeks with my initial 1.6btc. His guidance and signal services has been a major change in trading portfolio. He can be contacted via Whatspp: +447427211622 and Telgram @ davidlambert1 on how to trade profitably

Kuldeep Yedke

Informative Session Sir

siddhant vishwakarma


Peter Patrick

What i love most about him is his consistency in making huge profit

Yash Borade


Dinesh Prasad

Kotakbank share target

anand atole

For option learning from Hindi which is good channel

Pankaj yadav

The mukul agarwal channel and bazar ke pandit

sk live study Hindi


Nayem Uddin

Rayner teo

Virat S.

Thanks bhai.. thanks..
Isha kuch pata hi nai tha... ???

aryaman roy


New Thought

Nice video... ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dinesh Vardam

according to me Watch "Wealth Saga" channel
Very good channel ...
Sir have superb teaching technique with RJ style ... clear voice with speedy explain with exact words

Gulbahar Sk

sabse best to aapka chanel hai bhai.

Amit Bhandari

Bro provided good information about share baazar for all beginners are very confuse about what to do , no idea , how to grow capital ? but all will happy after getting valuable video

Swasti Mishra

Understood. Thank you.

Dhruv Sharma


Mukunda Priya

Very informative sir and Understood it very well.

Seaman Dey

Finovationz best channel

p s

Apka bhi chainal bhut achha hai sir

vaibhav k.h

Great job. I think CA Akshay Kiriti Live Options analysis one can try out for me found very useful

Kulasekara Pandian

Understood Top 3 Stock Market YouTube Channel

Shubham Aggarwal

bhai ,that was a really selfless effort ,i hope your channel also grows alot

Saket Kumar

Thankyou so much...for information

Sayantani Bose


Pathik Patel

tu deepak kalal ki tarah bolta hai tu dk hai na

wolf wolf


Rushikesh Dange

Wanna earn money without any loss in Sharr market with 90-95% Accuracy then join this group

Piyush Parmar

Thank You Sirji for Explaining

Jayanti Kumari


zahid niyazi

thnx for best vdo

311 Dharmik Deliwala

Great understood


U r good....

Praveen N

The best youtube channel for the stock market is "Finnovationz" according to me.
Because they use animations to help us understand the stock market and finance in the best way.
I bet even if a 10-year-old boy watches that Chanel he will understand what is the stock market.

Vishal Shelke

Bhai tera channel bhi stock market pe hai fir bhi tu dusre channel suggests kr rha isse dekhe mene tera channel bhi subscribe kr diya

trading style

can you give this youtube chanels links in the description box thank you for making amazing videos....

Mr. TridenT

Hutt ve

charan singh chouhan

Hindi ke chenal ka batao

sai charan

Dr sagar rv is not available.. can some one paste channel link

Raman Bhatia


Hemangi Bhav

Nitin Bhatia is best
He is very honest person

Shreyas Patil

it's good.

It's Our Channel

Telugu me Daytradertelugu best

Rajiv Yadav

Share acdme

janani decoration

Best of best channel is nitinbhatia.in
He is share market ka sher hai.
Open total knowledge for stock market total free of cost.
No bakwas only honestly knowledge.

jaydip jagani

Dislike karne ka saval hi nahi uthata bro

Roshan Lama

CA Rachna Ranade is best ??

VT Present

1. Chet with trader
2.Dr sagar rv
3. Option Alpha

suryakant sahu

Sounds like S R MOTO WORLD

Bhupender Godara

Share accedemy is just awesome, please give it a try

Aparna Sb


share market trading king


Trading with books

Trading is all about Mindset not be chart analysist

Aim institute for competitive exams gooty

follow nitin bhatia u tube channel

pankaj patidar

Wealth saga ???

Manish Ahirwar

Fin ovationz

charan singh chouhan

2 chenal me falo kr tahu abi aap ka video dekh raha tha sagar ka

Akanksha Gupta

Summary of list

Option alpha(for options - in depth )
Dr Sagar RV
Chat with trader

faraz hussain

pranjal kamra,

Mukul Kumar

Your channel is knowledgeable


Sir apse ek request hai ek Baar NIFTYINDIAWIZARD channel check i

ram kumari

Nitin bhatia is one of best channel to learn trading

Sushil Kumar YT premium

Share academy is also good.


Sir wealth first bhi acha chennal he....!!!!!

Digital School

Kisi bhi expert ne Ruchi Soya ke bare me nahi bataya, sab chutiya banate hai....

Gnana Prakash

thank you so much

arun dey

Excellent and thanks and aapka mangle ho

Ram Narayan

Dr sagar rv is best

Pj Jain


vinod yadav

Best YouTubers in mutul fund

WhAtEvEr I KnOw

Who are all from smkc familyyy!!
Hit like

1k gamer

bhai smkc best he


You are the best.

rashmin gor

Yes Dr sagar is good I am already following it

Ruchi Shah

Thank you...

skj equity

Best skj equity go and check the past performance of stocks recommended

Bhupinder Kumar

Only for nitan bhatia no 1 channel

Mohd Salique

Booming Bulls best hai???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tarun pal

I loved option alpha ?


Thanks ?

Parmeswar Sarswat

Aryamoney you tube channel

Pj Jain

Astro guruji mj

Ahmad Khan

Pro capital

Aishani Barman Roy


Rachit Agrawal


98 Shubham Uttekar

Rachnna Ranade ☝️

Stock channels

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Stock Market Charts: Revisiting Channels | 2/5/21 | $APXT $BABA $CRM $JBLU

35 views | 6 Feb. 2021

On 2/5/21 I put out a

On 2/5/21 I put out a video talking about "how to trade channel" and were reviewing the trades I talked about namely $APXT $BABA $CRM $JBLU. So lets take a look at some of these stock market charts to learn from trading patterns technical analysis.

M1finance Referral Link | https://m1.finance/Xwt6Rg58WEdC

Derek wang

Strong resistance for apxt, really need a catlyst

Stock channels

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47 908 views | 21 Nov. 2020



I simply discuss what are some of my favorite youtube stock channels.

I think it would be a benefit to all to also Subscribe to these pages.

Stock Moe: https://www.youtube.com/user/faststockcash

Chris Sain: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrTFPf6rq5OUSWb7ILW9trg

Jack Spencer Investing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqLDg-B0J_8vJfLRYctd35g

JMac Investing:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ5adkEdc3QjC9EGI1Nq28w

Patrick Desjardins: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdRXprAw3CveSpkVJ4_UYA

BEGINNERS Learn here how to invest in the Stock Market 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXnrkY3FtIw&list=PLwSi162VvpEtNRY1ezj5-zTLCVquvuCha

This video was ceated to help people learn more about trading stocks and or Investing in the stock market.

I suggest stocks weekly to day traders and investors to consider.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investments are solely your responsibility and we do not provide personalized investment advice. It is crucial that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments. Please consult your financial or tax professional prior to making an investment.

#stocks #YoutubeStocks #StockUpWithLarryJones

Thanks for watching the video [https://youtu.be/sU8WM3jfRtE]

Michelle G

I found you because of Stock Moe. Love that guy and I just subscribed to you too. Love getting lots of different investment ideas. Thanks for your work!


Thanks for the sincerity and your expertise.


Larry opened my eyes to SBE. Thank you for that!

Black Dollar Inc. Investments

Chris Sain is the man, he show all of his investment total transparency not to mention he taught me I need to buy 150-125 shares......when they sleep we eat!!!!!!!

Bill Foltyn

I love your videos, Larry! You are genuine! All good wishes for you!

Shane Hollis

Uncle Larry thanks for sharing your insightful information and keeping it real.

HC Aqua

Just found you from Stock Moe. Good stuff man!

Joel stlouis

I can't believe Chris Sain is not on the page cover. smh!! nothing against stock moe , etc, but chris sain is deffinently #1 pick in my opinion..

Seth Reichley

Just gained so much respect for you Uncle Larry! Appreciate this video and for turning me on to Chris Slain. You are an asset to my portfolios. Just broke into 100k land today mostly because of you and Stock Moe. God Bless!! ?


Also George Perez is doing it. Check him out!

Cory Castor

Uncle Larry I’ve got a really great question, hoping you can clarify and hopefully make a video to teach all of us: I watched Nio stock fall to $38 yesterday, and was wondering how that effected other stock exchanges in other countries... I got to thinking about how the U.S and other countries stock correlated, for example is the market cap of any given stock the same globally? When I buy a share of Nio or Tesla as a U.S citizen would I be able to trade the share to somebody in China? Does Nio or Tesla or any other stock have different values in different countries? How does the system work? What happened if Tesla wanted to sell some of its stock to raise capital, would it sell in the U.S exchange or somewhere else? Thanks!

Delonte Crosby

Could you look up this one. GIK. GOing to merge with lightning energy. Starting new ev and they also have their own charging stations.

Green Stock Channel

A great line up Larry, all but one whom is pumper. But good list I watch all but one on that list.

King Cheung

Oh come on Larry Jones, how come you don't have Deadnsyde on this list.
To me, Deadnsyde is the best, straight to the point, keeps the video short, and his honest opinion on new stock.

Jack Spencer is great too with his "I am not a financial advisor" everytime and "Hit that juicy like button", i swear that never gets old.

Jay Rob

Uncle Larry what you think of FRSX teaming up with NVDA. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/foresight-completes-integration-nvidia-platforms-123000070.html

Martin Andre

I was able to build a big income Stream During The covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Grace Felix

Zo3boogi3 BiG Z

Chris Sain walks talks and breed success!

Current Resident

We are getting used to get 3 times the Moe without spending any extra dough.

Michelle Rosenfeld

I subscribe to Joseph Hogue, Stock Moe, this channel, Matthew Huo, Daniel Pronk, and just started Jacnomics. And either JT or KT Wealth. It’s the lady who gives fantastic analysis while holding a glass of wine. You guys are the CNBC alternative. :-)

Ricca Riuz

Despite the economic crisis I still believe it's a good time to invest even a little because in a few months you will be ecstatic with the decision you made now.

The Truth

My mom a jones im Dallas tho i ma just call you uk larry i need better pep to listen to hang with pep not about shit i support you big bro salute and im watching you guys following the money.


Stock Moe! So good to see you and Uncle Larry collaborating. Love it and love you guys!

Hava Piric

I agree about stock Moe, sometimes I think when he has all this time to do all research. I am following him for a while, he started 3 months ago and has almost 100 thousands subscribers .


Joseph Carlson has great dividend investing advice. He’s a little safer, but not afraid to talk about stock picks. Check him out.

Kenneth Faulkner

I feel you on Jack, I like him too. I would like to follow him to the end of a rainbow, and I would not have to worry about the stock market LOL. I need to find out what he's putting in that porridge because he's way too happy for no particular reason. Thanks for the video Larry, let's all get there together!

Bobby Una

uncle larry is so selfless... more wins

its ENSU

Here from stock moe. Respect.

Eddie D

This is for day traders but this guy is brilliant: https://youtu.be/0z39pJSwy2o

Jazmine Biggs

Do you have any suggestions on calls into get into this week on Robinhood

Dylan Glave


Ralph R

Real recognize real

Jase Jones


Darrell J.

Chris Sain is the man.

You’re Unc & he’s the bro LOL

Carol Knows Best

Love this so much!


Jerry Romine ?

theophanyRussell andreysPitts

Thanks for this video, its very detailed ?? Having got involved in the stock market and made little profits, i still greatly believe in bitcoin trading mostly as the market is very bullish at this point in time. I strongly advice us to get involved in DAY TRADING properly guided by a pro traded with a working strategy/daily signals. For me it's been very successful because i was being guided by a pro trader called Hayford Kurt whose strategy/daily signals has proven to be so accurate and well analysed. Trading and growing my portfolio from 0.9btc to 5.8btc within 6 weeks is so awesome and credible. Don't you think this is the right time to grow the little we hold ahead of more bullishness? Hayford can be reach via Whatspp: +447862067036 and Telegram @ hayford_ksignals for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

Ken Watson

I think you're pretty cool, Larry! I was referred to you by Stock Moe and I think your channel is pretty cool and glad to be part of it!


I can see, You are a person of God. Thanks for all that you share with us


Chris Sain is missing.

Benjamin Silver

Hey Larry , Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Devin W.

You inspire people to try, help to elevate the trying, and expand the elevated. Amazing work. Thanks for doing what you do.


I only knew Moe Stock

Andy Armstrong

Hey Larry love The Channel

Jose Lopez

The most detailed ones are Daniel pronk, Matthew Huang, Jerry romine.

Morgan Marshall

Thank you Uncle Larry i am really enjoying your videos but please can you suggest some penny stock for long term investment i really need some thank you and remain bless

Júlio Rodrigo Roth

Nice one Larry.
Cheers from Sydney - Oz

guy pelletier

About "Desjardins" prononciation: Here's a hint: (also info about a big canadian financial institution ). In this video' right at the beginning and at 1m52s, you hear it being pronounced! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwGnoDutrQI Cheers.

Jessica Mingus

No Chris Sain??? That’s crazy. He’s an incredible investor and has so much integrity.

Roberto Ordaz

I’m here because uncle Moe sent me?

Zafar Iqbal

Moe cat ???


You, Stock Moe and Chris Sain are my 3 faves!!

Selfmade Shorty

Your good to larry we not ? on YOU!!


Jeremy Financial Education was where I started. Been through a lot of families but this is channel is something that works for me.

Rodrigo Pinto

You would have much more subscribers if you had done a 3 min video instead of a 14 min video. You could say it all in a few minutes.

Salvador Duran

You sleeping on my boy Chris Sain !!! He the ?

Clutch ENT

Haha I was going to say Chris sain until I seen the comment section?

binary moneymap

for those that haven’t noticed, the markets have been crazy for some time now, especially during the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic, and it’s not a stretch to say that majority of investors have been “losing their shirt” within this period, and i think many folks are threading with caution when it comes to investing their money in stocks, binary options, forex or even cryptocurrencies, because of these main factors. fear of taking avoidable risks (which is really good). "Unpredictability" of the market (permit me to use that word). Gambling instead of Trading. Indecision and lastly the fear of separating real from fake (which is a very tough decision to make). what if i told you that there are ways to bypass all of this, trade like a PRO and earn from trading. (believe me, getting profits from your trades no matter how small is really an incredible feeling) yes you can trade and earn on your own with a Do-It-Yourself system, programmed to have a recurring price behavior that actually gives you powerful hints, with amazing accuracy, with the ability to decide where the market will go next so you can scalp it, shave it, slam it, whatever expression you’d like to use, the end point is that you basically get to rip profits off the market at the first instance of movement it gives you, This is a breakthrough discovery that will change the way you review the market and decide your course of action. i started using this program (i call it a program because it has all we need, guidance, different strategies to bank on and amazing signals.) i started using it after finding out how amazing it was and decided to share with a few of my friends and a particular lady's story struck an impact, she started with $1600 and has made over $13200 in a few months, here's what i love about her story, unlike me, she started small, so you know anyone can do it. she was a beginner when she did it. following my guidance, she used clear, rule-based methods that are repeatable. This isn’t “high risk” trading. i use controlled risk and known probabilities, so i have full control of my input and output. In fact, the methods are extremely simple. email me with your subject as "how to bypass all trade difficulties" and i'll be sure to respond to you as soon as i can. When you do, you’ll learn that there is nothing complex or difficult about trading options.
[email protected]gmail.com


Giving people their flowers when they are live ???

Stock Moe

Thank you for the shout out Uncle Larry...I truly appreciate the kindness..it was my honor to return the favor...we need to sit down in person and do a video together sometime soon. :)

Jamel Thomas

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Mayne

First time watching you and subbed immediately! The subject of this video speaks volumes about you, ALL GOOD!!! :)

Sheldon Evans

If you are working and you don’t have a passive source of income, my dear I think you are making a very big mistake

Mauricio Espino

Larry can’t wait for your subscription, doing this speaks very good about you.

veronica powell

Hello, he is the guy that helped me to make my first stock purchase and he he helped me to understand the inside picture of the investing journey. However, I learn better from good personality and Chris is one of them. I also subscribe on stock Moe thank you for your pointerr


This is real right here. Much appreciated brother.

Anthony Moran

Larry, have you watched Jerry Romine? I like his fundamental and technical analysis. He is candid and adds a bonus of pics of his world travels.

Classy Lady

I watch Stock Moe. All the stocks that he suggested since I started watching him has been doing good

Sumaiya Sumaiya

You should have a look @The popular investor channel. I think he is one of the best.

Juan Estrada

stock moe and chris sain the best for me !


I've learned I get something different everyone. Some guys I peep for the knowledge and perspective. Others I treat like a news outlet. I've noticed the really bullish YouTubers are great for the news on specific stock. Then there's uncle Larry, Chris Said and Tom Nash for perspective. I've made more money at this because you three have changed the way I approach investing and trading.


DeadNSide and Stock Moe


Larry great video! I want to thank you because I am a YouTuber myself on stocks, etc and this is giving me the fuel to make your future list! Great channel and very good videos you gained a subscriber!


Well I hadn't heard of the other 4 guys before but if they're good enough to make it onto a list with Stock Moe then I'll definitely have to check them out!

timmy ang

Hi Uncle Larry, I’m from the Philippines. I love watching your videos. Im just started learning how to invest, and I am wondering what platform would be best to use to trade US stocks for foreigners like me. Continue putting out helpful content. I appreciate you brother. God bless.



Hala Madrid

Stock moe and Meet kevin

Stephen Marian

Is it time to buy stock symbol B.E bloom energy so far it has not done much compared to the others in is field.


Chris Sain and Stock Moe!!

Micheal Allison

Bitcoin is the perfect place to be a millionaire now if you have a perfect plan and vast knowledge. Moreover we need a good broker for sure. I have been using Alfred platform for a long time and I am pretty much successful so far. Alfred is helping me over the time by giving great analysis, great execution timing(0.05 seconds per trades), other technical and financial support. The best financial support from his platform is 1:2000 leverage. I can use their money to earn lots more than I would do.

eyes lynn mcwallace

Kaswrp is another person who has a great channel. He does GREAT technical analysis and also has a series where he teaches how to analysis stock charts. I've learned so much about support and resistance.

Matt Mr America


Sam Takhar

Chris sain is the best

Shawn Lebrun

Charlie from Ziptrader is another good dude on YouTube. him and Chris are 2 of my top go to channels, along with this one.

Hava Piric

I just have subscribed to your channel because if you care about other subscribers it tells me a lot about you. This is first time I came across your channel and I am already following most of those that you have just recommend here. Thank you and good luck.

Collection Service Corp

Kevin, you, stock Moe and bests of us investors stealth investment


Like deadass, Chris Sain put me on majorly. Shout out to the homie


Jerry Romine is the GOAT!!!!

Larry Davies

Hey Larry..... this your other “ Brother Larry “. I’ve been so impressed since I started watching your channel and I’m learning a ton and it is so funny that the guys you were recommending or the other few that I have just recently started watching. I did not know about Patrick so thank you for him but I have been watching Chris and stock Moe the most! I love how honest and transparent you are and you are going to blow past 100,000 subscribers in no time! ......... Larry Davies/ Pottstown, Pa

Alpha Status Stocks

Huge fan. Have you seen this yet? https://youtu.be/HqARKPO-d3A

Mr Moore

Chris Sain!!!!! A MF'n beast!!!! ... uncle larry appreciate you & stock moe too... been subscribed to you 3 for a minute

Waldo Forsest

Waz up brother


Invest with Henry is a goat ? ?

Brian Jung

Diversifying and investing your portfolio with stocks, crypto currency and forex trading should be one of the top notch investment deal.

Ian Murray

I came here because of Stock Moe and just subscribed to these 5 guys


You forgot my guy Chris Sain..?????

R Kens

You are right about 2020 and the growth. My portfolio grew by 1.2 mill. Hoping for a repeat this yr.

Erlin Guillen

Larry jones stockmoe and chris sain

Dean K Investing

Great video!

Collis Forde

My three main channels are yours, Chris Sain, and Stock Moe!!!

Bill Foltyn

Patrick Dejardins is pronounced Day Jar Dan (The "J" is soft like in Taj Mahal). ;-)