Spaceship fleet concept art

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spacecraft concept

1 805 views | 12 Oct. 2018

David H Haindongo


Николай Запивахин

Классные графические фото.

Spaceship fleet concept art

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Nomadic Space-Based Civilizations

184 677 views | 3 Sep. 2020

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Spaceships and fleets of the future may host their own unique civilizations of nomads, traveling the space lanes or venturing deep into interstellar space to colonize the galaxy or flee peril. What would such cultures be like?

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Nomadic Space-Based Civilizations

Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur

Episode 254; September 3, 2020

Written, Produced & Narrated by Isaac Arthur


Jerry Guern

S. Kopperud

Cover Art:

Jakub Grygier https://www.artstation.com/jakub_grygier


Fishy Tree https://www.deviantart.com/fishytree/

Jeremy Jozwik https://www.artstation.com/zeuxis_of_losdiajana

Ken York https://www.facebook.com/YDVisual/

Kris Holland (Mafic Studios) www.maficstudios.com

LegionTech Studios https://hades9.com

Mihail Yordanov

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound http://epidemicsound.com/creator

Juan Rial

OK, this was... different... A bit disappointed you didn't mention the Lines from Alastair Reynolds' House of Suns.


Marshmallows are required as you search for the eye of the universe

Vince Klortho

Please God don't let our human future be anything like that lame and cheesy Star Trek the Next Generation!


Probably the best scene of flag captain vs admiral is in Legend of Galactic Heroes: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars, where the flag captain chews out the admiral over giving orders for the ship directly.

thomas nicks

He sounds like a baby ..... U think he would go to speach therapy


I just joined the CuriosityStream. Thank you such great interesting stuff!

Bruce Ediger

"Riding the Torch" by Norman Spinrad is another such Sci-Fi nomadic civilization. Grim, but interesting.

Peter D

The engineer is pretty hot, though. I wouldn't let her go if I was the Captain ;)

r f

Why won't NASA kill the sls (shitty launch system)?

Eto Hige Gamer Culture

That was a really cool perspective and tied up nicely at the end


If you've been captaining a space ship for 3000 years and your slaves don't think you're a god, you're doing something wrong.

Ed S

The Macross franchise.
Except they got handed a boat load of advanced technology before deciding to set out in colony fleets to colonize the galaxy in decades rather than millennia, thanks to hyperdrives and fold tech.


Is that opening just the "Flying Toasters" screen saver, but with colony ships?

John Doe

A one world culture would be boring and if we found something else your logic would impose it on them. Very unintelligent let them evolve enjoy the press

neo İlbasan

what is the game in 0:57?

Sneaksie Taffer

I see something like this happening if there was a looming planetary destruction but a space faring civilization most likely will collapse into nothingness as it's citizens disperse into far and unknown regions, cutting off all political ties with their race.

Malcolm T

20:26 Drinking Dawn dish soap.

robert greer

In fifty years more or less humans will be living many hundreds of years. You can ask any biology scientists and they will tell you the same. This makes no sense k
nowing that.

Chaz Hector

I love the channel however in recent videos Isaac has been narrating at quite a fast rate. Due to his speech impediment I honestly feel that it would benefit viewers/listeners if he slowed down his narration slightly. Thank you Isaac.


Well, I think what's going on with Star Trek is that the writers were just using the same figurative language we civilians use often enough: referring to an entire navy, metonymically, as the fleet or using the word flagship as a kind of honorific rather than a tactical designation. But if you wanted to devise a real "canonical" reason, it's easy enough. Perhaps by the 24th century, fleets are akin to regiments in many present-day armies: used only for limited bureaucratic and ceremonial purposes, and the name of an actually functional unit of ships might be something like taskforce, which does come up in the dialogue from time to time. (A name like that is anyway more suitable to the character of the organization itself, which is more like a (albeit rather heavily armed) paramilitary space agency than a traditional navy.) In this way, the Enterprise might indeed be the "flagship of Fleet I" or something like that for record-keeping purposes even though it practically always operates alone, only being incorporated, no doubt usually as the lead ship, into temporary taskforces in extraordinary situations. Meanwhile, "Fleet I" itself is never assembled (except perhaps for something like a big space parade on the Quatercentenary of First Contact Day or something) and is really just a list of the ships for whose personnel it's Admiral, safely ensconced in San Francisco, is responsible. Like, for all we know, the full style of Picard's rank might indeed be "flag captain," and just only gets used in extremely formal correspondence.


I like how they drink in a ship with gravity from squeeze bottles for no special reason. :) 20:25

Occupy Mars

I just found out you live in Ashtabula. I live not far away in Youngstown and I listen to your videos every day while fixing the house, for some reason I'm really productive when your videos are playing! You rock!


what are your thoughts on the thousands of thousands of hot spots, cold snap winters, volcano activity, pollution, hurricanes so abnormal they don't even make sense, and peoples hysteria turning up to 11? You seem VERY glass half full over here friend.


We need to live forever to give us time to grow and learn .. too little time gives us short perception

Altered Beast

Its all fun and games till an expeditionary crusade fleet hits the edge of the solar system

Eagle Shadow



The unlimited boundary of imagination and endless possibilities explored by Isaac Arthur can become an academia major alone. I'd want to binge everything from the past 400+ ep but yet would take a lot more time to process, digest, and enjoy all of the contents he's bless us with. Horray to Sire Arthur!

Josh Wharton

Liked purely for the 40k reference ?

Casius CBU

spherical defense breached
causal mass exodus

spherical intact
expeditionary force [civ expand]°
°comparing spherics

Jon Oskovich

theres to many people on earth, I think if you gave people a chance alot of people would like to go into the void of spacetimetraveling all over the place
look how young people are thier traveling all over the place doesnt that give the restless young to maybe travel in big self sustained starhsps???
I think lots of people would take the chance just like the mayflower ship that left england they the mayflower crew half the people died by the time they reached plymith rock. but in intersleller space travel they have to think in centries of planning in a starship the imagination is unlimited to create a self sustainging ship
all differetn yet their all traveling through space time in different starships,etc


It sounds like a 3 year old


great. interstellar palestinians

John Doe

Taking away identity is rape. What's your learning curve?

Austin Healey

Love your videos man, thanks for taking the time ??

Jared Linder

Person from Earth arrives in the generation fleet and everyone exclaims surprise!! Earth was destroyed a couple of thousand years ago!
Terran: nope nothing ever happened to Earth; it was in fact fine when I left it 250 Years ago.
Gen Shipper: but we were told that the Earth ended by the archives! the light of Terra left us.
Terran: Ummmm okaaaay, the stellar laser was turned off after a hundred years.... as was contracted by your fleet..
Gen Shipper: it was? the elders never knew that. They just told us The earth was ended, as they were told by their elders.

And thus a myth is born.


Isaac the mmo you could great. I would live in this virtual world and be complete

John Burt

Would it be sensible for a gardener ship to build a "ship-that-stops", with enough fuel to decelerate at a target system?
The mass lost in launching the "destination" ship could be replenished through a ramscoop, or by a cargo ship launched by the settlers after they are established. the latter would be tricky, unless the gardener ship can decelerate it on its own. If it CAN decelerate the cargo slug, it could capture the extra acceleration for itself . . . .

Kronik Kronolov

Disney gonna sue you for that Death Star

William Hostman

Big error in the first 2 minutes...
Original BSG's Cylons were NOT created by the Colonials. They were created by the lizard-like Cylon race, as cyborgs, then later as pure ai robots. (This is why the Imperious Leader looks lizardy.)
New BSG does have the Cylons as human creations, but for all but the high concept, it's really a totally different IP and storyline.

Severus Sinister

the imagery on this is stellar

MJ Att

That was a fun episode! Thanks as always Isaac


There was an cartoon about thirty years old where an arc ship leaves earth and when it arrives at its destination it's just earth again and the main protagonist ends up being Jesus .
For the life of me l can't remember the name of it or find it anywhere .

Keith Schultz


Sneaksie Taffer

A small ship big enough to support a family that was equipped with a hyper drive, A.I robotic medical doctor and energy to matter replicators don't need the support of any nomadic convoy and would likely venture out into deep uncharted space or even to another galaxy. If they run into trouble they are on their own.

Anthony Hargis

Always fascinating Issac.


@ Isaac Arthur You forgot the space fleet in stargate atlantis to try to avoid the wraith. Also picards rank is fleet captain i think witch is kinda a poor mans admiral without the actual title. As there no actuall title more like a understanding when 1 or more ships are assined unless dictated by higher up the Enterprise the federation “flagship” is in command. At least that is how I understand it based on what was said in the show flagship seems to mean of the federation best equipped ship as opposed to picards personal command vessel. IE federation sent in there flag ship to show they mean business in the diplomacy meeting ect

Benjamin Moscatiello

not likely. Unless the race became robotic they could never find a biosphere in which they could live outside of their home planet. Nothing to eat. air pressure would kill them. couldn't breathe. gravity and magnetic field would be different. etc.. For example We are a product of 2 billion years of evolution in a specific biosphere yet we can only eat and digest a few plants. They would be adrift for eternity.

Natasha S

I go to sleep with your videos so often I have started having dreams with you narrating them ??‍♀️?

Yump Bagle

24:56 This line at the end is great, really puts things into perspective

Alexandra Vladmets

What´s wrong with Hammurabis laws? They are still quite relevant. :)


What is the game at 9:55?

Vlad CCC

This guy gets $2,293 per video? Are you guys nuts? ?????...what a bunch of suckers


12:30 So Israel & Palestine... but in space? Lol

Jeffrey Gruntz

Isaac, I'm surprised you didn't mention, Wall-E or, Titan A.E., In the beginning of this video.

Willis Raabe

Don't forget the video games Homeworld.


Pirates like the Starjammers fall into this category, right?

Dark Guardian

Similar to the Quarians of Mass Effect cast out by their robot AI the Geth.

Anthony Thompson

That sounds very Warhammer 40k:
In the grim darkness of the far future, the noble House of Pineapples of the Navis Nobilite seeks to corner the market of glorious golden fruits bound for the Throneworld!

Rich Freeth

The best example is the Peacekeepers from Farscape. F.F.S.

André Fiker

You make awesome videos!


My dream is to build an anarchist fleet. Start with a minor planet of group of asteroids, and accelerate out of the system towards another star, say Proxima Centauri.
If you don't like your ship's culture/society, you need only build/buy a new ship with other like-minded people and form your on society. You can even split off for any rogue planet/asteroid or star system you want at any time.
You'd probably get some pretty radical cultures forming quickly, but as long as they don't harm you or others, who cares?


For some reason I feel that hundreds or thousands of years from now, Isaacs videos will be used during the start of galactic travels. He will be seen as their Einstein. People will speak of the few things he got wrong. They will speak more of all the things he happen to get right. And generations of 100s of thousands of scientists, engineers and more will use his work as a base guideline. Hello future citizens!

United Space Pirates

Blockchain voting for worker owned Co-op type governance works great to manage the work onboard our ships, perhaps humans should fire their ruling class on grounds of poor performance?

Isaiah Rymer

The galactic mongol empire

spykez spykez

Space knackers? Good god....


a nomadic existence is difficult on a planet with abundant resources, never mind outer space which is not.


we merely go from one solar system to the next, deconstruct the entire solar system for raw materials, the occasional taste treat on planets with life on them, then move on after the star has been completely mined, our many more ships going in all directions. See you soon.

Marc Dezaire

In the novel ''The Jupiter Theft'' by Donald Moffit (1977) a nomadic alien civilization , living in 5 giant starships, visits the solar system. They aren't interested (not really anyhow) in other civilizations. They only want the biggest gas giant they can find, Jupiter, as fuel for their interstellar drive. They fled their own system (a binary) a long time ago when one star was about to explode. They never decided to live on another suitable planet but just kept going on, moving from star to star. When they depart our solar system again they leave behind the core of the gas gaint they stole in the last solar system they visited. Humanity is able to learn how their drive works however, and 10 years later the first human insterstellar starship (with an improved stardrive) starts its voyage...

Jan Radtke

Some additional obstacles I would see in the critical mass of industrial capacity necessary. You would need to be able to reproduce every single piece on and of the ship with some efficiency, which would require millions of people to have all the necessary specialists in sufficient number. In addition there would need to be a lot of reduncy in numbers to account for accidents (one wouldn‘t want to collide with a fistsize meteorite at 10% lightspeed etc.) So I wouldn‘t be too optimistic.

George Jones

If an ecumenopolis imports trillions of tons of food each year, what happens to all their crap?

Callum Bush

Actually the Ceylons were made by an unknown alien race that was destroyed by their own creations! The Battlestar Galactica remake sucks hard!

Finn Austin

Interstellar jihad


What is all this footage from?

Curt Coller

Somebody below suggests you should write. I agree - you should not talk. It's too much nonsense. Hidden in the pages of a book we don't feel your presence and don't hear your annoying speech.

John Doe

You take others rights by saying your bring the future. Like the native Americans.


That enemy civilization that's chasing you might be a splinter group that was once part of your parent civilization. Maybe their ships adopted slower but more efficient engines, and your ancestors saw them as the enemy because of the dufference of opinion on adopting those engines.

Shawn Gale

There could very well be many such peoples in the wider universe.

Tom Gazebobob

Tom gazebobob
No one talks naturally as this so and so ~~that is,unless they,be had a larynx replacement.Ruddy maddening.
Anyhow, I want to ask what is the function of those man bags which every depiction of the earliest biological engineers shows? You know, the ones on an ego trip revelling in our calling them God.

James Lamp

10:21 that's not how it works.

A flagship is simply the best or most valuable ship in fleet. Admirals typically do not command ships except temporarily under extreme circumstances. Another misconception. Also for the record a commodore is an admiral. It's an outdated term rarely used in modern vernacular but it refers to the lowest rank Admirals. In the US Navy it's what we now call Rear Admiral Lower Half.


Am I the only one who thinks faceing our logistics on laser highways as being tactically foolish and just plain idiotic? Personally a far more flexable and mobile system would be preferred from a military perspective lest you want to give future pirates a wet dream of easy soft targets to prey upon...


Disappointing video. I thought he was going to talk about the advantages of a nomadic lifestyle and how it is the natural way of being., especially when a civilization has out-grown its home world. Instead he talks about war, fleeing something or the other etc. Human beings were nomadic for millions of years while our population was stable and have only had settlements for a tiny tiny fraction of that time. We are at the tail end of a very short phase. By the 2060s human population will peak and then start falling. At this time technological advances that allow people to be entirely self-sufficient in much smaller groups will start to emerge. Products and services that once required an entire industry of millions of people to produce will now be available locally or at home. The 99% of people who do not benefit from a large concentrated population will start breaking away in search of autonomy as the populating continues to shrink. Many will leave the planet all together and stay on the move. The only thing of value at this point will be information exchange.

Neo The Missing-Link

Tooo MUCH speculation as far as hydroponic ships and all food delivery .. Might as well have them have an strip club on board..

Nathan Sharp

Titan AE

Totally Obvious Bull Shit

How realistic is replicator technology and How much would it change our need to expand?

Mobile Civilian

Da red unz go faster.

Lee Gee

"We're Jews, In Space..."

chris wells

Is this a hint of disclosure


So, what if someone discovers some sort of FTL propulsion along the way or something? What would happen then?

Carlos Colon

I love this .

Theodore Slavo

The Thukker Tribe wants to know your Location.

Stamatis Perrakis

James Bliss, Cities in flight

Alvaro Fernandez

I think if colonial armadas ever happen, the way to prevent cultural and goal shifts will be to use suspended animation, or uploaded people in computer stasis to be materially printed at destination, so that there are no people on the ships getting bored or changing their priorities. Perhaps that is why the Ramans in Rendezvous with Rama sent their ships uninhabited but with feed stock necessary to make colonists at the end destination.

Neo The Missing-Link

The crew's suits and plastic water bottles from the year 6000 plus look prety 1990s to me.. Fresh Prince of Bell air anyone?


I wonder. If a future civilization 500 years in the future found this video buried in the ground and viewed it, would they be astounded as to what was correct or would they be laughing as to how much the narrator got wrong? Interstellar instantaneous communication is actually easily possible for future civilizations. Review quatum superposition.

Dark Knighte Apologeticz

Neat. I like idea of this happening. It would very cool. Why is this not something that talked about more often in scifi? I think it would be interesting if a scifi series was based on something like this.

Ben Clifford

24:55 That was a masterful ending

Mike Mac

Issac and his Space Polynesians, ?.

Actually, I'd watch this series, tbh.


That last sentence was a mind blow

William Schmutzer

I had forgotten that I have already subscribed to Isaac Arthur and he is fantastic! ☺️

Luke Lopez

my god you sound so much like Elma fudd

Spaceship fleet concept art

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The NEW REPUBLIC FLEET in The Force Awakens -- Concept Art Analyzed

64 237 views | 27 Nov. 2018

We take a close look at

We take a close look at the New Republic Fleet destroyed by Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens, as shown in the Art of TFA!

All that and more on today's Star Wars lore video!


憂鬱 - Sun (Music)


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Intro/Outro Music: Home - Resonance

Outro meme'd by: https://twitter.com/freightmytrain

Alberto Oyarzun

Weev is in peace now Eck. Thank you for sharing his channel

I need no channel youtube!

Whatthe fuck is that Consular class doing there?

Joseph McHugh

They would likely have a combination of Mon Calla and Imperial ship styles, and neither in particularly large numbers. Likely supported by many smaller frigates and corvettes.

George B

You gonna try X4 bro?



Vojtěch Jehlička

Ship numbers in SW are always hard to tell cause sw authors usually have no sense of realism. For the Republic to be sustainable, every sector or even every star system needs it's defence force to protect trade routes - that's realistically millions of smaller ships like corvettes or frigates and few (probably aging) capital ships for prestige (numbers are much higher for wealthy systems). They also need many regional major naval bases to give their citizens sense of security, project power and to protect their territory. Next, they need fleets to protect major industrial hubs like shipyards on Kuat or Fondor. They also need expeditionary fleets for rapid response on sudden threats. And that's just basics even for unreasonably demilitarized Republic. Therefore, the loss of Hosnian fleet hurts but it's not crippling. They problably just lost their fanciest ships.

Tenno Shenaniganizer

0:50 that fleet doesn't feel so good

Matthew Neuendorf

From everything that I have heard, read, or seen, the NR fleet was a heavily reduced rump fleet based on a post-WWI-style false assumption that there was no longer any danger of war. It was drastically scaled down with the intent being to pursue simple anti-piracy roles rather than act as a proper battle fleet. I would therefore assume that they retained a number of small and medium class vessels, mostly corvettes and frigates, with just enough capital ships (predominantly carrier-style) to be able to handle larger pirate enclaves on, say, a dozen fronts simultaneously (given that they were covering around half a galaxy I would not go much smaller than that). So perhaps between 20-100 capital ships, maybe 4-5 times than in sub-capital ships, and the bulk of their remaining force projection would be hyper-capable strike craft (fighters and bombers, mostly) capable of extended independent deployment.

Given the combination of corruption and naivete of the NR Senate, they probably got rid of any super-capital ships they may have had (with the possible exception of one or two token flagships). I also find it unlikely that they pursued any recovery operations for Imperial-pattern equipment (TIEs, SDs, etc.), in part because most of that probably fled with the survivors of Jakku into unknown space and in part because of graft and government contracts going to newly favored pro-rebellion corporations (whoever did all the Mon Cal construction work, Incom, and others) while former Imperial manufacturers were probably at least temporarily on the outs politically (Seinar and Kuat, primarily).

I also expect that upwards of 90% of the fleet was destroyed by Starkiller Base. It's highly unlikely that any more was lost, since it's a virtual certainty that there were at least a moderate number of each ship type either on deployment or in some kind of maintenance drydock. If anything, I may be low-balling the surviving fleet strength by a factor of one or two. That said, anything that did survive is probably either undergoing repairs or is already on an active mission.

My hope for TLJ was that the remnants of the NR fleet would link up with the Resistance under Leia's command and pursue Hux and his remaining forces into the Unknown Regions, where they would be ambushed. Obviously it didn't play out anything like that at all.

Potato Giorno

New Republic canon:What a joke,bruh.
New Republic Legends:**massive sweating**Whats gonna happen next?!


I cant wait to see episode 9 on dvd to see how the New Republic explains itself when they did not help a part of there miltary.

Jeremy Caraballo

4:28 What movie was that clip in cause that looks interesting


Not enough GR-75s. Needs more of the ~worst~ best ship in Star Wars.

Levent Taskan

It's nonsensical to assume that the New Republic kept the bulk of it's fleet in one system let alone the entire fleet whether it be the capital system or not. I mean, is the entire US Navy fleet kept near Washington DC? Of course not. 'Force Awakens' is stupid. They just wanted the New Republic out of the way so they could reheat and serve us the same old 'plucky rebels fight the evil empire' story again instead of risking offering us something new. And in case someone is thinking about writing 'Last Jedi was something new and some people hated it'. 'Last Jedi' was new, yes, but it was also just as lazy as 'Force Awakens' if not lazier where characters are inconsistent and are as stupid or as clever as the script needs them to be when it needs them to be.

ONI Way忍

You start doing halo play throughs


'After the civil war'
Rebel Alliance: "Yay! we finally beat the Empire, atleast they're not going to make another new superweapon on their own hands."

'Starkiller base destroying New Republic planets'
New Republic: "... Sh*t.."

Garrus Valkerian

I saw a republic medical frigate


Disney: oh! This looks cool, im gonna kill it :3


Would love some more of these concept art explorations!


I just wanna see the Star Hawk man...


I really like the concept of you looking at concept art for TFA. It's super interesting to see what could have been, and I hope you do more like these, even if it's not just for TFA!


whatever fleet they have built, its now stardust

Niels Bieleveld

Love those concept art vids

Michael Ramon

To me, the destruction of Hosnian Prime shot always made it look like the New Republic fleet was primarily made up of GR-75s, which both fits Disney's vision of a weak NR and also the GR-75's primary role as a filler ship used to add visual variety to a fleet without having to create new ship models.

Highlander Jeff

I think that the new movies suck and will not satisfy any conclusion we hope will happen

Farried AK

Looks like infinty war

Tyler Golden

Use Absolute Chaos for Empire at War. The mod is masterfully crafted and contains a lot of legends continuity. It takes place post Yavin but Pre-Endor and pits a CIS-augmented Consortium, a fully-fleged Empire with access to the star dreadnoughts available with Operation Shadow Hand and the Rebellion has the capacity to create Mediator and Viscount dreadnoughts. I urge you to check it out EckhartsLadder.


Would be cool to see refitted Imperial-class ISDs in New Republic service. E.g. the bridge module removed (perhaps with just the tower itself) and much of the superstructure repurposed. Maybe having the trooper capacity lowered so it'd be a smoother wedge with guns and fighter bays.

Jussi Raitoniemi

I really like the look of the Nebulon-B. And the Liberty-class. Awesome video ♥️

Boba Frett

I believe... what we see destroyed at Hosnion Prime... is just a small fraction of the Republic fleet... and the Resistance is about 1/100 sized of the destroyed Republic fleet.... the REAL massive Republic fleet is with General Calrissian or maybe Supreme Chancellor Calrissian in Episode 9 somewhere in the Core worlds... like Corusant.... the ragtag Resistance or Rebels... will join up with the fleet.... for a final stand agst the First Order...

Jan Welling

What about the star wars empire at war series?


The capital ships from the resistance fleet breakdown was a Mediator-class battle cruiser and the prototype for the Viscount star defender.

Lord _ Scrubington

'does not meant'

Dean Elguindy

hey eck just kno i love u and your content and its helped me thru alot. please dont stop keep going!! and try to do more lore videos along side your strictly star ship content if you'd be willing, as i think it would help grow your following which you more than deserve. love you man, never stop.

Luis !!

Commenting just cause I want more great content like this!!

Luis E Morales Falcon

The NR fleet is ash in TFA.


Well my biggest dissapointment about the Sequel trilogy is definatly the destruction of the New Republic and its entire Military and Naval Force, insteas of introducing us a full scale Galactic War between the NR and FO, Disney decided to introduce a small portion of the New Republic which has literarly zero chance against an Empire which is ridiculous

The Aussie Ninja

Can I just ask... why didn't those ships just "jump" out of the system?

Based on the scene on the planet, it appears there was a decent time of warning for non military people on the planet. Surely military starships would have had much more warning/time to escape.

Or did they escape?

Isaac Brewer

@eckhartsladder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKGaeZY8oeg Can you do a versus video with Thrawn, Emperor Palpatine, Vader, and Starkiller on the fleet in that youtube video VS Snoke and Kylo Ren with Rey turning to the dark side on the Last Jedi First Order Fleet? Location: Over the Maw Installation with Starkiller Base (from Force Awakens) in orbit.


Oh GOD! The ships are wayyyyy better in lore than in The Force Awakens, thank you for this Eckharts, you made me be grateful for the comics, books, and arts even more

Peter DeRosa

First of all we love your long videos, the more Eck the better, no need to keep them short buddy your content is awesome. Second, I love the legends EU videos, canon I could care less but having said that, when you break it down and analyze it in this fashion from a technical standpoint I love it and I'm sure all agree. Great work as always.

Brock Nance

Hey you should do a video of the space battle above the ark in halo 3 between the brutes and the elites and how they won even though they were outnumbered 3:1

Kyle Murphy

#askeck what was the composition of the hapes military in legends,how many ships and what ships

Kevin Combos

Guess that whole "winning by saving what you love" isn't working out so well eh?

Bruce Jedi Lee

Why does the good guys always have to suck in movies? Why can't they have a strong military? Like 8/10 any good faction seems to be very weak compared to the bad guys. It's boring and makes the heroes look lame

- Sergeant Dave

Let's hope Home one wasn't blown up.

Nomen Nescio

It makes sense since the 90% reduction of the armed forces that they ALL were in the hosnian system.

Ultra Brian

Let’s hope that we’ll get an endgame style featuring parts of the New Republic, Resistance, Jedi, & etc. that’ll be epic.


I think the mon calamari ships need to go. There aesthetics are awful, they look like slightly nicer Gallente ships.

Scortch 2000

this is great plz continue it

iwu 1117

The fleet didn't feel so good


I just want to see a Starhawk in some capacity.


Have you guys seen this art before? If not, leave a like and tell me what you think!

Darth Troller

New Republic, we don't feel so good

seth Thomas

You know something is wrong when the story line BSG makes more sense then the utter rape of the New Republic.

Emperor of Penguins

The ship you said was triangular was either a really sharp mon calamari winged cruiser os the nebula class star destroyer


Disney messed up the star wars universe. 7 and 8 are in need to be flushed down the toilet. No JJ

Chris Shetter

#askeck if you we're a force user wich force cult would you be apart of.

Michał Orłowski

1000000000 ships
99999999999999999 gr75s

TheGamer07 Official YT

I love the and with you’re dogs that crazy ? and nice vidéo same as all time dude ??

501st - Recruiter


Tyler Coen

The new republic wouldn’t have kept there whole fleet in one sector they only destroyed a large portion


Who would win?
An entire galactic government
One laser boi


I thought the good guys was gonna dismantle all those star destroyers with x-wings and horses?

Gabriel Roberts

Dear Eckhartsladder,
Could you make a vs episode between the MC90 and Nebula Star Destroyer to see who would win a fight?


What new republic fleet? They sent a stupid little resistance to fight the first order.


#askEck Were ISDs painted grey or was that just the colour of their metal? If they were painted how was it applied and how long would it take? And would they need to be repainted every few years or is it super space paint that never fades? Does painting them have any benefits besides a uniform look to the fleet?

tommie gunn

probably old stuff - didn't look like New Republic wanted to invest any $$$ for the good stuff

da beet rayed

I have a suggestion:

Gears of war locusts vs warhammer 40k orks

dusty 300

xenomorph vs covenant corvette


Start a new campaign!

Gaming Moth

I wanna talk about EAW. Which one were you planning on playing, The Original or Forces of Corruption? Further more, were you planning on playing the Campaign, Skirmish or Galactic Conquest? Also, which faction (I hope Empire, that one's my favorite)?
LASTLY, that dog at the end...
(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)


Honestly I could see the NRN using MonCal and Correlian produced ships. Not nessarily the same designs of the rebellion fleets, but newer updated versions that maintain the same look. Kind of like how the Pre-WW1 battleships look a lot like the World War 2 produced Battleships in the US Navy.


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Γιάννης Νικολάου

Two movies in the sequel trilogy and everything is a rip-off of the originals. I haven't seen a more creatively barren series of movies.

Nick Gruh

Go to 18 seconds in the video and you can see ships and they look big


AT long last,seeing the cmments....I know I am not alone in wanting to see some New Reoublic action! Been my complaint since TFA,and yet NO ONE ever mentions it, just about Luke and etc.

Born again Geek

Am I the only one, to think it’s absurd, that the entire fleet was destroyed?
Sure, the majority perhaps; but there must have been some elements deployed around the galaxy. Either individual ships, or small flotillas. Yes the capital was on that world, but that surely doesn’t necessarily mean the military academies and training areas were. I’m desperately hopeful, that we see some fleets in the next movie; made up of reorganised Republic ships and planetary defence fleets, as well as the rag tag element of the resistance. I want to see star hawks, but I think we’ll also see Mon Cal and cornelian ships.

Roy S.

I'm surprised they even have a militarized fleet in the movie considering according to the background lore from one of the books, Leia was one of the only people who demanded that the Republic maintain a standing navy, and when she got outed as Darth Vader's daughter the entire Republic disowned her and called her a warmonger. Then after that they demilitarized like crazy despite hearing rumors that the Imperial remnant was still around.

Just another turn for bad writing in Star Wars; it's as if the factions pass around the idiot ball like it was some kind of sport.


O well, not like your gonna see any of those ships.

But don't worry Rian will make sure a book is made after episode 9 to explain everything you saw or didn't see and to also contradict his own lore(most likely).

Rahm Kota

CR90 with Consular Cruiser's rotating stern.

ISB Imperial Security Bureau

New Republic what ?. Ah, those guys. Hard to remember them

OneFaded Gunner

#AskEck Do you think the Covenant Empire would stand a chance against the Yuuzhang Vong if they were to invade the Orion Arm, and do you think the Prophets would consider making a temporary truce with Humanity to defeat the Vong.

- Sergeant Dave


Georg Bergsten

the last jedi is the best star wars movie - change my mind


The New Republic in Legends is the most amazing and strongest compare to the sequel version of the new Republic which is a total joke.

Gavin Duke

You want to hear a joke?

The entire Disnon.

Joseph Jobo Licayan

Why does the thumbnail look like Thanos snapping at ships!?!?!?


All we know for sure is that the leaders of the new republic are baby retards who have no idea how to maintain a military.


To be honest starkiller base destroying an entire system from far away was kind of lame

hard core

U did thrown in halo. Can u do atrox in star wars

Hj Hj

The flood vs the mnaggal mnaggal. Would be cool.. would the mnaggal beable to take over someone taken over by the flood? Would the flood beable to take over one of them?

max corrice

The ship on the middle left is literally just a quasar fire class drive section with a tube on it

Deaf Juan

Would have been nice to see some of the nebula class star destroyers in the new republic fleet if I say so myself. Never know might see some in the new film? Here's hoping because they seem so cool


I really wish they picked the concept Tie! ;_; #askeck 9 Have you tasted the Norwegian dish with hotdogs with mustard & ketchup rolled in a waffle? :D

Christopher Flowers

Could star destroyers have been used by the new republic?

Alex Griffith

I definitely miss Empire at war! Unfortunate that you lost your campaigns, but I would love to see start again. Maybe another Clone Wars Era campaign? Seeing the Mandator II vs. Lucrehulks was a fun battle to watch.

Nomar Delgado

So I looking at the art for the movies it looks like the fleet was not that great and was mostly around the planet like you describe.

Patrik Nessbo


Aaron Zimmet

#AskEck Should the clone moto be "My blaster is ready, my armor is on, I am ready to fight until my enemies are gone."

Mark Leadenham

The idea that the NR could be wiped out in one stroke was one of the most absurd aspects of TFA. Reboot everything, make all the world building pointless, shrink a galaxy down to a star system. JJ did the same thing with Star Trek, and it was just as lazy then. If you can’t respect the work and contributions of other artists, then go make your own IP.