Jordan 12 low price

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Air Jordan 12 Low "Max Orange"/On Feet

55 561 views | 24 Dec. 2016

Release date:January 14

Release date:January 14 2017

Retail price:$170

Happy holidays and a happy new year!!

Caden Lauer

I was trying to cop on footlocker and champs but it wasn't working, just hope it doesn't sell out before im able to get it

gl0.purp0 YT

Bro the look so ugly on my feet mann.

Jay Crook

these are 12s are ugly

Lil' Shark

just picked these up today they hot af

Big AL

I like the blacked out look and the orange looks more red to me ... Not usually a low cut fan but these are nice to hop into and run some errands


Just ordered these so dope




vlone 12s

Josh Alvarez

Next time throw on some fucking jeans no one wants to see your hairy fucking legs jesus christ


those are gonna hit outlets right away


damn i thought it was red

Can’tGuardLane Tv

These sitting


They look better on feet. Question - are the leather part grey? Cause that's what it looks like under light

Devin H

no olive green on these ??


Why lie these r ugly af??


Got these today


250e like sick video Men keep it upp❤️

Dylan mcbride

Just received them today love them

33 savage brother

Waiting to cop right now online.

Dada’s Gottem

These look good on feet though, I didnt even consider them at first but maybe they're something I'd buy down the line at a reasonable price...

Casper SPRX

Just bought them 9.5???

Hakeem Sd70M

These are soooo horrible, that lizard material looks incredibly cheap and the suede looks like something you'd find on a t shirt. I can't believe Jordan Brand is pricing these at $170....I'm almost in tears. These shoes cost like $16 to make and these trashes are worth that...sad


i got them

Mark Hubbert

170? lol ill wait for the replica pair to drop on nikeua.com ?

The D.A.K.


Jordan 12 low price

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Air Jordan 12 Reverse Flu Game

80 871 views | 15 Dec. 2020

Hey Guys! Today we have a

Hey Guys! Today we have a detailed look and review on the upcoming Air Jordan 12 in the Reverse Flu Game colorway.

Release Date: December 26, 2020

Retail Price: $190

Available at: https://go.weartesters.com/fvfzNur

Shop Phenom: https://go.weartesters.com/phenom

Like Chris’ Hoodie? Check out https://www.since83apparel.com Use code ‘NW2303’ for a small discount.

Support WearTesters by joining our Discord community: https://weartesters.com/join/

0:00 Intro

0:56 Materials

2:11 Extra laces

2:49 Outsole & Cushion

4:16 Upper

5:58 Fit

6:15 Color Matching

7:14 Giveaway

9:51 Conclusion


Follow WearTesters on Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WearTesters

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weartesters

Instagram: https://instagram.com/WearTesters


thaddeus wardlaw

The red on the heel matches the shoe strings?

Britton Harvey


Quinten Bakker

Where those pants from

Ritchiehustle III

Yes I pass totally agree


Actually they put these out before....cause I seen somebody with them on...and I was surprised so I can that nike was re-releasing these again...but these are ok...I dont be trying to get every pair...I had to get the black and purple concord 12's that came out Oct 24...I just had too...then boot season coming...I rather my shoes in the summer....not the winter time so it don't really make no sense to buy these no way.


I’m glad I work at shoe store cause I got em for 7Y 98 bucks. I wouldn’t have gotten them for retail tbh.

Danny Yola

Nike is promoting a wear tester program. ? ? the fuck???


I’m gonna cop these and have my custom sneaker guy change that darker red. Only question is which color should I have it changed to? ?

Maurice Dorsey

Are these fakes? Y’all made it seems like they weren’t real or something.

Lamont Whitehead


Demetrius Barnes

Another wasted W for me?. I only hit on shoes i dont want

Logan Roy

Should I pick them up just to make some lunch money?

badwith names

What was the decision to have a diff shade of red on the heel tab. Like whyy

Dany Reese

That hat is adorable

Gustavo Gonzalez

Weird thing some how they sold out in 5 minutes personally i think they ?


Definitely going to cop don't care how much that cost

Max who Loves Jesus

Hey y’all ?☀️
Jesus Christ Loves you all! ?
Blessings to y’all! ?
Hope everyone having a great day!

leon black

This is a Do not Copp!


At first, I didn’t like it but after seeing it in person, I liked it. I’m so happy I have a pair.

royer ybarra

So glad people didn’t like them so I was able to get ?


Idc about anything being said about these shoes by anybody who rockin yeezys lol



Andikan Otu

The abnormal taxicab geometrically face because clave extremely telephone towards a lean lily. redundant, dear word

Danny Jones

These are trash the suede ruined it for me

Tyrone wheeze

Great content


Resell will be $500 in a few months

Jason Maurice

I used Angelus red suede dye on mine and now they look really vibrant and darker they are so much better and the miss matched red on the back heel doesn't stand out so much I recommend Angelus red suede dye on these 100%?

Michael Peterson

I hate the reds don't match. But the 12 is my all time fav...... So I have a soft spot for all 12s unless they are purely hideous!!!


Prefer red laces, the black makes them look knockoff-ish.

robo wop

I dont like the suede on the 12's.

Lamont Whitehead

U guys are great ? ??????????

Zo Jamison

Jordan please just STOP with these Ridiculous Colorways

Mario Baker

My homeboy works at footlocker said the EXACT SAMETHING. The colors are horrible and outta place. Alot of people gonna win... And return them or not even pick them up.. These will sit on shelves. And end up at the Nike outlet for 159.99 or lower. And If not like you I'll be shocked. But people will buy anything now a day's. That's why nike pushes out this nonsense. They shouldn't of used suede....

Jayson William

The upper should've been leather
The Red parts should've been white
The lace holders should've been gold

Then I would've copped for sure


8:54 LOL

dion Rodella

I think people are gonna sleep I’m having a hard time choosing these and the hyper royal 13s. I feel these are gonna eventually shoot in value idk why! The weirdest Jordan’s are the most expensive!


Reverse Flu Game didn't do it for me regardless of the Jordan pull tag and metallic black eyelets. Bay Area Hoodie does look cool. Look forward to the next 1.

Captain TPG

Why don’t people like these?!? I FUCKING LOVE THEM

Dre TrunkSlump Drizzah

The difference in fabric red and the shoe sole kills the shoe to me ??


The worst release of the year ????

mike dixon

Well I was bless today by god to get a pair 1 more that I hav I'm not mad at this shoe at all I'm blessed.


These trash to me just because that upper red material is different than the bottom heel.. People will get a few wears then they gonna need some lotion on that lighter ashy red upper because it's going to look way off ??


Fun fact: it wasn’t the flu, it was discovered as suspected sabotage via food poisoning. Back to the kicks, though, I don’t know what it is about this sneaker, but I’m gonna keep it pushing past these. I think it’s the red. Maybe because they don’t match up like Chris and Jody said. I don’t know. Imma pass on these tho.

JT 23

I just won the raffle . finish line app


I like these. Funny how people wait to see what other people think before they buy shoes. I like that. More for me.

The GOAT52

Keep the same energy guys I don’t wanna c these be a dollar over 230

Jose Martinez

The taxi bottom is fire, but the darker red on the sole is off!


I’m glad the Hypebeast hate these. I hope y’all continue to hate more so I can continue to get easier cops. ✊?

Ryan White

I dont understand how these people continue to buy the same shoe over and over that never change. Nike gives the show a different name and change the fabric and mofo jump to buy them because they are produced that year. Lmao. They sit back and laugh at these dump people that continue to purchase the exact some shoe that hasn't change in 20 years. Smfh. Welcome to America

Social Culprit

I feel like this shoe is gonna age like wine

Efrem Hernandez

Totally agreed the red is off should of been more of a Varsity red I am so tempted to Air brush the red. Lol


this is the dum shit jordan brand has been doing for years before they actually give us what we want it's basically a tease

Jorge Escalade

Yall are trippin, these shoes are fly!!

juan richardson


m m

They'll sell out 100


Big pass on these.. see u at the outlets


At the end of day when reviewers or general public hate a shoe.. Guess what it still sells out. So get what you like.. What YOU like is all that matters!


I copped these today, I like the colorway personally

Jeremy Haileselassie

These J’s are dope to me.

Terrence Lanier

The NBA Jam infinite turbo 12's ?. If you have the Gym Red 12's from a few years ago, you don't need these.

Sole Magus

They coulda done em better. i woulda also preferred red laces


Those 12 are Ungly, but the Hat is ? I need that‼️‼️‼️‼️ where did you get it⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

T Martin

Yeah I going to pass on these because I don't need so many shades of red which kill's the shoe.


I’m confused I loooove these. I have them and love them more than the original flu game. ??‍♀️❤️?

Young&Blessed 100

These actually used to be a fake lol


Just hate how bulky the 12’s are they would be fire if they would slim fit

curtis webb

Shit is hot

Kevin Stoebling

Again, I love 12’s. But I HATE when there are 2 different shades of the same color. Weird. They are strange looking with two reds that are similar but clearly different.

james Cortez

Everybody bashing these but yet they ran to the store for them jublie 11s I dont get it

Anthony Gonzalez

They messed that heel up big time

Vimol Lieu

The 12 is my favorite, own 5 pairs of twelve's definitely my favorite. I own two pairs of flues and other color ways. Taxi and flues are my choice of daily ware. But them joints do look sick besides the Swede. Like the flue leather not swede.

Mike Hernandez


dope 21 Savage

I won 2 pairs 8.5 and a 9 at finishline

What Was That Bruv?


EastCoast Kickz856

Pass for me


they should have wrapped that heel in suede also like they do on the 13s

bajan boi

They look fire to me

real junkies

The red laces would make them look better...All 12s uppers and laces are always the same color I think that’s why they look so weird but I think they will get more respect the older they get like the toro 3 and raging bull 5 ? dope vid

Xavier Williams

These joints are dumb trash

Marcus Kaleed

I got 20bucks that say they gonna sit for a while!?

MrKiss My Ass

I don't like the color neither...

james Cortez

The og are flu games and these are called food posin lol

Robert Junior

Somebody drop the ball! Smh!

Edmondson Avenue

They soldout!!!

Nicknames for this sneaker

Red meat 12's

Crunch berry 12's

Watermelon 12's

Cranberry 12

Pomegranate 12's

Strawberry 12's

Ashy 12's

Scab 12's

Red velvet 12's

Medium Rare 12's

Strawberry lemonade 12's

Dusty Red 12's

Kevin Wilkinson Jr.

The red suede should have been leather


I haven’t have the 12 in a year it’s been over 12 months so I’m definitely copping

Kenneth raiford

they look better then the original flu games that red pops and they are ?

Jai doely

Yall from the bay but do yalll listen to e 40 amd too short

JOE South

Like the originals I’ll pass

Howard Mason

It’s A NO Fot Me

Kentrell Collins

Babe My Kicks !!


They almost look dope on feet

Erskine Jackson

Definitely not a fan of these reverse 12s

Darrick Riley

It seems that over the last couple of years the quality has gone way down, even the material feels so much cheaper....?


I love emmmm but I hate the different shades :( would have been an instant cop of it they were the same shade


passing, rather have the og bred 12s from 2016

Just be safe, Okay?

I think these are fire

Loris Trump

These are ugly af they could’ve brought the flue game back

Isaiah sosa


Subliminal Dreamz

I think the off reds were intentional. Just ordered a pair because of the off reds. Ijs ??‍♀️

Jordan 12 low price

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Air Jordan 12 Low Playoff Review + On Feet

14 053 views | 23 Feb. 2017

The Air Jordan 12 Low

The Air Jordan 12 Low Playoff will release on February 25th, 2017. Retro price for the Playoffs Air Jordan 12 Low retro is $170. Check out our review, on feet look and make sure to Subscribe.


Sneaker News:


Buy at:


Air Jordan 12 Low Playoffs

Black/Varsity Red-White

February 25, 2017



jason born

pass, low cuts are an insult to 12s

Derek Daniels

trash can action?wheres the rest of the shoe? Jordan didn't play in this?

Dan Lins

imho kinda ugly imma pass on that ass

Courtney Benton

they look long as fuck easy pass for me

Colts Sneaker Closet


David Campos

nice review I do like them but waiting on the cherrys

rio htx

I like mine

Anthony !!!!!

When Cherry 12 come out? I heard may this year

Zorro Trv

NO NO! 12 RETRO VIOLATION PERIOD, unless it's in women's or GS in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!

A Briceno

Colorway is very dope, cant deny that. BUT a low top, cant get myself to cop. I have never been a fan of the 12 lows.


Not sure on these, gonna see how I feel sat about these.

Rhonda Lewis

Great video. I felt the leather was better on these shoes over the Chicago's 13. I like them because I like lows in the summer. Do they run true to size?

Evan Kaleb

shoe is dope, craftmanship is A-1


I've heard mixed things about the 12 lows more like half and half and it's really based on preference or how picky you are about your shoes but I've heard more good things then bad

vito smith

they not gon sale garbage

Robert Nelson Jr.

I love your channel hope u keep making great reviews ??

Zach Larsen

Imma pass but you already know what I'm copping on the 25th my good man

DeMarcus Switzer

been waiting for this review..

Kyid Prophecy

The people who like these are the same people who cover the tongues of dere shoes wen dey were jeans, nonetheless its a str8 shoe if u like 12 lows which i dont but to each is own

danny young

how do i see the 3 year old video ?

Carlos O

the all overall design and colorway is nice but just the 12 lows look kinda weird but I might just wait till the discounting on these begins dope vid again bro keep it up

Colts Sneaker Closet



those lowkey fire

JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

I would've copped the if they were high

Joseph Ferguson

This definitely is a cop, any of you so called "purist" who believe these are against the "code" are nuts. This is a very nice shoe and trust I have more Js than most and the 12s are my favorite, especially the "Playoff" colorway. If they don't work for you here's a hint, don't buy them! But just because you don't like options and variants does make this a bad shoe. Besides why do they need to be the mid-top original? It's not like any of you cats will be playing ball in them or even wearing them for that matter.


They look good only in shorts in my opinion cause i had the high ass black nike socks like 6 inches underneath my elbow with the cargo shorts


Whats that beat during the on-feet segment? That shit is jazzy as fuck

Derpys Jungle


Deez Nutz

Straight 2 da outlet, i kno u gotta get paid sneaker files guy, but u coulda kept dis vid


anyone on here want some cool grey 11s size 7y?




They look bad on feet dude

spicy meat

The on-foot really does do this shoe justice.


I'm thinking of these or the 9 lows... AAAHHHH I CANT DECIDE!!!!


Cant buy it for 170.. so if they sell out... oh well

Busa D

Jordan brand should have kept them OG with the cut on this release!

Geddo Warrior



I've never cared for Low's but you always do great reviews!

Saul alba

8's or 12's?


What's up bro. Like the video ?? but ??????

Milton Baptiste

Good review fam... Not a bad kicks at all, dope cw but I will only cop if they go on sale. ✌️

dee jay

These would've sold out before they even released if they were highs lmao...straight garbage lows


I like these. I copd!!

Edgar Martinez

I like these, but definitely not at $200.

Mario luis Bonoan

you think this will hit the outlets? Vacaville maybe ?

Victor Garcia

If you have to choose between this or the 8 alternative wich would you get?

Lionel T

They look better with shorts on. tbh


sorry...I can't do low.....with 12s


meh like the regs better. will you do a review on the Zebra 350s?


if you think they ugly then you just don't got enough style to rock these they clean asf w cuffed denim

John Bracken

love that music in the on foot,and the quality looks great on this.no glue stains can see.dope video fam

Kev S

Terrible and they looked even worse on feet... easy pass

OG 23

Low Jordans are half Jordans anyway they are dope but i pass

Carlos Slim

Feel the same way bout these Bryan, if they drop a lil in price ima cop em for the summer shorts.

Kent Priestley


marquavis wilson

Are you gonna review the Air Jordan 6 GS Hyper Jade?

Flavor Flav

From the point of view they give it look nice


Settin' folks up for failure talkin' 'bout some "true to size". You walk right out of the shoe if you dont go at least a half-sz down with 12's... especially the 12 low.

danny young

why you don't never show your face

WarmBeer Gaming Dude

Boy you got some big ass feet. What size do you wear

sneakercrazy16 MN

pass for me not feeling them


I don't know the 8s or these 12 lows