Real time stock graph

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Real-Time Stock Chart Pattern Recognition Tool

7 633 views | 12 Jul. 2010

This Excel tool analyzes

This Excel tool analyzes stock charts in real time for patterns. Knowledge of developing patterns can guide traders in deciding entry and exit points. It lists trends and patterns as they develop. It also shows flashing alerts for some significant pattern developments and momentum swings.

Harz Delf

Using MarketXLS works for me well for this. It's great.


How I Can do the same?

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its all bull theres no charts anywhere

Real time stock graph

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How to use stock charts W/ TD Ameritrade (6 mins)

18 518 views | 5 Feb. 2017

How to use stock charts W/

How to use stock charts W/ TD Ameritrade (6 mins)

Kernel Inmobiliaria

Great simple video, Thanks for your help

Terease L.

Nice and informative. Thanks for sharing.

Chris roland

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Charles Pettigrew


Dmitri Silkovskiy

my mans a homie fr for this video, thank you my man, 2020 a shitty year but this 2017 video helping me make that $$$

Carlo De Vera

What's up, Prince! I am new to the investing world and have not really begun. I guess I'm in the learning phase. I recently started watching your videos (and have subscribed), and I just love the info you provide. I just want to say keep up what you're doing and if you can give advice to someone like me who's new to this but is eager to start; let me know. Thanks!!

Steven Bialey

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Can you explain how some stocks give and even cent value while others may give a price of 0.668 or some while others may just say 0.66 cent

Paul Merlitti

Thanks for that video. I have a problem maybe you can answer. My vertical axis shows percentages rather than the stock price. It drives me crazy! Do you know how to fix that?

Paul McGowan

Appreciate you!

Chente Chavarria



Any way to make it auto update every 10 seconds?

Wallace Rose

Sorry about the awful late night email. I wrote another one with pictures and a I communicated much better in that one. Great channel and happy super bowl day!

Steven Bialey

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How do I bring up the chart?

Jason Hardwick

You are the man. You explain this simply, basic information for beginners that need to know where the stuff is that other videos skip. Your style is no bullshit, and I appreciate it

Tommy Nguyen

So is the chart not live and just what happened the previous days and how do you get the live ones then

Dawit Gebremichael

Hey sorry am originally from Africa I try English I love all ur videos and happy to c ppl r very happy wd ur videos I want to by but I don't ve any idea but really really want to try if it is God's will so what can u help or suggest me plz ?
Stay Blessed !❗❗❗?