Us aus dollar

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Will the Australian Dollar Rise or Fall?

3 265 views | 3 Jul. 2020

#Finance #Investment

#Finance #Investment #HeiseSays

Will the Australian Dollar Rise or Fall?

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mario condello

Around 90 cents imo.

Ian Moone

Nah the $Oz will strengthen slightly, so that increasing gold price will equate to less dollars to keep it all in balance.
That’s until the first shot is fired with China, then all bets are off and Gold will sky rocket.

Tim Bassett

It will NOT rise because of our very sick economy ,,, the only reason it will advance if the $ US falls

Javier Luna

03/07/2020 I'm LONG until 74/75c (taking place in next 2-3months), short squeeze. Then see the plunge over next 3years taking us to low of 30c s

Rui Carson

I think it will fall to $050 before end of year

PI Productions

Mate, I’m in Canada; secret story not in Aus mainstream news ... look up, ‘China Floods 2020!’


Dollar will rise, we have the best seafood meat and produce in whole I see brexit greeting us a new contract for export and theyl make it a good deal too keep the queen's currency relevant

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Rohit Jayasheel

Stay the same plus or minus 5 percent

N .A

69 CENTS.....lol 69 ? sounds like a manipulated market run by beavis and butthead


I remember when the Aussie dollar slumped to 51c in the early 90's. It will eventually reach down to the low 40c this time around.

Nicolas Perez

The Aussie dollar is used to speculate almost like a roulette


I care not the AUD to USD
I care about the purchasing power I have for goods and services from my earnings and saving.

Grace G

Yes, it will rise if the American inflation continues, and it will listening to the Feds aiming to control it at 2%

Z arty

It will fluctuate between 80 USc and 60 USc. worst case 50 USc.

Josh Smith

I'm short on AUD. I expect it to be hovering around 45 US cents sooner rather than later...

Kyle Madden

Its gonna get hammered down over the next few years. Short term, let's watch

Bullion Bloke

Warren Buffet doesn't anymore have a clue sitting on the biggest stockpile of cash in history. RobinHood investors are the real experts now. Well that is what I would say in an alternate universe where I am a complete idiot. I am about to start buying USD at these levels.

Steve James

Will the currency war roll into a shooting war 'tween China and US via Taiwanese/HK proxy. Will this historical era follow the lead of 1930's where Nazi Germany, financed by Wall St bankers and fueled by Standard Oil, is mimicked by western created and financed "Red" China as the modern "boogey man"? If my aunty had balls she would be my uncle ... !

Damien Wright

I said it at the start of the year , it will rise against the US$ but fall against gold .
The only way the AU will fall is if the US stop back stopping the US markets . Market will sell off investors go to US$ .
Sure we will see dips in the AU on market corrections , overall it will be stable against other fiat currency higher against the US .
We dont settle trade in AU$ so there is no trade demand for AU , we settle in US$ so the AU is just a traded FX commodity for speculators .


We got the gold baby, aus will on par with the yanks sooner rather than later

Jongle Wongle

The Australian dollar could rise if the Federal Government can control Federal Government debt level and get close to a financial year surplus. Then it depends on the idiot colossasaurus, the USA. The USA government issues bonds like a drunken sailor and always seems to settle for incurring debt and running large deficits, but if its Federal tax takes start pouring in massive big time, and so they start paying out their due debt bonds and then even those ahead of due, even though they shall be pathologically issuing new bonds to every Sultan and investment house, then its credit rating is gonna be consolidated and so the Australian dollar shall depreciate in competition against the US dollar.


Like playing pin the tail on the donkey. The banking and investment groups mentioned all have different opinions. Speculation.


Trade wars preceed real wars

Ozzy G

I doubt we will even have a fiat dollar by the beginning of next year

Yawn Rong

Tighter environment regulation - gradual phase out on coal; China consortium won the simandou iron plant/Chinese Yuan settlement on iron ore with BHP - more bargaining power on iron ore negotiation. Plus the new ScoMo spending on indo-asian defense, we will see exactly what China did to Taiwan on Sino-Australian bilateral policies. If aussies can’t be lured by money, then the restriction on policies that aussies are benefiting for long time.

Dūm Dūm Brown

…as long as the interest rate differential is strong enough to hold it up, the Au$ will kick above its weight - once other central banks raise rates, or the RBA lowers its rates the Au$ will fall faster than a politician’s credibility against the US$. China is more or less out of the picture given the Oz-China Econo-war and tariffs come into play.

The Real Chuckk

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We need more cowbells....and more ads


Nz and Australia $1 for $1 by year end

Q Lee Miles

It may rise against the US dollar, but it, like all other currencies, will fall in purchasing power.

Us aus dollar

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Australian Car Crash / Dash Cam Compilation 26

583 099 views | 7 Feb. 2021

Our Dash Cam Store (Use

Our Dash Cam Store (Use code DCOA5 for 5% off storewide): http://www.dashcamownersaus.com.au/

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David Brown

Car drivers, but we pay registration


Car stops in front of a moving car..
gets hit and stops..
the radio: did someone say kfc


Seems to be a strong correlation between lock downs and dumb P plate drivers


6:50 wtf ran away?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ranch

1:48 NFL Kickoff


12:02 did somebody say KFC?


You almost never see people barrelling down the wrong way on a highway in other countries' dash cam compilations. Why are there always at least 3 in australian ones?


The RAV 4 at 3:57 apart from not giving way to the motorbike had not actually entered the intersection on a green light, he crossed the line after it turned Amber. Drongo!

Urban Outdoorsman

I love Australians

Roger Gibbs

In some situations there is nothing you can do to avoid a crash, but over 50% of these could have been avoided if the drivers had more awareness of what was going on and taken action to avoid the idiots.
My dear old Dad use to tell me, "treat all other drivers as card carrying idiots, and to always expect the unexpected." Those word have treated me well in my 65 years of driving.

Madaz Mazda

1:46 good hit

Heaven Help Us

Not much real carnage. You guys down under need to speed up on all roads.


1:40 -- that's why you DON'T dodge into the opposite traffic lane. He might have missed completely, just caught the corner, etc. 5:19 "I did not expect that" -- she wins the award for staying cool under pressure!


12:00 Lyrics on point

Mark Rice

Seeing idiots get punted/pitted is so satisfying.


The f word had to be close


It's a simple rule: NEVER, EVER, EVER! take your eyes off the road. Amazing that it's beyond the comprehension of so many people.

And look - actually LOOK, don't just glance - in every direction, at least twice, before you do anything.

NEVER assume someone will give way to you, just because they should (I should have been a millionaire, but here we are).

And when you get into a skid, even a little one, DO NOT hit the anchors! Accelerate, just a touch, to get out of it, and ninety-nine times out of a hundred, that will solve the problem.

Finally, assume everyone else on the road is a living brain-donor ~ because given these videos, they probably are!


On this month's episode of dashcam drivers with zero defensive driving skills. And Mongs.

Props to the woman at the end, situational awareness for the win!


12:57 you could have gave them way seriously

Rene Aalbers

Thoroughly enjoyed watching that motorcyclist that ran the red get absolutely yeeted. Here's hoping they lose the ability to ride again.


7:40 "I know the button's here somewhere..."

Nicola Holgate

The motorcyclist!!?? I hope he survived ?

Pandora Moon

12:45 When you think the giveaway sign is just a suggestion?


Holiday over! sounds like a great person.

KrissyRose Animallover2021

10:08 that guy was an idiot for running with an on coming car. Still the driver shouldn’t of drove off that’s a Hit and run. Both at fault

Andy Smith

Holiday over ..... ???


14:35 Car was in his blind spot ha ha


3:11 driver deserved that

Bony Bruce


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discombubulate 2

i listen to audio books while driving too :D

Billy Ray

Driving is hard guys


Holiday over!


Lesson learned do NOT SPEED

Maple Hawk

Why do people sit so close behind other people at the lights or roundabout?

Adam Jones

5:51 no no not Gu patrol

Андрей Казврьянц

Это английское слово (о фаак) ??

John Galt

11:57 perfect timing for that lyric.


0:40 i got my drivers license last week ?

Seyha Leonhartz

12:55 Cammer's an idiot. when someone ask to join lane like that and you can let them in, you let them in. it's not a fucking competition. be nice and be cautious. it's better to lose a few seconds over someone else's mistakes than to be in a crash with them.

Jay Leno

I hope that the P plate idiot at 4:24 was reported to police.

Falcon Powerful

3:10 you're a frigging idiot for trying to blast through that intersection especially with the flashing amber lights like that. I hope the other driver is okay.

Robert Beer

at 12.40 slow down you could have saved a lot of hassle.

Yaze 76



There seems to be an alarming amount of videos sent in on this compilation of people getting shitty at others when they’re actually in the wrong.

Banjo111 1

Why doesn't anyone get out of their cars to help? Can someone tell me? What's wrong with people these days?


P platers ... base of my existance. and they say 100 hours is too much..


Make sure that truck doesn't hit me, because I don't feel like dying today

David Formosa

4:19 The cricket

Pre Leisure Records

H O L I D A Y O V E R .

Salmond Family

Watching vids like this make me think I should sell my motorbike lol.


didnt realize australia has shiut drivers


I sincerely hope the driver @4:23 got pulled up for causing an accident! I don't see any cars in front of that P Plater so no reason to brake so hard other than potential previous road rage. The guy who rear ended the cammer shouldn't be at fault, the P Plater should!

Sam James

17:00 she’s the real mvp

Desiderata in Japan.

They all drive worse than anyone like me ever drove after a crate of beer so many times. Not managed to crash in 40 years; Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Wayne McKenzie

As an ex-traffic cop who worked in the accident section and having travelled overseas, I would say Australian drivers are some of the worst in the world. My theory is that we are so rules driven in this country that people would sooner have an accident because "I'm in the right" then avoid an accident.

Mason Mcginley

Lmao that chick driver that got side swiped by the bus is a deadset flop

Benson Hedges

4:58 I’ll say it for him


8:00 A coming together of 2 P Platers......classic

Seyha Leonhartz

6:09 wtf is happening here? why the cars on the left keep going? They're supposed to give way to the right. what the hell???

Nathan Kendal

Some absolute moron camera car drivers this time! Most of them were in the wrong or exercising very poor judgement...

Yurri Branco

Hope that motorcyclist is okay!

Darren S Lawther

Really when are people going to learn RED means stop FFS. I drive a bus in Sydney and every set of lights someone goes through a red light its a fuckn joke.

Daisy Stanley

it's no wonder I don't like driving far now especially on highways.....too many maniacs on the road......it's bloody scary.


6:17 can someone explain why all these cars at the roundabout are just saying 'fuck it' and driving through even though they're all breaking the law by not letting that dude on their right pass.... Like seriously, what are they all doing??? And if I was that car waiting I'd bloody force my way through, fuck whoever gets in my way


11:08 Don't shoot!

Grandma Susie

Fools! The lot of them!

Kym nicole

How the hell do ya rear end someone with that much space to stop!!!!
How many do ya think we're ON. THE. PHONE?




The no fcks given dashcam driver at 3:10

KrissyRose Animallover2021

13:40 white car straight through red light. Idiot. Blue car going to fast

Kevin Tyerman

3:28 ... because every cloud has a silver lining!

Josh H

7:10 Is nobody gonna talk about how lucky the guy with the campervan is that it didn't tip over??

William Magagnin

Far out! Some drivers prefer to horn and crash instead of avoid the collision


roundabouts - the Bermuda triangle of common sense

Laz Arus

08:02 Like two pee's in a pod!


5:12 idiot planted his foot on purpose.


Had Chinese made tyres on my car a few years ago, they were cheap but soon found their resemblance to car tyres ended with them being black and round...They refused to grip wet or dry and even rode harshly on city streets, they were replaced with "real" tyres after a very short time...

Judging by the ease in which some of the cars were falling off the road, wonder how many were shod with inexpensive Chinese tyres ?

Bill Brown

I wonder how many people were on their phones prior to impact?


13:00 f****ing both idiots


You guys don't let people change lanes in front of you in Australia?! Fook me m8. Buncha counts.

Sarah Shepherd

The last video, she saw the truck coming. In December, I was on the Westgate when a truck hit several cars, I too saw it coming but it didn't help. Wish I had my dash cam at the time!

Johnny Chen

Alot of the accident from this video can be avoided by simply concentrating more on the BRAKING or SLOWING DOWN instead of just HONKING away....

Tony Montana

Why are you Morons stopping cold on a section of road where you're NOT supposed to stop to give way to anything ? Why ????

Warren Jensen

4:25 I sure hope that footage was handed in to the police...

Frisky Limited

7:05 almost a textbook brake assisted articulated u-turn

Adam Jones

3:22 what was that guy smokin


Ahaha p plater got ya still 4:29.


6:43 Doesn't look like a legal U turn to me & did this one stop & exchange details or was it a drive off ?

Jeet Patel

8:28 Music Sync!

Laz Arus

09:50 The climatic ending reminds me of some other types of vids showing banging!


11:56 perfect song...

Hudson Flintrop

I’m in Australia hi



Adam Darkin

it's not just bad driving there are some real "WTF" moments...


3:10 "The traffic lights seem be out. Maybe I'll fly through the intersection and hope for the best"

De minimis

8:29 really dumb

Kevin Tyerman

14:15 Run a red light, cause or partially cause a collision, swerve around it, and keep on driving.
6:40 Chuck a u-turn, hit a bike and drive away.
Both scumbags - the plate is readable in the first one, probably can't get them for the accident, but could for running a red light.

Ed Fallon

Our traffic moves so slow, how are most of these even possible?

Phil Zolth

We need 100% concentration when driving but a good percentage of people only have 60%


This! This is why you need a dash cam!

Us aus dollar

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