Univeral currency

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64: The Universal Currency: Energy and Civilization by Vaclav Smil

198 views | 9 Oct. 2020

From a fundamental

From a fundamental biophysical perspective, both prehistoric human evolution and the course of history can be seen as the quest for controlling greater stores and flows of more concentrated and more versatile forms of energy and converting them, in more affordable ways at lower costs and with higher efficiencies, into heat, light, and motion.

Energy and Civilization by Vaclav Smil provides an explanation of energy in its relation to society. Smil dives deeply into the history of energy. From scavenging and foraging to the modern uses of water, wind, and solar power, energy drives every existing thing in today's world. Interestingly enough, it's difficult to place what exactly energy is, as it's not as tangible as other forms of measurement. Nat and Neil discuss their key takeaways from this book in today's episode of Made You Think.

We cover a wide range of topics including:

Survival features that are unique to humans Energy density of different foods, and how diet has adapted over time Pre-historic methods of gathering food efficiently Renewable and non-renewable resources Technological advancements in transportation And much more. Please enjoy, and make sure to follow Nat and Neil on Twitter to hear which book will be the topic of the next episode!

Links from the episode

Mentioned in the show

Nat's Youtube channel (1:27) Bitcoin episode with Taylor Pearson (8:24) Only humans sweat(18:32) Flood Myth (28:59) Protein Poisoning (36:40) Crime hypothesis (1:07:25) Traffic and infant health(1:08:47) China air quality in COVID (1:17:17) Hiroshima (1:20:07) List of Nuclear Disasters (1:20:49) Medical errors (1:27:35) Boom unveils its first prototype (1:38:56) Books mentioned

The Prize by Daniel Yergin (6:15) The Fish That Ate the Whale by Rich Cohen (7:03) (Nat's Book Notes) Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (9:44) (Nat's Book Notes) (Book Episode pt. 1) (Book Episode pt. 2) Scale by Geoffrey West (9:45) (Nat's Book Notes) (Book Episode) The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant (12:15) (Nat's Book Notes) The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant (14:06) (Nat's Book Notes) Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee (1:29:51) (Nat's Book Notes) (Book Episode) The Riddle of the Gun by Sam Harris (1:33:43) (Book Episode) People mentioned

Bill Gates (8:07) Richard Feynman (17:05) Show notes

0:16 - Thank you for the support of the Made You Think podcast! Nat and Neil dive into discussion on the book Energy and Civilization by Vaclav Smil this week. If you’re curious to pick up a copy, you can do so here.

8:33 - Energy and Civilization discusses how energy has shaped the progress of humanity and the history of civilization as humans harness more and more energy. Energy drives everything in today’s world from basic human activity to the technological advances throughout time.

13:06 - Is growth limited by the energy that could be harnessed? The author uses energy as his lens to viewing the growth and history.

14:58 - Energy and Pre-history. By nature, humans are made to conserve energy. It’s shown in many everyday tasks such as walking on two legs rather than four and regulating our body heat by sweating. Energy is essential to everything, however it’s hard to place what exactly energy is, as it’s not as tangible as other forms of measurement.

18:13 - Ability to exercise and sweat. Humans are the only species that sweats. While many animals lose water to cool down in the form of panting, humans can do so at a much higher rate through sweating. The idea of a panting threshold in running, and how training can increase how long you can run without panting. Different factors in exercise such as physique, body weight, and training style.

24:09 - Temporary dehydration. Humans can function being dehydrated better than animals, and that ultimately benefits our species from a survival standpoint. Humans’ ability to live in different climates as compared to animals who may only live in a certain temperature range.

30:14 - Energy density of different foods. How diets differ between species based on their need for nutrients and what is essential for their survival. Additionally, energy expended while hunting and gathering also needed to be considered. Energy cost vs. energy returned. Is what you are consuming enough to cover the work you did to hunt or gather the food?

40:47 - Farming, foraging and pasturing. Early farming typically required higher energy input when compared to foraging, but it also could provide a more reliable food supply and support a higher population. Pasturing can also be argued as highly reliable and fairly energy-efficient.

44:06 - Traditional farming. Domesticated animals such as dogs and horses, and the way they have co-adapted with humans. Their partnership with humans in farming and companionship. Evolving to modern foods and diet.

50:05 - Prime movers and fuels. This section of the book...


@18.18 you mention humans are the only animals who can sweat. I walked by a horse being ridden in the mountains on a hike once, and it was definitely sweating. After a quick google, it seems primates, monkeys and horses are the only non-human animals that can sweat to the same extent humans can.


10/10 podcast: entertaining and educational

Univeral currency

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The Real Value of Currency

482 704 views | 9 Jul. 2017

Currency is not some

Currency is not some great mystery. Let's discuss what makes a currency, how different currencies work together, and more importantly, what would be the currency if society collapsed?

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Photo Credits -

Euro and Dollar currencies from Wikipedia Commons

Coins and Thumbnail created by Poethewondercat




Video Credits -

Stock Space Footage from https://www.videvo.net/

The Dark Knight (2008)

Burning the Dollar Bill - Flame On George Washington - david losers - https://youtu.be/QwnZ6uxRacA

Donald Trump Says "China" - HuffPost Entertainment - https://youtu.be/RDrfE9I8_hs

Destiny (2014)

Here In My Garage (Official): Lamborghini, Knowledge, And Books With Tai Lopez - Tai Lopez - https://youtu.be/Cv1RJTHf5fk

Music Credits -

Total Relax 1 Hour Meditation Candle - Davgar Wright-Alty - https://youtu.be/JuSDmsoK4wc

Red Army Choir - Russian Navy Hymn

"Furious Freak" and "Daily Beetle (Edited)" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



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Jordan Angelov

It's a funny thing that Bulgaria has one of the largest amounts of bitcoin in the world :D

Christopher Ellis

Kuna, Croatia, almost a ferret.

Philip Buckley

cigarettes and whisky......can you say Vietnam....

Niko Bitan

Can someone explain why at 6:47, bringing value into the country increases how much its money is worth?

Scott Grohs

But, what if I want to scan a $100 bill for the express purpose of burning the copies in my low-budget espionage thriller I’m directing?

Knowing Better

What would the currency be if society collapsed?

Ian Prince

not long ago someone stole a large amount of money, from a bank in Northern Ireland, those notes are only used in Northern Ireland, so the bank cancelled them, the robbers got a whole heap of paper.

J. S.

Apparently Yuan is pronounced like UN. Didn't know this till two days ago.

The Euro is so new that, from the beginning, 2¢ and 1¢ coins were never worth anything. It seems pretty dumb that they even bothered with those. Then again, the whole Euro itself is a pretty dumb idea, not just the name. A single currency only works in an area over which people will relocate for better economic opportunities. As such, free movement within Europe goes hand in hand with the Euro. Problem is, language differences (and other factors) keep people from moving throughout the Eurozone. Africa should have learned from Europe's mistake. The Afro is doomed as well.

Motion Pictures

please read about the j-curve. universal Currency creat a winner takes it all market. poor countrys need the chance to devalue.

Dakota Davis

If you're watching this during the GME WSB times, notice how he says silver is worthless! Don't fall for the trap! HOLD! TO THE MOON!

John Lascurettes

Please do one on the value of stocks. It just baffles my mind the value that comes from trading stocks. Mind you, I've bought and sold to my own advantage, but the whole thing seems so arbitrary and abstract. Even more so than money.

Philip Buckley



Next currency. Arizona. Its always a dollar

Max Goodwin

Prop money in films and tv are usually either single sided prints or have watermarks/light printing indicating it’s fake.

Jeff Rosenbury

Liberals don't understand economics. If they did, they wouldn't be liberals. Of course conservatives don't understand economics either, so there's that.

Ché Bullett

2:06 imagine thinking that putting Woodrow Wilson on a banknote would be a good idea.

Gareth Tatler

peppercorns (rare, small, light and have some utility)

Mike Jerome

Vietnamese dong


Well that didnt age well

Peter Due

Funny how you mention kroner as one of the 3 european currencies when thats one of the 2 (along with the pound) that didnt adopt the euro xD

Logan Cedillo

Are you making fun of our lord and savior donald trump?

Joseph Douek

Actually, there are profesional movie-money makers. A lot of the close up shots of money use fake money that is so real that making it double sided would be illegal, so it is one-sided.

Addicting Video Game Hub

"so unlike chicken or wood we can put it in our pockets" is this some kind of woman joke my pockets are too unfairly big for my man brain to understand.

wow the "is this some kind of joke I can't understand" is too long sorry but my sister complains about not having pockets and now that I think about my pockets can fit like a whole laptop.

Keith D.

I've noticed the little numbers all over dollars and such, but I didn't know that's what it did


Bitcoin today at $27,000 EACH

Jay Koerner

All hail the oil price wars, a dollar is worth half a gallon of gas

j Walster

ok so if I print off a picture of the Orion constellation, my printer will cease??

Ryan Ingham

Wasn't expecting to hear a 2 second extract from the intro of the Hunt for Red October


So if the Soviets would have started a nuclear war with the US the outcome could have been communism?

Daniel Sultana

If I were to ever publish a star chart or astrology book, you could bet your ass I'd include the eurion constillation, just a tiny paragraph explaining what it is, just to mess with the intro of this video

phantom gaming

goddamn NCR dollar and legion denariius

Ernesto Acosta

Hey KB the reason there’s bottle caps in the games is because the first one had water as the value of the caps, each cap meant a bottle of water and since most of society and industry was dead they couldn’t imagine anyone replicating it,in the second game they switched back to regular money but the value was still tied to water, they for some reason didn’t change anything in the 3rd game

Sola Scriptura

FOREX traders unite!!!!!

Ogidi Olu

How many people apart from me, was about to turn to another video after watching a little of the "urian constellation" rant? I was just one second away from tunning off. There are too many videos on YouTube to be watching some unwanted astrology. Don't do that again Mr Knowing Better. I mean it!

Brandon Cipriano

Silver and gold is basically worthless...

Me with 200 oz of silver: Ummmmmm.

Alex Gee

movies don't usually use real money, i don't have a clue where you got this idea.

John Howerton

"So the next time someone tries to tell you to invest in some precious metal because the dollar is going to collapse at any moment...at least know you know better."

It seems the world governments disagree with you on that. While fiat currencies have come and gone over the years, gold and silver have always been a store of wealth, especially when fiat currencies are abused by mismanagement. They hold gold in reserve for just this reason.


Yea and if anybody try to take my spice the shotgun will pepper they asses up ? in my dave chapelle voice

Philip Buckley

some movie company covered out work site with their phony money.....like millions of it....yet completely worthless....

Gourd King Mutant

I think in an apocalypse, a great currency that I call ARPV (Art Rate Percentage Value) currency will be perfect. This currency uses 2d artwork that has a value that has been rated by judges. Each and every single 2d artwork gets formed into an ARPV holder. Every single ARPV holder has its own value, code, date, and signature on it. Whenever the holder loses all its value, then it’s no longer an ARPV holder and has no value and you have to create a different 2d artwork and form it into an ARPV holder.

Mr Pedalsworth

Currency = Labor


A thought three years too late, but Gold and Silver are intrinsically valuable because, unlike other metals and goods, they don't deteriorate. Silver tarnishes, true, but gold and silver are rather inert.

J Chr G

From 2017(published) to 2020, gold has sky rocketed now

Jeff Rosenbury

Money is debt. The only thing a dollar is legally required to be exchanged for is repayment of debt. If people didn't need to pay off mortgages and student loans, the dollar would be worthless. But because they need to pay off those loans, we can all use it to buy groceries or yaghts or whatever.

Matthew Shaw

Another reason gold has value is it's resistance to tarnish and other forms of degradation over time. But obviously if we gave the North Sentinelese(?) a bunch of gold it wouldn't that make much of a difference for them excluding culturally


I view money slightly differently, not "based on nothing" I view it as based on 1/5th of an hour of work.

Aboufatax Youssouf

i always laugh at the knowledge guy

Oscar Del Toro

vodka , cigarettes , gasoline , Knowledge, chocolates , dogs , guns , ammo and so on


Fun fact: When the value of bronze collapsed after the discovery of how to work the much more plentiful iron, for a while in Britain the standard unit of exchange was a sack of grain.

Terry Ikom

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to bealternative i think an office supply like papeclips could be valuable, even if its necessary it be in big fckn amounts, cause aluminum is a very reliable material that can be readapted in all sorts of ways

Dennis W

1.505g of gold for a dollar..

Dia Jasin

Shouldn't we buy gold before a currency collapse to use the gold to buy the new currency, or to buy more of the same currency after it has inflated?

Thor Odinson

Watching this in 2021 .... BTC -> 42k each




There is such a thing as legal prop money, but seriously, DON'T make it yourself. For obvious reasons you can get into legal trouble.

Baum Mann

wait did you just say that bottle caps wouldn´t work because they are too heavy??
go buy a new car alone, on foot and pay exclusively in quarters

Sola Scriptura

That illustration at the end, using The Walking Dead, was gold.

Cooper Hawk

Hmmm. I need to future proof my comment. Only 2,669? Lol try 120,000$ now.

Michael Robanke

If you want to know about money, go watch Mike Maloney's "Hidden Secrets of Money" instead of wasting 15 min of your life on this crap like I just did.


In the UK, our money was originally pegged against silver. A Pound was worth 1lb of 98.5% pure (sterling) silver. That's why it's known as the Pound Sterling.

Aidan Moore

If there existed a universal currency, the global economy would take a hit with one country's mismanagement. Look at what happened with Greece. Economics Explained does a great vid on this

Akmon Ra

Not a bad job explaining Bitcoin, but the computing power isn't used to handle the cryptography, it's merely used to prove you have the computing power. This is done to prevent a small group of bad actors from overriding the system.

eric veneto

That IS cool!

Kevin Duteau

Where you buying your skittles?

Darryl Wayne

Bitcoin is now worth close to $20,000 :|

Johnnie Walker

I really enjoy your videos, this one not so much. Gold has kept up with inflation, currencies devalue over time.

TheWinged Hussar

Well if the fall of Rome has taught us anything.
The best currency would actually be wheat/grains and alchohal.
They were valuable and even in early American history, when hard currency was not around.
A person could actually drink their own pay check.


The only reason $2 bills are rare is because people keep collecting them and taking them out of circulation

The ice mask gang



kroner are still used in Scandinavia and a few other countries

David Vance

I think the illustration got it backwards...if Turtles get more valuable, the number per Ferret should go down, not up. Turtles become more valuable, and harder to buy, so you get less per Ferret. If the number goes up, they're less valuable, a la Zimbabwe's one hundred trillion dollar bills.

Rodney James McGuire

Currency is a convenient representation of money, but is not, of itself, money. If it's not pegged to money, it's fiat.

Historically, money is defined as:

1) Having intrinsic value
2) Being relative scarce
3) Being easily divisible
4) Being relatively durable

This is enshrined in the United States Constitution.

As a point of information, "dollar" is a unit of measure.

I know better. You're usually spot on, but you really missed it this time.

R Steel

Looks like jussie smollett


I think the most likely post-apoc currency will be proper steel made in a metal foundry. That stuff is crazy hard to make in quantity without the right equipment, which itself requires a lot of infrastructure to run thermostats and furnaces and to keep Bessemer convertors intact. Without new material being made, good steel will become precious and with good (and hopefully obvious) reason.


Everyone knows the currency of a post apocalyptic America will be drawings of cute anime girls


Why you know the US's financial system is collapsing: the cent is no longer even worth a cent

Maureen Jeory

Cryptocurrency is really taking over the economic currently, lot of individuals convert there money into bitcoin and invest in it cause the value is affordable and secure, and profitable getting into bitcoin allows you to get in control of your money without the government monitoring your expenses and as a newbies or an investor and your amid to become a successful investor is all about getting a good bitcoin expert. Mr Stephen Jerry is the expert behind my success

Kevin Linton

Perhaps you could indicate why China wants to destroy the US dollar and is prepared to become insolvent to do so?


I've always been impressed by those who believe that gold would retain value after the "collapse of the dollar." You can just see them imagining this scenario at the 'post-apocalypse grocery store": 
"OK. that's 2 loaves of bread, a gallon of milk, a bag of sugar and a carton of Lucky Strikes. That will be 12 ounces of gold, please."
Yup, that's JUST the way it will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil ConCarne

Croatian currency is indeed called "ferret" and the coin equivalent is "linden tree"

Jon A

Oh lord. The "CHINA"s have me rolling.

Trevor Page

pouds, Lyres, marks...


Silver is used in old-fashioned photographic film and is a fairly non-toxic heavy metal for ionic explosives (like fulminates, azides, and nitrotetrazoles)

kenzie Baker

If I was to pin a metal as a currency in the apocalypse I'd guess either Iron/steel or copper/bronze since both can be used to make weapons and both can be easily turned into stuff to improve housing (copper for crude wiring and iron for barricades )

Comrade Trip

i was never really into the walking dead but now that you have suggested it supports the labor theory of value i might give it another go

The Garden of Eatin

There is such a thing as movie prop money, it's made in various grades depending on how close it needs to be seen by the camera. If the production needs to really camera fuck a dollar bill, they'll use a real one. Like that scene I assume is in National Treasure when Nicolas Cage solves the back of the dollar bill and discovers the illuminati password or whatever, the scene with the serious close-up might as well be a real dollar. Depending on how much they need and how close the camera needs to see them, other "grades" of fake money is made, from "green pieces of paper with the director's face over the words "Definitely not real money" to pretty accurate but with a disclaimer on the rear. The secret service supervises the manufacture and handling of prop money.

Craig Peacock

Boy did this video not age well...


A co-worker of mine still has a $5 gold note.

Traffic Junkie

I think everyday products would be a "currency " if money was worthless or, the bombs fall. Things like, hygiene products, weapons, people power and the like.

Sam Major

Bottle caps were representative of a bottle of water. That's why they had value. One cap was worth one bottle of water.

Allan Groves

Jan 2021: 1 Bitcoin is worth $29,000. 10,000 Bitcoins = $290,000,000.

wyatt hatch

I wish 1 and 2 dollar coins were more of a thing in America; I really liked that change was actually useful when I was in Spain

Mate Budimir

Watch the documentary HIDDEN SECRETS OF MONEY
You missed some important parts in your video

J Chr G

KAWEMHAKAN - In het Lawa-/Tapanahonygebied is nergens een spoor van de Surinaamse dollar te vinden. De mensen praten veelal Frans en gebruiken of de euro of grammen goud als betaalmiddel.

'Biga' is de roepnaam van een Chinese ondernemer die al twaalf jaar winkeleigenaar is in het gebied. "Ik kan niet werken met de SRD. Het devalueert te veel. Twee termijnen Bouterse en de koers is gegaan van SRD 3,35 voor een euro naar SRD 15. Dat gaat moeilijk in de winkel. Dan moet ik elke dag prijzen veranderen."

Hij is net aangekomen in het dorp Kawemhakan om een lading op te halen van het vliegtuig vanuit Paramaribo. "Dit is één van de redenen waarom alles zo duur is hier. Als ik producten moet laten invliegen betaal ik daar euro's voor. Hoeveel SRD zou ik dan moeten vragen? De koers is elke dag anders." Biga die op drie plekken aan de rivier een winkel heeft zegt ook dat producten uit Albina halen eveneens prijzig is. "Dan moet ik dus de bootsmannen betalen. Soms, als het water laag is, doen ze er vijf dagen over om hierheen te komen. Is het water hoog, drie dagen. Maar of het nou drie of vijf dagen is, het is heel duur. Werken met SRD gaat niet hier."

Familie van hem zit in het goudzoekerskamp Jaw Pasi en runt daar de winkel. Er zijn net koppelingen van goudmachines aangekomen en die worden ingeladen in de winkel. "Dit is ook duur. Ik moet ze in de stad laten bestellen en dan moeten ze met de auto naar Albina en vervolgens met de boot hierheen. Dat is snel duizend euro waard. Ik hoop dat met de nieuwe regering de prijzen in de winkels wat zullen dalen. Want tegenwoordig veranderen zelfs de europrijzen en mensen hier klagen dat ze het niet kunnen betalen."

Hij wijst naar een grote boot van een groep marrons die net een lading olie heeft gebracht in het gebied. "Ook arbeiders betaal ik euro's. Deze mannen verdienen per maand tweeduizend euro bij mij. Het is hard werken want de olie moet ingeladen, over de rivier vervoerd en hier weer uitgeladen worden. Maar er is geen andere manier om aan olie te komen."

Veel mensen in het gebied klagen over de europrijzen. "We leven vooral van visvangst en die verkopen we, maar dat levert niet veel geld op", zegt basya Anita Arjana. Met haar man en acht anderen woont ze in een piepklein dorp aan de Marowijnerivier.

maverick 44

Me? I bought two shipping containers of toilet paper?

Ian Prince

things only have value if someone wants one, what are they prepared to do for it

Joe Garrison

2:08 interesting note about that, The Carriages that used to carry the money from place to place always had the passenger up front carry a shotgun. That's where the Term "riding shotgun" comes from.


Lot's of disinformation about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can absolutely exist physically just print a private key


By the time of New Vegas at least on the West Coast both NCR and Legion have introduced their own currency and are trying to get rid of bottlecaps, only the tradecaravanes that hold a monopoly on trade want to keep them because they are afraid of losing controlo of the market and so they lobby the NCR to keep them and most refuse to use Legion money.

Univeral currency

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Why is Gold our Universal Currency?

132 190 views | 9 Sep. 2013

Gold is one of Earth's

Gold is one of Earth's most widely-accepted currencies, and even in the modern age world governments still store and use it in international trade. But why? What makes gold such a universal currency?

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Here are the facts.

Join Ben and Matt to learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about everything from ancient history to UFOs, government secrets, and the future of civilization.

Here's where it gets crazy.

We appreciate your time and aim to expand your mind.

Thank you for joining us.

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Why is Gold our Universal Currency?


The Notorious N.O.E.

3:04 WTF? I hope that's fake but it does look real

Rob Bitz

Oh so you can redeem dollars for oil? Think again. Geez! Where do you get that crap?

Elijah Vale

This doesn't seem to be a very well known fact. At all.


Your vid r cool but wut up with the stupide voice

Tim Boddington

Good video.


Where's the conspiracy?


Gold isn't "created". It's a natural element.

Cyberman King



Check out SilverBulletSilverShield if you find this interesting, the rabbit hole goes much deeper.

Peg214 A

it gets crazy @ 1.19 sec

Darth Beavis

It costs the US mint 11 cents to make one nickel.

Adam Godwin

Oh and I prefer good old fashioned trade in skills instead of fake currency watch the faces of bank cashier when they ask how do u want that sir,hears the good bit "in gold and silver please"

BadWolf GotWeen

monoatomic gold = manna from heaven


Talk about the petro dollar, and how it's the reason we're in the middle east.


Gold isn't exceptionally rare? All the gold ever mined by man in the history of the world would only make up the base of the statue of liberty. That's rare.


plastic is used alot why isnt that valuble.

Victoria Victorious

It's NOT, shill! It's now FIAT money. Do your homework before embarking on the disinformation campaign....

Adam Godwin

Ryan m
Did you know that in most cases weed is worth more per wait than gold sometimes double if super strain and then u have heartless people who sell crap weed at same price as normal £20 for 1.5 gram standard in Cambridge uk anyone wanting to flood the market would be welcome. And to think it used to be anti capitalists that grew, and sold weed. Bring back hash oh that's write we fell out with the hash producing country's not to mention the major increase in taste, smell,mental health problems cbd ratio to psychoactive qualities that cause paranoia,phcycosis I.e hearing voices (I.e people local authorities, checkout agenda 21 )


The U.S army backs greenbacks

Br!an Delta V

Just use silver.

kyle christie

do you speak English?

San Juan

sealed ammo is next best. Easily tested too.


In human history, Gold has killed more people than Dollar....Dollar has created more people than Gold.

Ahmad Hadder

Gold is not real money, food is.


Aliens.  It's the only thing that makes sense.


I have an Idea for a show and it is very relevent these days check out project SHAD just a suggestion.

Houa Xiong

Do a video on Bitcoins

Loogie larva

gold is also a currency between humans & aliens, certain enriched edible gold can be eaten & digested & actually reverses aging, makes you superhuman smart, & is key to synthetic immortality

Maggie Buchanan

Good video.....Nothing wrong with having gold & silver saved along with paper money. Who knows what the coming years will bring.

johnny dupuis

The dollar has not been backed by gold or silver sense 1964
 save silver.

Jeffrey Snyder

Currency is just an easy way of trade, however since the invention of paper money it is a way that the government is able to keep their hand on all wealth. The next thing would be a cashless society which they are already working towards in bitcoin and blockchain. That way if the system doesnt like you, you can just be cut off from all assets


because the rarity is insignificant. It's the combination of usability * rarity= value. Gold also does not deteriorate well, which is good for value storage. It's the perfect element that fits the variables.

Ricky Lahey

There's obviously a reason why the Ancient advanced civilization had an interest in it. It's a special element. Extremely nonreactive, malleable, good conductor, pretty to look at, etc. And that's just in its solid form. Advanced races (like the Anunnaki) used it for manipulating their atmosphere and changing weather to their liking (similar to what we are doing today with lead, except we're using the wrong element).


my guess is the next currency will water, after that genetics.

Matthew Spaltro

Gold is very rare lol!!

Rose Baldwin

Gold is pretty, it is easily malleable and this element does not tarnish.

Andi Demian

and what about alchemy?

Chad 1337P-De$tr0yer69

Pennies and Nickels actually cost more to make than they are worth.


No worries, the'll soon get a Rothschild bank who'll establish FIAT paper money instead of gold. This will happen either by consent or after another "War on Terror" weapons of mass distraction hoax. ^^ Countries without a Rothschild Central Bank: 2000: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran 2003: Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran 2011: Cuba, North Korea, Iran "Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild


water is not an element it is a compound of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom


1 ounce of gold can be pounded into a sheet that is 300 HUNDRED square feet.  Why is this important?  Because its can be transparent, reflect heat and light. and used for optics.  It's used on satellites, space helmets, and the canopy of the F-22 Raptor to name a few.


Fiat currency!

Rico Suave

I hate to be "that guy", buy you guys didn't research Lydia back far enough. the real reason that gold became currency does come from Lydia, but it isn't their coinage; it was the discovery of the touchstone. Thanks to the use of the touchstone, gold became the first widely traded commodity whose quality could be objectively verified. Everything else, food, livestock, manufactured goods and tools, all are somewhat subjective in their evaluations: what you think is great wheat or a handsome pig might not fit my definition of either. A touchstone allows the buyer or seller to determine if the gold for sale is pure 100% gold, or a lesser alloy that is mostly gold but also contains, say, tin. The objective quality of gold determined by a touchstone to be pure, cannot be argued. Hence, after a few centuries, gold coinage. And the idea that gold is "end-of-the-world" insurance is ridiculous. In practical terms, the value of gold is nearly non-existent. The commodities that will have the greatest value if society collapses will be things like water filtration equipment, healthy drought resistant seed stock...and ammunition.


gold, the excrement of the stars.

Ricky Lahey

Money is the same idea, except it's literally useless cotton. Gold can actually be used for many things. If we were to buy technology from Aliens; gold would be an excellent way to pay them because all members of the universe can use it. If we gave them our money they're going to be like "what the fuck do I do with this cotton? No alien technology for you!"


the only reason gold caught on as the major currency was that the annuaki aliens forced the ancient sumerians to mine it, because they needed it for electrical circuits and heat shielding on their space ships. or something like that.


Streets in Heaven consist of gold. The Maker in Heaven has a thing for gold.

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Water is actually quite valuable only 2% is use able, and big corporations and industrialists have began buying up aquifers even the bush family bought one, get ready for the new oil. War on Nature.


currency and money are different


Ever see the ads online that states: "economist warns of eminent collapse"? Perfect example of companies trying to incite panic over the economy.....


Lol at the way the narrator talks


My dad tells me to buy as much gold as possible because it doesnt "devalue" like money does. And that would come in handy for when the economy is down in the poophole. Is that correct?


Hold on...Gold and Silver is really money.......
Paper money is just a currency that can be duplicated endlessly.

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coins are worth what they represent by mixing alloys.


Why gold, because we are modern day cave men who think shiny rocks and gems are worth more than the blood, sweat, and tears that people put into work on a daily basis ;l

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Thank you for your job. but please, can you add Subtitle to help non-english speakers to understand perfectly ?

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this video is for idiot, you started and ended with "they dont want you to know about". and you also dont know about!

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Make an episode why the Monetary System is basically useless.

Kanisha Breazeal

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Gold has a unique value due to the fact it can absorb heat, radiation and electromagnetic pulses. If you were to cut a wall out of the space shuttle, a space suit or the fact that if you look at every satellite ever built you will notice they all are coated in gold. Nuclear warheads have gold protecting the warhead so an EMP won't disable it. In case one nuke goes off it won't disable the others when they go after their intended targets. The value of gold goes beyond the fact it's "shiny" and we back it up with value. It has true scientific and military value. I mean look at the golden disc on the voyager 1 satellite. They made the satellite wrapped in gold and then made the disc coated in it because it could last millions of years if ever found. That disc can handle more abuse than the satellite built around it. Gold can help us with space travel and that metal alone proves that we went to the moon. It can shield anything if it's made in certain shapes or alloyed with other metals.


to get the best 24k gold LBMA approved make a free account with karatbars

Explicit Tech

Rather use gold for electronics. Other than that, it's useless.


Look up Mansa Musa. The king of gold. The richest human to have ever lived. Nigga was wearing gold ffs.


you guys are the dopest. I watch everyday an old or new vid.


What a lot of people don't know is that gold is just as bad as fiat money lol.  That's the biggest problem.  They are both scams.  Currency in itself is a scam... but it works if you regulate it.


The peaks of Pyramids were made of gold for its properties....and these peaks contained within them the blueprints of the inside of the pyramids....I think the gold was used for the purpose of manipulating electricity somehow....

Austin Moore

In the words of Ronald Reagan "We have $15 billion of gold in Fort Knox, we don't own an ounce"


wow old Philadelphia was tough on crime, "to counterfeit is death" for 3 pence


You should do your research. The value of paper money in the US is based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States. A stable GDP creates a stable dollar value. Therefore, bringing manufacturing back to the US would increase the value of the dollar. This is basic Macroeconomics.

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WOW Countries that kill ex-Muslims and gay people Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Iran!!! Is there a connection to killing gay people and resisting the Rothschild bank? Did you know that BANK MELLI IRAN is known for funding Islamic terrorists like Hezbollah? BANK MELLI IRAN is a well known terrorist funder, look it up. Are you saying North Korea is a good nation and you like the way they do things? Do you like how they wont give any freedoms to their citizens


rocks, shells, metal, paper, what's next plastic

Ricky Lahey

If you think about the abundance of unusable water; imagine all the jobs that could arise from filtering salt water. Its relatively easy, all we really need is enough heat to vapourize it. Basically anyone could do it and whoever did would be saving lives and making money.


And furthermore ( for the grammar police) :-)


So basically if there was some civilization where wood was really rare, yet it was also really cold so they need wood for shelter and fires, then it is possible that lumber in that civilization could become an accepted currency?


Another great video but I wonder if ne one else is slightly scared by the intro excited by the " this is where it gets crazy " abd further captivated by the last 30 seconds lol really great channel yall r top notch



Jermaine Price

That's crazy how they can Manipulate currency when they choose smh


actually there are only a few countries with gold based currency by now.

Simon Parmar

Actually, each currency is held up both by the economy of its own country and international banking. The value of each currency then has two numbers. 1st how much it is worth in its own country, that is how money must swapped for an item of value. 2nd what the international currency markets thinks it is worth. If either of these fails, then the currency fails, look at the values of the mark in the Great Depression or the value of the Zimbanwian dollar. In effect, money works because people

C Darnay


Duey Jones

it isn't in the USA, it's a printing machine pumping out useless paper.

waht mmm

What's up with your stupid voice

I am a Dhimmi

Bank Melli Iran has been proven to fund terrorist Islamic groups like Hezbollah. Bank Melli Iran is owned and controlled by the Islamic elite families like the Jafaris. The Jafari family runs Iran and even has an Islamic sect named after them. If you go to the Islamic world you will see the Jafari family everywhere at the highest levels of business and government.


Fearporn much??

The Hundredth Monkey

its all a bad joke


"Gold is even more valuable today because of it's use in technology" "No, rarity and uses don't determine value, rarity AND uses determine value" You're drunk Fry, go home.


Why do we place value on gold? Because the Anunaki created us to mine gold for them, it's coded in our DNA to value gold.

Isaac Weaver

Some chemicals can break down gold to nothing. If you can't see how it is a conspiracy.. then you are just brainwashed.


Here's where it gets crazy 1:19


gold standard really left US in 1933...

Scott Chittock

United States Note !!!...there's an idea ???

Martin B

maybe its time to loose the here's where it gets crazy and here are the facts

Creepy Uncle Sam

The Rothchild's were Jewish. Current chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve is Ben Bernanke, who is an American Jew. The previous Fed chairperson before him, Alan Greenspan, is an American Jew also. . Here is where it gets crazy. There are less than 6 million American Jews in a country of 315 million+ people.... American Jews make up just a bit more than 1% of the US population. . So tell me how 1% of the population gets the privilege of controlling the US monetary system over and over again.

Ricky Lahey

Its strange but we were basically made to be gold miners :)

San Juan

food water rx, booze are barter items but not currency.

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I want you guys to do a show on this (does blood electrification cure aids)


Not really, since more and more countries especially the BRICS nations are buying oil with their own currencies. And the petrodollar system is also crumbling right before our eyes, the media just doesnt talk about it.

Sethcha Koy

Yes debunk it all. It shows that on ancient aliens.


this has crossed my mind many times, Cannabis would be an awesome currency...

Larry Nocella

Great vid! I like the cautionary advice regarding "investing" in gold. Well done!