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Publishing Giants Sue Those Trying to Make Knowledge Accessible for All

4 170 views | 26 Dec. 2020

Three of the world's most

Three of the world's most profitable publishing houses have filed a case in Delhi High Court against Sci-Hub and Libgen. These two websites provide an essential service to students, researchers, teachers, and the public in general, across the world, by bypassing the prohibitively high paywalls put in the way of accessing knowledge. Prabir Purkayastha talks about the implications of this case for the Indian research community.

Likith Stochastic

It is indeed a predatory practice to deny scientific research to people who need to take it further. The fact that the lady who runs sci-hub doesn't do it for profits, while the publishing houses do it just for the profits, speaks everything about the issue.

Tanuj Panchal

हमेशा मुस्लिमों का विरोध करने वाले और तबलीगी जमात के खिलाफ उल्टा सीधा बोलने वाले इस एंकर को उसी के शो में धो डाला, देखे वीडियो????https://youtu.be/S9T76ugkeRIv

PJ Ahamed

without sci hub researchers life like hell ??‍♂️?


Education is our rights, & in country like India priority is religion. Our govt continually decreasing the budget for research & education. Most of the university unable to get access of reputed journal or some universities stop their subscribtion bcoz lack of fund. We students do not have any options. During pandemic this site was very beneficial. If govt provide huge budget we don't need to access these pirated sites


Science is growing without boundaries in India. India has started separating oxygen from air using turbines while producing drinking water from air LOL.

tushar potdar

These publication are similar to Brahman of 18 & 19 century

subhabrata Roy

Deep state is trying to take control of our money, information, knowledge, land and water. Now the solution :- we have to build a nature centric, decentralize, Collaborative local economy and indigenous divers culture with the help of FARMER, KARIGAR (artisans), TEACHER, MORTHER and SOLDIER. We have to grow our food, make our clothing, medicines, building materials, electricity locally or buy from small neighboring producer directly . Run local administration, no politician should be allowed to take part and so the big company. Nothing should be bought from the big company. Gradually develop a self governing system for the whole world. Political parties and big political leaders are already puppets of multinational corporation. The real power is in the hands of corporation. We think that it's impossible to change this system, but if we thik properly we will find that Amazon, Google, Monsanto, Facebook, Microsoft not only made us their bonded labour but their loyal customer also. Ajeeb mayajaal. We buy those product what we produce for these company. Take our food as example 80 years back our farmers cultivate for their own and local consumption and healthy food processing used to happen in nearby small machine. There were more than 30 different staple crop and 100s of vegetables and fruits that time we used to eat and those natural food kept us healthy. Now we eat only rice, wheat, corn and processed food like maida, sugar, refined oil and lots of packaged food and very few types of fresh vegetables. They have started destroying our food ecosystem in a planned manner and now our health. Now we are at the mercy of their fertilizer, seed, pesticide and pherma industry. They're now trying to destroy our local seeds and crops completely which has a huge nutritional and medicinal properties. Instead they are introducing GM seed which is infested with animal genes and other harmful toxins. ‌They bought almost all the media (see who are the real owner of these media houses) If we can make their fortune as a customer and bonded labour why not we exclude them from the whole system. They are parasites of human society they also know it very well that's why they scare us with war hoax, virus hoax like covid19 which have not even passed necessity Koach's Postulates test. ☹️
We can still win this war. Just we have to go back to the mother nature eat locally produced food, support farmer to produce chemical free fruits and vegetables. Avoid all chemical drugs. Stop drinking packeged Milk, Jersey cow's milk and it's product, refined flour and it's product, Refined oil and it's product, sugar and it's product, poultry chicken, Soybean chunks, all kind of processed and packaged food (All packaged food are more or less harmful)etc. and reject big company's every offering in the name of better lifestyle, which is imposed to make us customer cum slave. Stop believing misinformation in the name of news like corona. Information spread by mainstream media's propaganda news is fake information like covid19 pandemic which is a kind of flu and not at all a fatal illness. So called essential comforting technology like AC, refrigerator, washing machine big tractor, sprayer and biotechnology like GMO seed, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and hormones. Multi storeyed junk buildings, luxurious bikes cars so many others. Boycott those products instead build an open source hardware, DIY ecology and develop an open source software ecosystem. Blockchain based economy. We don't have to go to visit a doctor or psychiatrist, nature's blessings will keep us healthy and happy
If we boycott and eleminate top 200 corporate from the planet every problem of the human race will be vanished. ??

Aadil Farooqui

?? गोदी मीडिया का बहिष्कार करते हैं तो सब्सक्राइब करें।।,


Also authors have to pay huge sum to publishing house for the publication.
Publishing house must held accountable for scientific community...

RS Creator

Jo kisan bhaiyo ke Saath Hai unhe Dil se salaam hai Bharat zindabad


use VPN its 21st century no one can stop flow of knowledge

Sanghiyo ka Baap

Agla Pardhan mantri Shadi Sudha hona chahiye taki wo man ki baat biwi se kare..aur Kaam ki baat Janta se.

md rubel Ali

Education is rights for all.

Vipul Krishna

How dumb are you guys? Do you even understand the concept of copyright? Publication who works with author to publish the research and help it make authorized will only have right to distribute the research. It is the publisher who will pay to author for research. SciHub will not pay to auther. What the SciHub is doing is stealing the work of infinite researchers. That is wrong in any way. I don't think you published any paper in your whole life


मांग कर खाने वाला,उगा और मेहनत करके खाने वाले से उलझ रहा है.....!

विनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धि???

Aadil Farooqui

DP?? कौन-कौन भाई किसान के साथ है बीजेपी सरकार को उखाड़ फेंकने में हमारा चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें।

Akola 360

जितने BJP के बेशर्म लोग किसानों को भला बुरा कह रहे है उनके लिए अर्ज किया है वो आया था गंगा का लाल बनकर लेकिन रह गया है अंबानी अडानी का दलाल बनकर अंधभक्त भक्तों को कौन - कौन जूते से मारना चाहता है लाइक सब्सक्राइब एंड शेयर #akola360

Akola 360

बड़ी खबर ; अगर सरकार ने # कृषि कानून बिल वापस लिया तो अम्बानी -अडानी प्रधानमंत्री भी बदल सकते हैं ! सूत्र
अंधभक्त भक्तों को कौन - कौन जूते से मारना चाहता है लाइक सब्सक्राइब एंड शेयर #akola360

Mudasir Yousuf Malik

Thanks scihub... Even staying at home and my research isn't affected.. Really appreciable...

Vijayc Chandelia

Hindi me bhi lecture diya karo

Akola 360

ख़ुद आधा नंगा रहकर देश को कपड़ा पहनाए वो होता है " गाँधी " और देश को नंगा करके ख़ुद 4 बार सूट बदले वो है " जुमलो की आंधी ॥अंधभक्त भक्तों को कौन - कौन जूते से मारना चाहता है लाइक सब्सक्राइब एंड शेयर #akola360

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Sci-Hub working || working Link 2020 Updated

2 411 views | 8 Apr. 2020

Sci-hub is working, just

Sci-hub is working, just follow the below link. The working link is updated.

https://www.sci-hub.ren/ (working link September, 2020)


2. http://sci-hub.ren/ (working link September, 2020)

4.. http://sci-hub.se/ (working in September)

5.. https://sci-hub.ee/ (Working in September)

6.. https://scihub.wikicn.top/ (working in September).


Great attempt

Khalol Khan


Dutu Sathutu


alee bee

nice job irshad

Khalol Khan


Bapon Kar

any of above links are not works for me from my windows 10 desktop ,Can you please give updated link?

Sukaina Bint Al-Hussain Official

Nice information...brother

Sci-hub.org proxy

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Sci hub proxy 2019 | Sci hub Working Link

2 564 views | 5 Dec. 2018

Access the latest Sci hub

Access the latest Sci hub proxy 2019 for your research papers. This is also an active sci hub working link 2020.

Address: sci-hub.tw



Sparkle Gold

nice job mine brada>>

IfyBless foodies

wow..this is good for researchers. keep it up

Marblewhite Academy

You can't afford to miss this chance of downloading your research articles free!!!!