Kick coin price

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KickCoin Price Prediction

692 views | 23 Jun. 2018

http://AlphaInvestors.Club - Hey guys! Thanks for joining us here at http://AlphaInvestors.Club where today we will be reviewing KickCoin Price Prediction

What is KickCoin (KICK)?

KickCoin is a virtual currency, which is created to be used by project authors for mutual settlements inside KIСKIСO: to pay for the launch of their fundraising projects, to buy various attributes for fundraising projects, and for other internal processes and payments within the infrastructure of the KICKICO and KICKONOMY.

KickCoin Price Prediction 2018

444,856,823 KICK is the total circulating supply of the Kick Coin.

KickCoin is the perfect one for long-term investment

You can clearly see that the KICK price will not be going to hit $1

KickCoin Price Prediction 2019

In the year of 2019, KickCoin may become wide but it is also not so easy or quickly. Therefore, after a year from now, the price value of KICK will be raised with a big ratio. From this, we can estimate the forecast value for 2019...tune in for our full review!

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John P

Cool Intro, great job on that~ Hope Kick Coin makes it~


thanks for the video..


I heard many people talks about the kick as scam. can u give me some updates on kick, so I can decide more clearly whther I invest or not.. thanks~~

Kick coin price

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Pawn Stars: Pawns Gone Wrong | History

6 233 290 views | 15 Jan. 2019

A statue owner gets a

A statue owner gets a little chippy when Rick questions the authenticity of his item and a Gibson Guitar lover changes his mind after the handshake. #PawnStars #RickHarrison

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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James Kirk

50.000 dollars take the money man

Angelo Prybella

Didn’t know pez had a community

Eli Andrade

they’re chooches? says that guy with a fedora and puma track suit

Aiden Kirin

Antwon (security guard) lookin like big smoke times 80


Who knew Terence Fletcher had a PEZ collection?

Jerome Felizardo

Business is business..

thomas søgaard

1:28 well i got it at a gun show, and its been in my family for generations


Im worried that one guy with the gun is gonna out that gun to use when he got in the car sadly..

Jp Herrera

"Watch you see and watch you can prove is 2 different story's "


Don't let all the comments about the PEZ community distract from the fact that the first guy still thinks his statue is real.


In the first one, was Antwon carrying a gun?

Frank X


Devilishly Handsome

The pez mafia remembers this insult

Jake Slingerland

Yo that bouncers a big dude


Of course you had to "call somebody down"....you shouldn't be working there if you can't make snap decisions

Khal Drogo

the pez guy was talking as if he was selling 50kg of heroin and not selling pez hahahhahaaha

Wayfaring Stranger

That turn around on that number one Gibson is gonna rank among the top decisions that guy ever made in his life.


An insult to the pex community.
hm, okay

The Ejaculator

Anton: You dare challenge me mortal!?


the pez guy is my favorite person who has come into the shop

Skyler Reeder

Pez community ???

Brittany McCoy

Pez Guy: This is an insult to the entire Pez Community!
Rick: The best I can do is half of the community. I'm taking a risk here.

Generic Whiteboy

The guy with the pistol first said that it was passed on too him, then at the end he bought it for $800.. liars now days


Don’t mess with the Pez community ?


“You can put these on the Internet and make your money back”
Then why haven’t you done that?

Big Mac Man

Pawns didn't gone wrong the sellers did


These were not pawns gone wrong, nobody in this video was pawning their items.


The pez community will be more insulted if someone sell Their products to the pawn shop

sanjeev luthra

Customer : I can give this item to you for 0 dollars.
Rick : Best I can do is negative 1

Julian Godoy

classical music for studying

ClearSky Productions

The Trump supporters didn’t raid the capital. Antifa didn’t raid the capital.

It was the PEZ community that raided the capital.


It literally says made in USA ??

Russelle Wannell

I'm Pezed off.

Eddie Haugh

“That’s an insult to the PEZ community! I can’t believe it! That’s why their chooches!”

Ast Rickley

This is a pez to the insult community.


This vidoe is still upseting the PEZ community

Jay Saleh

Let me guess. You’re white and you think this is real.

Shang Tsung

You want 50 for it?? Wow Corey is an easy sell.

Dustin Parria

"I dont know what to tell you about it"............."So what can you tell me about it", "Oh it was made in 1880............" so fake


Okay i think this guy is Italian American and what he said was "ciuccies" coming from the italian word "ciuccio" that is dialect for "donkey"


As a Facebook marketplace and eBay seller I HATE that line "Well I could do this other thing and make way more money than that" or (in my case as a seller) "Well I can buy this item from someone else for way less than that!". If that's the case then prove me wrong and go buy it from someone else, but don't feed me this BS about you needing to buy this item so badly but not wanting to pay the price I've set lmao

Eddie Haugh

I’ve heard rumors that the PEZ community will be releasing a diss track about Chum and Corey in 2021

King Of Sync

3:49 Dude has major ego issues as well as an ugly hat

Captiankirk games

I think

Francisco Sousa

I'm with the peez cummunity and I seriously insolted


The old man had better customer service than the other 3 put together rip Old Man

joao faria

All fake all actors lol

Francisco Cerda

I've spent years trying to figure out what a chuch is.... I'm scared to Google it lol

DiceTea's Flight School

"It is from a great french artist". "It says made in USA...".

"Youre full of *feep*".

Razz0r ric

"That's an insult to the Pez community"

Said no one ever.


First man looks super similar to mr.potato from the toy story.

Republika Dugave

Legend has it that mr Brown got along swimingly with that last pez chuch

Lamar Bowman

Wait, he wanted $50,000 in the first place, he was offered $50,000, and he still said no, I don’t understand that

Jake Despa

Pez ?

Ben Dover

The pez community exists before you know it there will be a flat earth community oh wait there is

Razz0r ric

Pez lives matter !

Cristian Montero

The guy that had the pistol was so funny ?


Antwon was about to steamroll dude ?

Uhh Yuto

2:10 Man that sucks lol


Ooooooooooooh....... he offended the "Pez community ". When oh when will he ever recover? Stupid Pez idiot ? ? ? ?


Anything that comes from an "Estate Sale" should be a red flag. Or "Sunken Ship Treasure".


Once he realized he had to register his I.D., dude was like...sorry can't part with it. Wonder who is missing that guitar out there.

Paul Perez



As a member of the pez community, I can say that I was insulted by the offer from Cory of $1000 for that legendary pez collection. (I don’t own any pez btw the way)

Rich Matthews

Rumor has it, the Pez community is still to this day insulted by Cory

Rafael Salcedo

Jim problem went home and shot him self with that fake gun ? lol ?? ?

Mega Creepy.

4:53 Boi ?


"That's an insult to the Pez Community"


I guess the people who disliked this video are chooches


Customer: You got change
For a Dollar?
Corey: I can do a quarter
And that’s taking
A risk!

Nicholas Setera

Last guy is such a boomer

Landon Fartwig

Guy in 2019: hey! I’ve got rare pez candies

That’s in insult to the pez community

Guy in 2050: hey! I’ve got some particles of coronavirus

That’s an insult to the COVID community

dont worryAboutit

Guitar guy just wanted some of that cable tv clout..

Kashif Nawaz

So at 4:52, this where all of the "Insult to Community" jokes started.


Pez community are still insulted to this day......

D Dd

Would’ve it been funny if he just broke the sculpture when he went to leave ?

Niko L

He said PEZ community ??

Ben Vo

Pawn shop is not always the best place to get money

Kooler M


JMac The Fanatic

chooches lol. what pez communityu bro?

Naga Remnants

The gun guy is disappointed because he is scared of his wife ???


1:45 seeing this guy smirk at the price $1500 and then immediately get shut down has to be one of the funniest things ive seen

Jeremy Dowd

I really want to know why the patron with the Gibson had second thoughts when his ID was going to be run through.

Dr_ EviL_F16

2:29 she can't kill you
you have the gun ?

Coco the Great

“That’s an insult to the Pez community”
Corey: “Let me call a buddy down here, he’s a close friend of the president of the Pez Community”


UPDATE: the Gibson guy's house was broken into and the guitar was stolen. It wasn't insured.

King Of The West

Who knew that Gandhi had such and attitude


The rocky balboa in the last of the video was ungry


The pez community is on quarantine

Nicholas Corso

when that guard started walking over you knew what was up..

Ninjajax 5

Antwan is a BIG guy I’d hate to fight him?


A handshake used to mean something

Paul Perez

Pea community lol ?

Abraham England

He put 50 grand on the table and the guy said no?

Aditya Sharma

Pez community got offended for 1500 $??

Tom Ploeg

What I dont get is if he can get more online then sell it online.


"The Pez community"?! Is he serious? LOL Here's an insult to the Pez community: "Pez is bad, cheap candy that is too much trouble to load into those cheap dispensers." Take THAT Pez community.

Henry Flores

Bad business ??‍♂️??

Daniel mzlos

Antwone is always waiting for his moment to shine


“What you know and what you can prove are two different tings”