The price of gold documentary

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1 373 views | 15 May. 2016

PRICE OF GOLD (2012) -



ARTE - Dokumentarfilmpreis 2012

“Surreal portrait of hardscrabble lives and omnipresent risk.” — The New York Times

“Beautifully photographed.” — Hollywood Reporter.

There’s a gold rush in Mongolia, and much like the North American gold rushes at the turn of the 20th century, it has become a capitalist free-for-all where concern for the individual or the environment takes a backseat to the profit margin. Foreign corporations have mined the Mongolian land, but now close to 100.000 rogue Mongolian nomads, known as Ninjas, have begun prospecting for the leftovers. Small independent crews, without the aid of modern technology or equipment, risk their lives digging for a small piece of the action. It’s their land, after all, and they want in on the profit. Price of Gold follows a crew of brave and desperate Ninjas on their illegal digs in the Gobi desert. Stunning cinematography illustrates the vast landscape and claustrophobic conditions of the DIY mines navigated by the determination, ingenuity and utter insanity of this remarkable crew.

LYNNE CROCKER HotDocs Film Festival


93 min (24 fps 35 mm print)


DCP + 35 mm


Sven Zellner


Chingunjav Borkhuu


Sven Zellner


Sven Zellner,

Uisenma Borchu


Maximilian Plettau,


Bayerischer Rundfunk

FFF FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

The price of gold documentary

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Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan ESPN Documentary

6 683 views | 30 Jun. 2020

Tonya Harding Nancy

Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan ESPN Documentary

I do not own this video and have no copyrights on this

This is property of ESPN


I can actually see me gripping at the Disneyland parade too, if I was Nancy. Hahaha, go ahead call me a bad person!

Mallory Lauve

Nancy and Tonya the original east coast vs West Coast

Larry Cooper

What a waste of time. A bunch if talking heads pontificating about how some event, not really covered here, effected the lives of talking heads.

Jen M

? 13:25 ⛸️

Gina Ke

That Olympics turned out to be a non-event because Oksana Baiul stole the show.

Sarah El-labban

I bet Tonya unliked

Brenda Fleming

I care about Nancy. Tanya continues to profit off of that whole incident, which she had every part in, I believe, what else does she have?


thanks for sharing this. x


Nancy showed that she was upset about losing ....not really a poor sport, she simply just did not hide it well. Hehe


that was really interesting thank you :)

Alejandro Ramirez

when did this aire?

Lexi Lex

Yeah that disgusting creep left his wife and family to be with her she’s a homewrecker

KD Fulton

The problem with Tanya has always been the same; she won’t get out of her own way. Tonya has always been her own worst enemy. She lost it all herself, no one else to blame. And Tonya should NOT make money off her crime-fruit from the poisonous tree.


To try to crack someone's knee, no way! She should have just done her best, she could have won the championship one day....

The price of gold documentary

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Tonya Harding - Anything To Win (Figure Skating Documentary)

997 980 views | 13 Feb. 2014

Tonya Harding - Anything

Tonya Harding - Anything To Win (Figure Skating Documentary)

Tonya Maxene Harding (born November 12, 1970) is an American figure skating champion, a two-time Olympian, and a two-time Skate America Champion. In 1991 she won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and placed second in the World Championships. She was the second woman, and the first American woman, to complete a triple axel jump in competition. She became notorious after her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, conspired with Shawn Eckhardt and Shane Stant to physically assault her skating competitor Nancy Kerrigan at a practice session during the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Lady Jay Mac

Tonya's mother is garbage.

Edit: Tonya is an American icon, and the best technical USA figure skater ever.

PowerOf Wisdom

Tonya, Tonya, what have you done... ?

Kelly Kiser

I love her personality I don’t think she knew about the beating on nancy and I would be her friend in a heartbeat she has more talent than I ever will lol ?


Honestly,her mother ruined her by abuse


she hasn't aged well at all she was never attractive but now she looks old and haggard and rather pudgy.

Ronda Doolin

She was a great skater but surrounded herself with the WRONG people...u can take the girl outta the hood but not the hood outta the girl....she liked that about herself

Rita Kanui

Love Tonya Harding, double crossed by her jealous husband and his idiot friends!
She deserves to be respected as the best skater in the world, and i live in Hawaii? You could see how someone set her up!
Was clear to me then, and now is boxing, to survive ..good for her!!

Londons quite big


Dan Stafford

As with any other sport if you’re on top of your game be prepared to be debased... opposition will always try to bring you down.... especially of people with ill will!

suezcue Zee

Love you tonyÀ

Emi Sumida

Who else thinks Oksana Baiul (a poor, practically unknown 16 year old girl from Ukraine) winning Gold was the best choice?

I also love Tonya and endlessly appreciate her resilience against the cut throat figure skating world. Nancy Kerrigan was 100% establishment groomed and I’m glad she didn’t win.


I feel like her ex husband did this to get Tonya back. Maybe he thought that when he did that then Tonya would win and find out that he did that for her and Tonya would be happy and would get back together with him.

Susan Simons

She is a spunky, tenacious, survivor, what you see is what you get. She made a mistake, she admitted it to the world, she apoligized and asked forgiveness ( that was thrown back in her face ). Lots of athletes have done a lot worse.


Tonya sweetheart, you’ve been through so much. God bless you with love happiness and contentment.??❤️


There is no reason for anyone to have to forgive Tonya. She did nothing wrong(except meet a wrong guy) and I'm sure 90% of the women out there have done the same. I admire her. And I think all young girls should hear her story as both a warning, and as a person who overcame the odds to be a strong person. I personally tip my hat to her. And I still remember when she landed that tripple.


Wow all the males in this show really have a far out opinion. "She'll cut ya throat if she has to". Lame ignorant old males. Would be great to see more professionals making professional opinions instead of ignorant bozoes.

Rafael The Crusader

She should write a book. Maybe she did idk.

M Chambers

27:00 Note how Harding was tracking Kerrigan's movements and making call to find out where she was the morning of the attack. Harding admitted to this but claims it was harmless. Yeah right.

Adrian Denton

Written by the Cohen brothers


I've watched this tons of times & still can't keep myself from tearing up when she did her famous triple axel ughh???⛸️


She's wonderful. ???

Bill Cosby

"if you want to be successful do something about it" -Tanya
Well, she sure lives by that motto

Maegan Diagostino

Tonya knew. End of story. I remember wacthing this in 1994. If you watched, Nancy and Tonya skate you will know Kerrigan was stiff as a rock. Tonya would have won regardless I have no clue why she did it.

Fernando Del Toro beauchamp

surely she and Paula Jones belong to the same place

Figment HF

intensive purposes lol, i thought that was a meme

Alysia Mer David-Wasser

With the release of "I, Tonya", Nancy K. gave a recent interview stating that Tonya had never really apologized to her. #Debunked

Jordan Kelly

Dumb lying ugly ass broad.

Corey Anderson

Tanya Harding was definitely a better skater than Nancy Kerrigan. It's just that people who have money and connections tend to be favored in that sport. The scores aren't completely objective. There's what's called "the favorite " to win. If she would have had the kind of support that other skaters had, she more than likely would have had a very different outcome.

Rand Lyons

She was surrounded by people that belonged in jail (including her mother ). Her personality is all she's been shown in life. Probably found her huba and friends in a bar.


I don't think MIdori was thinking anything about Tonya when she landed that triple axel at the Olympic Games. Tonya was a phenomenal skater with great potential, but I'm sure Midori landed that triple for herself.

Elijah Lee

I think Nancy had someone mess with Tanyas skates because she thought it was her that was behind it.. i really do think it was a wrong time wrong place scenario for Tanya (more like wrong person) her story is really sad

Lea Voda

As an abused woman that puts a brave and strong front day in and day out, I can tell by the way she talks and by her body language that she was abused for a long time, but felt like she has to do her own fights, cause she ain't no weakling. The people that didn't have to live through abuse mistake her attitude for heartlessness and her body language for agressiveness. What you people don't understand is that it's a survival mode. You are so overcomed with the drive to survive and succseed that you are your own worst critic and your own worst agressor. There are allways memories in the back of your mind of the people telling you you are incompetent, ugly, stupid, fat, incapable.... and you fight it day in and day out. Cause you ain't no weakling.
And that is precisely why she would never hurt another person. She knows suffering and how much it hurts, and she knows it would just add to her feeling of being a failure. There is no chance in hell she would plan or do any attack.

A-J Hartung

honest numerous down to earth a breath of fresh air. with a style of her own ......

M Chambers

In Soviet Union ice skaters break you.

Maria Ljungström

The Tonya movie was one of THE BEST movies ive ever seen and the actress who plays Tonya deserves an Oscar times ten :)

Christel James

oh this is Rhonda Rousey mom


I will say this about Tonya Harding. She's got spunk.

Sandra Mullikin

What do they think we're going to believe? She says she's innocent yet, signs a document saying she's guilty!?! I think the girl is cursed, probably from a passed-down family curse. But, also has some deep-set mental and emotional problems, as well. She needs to seek out God in a deeper way and fast and pray and get a good pastor to fast and pray over her, as well in order to get it off of her. Then, she needs to stay in a close relationship with Jesus.


Wow, she let herself go. Looked so much better younger.


I really think Toyna was the best ! I also think she got with the wrong people and I think in her mind she had to be the best and what she didn't realize is she was her own worst enemy! Such a shame because I think Jeff was as bad as her mom and she just wanted so bad to prove she could do it ! She was the Best !!!

Ryanne Van der Burgh

I like this woman she a lot like me I like her look and attitude on things and I agree with what she says you know if you wanna do something with your life get up and do it bite true the hard times believe that you can do it and you will if somebody tells you you can't do it proof them wrong .

Robert Miller

For the first time Harding tells her side of the story? Almost every documentary I have watched on this Incident it’s all about her side of the story! What a joke!

Jessie J

She is lying through her teeth! And she is not even a good liar!. How in the world would anyone believe that she was forced to get back with her husband, because "a high official" told her it will affect her points or chances?!!! Like seriously!! wtf!!!
She definitely was involved in the conspiracy. Why would her ex do this for his own reason?!, it was definitely they're idea both.
You can tell that Nacy didn't believe her at all in @33:15. Actually, you can hear Tonya laughing when she was questioned about what happened @29:27, I would have never laughed when accused "wrongfully" of a terrible attack like this!!!!.


I thought Nancy's knee cap was busted and broken from the way Tonya was punished (today is the first time I'm hearing this scandal)... She had bruising and swelling and was able to continue her dream. No, Nancy shouldn't have been attacked but damn.... it could've been much MUCH worse. I mean did the dude even try to hurt her or did he just lightly swing the baton? If your going to do something...do it right. Take out her knee!

Fukai Kokoro

Fuck the olympics. They based their judgements on her personal life. Her appearance of being poor was good enough. Fuck that. Sports should be based on if you’re actually good or not.

Shepherd boy

Can anyone explain the dramatic change to her appearance. It's not subtle... She literally doesn't look like herself anymore.

Novascotia Skater

Tonya wants to blame The judges and USFSA for not liking her because she had a rough life.....this is not the case, take Oksana Baul, there is someone who had a rough life like Tonya but as a skater Oksana just rised above it....Tonya just blamed everyone else but herself for her bad choices and poor performances. She was her own downfall....

aracely martinez

Ask me again, why im still single...Men can ruin your career, dreams and success...i see this happen a lot.
..men can be jealous of your wife special gifts.

I'm not risking anything for any men.

Veronica Medina

She is not the only person with a difficult childhood. Greg Louganis is a big example of that but he would have never done, allow or accept anything like that. There are always choices in life, no matter what, because lets say she really didn’t know what her hubby was about to do, she knew it afterwards and decided to keep the secret. For me, that says it all.


Everybody is a unique individual , who the fuck cares if she is not perfect, she's got soul ! i love you Tonya

illa illa

I fucking love her

Garrett A

She was so obviously in on it.

Kirstine Termansen



I feel bad for these young women. Gymnasts, Figure Skaters. Usually raised by insane talentless parents seeking to live vicariously through their children, and messing up their minds for a lifetime.

Sheryle Jeffers

This interview does nothing to help Tonya....she says she never wanted to be like her mother but she talks like her mother acts like her mother....and in this interview she is always trying to blame someone else or something else....... She Knew and I believe she knew everything from the start...


Plot twist: On 01/06/94, Tonya goes to Detroit herself, masked with big boxing ? gloves, punches out Nancy’s “landing knee”, mask falls off & surveillance captures Tonya trying to murder Nancy.

Luna Amore

She's a cheater that doesn't seem to have learned her lesson I think she would still cheat just to Win. In the end that's not winning at all


She got everything she deserved!.....she is a fucking narcissistic sociopath


Time was not kind to Little Miss Sunshine.

Luis Velazquez

The American dream that took away from her




Oksana Bayul was a freaking 16 year old ORPHAN (after witnessing her Mothers death firsthand of cancer)!! When she won the gold at 1994 Lillehammer Olympics! So..no, I don’t “feel bad” for Tonya Harding & the fact, in 2018, now all the damning facts of her guilt have been released on her assault on Kerrigan!
Bayul was soo poor (financially) when she won gold @ Lillehammer & had no permanent residence. Bayul was also 8 years younger than Tonya. Oksana skated against ALL ODDS, in her mother’s honor, that’s why she can be seen bawling her eyes out after her win for gold. Oksana wanted to prove both herself and her (parents in heaven) that she could finish, nevermind WIN! So..in terms of “beating the odds”, I really can’t have TOO much sympathy for Tonya alone. We ALL have obstacles in our upbringings to overcome.

Marisol Roque Chaves

I hate how at the end with shes “unforgiveable” and un Redeemable is just not necessary in this docuserie shes above all that now Im one American saying I forgive her for not fighting when she needed to and Im working on forgiving Nancy Kerrigan for ruining her reputation and allowing the Olympics to ban her because she had platform to allow Harding to speak with her talent instead of allowing the media to create scandals out of tragedy. For those who agree with me Watch their movie featuring Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding.

Alexandra N

Tonya inspired me to start ice skating at 13, everyone tried to stop me, even my mother was telling me it was «too late»,but it pushed me to go further. I managed to do a bunch of hard jumps after half a year, and attempted to my first competiton, ended up in the lasts. No one cared I started years after the other girls who were competing with me. One of the judges told me as an advice to lose at least five pounds to have a higher rating, so I could be more «pleasant to watch». I cried a lot this evening. Judges can be assholes sometimes...just do what you love, never give up.

KD Fulton

And Nancy , after fighting back to health, was completely cheated out of her gold medal ?; thank goodness the skating rules changed now because you can’t add on a jump if you already missed it, like Oksana ( sic ) did in her program after falling on her butt-while Nancy skated a beautiful, clean program!
Tonya is still PTT, no matter how much she complains no one gives a shit about her, blah, blah, blah. DWTS did NOTHING for her reputation. Even someone like Rowlinson could not give her the polish needed to skate at that level. Ya, we know what you’re capable of Tonya!


she looks like a man in this video very hard looking man

gerry o sullivan

wow only 1 minute in and i hate this bitch already!!Fcking thrash!!!Cant wait to watch the rest and hate her a lot more!!!


WTF are you talking about "before OJ", OJ was NOT a scandal!!

Michie B.

Did no one ever have the slightest thought that someone was loosening Tanya’s skates and messing with her laces?

Elizabeth Martinez

I cant say I KNOW what she experience as a Child. But when she Speaks and elaborates on her life I get the feeling she makes it sounds Worse more Negative...

Jeb Clar

Kerrigan and Harding were 2 wonderful skaters with Chen , Bonaly and Baiul at this time . This attack was stupid

Sticker Lady

I never considered myself ‘like’ Tonya Harding, but I understand her and pity her, after learning more about her. I’m sorry, Tonya, about your life. I’m also sorry, Nancy Kerrigan, for what happened to you. I can only assume that had Tonya not married Jeff Nancy would have never been attacked.


20:05 Oh my god she's so pretty


People can say whatever they want watching all these old videos of her skating, she’s amazing to watch and the rest of them are boring. Imo

Christine Dixon

She is one strong female
Unfortunate to both ladies
Look what has unfolded in ladies gymnastics.
She paid her price

Kirstine Termansen

Hope you are doing well and famely are all good
I was seeing, Elena in a captives in Russia, she died,
Gymnastic, Tina will you, respect, yourself, not beat yourself up up
Your, in the stardom technique,
Don't, waist, your life, go out. Enjoy, meet the world
With energy, respect, all Einterteinmemt, media impact
It's ....... As sport, ...... Real people,

Respect yourself, from frinds


I feel like Nancy low-key milked it

Pancake breakfast

Tonya is like 40 something and people are still bringing up the Nancy case. Please that literally more than 20 years ago. She wasn’t involved. Let it go.


She seems a little bit off in the head and a complete liar. She changed her story multiple times in this video alone. I don't believe a thing she says. She's guilty AF and I will never forgive or forget. She is garbage.

Novascotia Skater

Except Tonya wasn’t the first woman to land a triple axel ....Midori Ito landed it before she did......however Tonya is the first to land it in competition....

Kevin Watts

I feel bad for her for what she went through with her mother but that doesn't excuse other acts. i.e. going back to her husband under false pretences. Also, I'm afraid I think she was in on the attack. I hope I'm wrong but don't think I am.


hhah celebrity boxing? give me a break

Hudson Thomas

This is to sad to think about how she had a career and lost it because of her husband and her mom

Yasin Bills

Tonya i started watching skating because of you.


I think everyone who still thinks Tonya was the person who did the crime needs to watch "I, Tonya" it really shows what she went threw.

Rising Star of the World !

Bullshit! No one ever has been attacked by anyone like that ever in history! Tanya contradicted herself, by saying that she couldn’t have been able to skate if she had something to do with it and then she says she went out and skated through all that was happening. As far as I’m concerned she’s just Bullshit, she knew exactly what she did. She said she was going to win no matter what in this video. Dumbass!

helena barnett

True, Tonya was a victim of an abusive parent & husband but she wasn’t a victim in the ‘let’s assault & eliminate the competition’ situation... that was someone else.

Lala Shelala

For that man to say that we should be grateful to Tanya Harding is just sick.


Tonya was a cutie when she was a young lady at her peak.. She had a good look, great legs and ass, and she could skate.. I couldn't believe she was handed a life sentence when other's got away with much less, and they couldn't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she knew they planned to attack her.. The idiot went on television and told everyone that he was a spy or something

aracely martinez

That sport commentator...likes trashing people down....what can you do sir?? Do you have any skills, other then just talk, talk, talk...sir?



Sae Seo

Bitch is lying but I like crazy chicks lol


Great body when she was young white and gifted.


This is so heartbreaking. I wish her peace and happiness for the rest of her life


love you Tonya ❣ you will always be remembered as the best. Always. ❣

CuteCat 21

This makes me sad

suezcue Zee

Sore loser n a joke!!!


wouldn't like to cross Tonya

s m

She was really chubby in this video.

Michael Walus

Lmao this isn’t accurate