Murder for hire

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Murder for Hire

131 801 views | 11 Sep. 2020

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Murder for Hire · Bizzy Bone

The Mantra

℗ 2020 Bizzy Bone

Released on: 2020-09-12

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Mr. G 717

??????? past few yrs been good to hip hop. Big Sean now uncle BB !!! BTNH 4Eternal

Tornadic Hanson

Dont forget to subscribe to his channel on youtube if you havent

Andrew Soto

??? he still killing it..faxx!!.



Irving Martin

Murda mo

jo Patron



1x for Blais for this bad ass Lengendary Bizzy Bone album, fan of Bone Thugs since 95'. Always bringing ???

Polo Slim

Just wow. Loving it

Duane Payne

I guess we have migos to thank for awaking bb

TaWanda Lee

These kids don't kown about this music

Original Twin

Bizzy back with that Gambini flow and oh my God its lovely.

MoneySide Musica

Super fire homie!

Nipsey Eternal

Straight ?

vinny t

To the cops stop!
BEATING ON Nixxas everyday


you aint gone stop my murda mo....my fav track easy..bizzy killed it

SiREN Productions

The Bizzy the Kid is Back

Rueben Zamora

This is so doooooope!!!!!!

Chico Chicano



Always here for a bizzy album?


Bizzy is the greatest rapper alive, krazyie bone too!. Thank you blais! Dope ass albums! CM and the mantra!! Thank you blais!!
Pato Lawndale13 gang!!

Steven Ramirez MisterSmokes


Marko Oluich

Bb been doin his thing since heavenz movie these young boys need to get hip and im a white boy been a bone fan since 1995 js



Chitown Mytown official one and only channel

My only complaint is that my good headphones broke and im stuck with a shitty pair tonight ☹

Billy Fields

Jajaaa bizzy so nice I'm a fan for life flow to nice has his own sound #LetsGo


Take me back to 95 ?

Carlos Carmona

This shit got me feelin' likeit 95 n shit.

Steven Richards

First!! By far the best song on the album and one of Bizzy’s best solo songs ever. His second verse is legendary. ? And while I’m here, this song needs an official music video. Maybe one with a birds eye view of him running through the city after doing what the song title says. ?

Vaughny Knight

Bizzy bro. You doing you again. Buying this . thanks

svesgs avdesgv

I'm buying this today after work

Esteban Orizaba

Man this my favorite track at the moment it's a anthem???

Nelson Burgos

Dope af! ?

Damon Dean

Love your Music Bro! Use it to Train and everyday Hustles. Thanks Homie, keep it real

Vaylan Jacques

Flame ♨️?????Thrower Bizzy Bone ✊?✊?✊?✊????

CapoMattic 216

Ok buzzy sounding great 3songs in


Hearing Bizzy hitting that "Mo murda Mo murda Mo murda" damn near brings tears to my eyes. Bizzy stay loyal to his fans fr this the shit we need right now it's that bone thug music

Lukas Bellik

The GOAT. PERIOD BEST ALIVE RIGHT NOW. YOU AINT GONNA STOP Bizzy when he's at his best. The Rap game is in a drought except Bizzy Nas put another crap CD out. Nas needs to lay of the liquor

Zion Haze

this that REAL Hip Hop not this new wack shïť IN 2020


Classic bone sound love this shit ????

Michael Deaton

Sure as he'll isn't Brian from creep in on...


Forever here for it! Run up on me nigga

Move Bitch

Dammit now 2020 music iz back!!!


33 mumble rappers heard this and had a heart attack



Steven Yockey

Thanks Bizzy. My road took a turn almost 6 years back from now. I'm sure you won't even see this.


?????? I'm like why did they get this thug bone started ????? I feel sorry for the Migos and 21 and whoever else ??????

Dave Higgins

bizzy bone is truely the greatest of all time! The Mantra is FIRE!!!! Carbon Monoxide is FIRE!!!! BTNH for life!!!! Love JAM TV as well!!!

The Hungry Hedgehog

Sounds like A song A satanist would rap. Thumbs dow and hoping for the best the rest of the album.

Houston 713

Song is Jamming..... but I think They should of left mike Tyson on this song at the end when he was talking cuz what mike tyson said was deep and I thought that gave the song chills with what Mike Tyson said ...

Tr3aY or 3

That hook is ?????????


one love to bone n bizzy .numb1 favorite of all time for me since i was little. n alway will b... 1lve to you....

tyrone williams

YouTube, BORN GOD Character of a Man CHECK IT OUT

Whodem Clan

Bro needs to let me record him his mixes are always off like the songs are good but the audio isn't right

Chris 88



First I want to give out the love needed to Blais for his work, much love. This sounds amazingly on point with it everything is on that zone, Bizzy got the mind of a soul aint no containing it, he's paying attention to whats going on. Signs of the Times much love Bizzy. Much luv fam.


I'm ashamed to say I didn't Know bizzy dropped an album.found out on one of Conway the Machine song off his new album FKTG..so far not disappointed bizzy !!lyrical shit coming back!! Gotta keep flooding the market??

Clive Gameinn Mg

Damn Bizzy murdered this album!!!! BONETHUGSFORLYF!!!!

Xavier Gonzalez

Shit sickcola Mon B.X loves bones


Just ask Siri who the greatest rapper alive is

Tommy Demian


Ghelmy Avila

Quién se gana a este matonnn,??ploo,ploo ,ploo ,the best.

819 8055

The Piano ? ? PERFECTO

Gary Culp

Lifetime Bone fan!!!!

Brown 2 Da Bone


BMFSaiyan ReignX

I have to walk out to this one day when I fight on a big stage UFC one day!!!


this song goes really hard. I think this is the best Bizzy in years! Damn! 2020 really bringing out the best of old rappers

Dollabill Productions BootMoufBeats


fnaf boss 3000


Paulus Quagmire

Why the hell is this not on Spotify?


I wish that he collaborated with tech n9ne

Zee Ryda

He dedicated his second verse for Krayzie Bone

rapszu pawel


Lovely Sing

Man this shit Fucking is awesomeness, lovely


Bizzys been told once

Sean Mullaney

Bizzy just on his own damn level. Always has been! Respect.

Parata Te Ruki


Carlos Araujo

Bizzy best rapper alive hands down

Kay Kay


Mohammad Ibrahimi


Fabio Rodrigues12

Gratidão ao mestre Bizzy!

hashanah williams


Roger Garcia

I felt like he was holding back on his speed

Fg HunCho

Yeaaaaa bizzy been snapping & now he picking back up where he left off at ?????

Zazel Sanchez

Bizzy Bone should rap the way he did on the E. 1999 Eternal Album those voice effects where the dopest also with that style of rapping dang

DK Barbados


star dailey

Nice flow??

Micah Scale

Bizzy the only Bone Member who's doing classic bone thug music!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shittttttttttttttt that melodic flow is back. This shit to real for YouTube!

Lemarcus Watkins

Put this on Spotify

moniça Mçlean

When it comes to rap bizzy Bone is the king


Best album of the year

Marco Guajardo

Bizzy n Blais the perfect combination. We’ve been thirsting a long time for this CM and the Mantra are life changing for a Bizzy fan. Thank you! ??

Justin Morris

The real goat buy to all those other rappers can't touch bone thugs

Jay Townsend

I'm going to stop your murda mo you satanic pos.
I like the rest of your music though

Nashunn Pickney

Like always he put tracks on fire but what do you expect he's a legend shout out Bizzy Bone

Hloni Mthimkulu

Really feel this track dope B ??

Murder for hire

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?Wendi Adelson | ALLEGED MURDER FOR HIRE PLOT | Full Length Police Interrogation

12 908 views | 4 Sep. 2020

Daniel Eric Markel

Daniel Eric Markel (October 9, 1972 – July 19, 2014) was an attorney and a law professor in the United States who wrote important works on retribution in criminal law and sentencing, with a focus on the role of punishment in the criminal justice system. A native of Toronto, he earned a J.D. degree from Harvard in 2001 and after working briefly as a law clerk and junior associate at a law firm, joined the faculty of Florida State University in 2005.

Markel was murdered in Tallahassee, Florida, in 2014. Investigators believe that he was killed as part of a murder for hire motivated by Markel's divorce from Wendi Adelson, a clinical law professor and child advocate also employed at Florida State University. Adelson was not charged, while her brother and mother were named as "unindicted conspirators." Three individuals have been prosecuted for the killing: Luis Rivera pled guilty to murder, Sigfredo Garcia was found guilty of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison, and Katherine Magbanua awaits retrial on murder charges following a mistrial in her original case.


Link to Luis Rivera Full Length Police Interrogation - https://youtu.be/HJJnd0U19yE


cringey crocodile tears

Brittany Dennis

“I’m glad I didn’t sweep or it would look like I’m cleaning a crime scene” hmm that’s not an odd thing to say ??give her an award ??? can I just say I love how they are playing on her ego she’s really loving the sympathy

lady mopar

Isn't there a court case on YouTube about this one? I can't remember this is a good upload because I have not heard her story but there's something fishy about her

Christina Garcia

I can’t believe she told the cops the hired Hitman thing. I feel like she had the brother do it and then threw him under the bus

Bob Jolly

she is just plain creepy....ugly inside and out

Ba Ri

She shows her dishonesty by stating that her tv was still under warranty and getting it fixed even though it was her boys that broke it.
Doesn't show she is involved in the murder but it shows she is deceitful. Funny how after the girlfriends first sleep over he gets killed within 2wks.

Dray Dray

With all thats happened im astounded how much she can "remember". I feel like this is a show shes puttin on

Gerard Tumelty

She said her brother joked about getting her a tv and not a hitman as a tv is cheaper hmmm I think she got both

Nicky B

Wow! Immediately starts telling the cop who may have done this! That’s a red flag.. and fake tears.. but only 2 minutes in so far.. ??

Nicky B

Why would she cry so much? She hated him!

jerm dogg

she is fake crying" so obvious....she set him up big time.... .....

Marcella Gaviria

Wendy is the one to blame she wanted to move with the kid's and her husband wouldn't allow it so she had her brother set up the hit she's a lawyer and knows what to be say she's guilty

matthias stephens

She said she didn't know if she was a suspect when she was in the car with the detective but she didn't learn about the shooting and killing until he told her in the room

Jo McMenamin

She changed the children names also .


What a show she’s putting on!


I think she's the one that asked the bro to set the whole thing up


Alleged?? Is this wendi or her family whom created the title?

Anita Zalom

Isn’t this woman a lawyer? Any lawyer would say I’m not speaking to you any more without a lawyer. She obviously realizes she is a suspect. It seems like she is guilty. Guilty people over correct to appear innocent. If she truly was innocent she wouldn’t have any need to make nice with police. I mean they towed her car and are processing it and even though she expressed a desire to pick up her kids she is still there.


Look how hard and fast she breathes at times, like she's about to have a full blown panic attack, but then can instantly ask or answer a question in a very soft and calm voice, like she's the most relaxed person on the planet. Pathetic.

bren manock

She seems a little fake

Mindful Divergence

I am at an hour and 15 minutes into this and so far not once has she asked him to call the hospital...to see how he is...if he has passed away.....


And the Best performance for a woman in a drama... The Oscar goes too.......

fire and ice

She's a lawyer, doesn't she know not to talk to the police with out representation.

Nigel Benson

American justice is a joke. But, nobody cares, until it affects them personally. By then, it's too late. A country divided and conquered, like sheep. Corruption is king in the US. Justice, like everything else, isn't about fairness, truth and integrity. It's purely about how much money you have.

Just another One

Seems very fake. Seriously seems like very poor acting

Ὓὄὗʀ L·ἷғἔ Ṃᾄҭҭἔʀṩ

Thank you for all you your hard work making these uploads. I'm addicted to interrogations, & your channel is one of my favorites.

Nadine Smith-Jensen

When you kill someone, they stay with you for as long as there lives would have been if it hadn’t been disrupted, so enjoy!!

Sanelle le Grange

Was the ex wife really not involved?

Jack J

I'm shocked and frustrated that no one from the Adelson family has been indicted.

Joanna DeChenne

Wowza, I hate that this feels like acting.. but it feels like acting. I’m a psychic. This thing is a mess.

Super Vero


Ja Ha

It’s nauseating how self centred, fake and attention seeking this woman is.
I still believe she was in some way involved


Disguising her guilt as grief

Laurie James

This woman is not acting. She is genuinely distraught. She is a lawyer and professor. She is in shock. Don't be too quick to judge. Stated by a retired psychotherapist and social worker.

Christina Garcia

I am almost to the end here . Is there a second interview or one with Charlie?


Wow... This woman is a TERRIBLE liar/actress...

Marcella Gaviria

What a good actress


How can you cry for 2-3 hours straight? My ass


Great actress.

Steve Antoniazzi, Riot Home Recording

She’s soo happy she’s crying with laugh tears of joyful emotions.

mike Lazembie

The fake crying and artificially accelerated breathing is nearly too much to stand.

mike Lazembie

The audio is gd but what did they record this with? Did they buy the camera from an old Charlie Chapman film they got at some yard sale? Well...st least its not used in murder trials as evidence or smth important.


how many innocent people in prison or even executed , but these clear case and non of them in jail

Thomas Moe

Same room that Paul bernardo sat in?

Single Handed

And the Oscar goes tooooooooo , the cop with the contact lens comment. ??????

Brown Beard

her slip up ... start of this interview had no idea why she was there but was informed of her ex husbands death. asked about miranda rights for them to search her phone. then she says on the ride over she wasnt sure if she was a suspect.... 27:44

Julian Schmidt

She was noch sentenced?! She is so guilty and a bad actor! I was shocked to read, that she is walking free!


What a good actor I think she's giving birth to all her lies.

Fifi LaMoore

Hi Blue dot , I’m new to this channel, all these aweful vile videos of these sick people, need a bullet to the head ,
You just never know how someone you may know is so twisted.


Why is it every one of these she devil's puts on the "oh my God" act n inside they have dark souls. They so used to playing the victim card, freaking black widows.

Theresa Evans

When will the Adelsons face their day in court?

Angela Chisler

I LOVE you and your channel, Blue Dot??

Janice Vanatta

This was a family ambush on her x+husband. Set up and done

Murder for hire

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Murder for Hire Season 2 Episode 3

2 804 views | 17 Aug. 2020

Murder for Hire Season 2

Murder for Hire Season 2 Episode 3

Watch Murder For Hire Season 2 Episode 3 Online. Best and Free Online streaming for Murder For Hire TV Show. We picked the best sites to stream s02e03. Simply pick a site below and click "Watch Now!" button next to it. Some of the links may be broken, please upvote the working and good links so other users see those links for Murder For Hire Season 2 Episode 3 s02e03 at the top of the list.

#Murder for Hire

#Murder for Hire Full Season 2 Episode 3

#Murder for Hire 2019

Thanks for watching


Great show. This audio is horrible tho...


That photoshopped death pic was AWFUL lol what idiots

todd douglass

fix the audio and i would shre this channel for others to sybscribe