Komodo kendama

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Komodo kendama

49 views | 22 Apr. 2016

This is a funny thing I

This is a funny thing I ever Dodgers

Komodo kendama

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Adam22 teaches you to play Kendama: Episode 1

49 481 views | 30 May. 2019

I love kendamas. I even

I love kendamas. I even sell them through nojumper.com . I decided to film a tutorial to try and get you guys started in your kendama journey. Enjoy!




Ricky Carbonaro

Get a new t shirt brah.........

What the Flip TV

Do people give a shit about playing kendama?

Marquiste Nance

Free Aaron Patronella aka Rule!!! He is currently locked up and has 0 support from his producers... if you will like to donate and send him a care package here is his info below! (contact:@smartjailmail.com) and send donation:accesscorrections.com booking #94-32974

Daniel Steele

Man when i landed the spike i was geeking in my room lol

Jack W

We need more tutorials in both Kendama and Tetris 99

M player

How good are you

Kaii the dama guy

Hey dad i know im 6 months late but i need more of these please

Noah Burnette

Where is the second video


35 year old Soundcloud hippie teaches prison stick abd ball hustle for commissary

Nik Rancourt

Can we get Episode 2?


i was on vacation and bought one just bc ive seen them on his podcasts

Mi’Zhean Frazier

Feels like 2012 all over again. Damn I want a collection again..

Hue Mungus

Need that part 2 Adam


My boy ocean sponsored by sweets Kendamas bet you can’t top him @adam22

Heg Tyson

A Surprisingly relaxing and laid back video, keep up the good work Adam :)

olivercs !

Ah just what I needed

Matt Matt

do a vid on simple combos using basic techniques

Sato 666

cant lie this makes me want to play kendama

Alan Green

Lofi Hip Hop beats to smoke, chill, study, sleep, play Kendama, teach kendama to

Vasilache Rares

In Romania that lil toy is popular as fuck

Tutorial lunar please :)

Elvis Romero


Finnian Cross

Kendama is gangster


Pretty chill

Lamb Chöp

Is Adam 12

Ben J

Next week: Adam22 teaches you how to use a Yo Yo

Logan Kvhn

Gotta love the barewood shirt?

Xand3rTV S

either change the intro or go egg head again

santi acosta

Def tech us bird and light house maybe even ken flip and whirwind

Chris Whimtore

Spin the kendama ball and if it’s wavy grab the string with two fingers and run down the string hold it until you get down to the ball and boom the ball isn’t wavy spike

Pate Futch

Yo you got me into kendama and now I’m 5 months in and HOOKED!! I just got a new kaizen half split slim model after have nothing but ordering nothing but sweets until now and I can tell you kendama USA KAIZEN IS THE BEST!!

The Boy

You already know the boy out here watching kendama tutorials.

edit: its just adam bragging about how easy it is for him. smh flexing is my job.

Pill Cosby

God is that the beat with that aweful tennis ball clap?


got all the homies kendamas and myself one and i dont regret but fuck im addicted

Matthew Webb

Man is geeked out of his mind. Cant even understand him lmfao?

Geo Kid

Ty bro it helped fore the spike love ur vids no homo tho

david moore

Your next video should teach some basic tama grip trick, like pull up lighthouse and airplane. When i was first starting out those tricks got me stoked.


Does grandpa straight up think people dont know how to play with a ball on a string? ? he is hilariously taking this shit serious....... i saw we all leave comments to ask him to show us how to make toast for the next video ?


Lol these were big in my high school 10 years ago. Funny seeing them come back now and in LA of all places

KottonMouth Keef

You’re literally the reason why I’m getting a kendama & the only reason I even know they exist so thanks Adam ??


Adam or anyone, how long does it or did it usually take you to learn a one step trick such as mastering the Earth Turn?

Khal Netherfields

i dont care about kendama but then i dont play video games. relaxing video to watch though.

Elvis Romero


Elvis Romero


Dylan Tweed

Where's episode 2 ?

A Kezia

Okay keep this going! I'm gonna order a kendama now. I just didn't have anyone to teach me!

Talon Esquibel

unexpected asmr


respect how u do business




20k views there is nothing left to say .....

Cereal Killer

Adam is actually a really good teacher

CScribe 2 Scrib

Yo, I just got a kendama for Christmas!

Hydroplane Convoy

Lit bruh??

Elvis Romero


Lucas Adverse

that was thorough af

Christian Jorgensen

Drop episode 2 I’m ready!


My man said "kendama teacher"

Dxvid _

Adams the chillest lol

Marcus Martin

Reason y i started dama

Kristin Guthrie



I dont even have one but i still watched it

Inco Ñito

This is so gay.

M player

Btw if you hold the string when you spin the tama it wont be wonky

Joseph Bravo

As a kendama player this means a lot. Thank you for spreading that dama love Adam

sloth overlord

Don't have a kendama but this is one of his beter video's he's made

Miguel Del Villar

Just bought my first kendama today bruh! #ROPEGANG

yung price

Keep this shit coming I wanna see episode 331!

Nick Di Costanzo

Adam u should get into balisongs too


Thanks so much Adam 22! I really appreciate your tutorial because I just got a kendama for Christmas yay!


Adam been following since the bmx days and got into dama from the old podcast 2 years ago love this shit. Your the goat for spreading dama love

jrgn jrgn

where is episode 2?


Bro your haters are lame as fuck.

David Bedford

Watch this and spiked it for the first time!!


you: "pull up"
them: swings
you: "no like pull straight up"
them: swings out further, full extending arm, fully confused why it didn't work

gay rashod

The video I know I dont need

Elvis Romero


Sweets Kendamas

This is amazing. Thanks for the shoutout! ?


when is episode 2?

Johnnie Cash

When are you teaching Hacky Sack, the empty scrotum sack in a beanie http://worldfootbag.com/product/sipa-sipa-hacky-sack-footbag-with-free-sticker/

d b

Not my thing, but no hate!
I love that such a simple wooden toy that gets people off the couch is trending. No battery, no screen. Dope!

Forever Drained

Is this a serious video? Watch grandad show u how to play with a string and ball...

David Lane

Please keep up the kendama videos from beginner and slowly moving forward to better tricks



Connor Smith

Waiting for a series 2

Shawna Allen

This is a legit video. Well done sir

brandon peterson

U helped me do my first spike thank u so so much


Do another kendama tutorial !

Brent Patton

more advanced tricks too

Kennedy Kirby

I wanna see some flow tricks adam!!

Elvis Romero


Tyler Hatton

All I can think about is the douche bags back in high school ?

Wayne Sweeney

Do more videos??

Leon G. J.

I f!ck with No Jumper. And now, I f!ck with Kendamas.?✊?????????

Brxedo TF

This nigga needs to look at a nigga named zotiyac ?? he is way too underrated and that nigga is blowing up in the underground community ??? (If you see this look up licc hoes and jungle book freestyle)

Jesse McNabb

I like that you're switching things up a little bit. It's cool! @adam22

Elvis Romero

Fuckin Adam

Lue zher

nojumper.com grab your self one

Daniel D'Percy

Big cup , little cup , cardboard box

Jon37 11

Teach me how to t spin

Elvis Romero

Like my shit damn

Mark Jacobson

Can you teach damage control and maybe airplane

Komodo kendama

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Komodo Kendama

75 views | 24 Mar. 2016