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The Ultimate Slim Wallet

3 253 837 views | 12 May. 2016

The 4 Dollar Android

The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone - https://youtu.be/utRww8-QuBw

SECRID Slim Wallet - http://amzn.to/20QA2ws

I've been searching for the ultimate, slim card wallet. I found the Secrid on Amazon and instantly ordered. It features RFID protection and a cool mechanism to display available cards.


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Jake Mccain

Can you use business cards for this


So glad someone made a video about this wallet, I’m pretty excited about it to haa. My husband has one and I loved it so much I have ordered one for myself in a “feminine” gold colour. LOVE ? I brought for £4.99 (obviously not the same brand but claims to do the same thing)

Steven Snow

Im not gonna stick that in my back pocket...dont get cute with that....


All these new hip slim wallets have nowhere to put your ID. It’s hilarious.

Art Vandelay

How long till that lever breaks...


Hey I work black. I only have cash man

Rashid Sahat

Cool? and amazing....

Shahzeboy 1

but how will you get the middle card without having to struggle for it? id rather just go to Gucci and get a thin one that feels nice and holds everything

Carlo Pangan

I have been using that for a a long time.

Andrei Apostol

RFID attacks don't work if you simply keep 2 cards together in the same wallet since they will interfere with each other, so the "protection" part is a bunch of bull

Mandie Adams

The big-ass wallet had its own little episode in Seinfeld XD


American cards are so ugly :(

Oscar S

Great if I buy one more wallet I won't have any cash to lose !
Genius !

Jordan Goldberg

It is great

Oscr M

If be broke the spring

Raziqin Bibi

I think i just felt in love


Irrelevant to me...cash all day.

Rain Tech Time

The black card is FAKE! He wouldn't show the numbers, also, Votre Nom???

James Chapman #Autodetailing

I was just hacked this past week .

None Ya

I have a violet with the purple leather wallet I had for a month which I’m giving to my mom & just ordered a red one just the protector on Friday for me ♥️


Back when it wasn’t phones every fucking episode

iDrxbble TNO


João Vitorino

1:40 This brings me back bad memories :(

Ved Didwania



well i really like the idea and i hope it will live its exepection i really do have ALOT of Cards and this thing will help me alot i bougth it 1min ago :D

Thais morais

Good video!!

Marvins Leathers

Only bad part is that isn’t too flexible in the pockets but very impressive none the less great job

Luke Wilborn

That's me I'm addicted to wallets


I'm not goign to substitute my small soft leather wallet for a metalic box

Sebastian Rook

Your wrong Jack!

Ayyaz Mahmood

Well, at least the hackers can't hack cash??

I hope..........

Calixsta Cooper

Secrid is the best minimalist wallet out there, had mine for a few years now and it's still functional and perfect for me


this guy is annoying so i found out what wallet he was talking about, closed the video, and found someone else in a different video to tell me about it

Shane Smith

Fidelo on Amazon makes a very similar wallet with leather sleeves and money bands around the outside. Has been my wallet for a while now, absolutely love it!


those big ass wallets

Harsh Kumar

I have a steel business card holder


I inserted a bit too many cards in this and ended up displacing the pop up fit. Any idea how to repair it???


What about money..did it can pop up?

Chris Jong

I have one for years, love that it's made here In a social workshop, its amazing and yes I am from Amsterdam ?

Lushin Wun

I used my index finger like somebody's mama lol

Jordan Goldberg

I have that same wallet

dan schwab

1:25 So funny

Sharel Baz

The Best Wallet ive ever had. Keep it up, i love this improvement things

Rashid Sahat

Cool and awesome.... amazing

Jean Marco Jurado Muñoz

Someone 2019?

Thom Eernst

had mine for 4 years now still going strong

loubna ameziane

I think i just felt in love

Johannes Lang

With that great James Bond invention, you will get robbed for it and also your cards will be stolen - lol


No cash storage! Get a grip!

austin wang

Well yeah, that's what we expected

Simplistic VR

I bought it Today

nabil aqlan

Wait did he just flexed his black card

Moses’s old account

Just got mine today :)


I use it ?

Ignacio Tiroz Lira

This is not therapeutic ??

Mohamed Mohamed

Without cash and coins. If you fit wallet?


what type of dickhead puts his wallet in his back pocket? I've never understand that stupidity. It's so easy to pickpocket.

steff steff

link works but its no longer available

Big Chungus

1:42 thats what she said


Dude why did I skip to 1:20 and then the video starts. If I may I suggest a shorter intro and save the extra last bit for last.

Sahat Min

Thanks for the share it...????

Leo Wang


Kenneth Jensen

Yea, have had the Secrid for 2 years now and the card holder is now so loose, that I have just lost a card :-( ...In my search for a new wallet/card holder, I ended up here. But in my research, I also came across a card holder called Ridget and another one called EXENTRI. I think the last one is the way forward for me :-)

Kote Kipiani

Hey Lew what wallet you have at 2019?


Jake from Two and a half men?

JaySean Ochia

Terrible wallet??? Mine is terrible because my wallet is empty

James Chapman #Autodetailing

Hey brother love your videos.

Smart Planet

If you're in China, you don't even need this thing. You don't even bring cards. Say hello to Alipay and WechatPay?

maddcarl _

Next great thing♥️

Adam Amir

Cards pop out at the same distance as u can see in a normal card holder?‍♂️?

Kerly De la Cruz Z.

3 years later coming to see this product still making noise cause of the blocking of RIFD readers. Definetly will get it.

Paul Duyn

Been using one for 2 years now. Never going back to the old wallet. I have the miniwalet wich has room for extra cars and some cash.

Claus Bakker

I have 25 cards i use


Everything seemed great, until I saw the price...

courtney jones

I think i just felt in love


I want a wallet which plays CHA CHING sound when I pull out my card.


You doing too much boom boom

Just Some Guy With A Smug Face


Arjuna Danthanarayana

Does the cards fall out, if handled upside down?


This is such a great minimalist wallet! Great price and style.


This is trash, it got scratches all over and the cards fall out when upside down.

Gabriel Fernandez

I got one from a brand called fidelo. I don't think I can go back to any other type of wallet.


Does this really work protect your cards


No lid? No thanks!


I have owned 1 of these for over a year now, and they are great. I got 1 with a little leather thing around it, where you can store some cash and put a card on the outside (I got my public transport check in card in it)

Nikita Merrick

Lol I Have this wallet, except the better version


The best wallet ever

Eric Arosemena

Wait hold on, is he in Canada or the states. Only asking cause I only though Presto was only used in Ontario

Andrew Blackamore

Could do with a hole to put a key ring through, and so you can attach to out belt so you don't drop/lose it!

Frederik Chr.

Can you review please pitaka magwallet ue please i want to know of my card with magnetic stripes will stay working as i use that wallet so like a secutity card from a hotel or a credit card that dont have a chip in it do they work on that wallet and by the way is more thinner then you reviewed here above

Joziltoz Cruz

I think i just felt in love


Boom pay back in

Savio Diaz

Put an apple logo on it and boom u can sell it for 999.9 dollars only


For a techy guy i assumed Lou would know rfid is an old tech. Nowadays chips are used in card .


woooo vape

Regynald Zambrano

you're not the only one.

Ali Imran

jack is wrong

Brenda Obciana

2:49 yes sir I need a different card this card is declined

albert tran

You only picked the top and bottom card. What about cards in the middle? You have to take all the cards out to access those in the middle? Cmon be a little more thorough for having 14M subscribers...

apostolis x

I don't like it seems waste of money

Open wallets

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Turn Nutella Jar into a FANCY WALLET

85 496 027 views | 24 Jul. 2018

Do you know what Murphy's

Do you know what Murphy's Law is? Well, it's easy. This life law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. You wake up in the morning and find your slippers full of liquid surprise from your cat. Then you go to the bathroom, run out of toilet paper in the most inconvenient moment, you lather yourself in the shower and water turns to ice or just runs out, toothpaste seems to be anywhere but on your toothbrush. Then you go to the kitchen and try opening a soda can and break off a tab, your sandwich with jam and peanut butter falls on the floor face down, your spoons gets drowned in cereal, ketchup stains your white shirt... Then your socks reveal a huge tear on a big toe and the jacket's zipper decides to live its own life and then you forget your phone... Well, we know that everybody has those days and we made a video compilation made of these embarrassing unexpected moments and funny life fails. What's not so funny? It actually happened to Sue a few days ago! To add insult to injury, her wallet got stolen and she came home absolutely devastated.

Slime Sam is there to surround his favorite human with care - he gives her a blanket, a cup of soothing tea and even the last of his precious Nutella. And then the curse of Murphy's law is broken! Sue calms down and gets a great idea of making a no-sew wallet that will look exactly like a Nutella jar. It's fun to make and fun to use and leaves no chance for bad luck!

To make this Nutella wallet, you will only need a few simple things, like a sheet of clear plastic, some felt, an iron (always be careful when working with an iron, guys!), and printouts of a Nutella jar.

Have you ever had one of these days when everything just seems to go wrong? Write in the comments below and maybe make your own ultimate fails compilation!

PREVIOUS EPISODE: How to Build Creative Labyrinth for Rat https://youtu.be/A5a2Guy8-_8

SWEET RECIPES FROM SLIME SAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYdMQPd8FbI&list=PLYsskVzwBG4qva7oSxubSE6w5-MjE8_lZ

Check out Slime Sam's Community Tab and see his best pictures, funny GIFs, new episode announcements and much more! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw5VDXH8up3pKUppIvcstNQ/community

Subscribe to Sam's channel and give a thumbs up to motivate him to make more videos for you! https://goo.gl/zarVZo

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Stock materials:


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All music is licensed under MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE:


Title: Cuckoo

Source: https://audiojungle.net/item/cuckoo/20801073

Open wallets

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Trump Inauguration: Corporations and Heavy Hitters Open Wallets

4 603 views | 17 Jan. 2017

Close to $200 million will

Close to $200 million will be spent for an oath of office that takes about a minute.

Giorgio Flores

So much money and I am out here worry about eating the next day woow I wonder how is it feel to feel so rich and do wherever u want ...!!!

Kon Mark

rest of the money going to charity im not surprized... God bless America and Mr. Trump.. thanks for what you are about to change!!


Same shit every time...

Robert Bob

so what other presidents have dune the same what is up withe this lame ass new channel

Father Finger

what a miserable report. Cut it out aholes!


Now that Trump is going to be president, the people of this country(US) need to be vigilant on what will Trump do or say.



Merlijn Dorgelo

Taxpayer money? Private money enlarging the swamp?

Bah J

I bet 200 million goes a long way to eliminating poverty in America, or say providing healthcare. glad government works for the people.


200 million. are they going to serve gold plates. how much does the secret service get paid. or Trump is going to keep 150 million

Gary Duarte

Winning winning and winning some more.


Trump is a piece of shit


so gross

Trump 2020

Get your FREE T-shirt today from trumprights*com ! Sizes go from small to 3XL, there's only a small shipping fee. Be the first of your friends to get this snazzy shirt and support your new president!

Bria Barrows

I'm depressed already

Dillon McManus

To subscribers, does this particular video show up on your subscriber feed? It doesn't on mine


waste of fucking money


I did not got a ticket for Trump's inaugauration...:(

Rich Scatto

will Joey no socks be there?J. CINQUE

rick wyliee

trump needs to get rid of all the illegals in America