Vol market #3

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Big Ed Faces BIG BACKLASH! Ed & Rose - Part 3

10 472 637 views | 3 Jun. 2020

The final conclusion of

The final conclusion of the Big Ed Rose saga TLC

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I’m 12 so I don’t watch this but what I heard is that big Ed is a 5 foot 50 year old and I’m a 5,8 12 year old

Winston Blanco

To tell that indeed the relationship wont work its because first its difficult for Ed to adapt to Rose since they are poor. Second lie mostly Ed will always look for the first scene he already lied to Rose and lastly' They both have kids. Well i dont think their children would accept each other and worse that Ed doesnt want kids. Since Rose dream is to have a child to both of them.

sasha dowdeswell

She needed the money and deserved it but this no neck guy got it instead

Jen X

It's all about Ed, what he lost, what he's learned, me me me. Why don't you paste that sticker right over your mouth? Lol

Internal Beat Auto

The anime intro is so good

Lil Fortniteclips Awada

What the f¥<k parry the platipus

Jack Vixen

Looks like a pug

Armaan Sachdeva

Everything aside.....
Ed's really sad and alone that's why he's so insecure ?

Elizabeth Demon

Honestly, it's kind of normal in my country to do the STD test for both when you start a new relationship , moreover when you know the ex. For example my boyfriend's ex was a colossal h*e and I made him do 2 different tests because we both knew she might have cheated on him. And so I had already been to the doctor a few months earlier, and these made both of us more relaxed and trustful


He gave Rose a toothbrush and mouthwash, she should have given him a scarf and high heels.

Leo Iliev

Has anybody ever noticed Rose is illiterate and uneducated?

UKHO Mdlulwa

Did y'all notice that he shaved his beard and he looks like a bald cap

Jen X

Lol @12:30 It's so obvious that interviewer just threw a suit jacket over his pajamas - he's sitting there in boxers. Look at that duper's delight smirk!

Kyler Brey

Are we not going to talk about Perry the platypus


Santa must have heard it wrong when rose wished for necklace on Christmas

hello dude

Whta was that intro song

Kokichi Oma


Amelia P

Who’s your favorite character?

Mine’s mayo-chan


I dont want to someone talk about my hygne haha if i dont use bath for 2 days and i smell stinks and suddenly someone tell me that im stink i wont use bath 5days

anthony anenias

Intro Song Name??? 0:16

Tyler Goessl

Can we extend the anime opining because Damn


Normal parents: parents won’t let you date someone 10 years older, 90 days fiancé: ? 30 years?-??‍??‍?

_ akhuto_


graham Riley

Clout chaser Ed exposing his brand like that

Alex Hosten

5.6k dislikes are all Eds alt accounts

kumar vasudev

intro was enough to kill me with laughter...... XD

Daniel Balbin

Who's here 2021 ?

The 10O1

The Photographers Community does not accept Big Ed either, we don’t claim him! ?

lanieta vakasevi

everyone Jesus Christ Loves you and I do to have a blessed day brother or sister Love you


I love that intro

Mohammadreza Mehri

Guys ed learned his lesson no need to be worried anymore.


Hope Tamborine is okay.

name less

What is the anime opening name?

lex rhyme

Hikaru kana deserve to be better other anime op

Angelina O

He looks like the mucus man from the mucinex commercials

Kiew Zheng Wei

I miss this series so much

DJ Sakmaster

I honestly hope Ed becomes a better person and does find love. Same with Rose, the love part not the better person part

Eva Zala Kitek


RandOmhOOman 353

Ed: "You know the first thing I would do in a new relationship is listen to my daughter."
Me Having my biggest bruh moment ever

sebastian gallegos


cats is now mine

Ahahha i love the entrance

Kurai Shonin

She ROSE above
Nice one Felix

Thomas Gee

Shut the fuck up and let me hear what the people are saying, you, and your constant laughing are fucking boring.

Annabel Meyer

Sometimes Pewd's wisdom really catches me off guard. He may seem like just a goofy gamer, but he really is quite mature and wise, not to mention ridiculously talented


That intro was better than Jojo intros

Ur Sus

Big Ed’s mum looks lovely but Ed..

Fallen Dex

I have a boyfriend from game xd we are 6 years together. It is possible :D

Aryhana Colleen Macatangay

I love how Pewds was being open-minded in here

Thomas Gee



Philipipino nailed the intro


Perry the platypus at 1:41



Smart 00ze

Imagine playing overwatch and meeting the mayo man himself ?

OG Lobster Fart

1:40 the Perry the platypus in the backround

Michael Guttormsen

Say what you will about Ed, his hair wasn't even looking that bad despite the mayonnaise.

Ferdin Kim

Anyone else notice Perry the platypus at 1:42

Petty Princess

n now in 2021 she has her own buisness

Duke .Nukem

Her English skills would be a deal breaker for me. I am dating a filipina woman and Rose must have some broken dialect even in the Philippines.

Ramon Cipriano-Tepace Jr

HAHAHAHHAA that's sammy !! 0:26

Fire Ice

Ed looks like he benched back in his day, and whenever his gut protruded more than his chest he would pump the chest out some more, resulting in 40% of his body mass being located anterior to his chin


I'm not saying ED is a good person, but I feel like people are kinda forcing and overreacting some of the things he did into fitting him in this "anime villain" thing that is going on.

Anne Haase

For all that embarrassment she got absolutely no money? And he got sex out of it, too?! That's a big no no... And dignity, and ending up on top, are things up to debate, so this is bad. He couldn't even give $75 to save her sister's biz?? Is terrible.


neck is missing in the video


Ed is taller than his Mom. Wonder how tall his dad is..

Michelle Guillang

I live in the Philippines and the fact that her dad owns a pig farm while sister owns a clothing store, this means they're not "from hand to mouth" kind of poor. They have their businesses.

Cass Granger

"The Gaming community does not accept big Ed"
Hmmm sounds fair to me.

graham Riley

How does his dauter look good and he looks like that

Glenn Gunting

the intro brooo I died ?

Jennifer Lafountain

I feel like ed messed up by telling rose he wanted a vasectomy and she was done with the relationship and rather live in a shack with her family and finally through that oddly shaped head of his that sne really loved him and wasn't with him for his money.

First name Last name

omg he used philip pipino's video for his intro

Fabian Bird

I seen someone comment wear said Ed treating her like product instead of person

Namjoon's _lost_airpods


Deeboss Games

Sounds like pewds have experience with explaining that he's sorry about all of the weird thing

John Erlzon Corona

Ed's story reminds me of paul blart the movie??

FelixTheCat _

My mom and I smoke and watch this shit all the time it's hilarious

Jan LeMay

he is a literal troll

Mr. Fish

Pewds stole it from philip pipino..the intro btw

yisus garcia

Gamers en Pie for Big Ed

Livelifeloving Hi

come on ed at least go take some showers with his dad.go make your self a shot of chokie milk.

Brave ery

Rose is so beautiful. She deserves much better...

Waddles Da Pig

1:42 Perry the platypus wearing a mustash on a moped


How I wish ed reads these comments

Aeiou Cfcfc

1:42 Perry the Platypus passing by




1:42 does anyone see something??

Muddana Ganesh

Big Ed is the Arturo(money heist) of real life

Random Squad

I can’t believe Your Lie In April stole the Ed and Rose opening! All they did was change the people!

Molly Martin

I LOVE how invested pewds gets in these relationships

Queen Sakura

Do you think this video will reach her?


Ed looks like Nerdy of Jurassic Park 1, inside and out.

Chicken Bro's

Listen to marzia do a shave reveal

Chitandaeru Chan

Marzia is lucky with Felix
Felix knew whats right and whats wrong and hes such nice,funny and sweet person

Ghost contingency

whats with the back ground porno pics in eds house

Tristan Renfrow

damn that intro did my man ed dirty

Vignesh Nehru

I love how non judgemental Felix is about Ed and doesn't start hating him

Rainey Mills

He probably lied his whole life because of his deformity

Corbin Harris

what is behind pewdepie 1:42 seconds in?

0 .0

Omg the intro?????❤️

Longest Name

Remember when he had 60 million ;)

Jennifer Lafountain

Why would he ask for a std test but he still shaked up with her kinda to late for an std test now is it. He was like hey lets get an std test one night later he litteraly bumped uglys.

Vol market #3

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Euphoria Physics Ragdoll in Overgrowth - Compilation Vol. 3

64 209 views | 16 Jan. 2020

Like if you want me to

Like if you want me to make more ?

Showcasing the technology of Overgrowth's physics animation in 60fps!

Overgrowth really has some of the best active ragdoll physics engine in the market, just behind Natural Motion's Euphoria engine. Falling down cliffs looks absolutely fantastic, I would say it looks better than RDR2's ragdoll. Not for the weapons hit reactions though.

Mod download:


Overgrowth is an action/sandbox game featuring an advanced procedural animation system, that allows real-time active ragdoll animations, similar to Natural Motion's Euphoria engine.

Home Best Accessories

spin spin


Why don't you use Kyle crane from dying light or the bunny in overgrowth?

Cindy Vasquez

CAUSE I LOOOOOOOOVE nesly crunch 2:20

[TinyDinoMike ]

Greatest video ever and I love ragdoll physics

Nevriye Kart


Official JadenBriian

Add some slow motion effects too


great video man your my new best ragdoll physics youtuber

CanadianBlizz on yt


Slavboi Yt

U r almost at 300 subs!

Skull-kingz YT

Im going to sub

Arturo Azael Gudiño Iñiguez

Dude you are one of the best new yt channels ever

Official JadenBriian

I love this keep it up

Alisson Lares

Is it really Euphoria? I thought Overgrowth had its own ragdoll system.

Blaise Manfredi

Hey bro how do you get mods? Or do you make them by yourself? Because I'd love to get use these mods

Pierre Strehle

1:00 Minecraft Sound

emma mora

4:15 Is that a JoJo pose?


а почему мало подписчиков?

Blaise Manfredi

Great vids tho I love ragdolls and you deliver

Fabian Selan


Kody Kyzer

I think you should have a lot more subs because the clips are pretty good and you seem to really try

Nightmare Bonnie Videos

How do you make euorphia rag doll blue

10k subs with no video challenge

6:03 huh?


Overgrowth I'd say has the best ragdolls physics next to rdr2. I absolutely love it and these videos are just straightforward and great, keep it up

Like you NerdLOL

At 50,000 subscribers can you do a face reveal??

C A V I ツ

Sou BR

Paul White

How do you not make videos on like Roblox blank equals to stop barking


How to turn ragdoll mode? I mean what button press


I like your videos, it is not something satisfactory for me, greet me in your next video please: ((((




what's the mod to ragdoll like that 0:14 (Do you press a button to ragdoll)

Hash Lol

6:02 gravity.exe has stopped working

Home Best Accessories

he did a back flip xD


Хороший канал, желаю процветания.
Видишь? Я тебя из России смотрю.
Go to translate

Cooper Revell

Have the best time

Paul White

Videos of fire

Furries must die

Euphoria ragdolls will always be superior

Nova storm

Good video man

Dee Pieschke

Naruto if Sakura didint save him 11:07


youch, that must’ve hurt ALOT

Workshop Justin

you deserve more subs great work love this


How can i download or play this game pls help !!!


Do move overgrowth euphoria ragdoll vids, if u do I'll sub and like all your vids

Elon Musk

You are a realy good youtuber


can u do with normal ppl model ? also ur vids are pure awesomeness!!

Paul White

To play all the broken bones in Roblox

Mlg_Gamer 158

Good video

timothy marley

It's nice to see euphoria physics compilations on more than gta for a change


lol get wairt jerr ragdoll oll

Vol market #3

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Volume Spread Analysis(vol 3)

9 181 views | 10 Jan. 2020


Hello friends,

Welcome to the channel. This video will take you to the world of Volume Spread Analysis. Hope you guys enjoy and learn something useful and profitable from this video.

Please like and subscribe and share this with your friends!


Telegram: http://t.me/paratrad

WhatsApp Discussions: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LXXpzbNf5Od

Baljeet Singh



Awesome learning. Whatsapp group link has expired, can I have a new one, please. I do not use Telegram. Thanks

Nilesh Das

sir from intraday can i use this over 5 min tf?

Sumit Gupta

Buy using vsa and given knowledge by you we can be just double confident in our trade,,
And can remove our 80 percent confusion ,,
Great work Sir ,,for giving in free of cost❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????


sir ji pls continue video of VSA in Details with swing trading

muzaffar ahmed

whatap link sir invalid ha..?

Humayon Sajid

sir can u provide vsa indecator plz


i see your all video of VSA very Good Explain. pls more video of VSA so learn more things. Sir ji Whatsaap grup not open in web any issue that

Chaitanya Kondapalli

Great content sir. Thank You very much. How do we get in touch with you? I am already on your telegram channel.

Krishna Tj

Sir thankyou so much for explaining VSA in detailed manner.... How to plot this HLC bars in trading view..? When I choose bars it shows open levels also... And colour of bar according to open levels.., I need bars like u shown here...

Deepak Tripathi

YOu deserve much more subscriber BRO

Khir Bahadur Thapa Magar

Hi sir, your videos are very useful for analyzing the market. I have some confusion. In MECHANISM BEHIND BUYING CLIMAX, why do SM want to push the stock price down? In my sense, as the price goes up SM also gets the benefit as SM already has bought the stock.

saqib Ali

Ye what's app link open nhe ho rha

Gaurav Kataria

Ye Jo 35th minute pur pidilite ke chart me buying effort or result wala concept check Kiya jisme orange or green colour Ka volume indicator hai niche.
Us indicator Ka kya naam hai?

Suresh Kumar

Good vedio sir. But I have to see this one more time.

Khir Bahadur Thapa Magar

Hi, sir, as trapped buyer topic was tabled in the previous video, supply overcoming demand topic is discussed in this video. I am confused if these two topics are the same or different. Please describe it. These videos are very useful. Thank you.

Arena Fx

Wow, sir aapka batane ka tarika gajab ka h sir, you are great sir

rahul sanadhya

Sir Ye Bar chart Me confusion jyda he OR open close ka pata Nhi chal raha, inko candlestick chart pr samgaoge to bahut better rahega.


Sir how are you computing Result ,Average Result ,Effort and Average Effort ? I can figure its based on price and volume as per your lectures but what values you are using ?

Sanatan Mandal

Thanks Sir...


Vvvvvvv nice kia bat ha

hari haran

Where can we find the Result Effort indicator ?

Sachin Gaikwad

Thank you very much for this VSA series. it is 100 time better than other heavy weight youtube stock Market channels.

Nilesh Das

sir you are great.

Deepak Dixit

what a content sir .....really really appreciated (Y) (Y) ....you have totally changed my view to see volume bars.....hats of to you sir ....keep posting this type great content....a highly underrated channel.....what you're giving in this channel no one compete with you in youtube....may god bless you !!....one ques which timeframe moving average you use for volume ...to make sure it's above average or below average

jasmin sanghvi


Nilesh Choudhari

Excellent elaborated concept... Thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge......

Sonu rockz

As i said in previous video that Very simple but very effective sir.. i have been waiting for this video.. Eagerly waiting for your next video.. Thank you so much for your effort sir

Pramod Kumar Gupta

Really awesome Knowledge

Janmejaya Patnaik

Sir how to get vsa indicator

Pitambar Pradhan

Sir, the stopping volume always should be in selling max. zone ,am i right sir?

Sushil Bajra

sir what is vdo and vdu?

Kitty Kadam

Sir, we are not able to join WhatsApp Group. It's showing as YOU CAN'T JOIN THIS GROUP, BECAUSE THIS INVITE LINK IS INVALID.
Please check it out sir.
Thank you.

Shekhar Upreti

Excelent and indepth learning Sir, Thank you very much for hardwork and systematic explanations!!!
Actually I have one query, UpThrust and Bying Climax both have same identifications like Ultra high Volume, Wide Spread and At New n Fresh location, So what is the difference between them?

Indra Tiwari

Great one again!!

Bhupesh Dougall

First Please Improve your VOLUME

Shuvakant Gumansingh

Sir, what an Upthrust bar and Buying Climax Bar indicates in a script. Both are closely alike with each other with a mere difference in their point of closing.

And lastly, what is the combination of set up in order to get a firm conviction of a signal of weakness in a script. As i understand, there should be first an Upthrust Bar or Buying Climax Bar then secondly followed by a No Demand Bar, both compositely/combiningly indicates a signal of weakness in an uptrend script.

Please correct me if i am wrong! Thank you Sir!!!

Mukti Samal

why buying climax was considered for TVS motor when the spread was not in a new territory? please explain brother

Samaresh Jana

Whatsapp group link has expired, can I have a new one please. I do not use Telegram. Thanks

Shuvakant Gumansingh

Sir, thanks a lot for very knowledgable video. Please help me clearing one doubt: What is the difference between an Upthrust Bar and Buying climax bar. They both seems to similar. Please guide/advise.

shivam shukla

Sir watsapp group ka link dijiye