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How To Airbrush Your RC Car Part 1 The Tools

38 061 views | 21 Oct. 2012

Peter Chang MachoCave.TV

Peter Chang MachoCave.TV demonstrates how to airbrush your RC Car. In this first episode, Peter goes through the tools that you will find helpful for prepping your Lexan RC Car Body: an X-Acto Knife, Curved Lexan Scissors, and a Reamer.

Yummy Noob

6:52 u said do do?lmao


Thanks! I'm sure that will do a great job :)


Thanks for the kind words! And thanks for watching MachoCave :)


Great question! Yes you can, however a drill might be a little hard to control as this requires some precision. You could use a hand drill and for some reason, the finish doesn't look as good. I'd suggest practicing on some scrap pieces of Lexan or plastic if you are using a drill before you make the body post holes on the actual car body.


Great tutorial ,you saved me alot of grief and I'm sure even more money .Keep up the great things your doing to help us out .


Thanks :)

Chris MacDonald

Where can you get the hoodie


Nice work on the video!!!

Deb Duggan

Can u use a drill bit for the body posts??Great vid


You can use metal sheers to cut it out it works perfect, cuts like butter.

Aaron Hughey

nice video thanks

Dewayne Egerton

Watched part 1 & 2 of your airbrushing an rc body. Didn't see any airbrushing. Need to rename the 1st one to how to put mounting holes in the body. 2nd one needs to be renamed how to prep an rc body for painting.

Mike j

great tutorial. i am planning on starting to try and airbrush this up and coming weekend. This helped me out alot. Thanks and great looking body



BreakIt Twice

Sick video.... I highly recommend it... ;)

Vrc tools

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Uploading VRChat MMD Avatars For Beginners 2020 (2.0 REDUX)

32 649 views | 1 Jun. 2020

*Yawns* take this away

*Yawns* take this away from me!

Unity - https://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/2017.4.28

VRCSDK - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BE0FHGrV-aISn8akn-0iZuXnLUIYrN0m/view?usp=sharing

CATS Blender Plugin - https://github.com/michaeldegroot/cats-blender-plugin

Blender 2.79 - https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-79/

Dynamic Bones - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/dynamic-bone-16743

Find MMD Avatars here (Caution) - https://www.deviantart.com/


Join My Discord so we can chat. Maybe...


I make stupid VRChat videos.

Follow me on Twitter if you want.



iiLxst Dreamsx

I don't see user preferences am I doing something wrong

Obi Wan Kenobi

I don’t want a custom avatar, i just wanna use Scout from TF2 ;-;

Tedtube gaming

How do i select multiple buttons when exporting on blender

it only lets me click one

Ben Midoriya

my vismes blend shape is in japaneseeeeeee. Please help!!!!!


why is my asset package empty :(

Mehmet Emin Çiçek

Yes! Finally an updated tutorial that's great (accept ur volume :D).


will do a 3.0 tutorial when I get around to learning it, also if the links get broken yell at me here.


I just discovered your videos and omg. You sound like an anime villain and I have so much respect for it lmao

James Bacon

Could i pay you to do this for me? I legit can't seem to follow this or my unity isn't allowing me....idek


When I try to download the "zip" It downloads a whole folder the fuck?

GG WPipee

Would you ever consider to do asmr?


the VRCSDK link didnt work :c


the Viseme stuff is not showing up in the descriptor section for me. help would be appreciated!

r g

When exporting as an FBX, typically the materials and textures will be embedded into the file. Unity has an export Texture and export Materials feature on the FBX asset which will do all the texturing and material setup automatically from that export.

Mr Wubbzly

my vrc avatar descriptor isnt showing up how do u fix this?


I need help downloading unity


your ass looks funny when you walk

Natasha Ott

I'm having issues with uploading my mmd model. I searched up multiple ones, some came in folders and others as regular pictures. When I go to import them, it doesn't show up anywhere on blender. I even moved the pictures to my documents folder as well as my pictures folder, yet nothing worked. Any advice?

Yis Honky

It seems you and I are using different versions of blender and thus with the CAT's stuff Im very lost.
Im using 2.80 I think? Looking at a separate tool Im using for converting Gmod player models.

It's a bit of a shame there's no way to export the materials with the model as most of the models Im working on are solid colours. (Trying to make a while rabbit w/ all shades of white is a pain). Plus seems like some of the models Im working with are missing mandatory bones.


Before I try to follow this, are you planning on doing a 3.0 tutorial any time soon or is this one still close enough?


my viseme shapes list doesn't include "Ah2" anybody know why?


Okay but how do I get all the other stuff in there, like facial expressions, emotes, clothing changes, etc?

Silver ///

For some reason, I can't import the VRCSDK you used into Unity. I'm using the same versions of everything as you, so I have no clue why. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? (I'm going to try to use VRCSDK2-2020. since I already have that, so hopefully that one will work?)

Pain is existence

right, so, im following along, but for some reason pressing fix model after importing the model gives me several error messages, any thoughts?


Does anyone have a solution for this one issue I have?
So everything goes smoothly but then the clothing (lets say a jacket) is see through, the inside parts anyway. Do y'all know how to fix it?

DEADCAST Dragonuff

i got all the way to the unity part but my textures are not saving the same way as in you video

Geekgirl 268

When I get to the lip sync bit, no Face Mesh section pops up when I change to Viseme Blend. Are my characters lips just not able to move?

Conor Charles

Thank you so much for this, im dying to make a princess peach avatar as im struggling to find one and had no idea what im doing, this will help perfectly (hopefully) haha

Its_StrawberryGang :3

I really need hep when i press fix model it goes purple what do i do?


I'm pretty sure I heard your voice somewhere in VRChat but thanks a lot for the tutorial ^^


Why in the actual hell is the player model I'm using take so long to load compared to yours? Just to import mine took around 45 minutes, and I waited 25 for it to convert to a humanoid but at the point I was just pissed. Is there some settings that are wrong or something? Fuck


I took a model from vrcmods and when I go to upload and publish it. It keeps saying asset bundle not found. Anyone else understand the problem? I'm new to this


Hey so I did well up to the miku miku dance part, I put the file in different places easy fin and all this but it just doesn't show up. there isn't any .pmx files or anything i can find

edit: my stupid brain figured it out so if anyone else is having the same problem:
make sure it's a winrar file then right click the file and "extract files" and then add the new folder to a location you can find then boom the pmx or pmd shows up

Mikey Jones

vrcadk file says it cant decompress

Tevra Shai

Curious if you do commissions for avis? I've been watching your videos a lot lately and I just can't figure it out im so confused. If so how much? It wouldn't be from scratch.. I already have an avi that I use daily that I just want tweaked Basically


4:26 I couldn't translate

gangst3r_banana -

vrc sdk not showing up

Tubular AnimationsSFM

Does it have to be mmd models tho?

luke myers

this took me 20 tries and having to go to the 2018 version of unity but I finally got it to work. All in all this video helped out MASSIVELY! Thank you so much!

Litty Another

Well, this is weird, the model I have has a chest bone but isn't that one how is showed here, I mean, that middle bone looks like shouldn't exist, it's that okay?


Plz help whenever I go to VRchat SDK to upload in unity it only let's me access utilities, it won't show control panel


did 0.08 sizing and the model came out the size of a hamster


love the vid <3 thanks a lot :3
Do you mind doing a tutorial on how to make 4 legged avatars work in unity ? :3


i was here to learn how to upload an avatar...i had to listen to the video like 20 times because your voice is stunning


what do you do if no ball appears with the descriptor?


for unity then configure my avatar has not a single transform (the chin,hip, spine,chest etc)

kitty meow

when i try to put in the avatar in blender i cant find it anywhere :( its the step op 3:56

Roxas Sora

I don't have a credit card.... I'm not gonna ask my parents for one of theirs either. Are there any other alternatives to the bone pack?


Ok I lost from the beginning. How do you download that version of unity?? Where is the download button? And for blender idk how to even open the Application

Oliver Vixen

i followed the old tutorial before the update and then i followed this one and when i uploaded my avi with this one i got the no texture magenta color on EVERYTHING. when i followed the other tutorial i never got that any way to fix it?

Sᴛʀᴇss_ Fʀᴇᴇ_Rᴀfʏ

Great, thank you for the help!

Breezey Bat

I followed these steps exactly; but when I go into Unity and after I make her a humanoid, after clicking configure- suddenly my avatars fingertips are bending inwards on themselves. How do I fix this??


Whenever I try to import my fbx file it doesn't register or something on unity it just shows nothing when I preview it or drag it into the scene does anyone have any advice?

Luke Sterling

What if I have made my own model from vroid. There is no texture folder for vroid characters.


Thank you very much Greyhound

Necro Neko

ty the new unity is a dumpster fire <3


i cant buy the bone thing :C

m a a m

is there a way we can upload mmd avatars without using blender? because blender doesn't work for me at all. I have the right version, but i cant open it, it doesn't work, its WAY too complicated. What im asking is, can we import an mmd model into unity without blender?

Den DeGroat

Just going to put this here in case anyone has an issue. I attached converse to my model in blender, but when putting it in unity, they became transparent. To fix that issue, whilst in blender, you want to make sure backface culling is on, select the object that is becoming broken or transparent and then go to mesh>normals>recaculate normals outside and then finally, since the tongue of my sneaker was still thin it became transparent again, so I had to add a solidifier modifier. hope this helps, I scoured countless yt videos and was only able to figure out how to fix it by finding something completely different.


I've clicked on every yt video I could have found about making models. I STILL can't do it. When I try to import the model it says '''Error''

The Bullied Bully

My avatar appears pink

gangst3r_banana -

vrcsdk not working couldnt compress

Izumiki Hayuka

none of my scripts are showing..


Every time I put the fbx file into unity it’s stuck on hold on and doesn’t respond why is that?


Hello, I am new to vr chat and avatar creation and this video really helped me a lot...thank you!
Using Blender and Unity for the first time was a bit confusing not going to lie but I did my best. I tried to make Koneko from High school dxd but it didn't really come out that good.
Here is a link to the picture: https://gyazo.com/c4a16c8b5d3673b9f1d0ffd7058d1d51


None of the VRC Components are coming up (im at 12:58) any help?


I have a question for anyone, was following step by step and triple checked i made sure to have all the correct program versions and settings. But when it comes to dragging on materials at 8:10-8:20 the whole model gets the material and its not sectional like when she slides on the shoes and other pieces. Unsure what I did wrong

Jack Eisenworth

Is that your normal voice?


Can i turn them to links?? That i can after use them for vroid??

Edit: vroid is vrchat but for phones and it needs links to use a avatar of your liking ;-; and i want walk ones with ears and tails XD

Oikawa’s Middle Finger

How do you get the control panel? All I get is Utilities and nothing else :((((((( I feel like I'm the only one with this problem. THIS IS THE ONLY THING I NEED TO FIGURE OUT, I AM SOOO CLOOOOSEEEEEEEEEE (Thank you for the tutorial though)


Oddly enough, the SDK you suggested won't load for the version of Unity you used for this video on my end.


Sadly this is an awful video what if you didn't buy the bones! we need a video without the bones in it , also in the correct unity 2018 version because 2017 does not work as of now!! so following your video just pissed me off since your programs are not updated and at the end 2017 unity doesn't work for vrSDK anymore.


this shit basically asmr

Pudge Scott

Would you consider doing commissions because I have no clue what's happening lmao!!??

Tempsi Dine

Mine doesn't have the select - revert - open options...

Zyzyli Loloads

can you make the volume a little higher .-.

gangst3r_banana -

vrhct only has utilities

gangst3r_banana -

nothing pops up its just invisible

Cyntasia Hall

Can you do a video on how to make a brown skin neko girl?


dont pirate dynamic bones.. ha.. ha.. ha... everyone be using this shit that its been passed around so much. so fuck dat! aint paying $20 for dat shit, ima ask my friend for it lmao


help my blender looks different im on the same version tho

kawaii chan

uh could you add the link or put under this comment where you definitely did not pirate Dynamic Bones. :D


When I try to open the VRChat SDK, it only has down "utilities",, I'm kinda lost


when i put my model into unity it looks fine but when it moves the shirt has tears and ingame my avatars feet dont touch the floor

Badbleep_ Moomoo

my cat plugin isnt workin g

Empress Ling

oke, so i was following your tutorial while trying to upload an mmd avatar into vrchat, but then for some reason i can't get the texture right for the avatar's hands. i'm going to ignore it for now and continue with the tutorial but i want to go back later on and see if i can fix it somehow and i wanted to see if maybe you knew a way to fix it or if you knew what i was doing wrong.
i'm very sorry for the bother ^_^

edit -
i'm really sorry for bothering yu again, but i've also come across something when trying to do the viseme stuff.
whenever i turned on the viseme blend shape for lip sync, below it said lip sync jaw bone and viseme skinned mesh, so i know i'm doing something wrong. i'm very stupid and i'm sorry for bothering yu again ^_^


Dragging the textures onto my model doesnt work the same way it does on yours, it covers the entire model with the boot texture or whatever it is im dragging, even when I click on a specific area. Not sure what's happening.

spooki uwu

so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
my skirt is combining with some parts of the leg and idrk why? when I put a material onto the skirt it sorta bleeds into the legs.

Ruben Miller

it wont let me apply the textures wth :(


Have they fixed the issues?

Tyrrells Chip

when i try to open the vrcsdk file it keeps saying that unity cant decompress the package ;v;


I can't import the SDK, it fails every time I try. What am I doing wrong?


Can I pay you to ERP with me in VRC with that voice?


I cant import the 2019 SDK that you have linked in the description. Has anyone had the same problem or found a fix?


wait are you jadez? your voice

Zuxtqh *:・゚

after all of this it says ive done it all wrong and cant publish fml

Pitesco UwU

How can i fixed the translation from google translate failed??


bit quiet this go around, but thanks for posting an update

Valy G. Creepy

I f*****g give up on Blender -_- NOTHING work like you

Neantrix 56

i installed unity but it aint working for me :(

Vrc tools

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How to Make VRChat MMD Avatar Clothes from Scratch (REDUX)

12 989 views | 27 Jul. 2020

My unorthodox easy method

My unorthodox easy method of making clothes from scratch. Idk might help.

Please take this shirt away from me.



Join My Discord so we can chat. Maybe...


I make stupid VRChat videos.

Follow me on Twitter if you want.




you sound like a next hololive member

FluffinMcPuffin !

kisses toes


That sexy voice again


I don’t even make avatars anymore I just watch because you have the best voice my ears have ever listened to


Remember me as the guy who couldn't speak English lol

Limit Breaker

your ass looks funny when you walk

Jenpharitis Calls


J Yin

I could really just sit there and listen to that voice for hours.

Urgha Blurgha

Thanks for these tutorials! They are really helpful as well as being entertaining.

Savon Anderson

How did you get to this point?

Neko Dragneel

if i find this persons channel one more time i am going to have to sub

Vr Shark Melon

How do I bring up the tab for the mmd shading?

Edit :found it, went to thicken, and uh.... Only arms thicken....

Edit 2: fixed that too, now I can't use grab because it's mirrored, how to stop mirrored?


thank you and I love you


You’re really punishing that mouse like it owes you money...

Warlord Apollyon

"im going click on our collar thump and there we are! * THUMMPPP * there's a proper mirror right there!


eeeeee on my keyboard

Boba Tea

I'm kind of trying to avoid blender for a bit. Is there a way to add clothing in Unity? I've been having problems with a hoodie not moving with the avatar soooo

taina labril

have you seen the new update of blender? its amazing. have you tried it yet

Crystal Diamond

Your tutorials are life, Thank you!

Cookie Swirl

Question how do i get that model for blender

Hotline Jack

plz step on me


Beyond my stupidity, do you know by any chance how to change bones from a old mesh to a new one? Cus I’ve been getting this message thinking that replacing bones was easy ‘Cannot connect mesh to armature’

Thomas Bennett

You know you can have blender show your key presses right?
It's a old plugin but still works.


Hey um in the thumbnail i found that same shaggy hair on deviant art but i dont know how to put it in blender any help?

Destiny Washburn

Your videos are genius. They are easy to understand while having plenty of humor as well. So much of what I've learned in Blender is going off of what you teach in these videos! You give the perfect starting point to really branch off of and get creative with. Thank you!!!


Why aren’t you using newer software like 2.8+?

ORM Duke Of Yorkshire

Many thanks

Pudding ASMR

The thumbnail looks so lewd ??

Leena Talaat

she’s just powering thru remaking old tutorial


thank you for this video i love it and everything is clear eeeeee keep up the great work eeeeee

ilymcd 01

I fell asleep during the video ??


Greyhound, why you are not using blender 2.8x?


your clothes look funny when you walk


is this blender?

jelly bendy

How do you add a body


I'm not kissing your toes But Thank you. instructions were really clear and things were well explained and easy to follow

SN SuperStar

could you make a tutorial of this using blender 2.80

Bigboibrony Mo

Yes another avatar vid thanks worthless hound ♡

panzerfäust lol

dl for this hair?


when you gonna have me do vrchat asmr on this channel again?


What version of blender do you use?


some of the parts of this tutorial is confusing when your not working in 2.79

Necro Neko

im not really into feet but thanks !


What version of 2.79 are you using? Please someone help meeeeeeeeee

Adee M

10:14 had me laughing so hard LMAO but such a useful and easy to follow tutorial, thank you!!


Holy crap these tutorials have given me hope in making my own avatar again!, i needed to refresh my memory since its been a while since i've done it and i must say I've also learned a ton of new things too!


I was genuinely looking to do this exactly. T h a n k y o u.

Alexander Lx

Thanks for making this video, your so awesome to listen to =D


Edit: Yes.


Thanks for the video, if you ever know a easy way to make a like shirt/robe kind of look, i would looove to see that, thank you for this video again!


How you move camera like that?