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4 Unique Orchids in 4 Unconventional Setups! - Vanilla, Mediocalcar & more!

60 979 views | 20 Jul. 2020

Today I tryout some pretty

Today I tryout some pretty unconventional potting setups for some pretty special Orchids :P

? More info below! ?

I recently purchased some new Orchid species to discover and, since we are not in Phalaenopsis land anymore, I needed to be a bit creative with some of the setups, in order to obtain what I wanted!

From using trellises, to coco peat media and Bonsai pots, it all goes if you think a bit about it beforehand ;)

Lepanthes in Glass Orb Terrarium https://youtu.be/OIXEXcav_wY

Potassium deficiency on Phalaenopsis https://journals.ashs.org/hortsci/view/journals/hortsci/42/7/article-p1563.xml

Lechuza pots:

USA https://amzn.to/2WBOxuK

Europe https://amzn.to/2WCt98z

My Amazon links are affiliate links! If you buy something through one of them you won't pay anything more, but I'll get a small commission. It really helps keep my passion going! Thanks! ?

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Music: ES Radiant Bubbles - Chaxti



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Various organic mixes from rePotme https://go.missorchidgirl.com/Agqj48

Fir Bark - Reptibark from ZooMed

Fertilizer and supplements:

MSU Orchid fertilizer for osmosis / rain water https://go.missorchidgirl.com/XQ8yO6

Slotted pots from rePotme https://go.missorchidgirl.com/Stjj80

LED shop panels & LED kitchen tubes from Leroy Merlin, 4000k

Orvibo WiFi Smart Plugs https://amzn.to/2MLSR7T

Shelf units:

Lerberg, Mulig, Omar from IKEA


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Just a small correction: vanilla is a "hemiepiphyte", they start as terrestrials but may lose their terrestrial attachment as they grow (in situ) ?

Ardelle Wachter

Looks good.

Simeon. Vat

I would suggest to add more perlite and bark, maybe a 30:30:30 ratio. This will give more air, drange, and it won’t stay soggy! Coco peat retains allot of water.

Dubravka Sić

Very nice ?


Thank you for the vanilla. I grew mine in bark and coal mix in a self-watering pot. It creeps pretty fast. I put coal in to reduce the amount of odour from the fertilizer. Also, help not to let is stay soggy for too long.


For the nested pots that you showed, the one that sits on top that is tilted, i think a good solution to afixing it in a way that isn't permanent might be to use a hot glue gun. I can think of a few other ways of doing it depending if you wanted it to be removable or permanent, but i'm sure you'll adjust the set up based on your experience as time goes on :)

Kes *

Appreciate all your tips and tricks, you have helped me so much with my growing orchid collection? Started with one back in May and now have 4 different types!!! Thank you so much for these videos?

Dianne Bozakis


Stephanie Sands

Have you ever used vanilla to bake with, from your own vanilla orchid? Or would it need to have a seed pod?
Also, to get said seed pod, would it need to be pollinated with another vanilla?

Nabeela C A

You are the reason why I started collecting orchid. Sacrificed many orchids but it was a learning experience..Thank you and ❤️

Kat Kamm

Looking forward to the terrarium video.


mog our crafting wizard ???

Sharon McLaughlin

Love your experiments!!


Have you ever tried a potassium silicate supplement, like dyna-gro pro-tekt or general hydroponics armor si?

marija zuro

Where can i buy iwanagaara apple blossom

Bonnie Sue Kimball

Very nice! Different artistic ways to make our plants happier. We don't have to be traditional!

Ianta Washington-Allotey

What is the best way to water orchard?

heather edwards

Looks great!!! So many good ideas!!!! Might try a mini African violet in the glass ball!!!

Ionescu Ionut

Dani! You didn't show us how did you un mount your orchid ? and what about the charcoal. What does it do ?? Anyway your videos are super creative ❤️ ☀️ good luck with your new green friends

Jessica Hinman

I love your craft project videos! Especially the holiday decoration with orchids ones.

Sandra Whitman

Me gusta el soil que preparas

aviaja petersen

I loved LOVED this video, thank you for sharing your passion for Orchids. I am into miniature and Jewel Orchids and small plants who are well suited for terrariums. ?

Giang Hoàng

Hi Danny, im an old sub and now im wondering what happened to all your hoyas in ur old videos? I totally forgot abt them until u mention them today and now im curious.

Vivien Lee

I also just potted two bulbophyllums in bonsai pots and just like you did, I on purposely left strands of moss through the drain holes to absorb water.
Great minds think alike, I guess. ?

Kristina Rusnok

Apparently, odla is not available in my country, bother.


This was helpful. I have an orchid and the blooms are over, I trimmed it but the stem continues to turn yellow. I don't know if it needing to be re-potted, I am guessing so?


I've been wanting to get a vanilla orchid for ages and i'm just not sure if i have enough ambient humidity it needs to thrive. Are the ones you have low maintenance? What's your ambient humidity like?

Orchids _365_

I’ve just been gifted a vanilla cutting and I found this helpful; thank you! ☺️

Mike Esparrago

Lovely displays ? and can’t wait for the terrarium video!

Green Apple Garden and Life

Love to watch!


Paula from Mexico. I don’t know if this vanilla orchid is the same or different then the ones that produce the vanilla beans. Because vanilla growers is a big thing here in Mexico. A European company came here to get the plants to take back to Europe. They were not successful in growing the vanilla beans. Flowers yes, beans no. They came back to fine out why. It is because there is a special bee that pollinates the flowers. Not just any bee. So they had to bye a swam of special bees to take back with them. Your trellis will not last too long, you may have to think about a bigger one later on. But let us know how it is doing. I would love to see it’s progress.


Great video! I love to see the unusual orchids and exciting new setups. The dendrobium is just so pretty! I really want one.
Yay! You crafted! Lol. I love crafting. I subscribed to Micarah Tewers after your post. Dream_Fairy_DIY is a favorite for paper crafts. And I just recently found Hanabira for miniatures. I made a mini orchid garden!
I’ve learned so much from you, Danny. I applied your advice about pot size and water retention to my other houseplants, and they are doing much better now! Thank you!

Thomas M

Hi Danny. Gosh what a healthy and lush vanilla orchid you have?, hope you get it off the ground and get some beans ?. Your equitans looks like my hair in the morning ?. Can say yours looks like a beauty, not mines.

Wanda Shaw

These were very creative set ups! I really like the vanilla with its thick cane! On the last Orchid, did you remove it from the mount completely? And, would you pot a slipper orchid in the media you used with the vanilla? Thanks. ?

Kevin Best

Thanks for putting this up adout a virnilla orchid I have one but not has big has the one you are showing and now I know more about them thanks so much

Shirley Holt

Very nice. Great tutorial. Those were great ideas for different ways to grow our orchids. Thanks again for a great video.?

Julia Shearer

I am really enjoying the creativity of these videos. ?

Tammara Gill

I bought a small vanilla orchid and was wondering HOW I could repot with something for it to climb up. THANKS!


Hi Danny, I have one vanilla orchid and it loves to climb. Nice set up, looks good. Danny could you do a hoya video I don't seem to have much luck in them I had two yes I said had. Thank you for sharing

Imperial Gardener

Superb marvelous ? ? does vannila orchids bear flowers?


I'm learning so much thanks.

Frankie’s Forest

Amazing orchids ? I have a vanilla orchid on my wishlist now ✅?

Miranda Romano

I love unique setups! I always have to get creative in my small space. Thank you for the inspiration ☺️

Jim Miller

Hey I like the videos! I was thinking why not try a hot glue gun on the mating surfaces of the two pots to stabilize them...just a couple of dabs should do fine.

Orchid unique

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Tiny Orchids and A Trick For Cheap Orchids.

9 236 views | 3 Sep. 2019

I purchased some tiny

I purchased some tiny orchids from seattleorchid! Also I share the sweet tip to get cheap orchids by simply waiting for them to drop flowers because the store always puts them on sale for an extreme discount.


The Large Orchid With Small Flowers: Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite

The Smallest Orchid: Schoenorchis Fragrans

Go To Gardening Stuff ( Amazon Affiliate Links )


200 True Watts

For High Yield Fruiting and Vegetable Plants

Niello - https://amzn.to/3dpH7jE ( STRONG )

40 True Watts

Houseplants/leafy greens ( great for shelves )

Barrina Full Spectrum - https://amzn.to/2V3K9UD

36 True Watts

Works great in light fixtures

SANSI - https://amzn.to/3fHKfsT

Random Necessities_______________________________________________

Timers For Your Lights - https://amzn.to/2NkbLAA

Temperature and Humidity Meter - https://amzn.to/3ei5ukF

The Greatest Mister Ever - https://amzn.to/2V3a2ne

Chikamasa Garden Scissors - https://amzn.to/2YYX7DY


Fungus Gnat Removal (leverages a bacteria that kills only fungus gnats and mosquitos)

Misquito Bits - https://amzn.to/37NJaNr

Sphagnum Moss - https://amzn.to/3doNIeh

Orchid/Aroid Mix - https://amzn.to/3hL8b0e

Laurel DeForge

I have a lot of plants, some of which are moderately difficult & a lot of experience, but I still don’t feel ready for orchids. They just SEEM like a pain in the ass. ?


Super curious about the vanda orchid, I think the roots are so beautiful!


I’m new to orchids but they do great with me , but I kill dandelions when I bring some in. I killed one orchid because I was lazy for months, I killed a dandelion by simply putting them in a pot.

Aaron Andrews

Great video. Oncidium orchids are some if the easiest to grow and most rewarding. Phalaneopsis are also easy and bloom a lot. Do your homework on your vanda orchid. Ive tried them several times and havent been successful. They bloom once a year and need lots of misting. Look forward to your future videos.

Sicong Han

So happy to see that you also own orchids :P

Edmund Lacle

My friends and i love your content, I wonder if you have seen the flowers on your bulbyish orchid bloom. Or else i made a picture for you (instagram link)
Keep up the amazing content from the Netherlands, greetings Ed


Ameen Omar

Hey Wikipedia is fake


I want an oncidium so much. I love their pseudobulbs


I really like your channel for how casual and off the cuff your scripts seem, but it always makes me feel a bit bad when you struggle with latin names. I think if you come at the plant names with just a little more practice and just a little more confidence, you'll feel a bit better about how you say them. Both times you did fine, even with the caveat, and I think if you'd just taken the time to say the line or even just the plant name to yourself a dozen times or so, just to get a feel for how it sounds when you say it, it would've come across that much better. You're so knowledgeable about plants, it's a shame when you undercut yourself.


hey, me too! I am new to orchids too! I only have four and I just got my first blooms all on my own. I got all of mine on clearance from Lowe's. Apparently people won't buy them once the blooms drop so you can get really nice looking moth orchids for only $5 or $10. I repotted them all immediately based on what I learned on the Miss Orchid Girl channel and they're all doing exactly what she said they would.


Checkout “Andy’s Orchids” they are in Southern California lots of mini orchids and everything else. Thanks for the great video!

The Caroline Show

I actuallly had two orchids way before I knew shit about plants because they were gifted to me.. I kind of managed to keep them alive quite well after I got two tips: water them by having them soak in a tub of water or their pot, then drain. Also, when the flowers die of, cut the stems back (to the next node). Pretty basic but very effective! They died eventually because I moved and didn't have enough light for them. Haven't gotten new ones since because although I moved again I still don't seem to get a good spot with enough light for them. Without knowing the type of the ones I had (I'd say the "typical" ones) I recon they need a lot of light, without burning them. That's all I have, hope it helps somehow :)


i have an orchid that has never flowered :( excited for your flowering video!!

Monika Piotrowska

Oh, i was wondering to hear some unique trick to get cheap orchids but instead you told about a thing that i always do :D i buy orchids for about 2$, and usually in my country they cost 10$. BUT! i buy them when flowering, cause the stores make discounts just when one flower fall or when plant have less than 7 flowers.

Lilith Rose r0lilith on IG

this is so crazy because just recently my locals have had very cheap orchids with no flowers!! i was interested b/c i love all plants, but i didn’t know if i should risk the plants life and try a crazy experiment to take care of such a different plant than what i am used to! i heard they are a totally different realm of houseplant. definitely love to see some updates and info on what you think is best for them! thank you??

Jaime Escobedo

S. Fragrans is a a harder plant to grow definitely do some research on orchid forums etc. It needs humidity and good air flow

Jaime Escobedo

Lol Seattleorchids is one of the best sources. Also orchids are just expensive in general lol

John Thurling

With all your knowledge and experience you could grow some really good cannabis :D Peace and Love from the UK


eBay is my go to for orchids. They have so many inexpensive orchids many of which has free shipping.

Marc Stewart

Lol phals is one of the hardest in my opinion


Oh, no you have got yourself into the world of endless cravings...

I had over 100+ plants at the peak of my collection. A blight and spider mites killed a majority of mine. One mouse, manage to chew others to death. I only have one left, since I gave others away to save them from the mouse.
In my few years of experience, I noticed specific conditions for certain orchids.
Laelia types/cattleyas are more adept at temperate climates and low humidity, compared to other orchids. Oncidium types are quite sensitive to low humidity settings, this is also true for lady slippers/paphiopedalum/phragmipediums orchids. Vanda types/phalaenopsis types are like a mixture of oncidiums and cattleya, some can adapt well while some will just die. Humidity is necessary for most orchids regardless of which type, while some are like cacti and will thrive no matter what. All in all they are like ferns.
If you must use fertilizers, use half or even a quarter of the recommended dose since most chemical fertilizers can burn roots. As with other plants, always have a back-up supply of orchid mix, or their separate ingredients to make custom blends. However, always have orchid bark regardless. Some orchids would prefer a smaller size/grain of bark/wood pieces.

Tiff C L

Great steal! I'm happy for you. I got one before for $2.99 still with pretty flowers. Not sure why it was put on sale as it was very healthy. But I'm glad I got it. All the best on your new orchid collections. Please share some tips if you can as well ?

Lopez M

I live in South Florida and I put all my orchids on my trees. So easy to do, they just attach themselves naturally.


Hello, do you know how to propagate that tiny orchid? I have the same one and want to make more of them. Ty


In my experience, orchids usually bloom for ages. Don't worry too much about it. Can't wait to see what the Oncidium looks like while flowering! I've got a bunch of Cambria, who are a crossbreed of Oncidium and a bunch of others.. But the flower buds look different ^^

Vyes The Victorious Boy

Your video on making drainage holes by hand just saved me! Thanks for solving my plant problem once again. ❤️

Sage Aesthetic

Nice that’s exciting you got some rare ones in the mail. I just picked up some fresh (2 months old) green coffee seeds and I am attempting to germinate and grow them. I’ve heard it can take several months before one actually sprouts. I’d love for you to try and grow coffee as well. You seem to have some good knowledge on plants and I love watching your videos

Orchid unique

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Orchid pseudobulbs - Purpose, functions and features

11 471 views | 17 Dec. 2016

Continuing the series we

Continuing the series we started about Orchid structures, today we tale a look at pseudobulbs and talk about what they're good for, what they do and why they are important.

▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼

If you missed the previous discussions you can check them out here

Roots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQBautYpq9s

Leaves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoMWQsv7QH0

Orchid pseudobulbs are unique adaptations to possible harsh environments, but what they actually are is an enlarged portion of the stem. Simpodial orchids generally have pseudobulbs, but not all simpodials produce them. The reason why they are called pseudo - bulbs is because they are not true bulbs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudobulb

There are 3 main functions that one pseudobulb performs:

1. Produces other vital structures, such as leaves and roots, but also flower spikes and rhizomes.

2. Stores water and nutrients so the orchid can utilize them even when they are not abundantly available in the environment.

3. Propagates the orchid in the event that one or more pseudobulbs get detached from the orchid.

Both epiphytic and terrestrial orchids can produce pseudobulbs, but there are some that make true corms situated under the soil level.


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✿ Intro and outro music:

Andrew Applepie - Bathtaking

Show him some love!



Mary Debbarma

Thank you so much for sharing. It's great help. What kind of soil or fertilizer do you use? Please let me know. Thanks


Hi : )


Hey Dani, excellent video! Thorough, informative and easy to understand. You definitely did your homework, girl. ??? have a great weekend!

Orchids & a Dutchy

I hope your ida locusta is preparing to bloom! I remember Ana Maria telling about this plant in a video. She said it makes green blooms that smell like green apples (if I remember correctly). Sounds like a dream! I would love an orchid like that, if only it was a little smaller.

Amelia Frost

Hi Danny, just a quick question how long does a bulb take to plump back up? Or is it a case of once the damage is done it's done? As I have an oncidium twinkle good roots and is blooming nicely but the bulbs are very ridged not wrinkled - is it normal for this one?
Thank you xx

Orchid Society of Alberta

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am learning a lot about orchids by watching your videos. I have a couple of questions: a pseudobulb will grow leafes more than once? and would you recommend that pseudobulbs that have lots their leaves be removed in a plant that has 6 or more and maybe two that has no leaves no more? Hope you can provide an answer. Thank you again.

Katelyn Fi

I only have one orchid so half of your informative videos are not useful to me but I still watch every single one of your videos because I find them entertaining and interesting and I hope to get space for more orchids soon. I also have 8 other different types of plants.

Ron Loomis

As always a very informative and helpful video, your advice has always been my "go to" for help with my small orchid collection. This past year I added three intergeneric mixed specie type orchids and they have flourished and bloomed under guidance I derived from your series. Thank you

Debra Blander

PS - im seeing your add for your merchandise - i bought a t-shirt and a coffee cup - how pretty! and very good quality. I love both items! :-)

Summer Robinson

I especially liked the part where you talked about how the bulbs communicate and work together to support the one who needs the most energy at the time :-) I know people like to share with these types of orchids and they are gr8 for that, but don't send them out to an uncertain world without a little backup ;-)

Terry Klemesrud

If you have a pseudobulb that is starting to wrinkle up....how long would you soak the pseudobulb? Thanks!!

Tanya Richardson

What is the best way to hydrate a very dry Pseudobulbs?

Dianne Bozakis

So informative, thank you for sharing


What is a good length of time to soak when the Pseudobulb becomes very wrinkled/dehydrated? Roots looked okay when repotted.

Little Home Gardener

This was very informative and interesting. Thank you for making the video! I will watch the others as well later. I am interested in learning more about keikis. :)

Cveti Ivanova

Hi Danny. By your opinion which oncidium matures new pseudobulb the fastest? I know this is related to the environment and other things but just let me know your observations.

Lisa van Dyk

I am struggling to find information on a Burrageara Lazio orchid. I just bought one and am not sure what her requirements are. Do you have any advice? Also, her bottom leaves have started to turn yellow. Is this a bad sign?

neo pac

Hi dani. Love your videos. Thanks for all advice..
I had to go away for 2 weeks and left my calonara painter tropic in a bathroom frosted window-next to a phalaenopsis which is thriving- there is bright indirect light-and came back to find the flowers are dried and dropping, the pseudobulbs have gone yellow!! Is it too much sun or is it dehydration? ???Thanks much

Claudia Morales

thank you Dani!!!


Your videos make excellent online classes in botany for any university. Based on your knowledge and experience with orchids, you would make an excellent adjunct professor for many colleges in the US for an advanced botany or horticulture course dealing with orchids.


Hi Danni, Do you have any Idea for training larger flowers? A couple of my orchids have really big flowers. One is a Maltassia Royal Robe and The other is a Purpurata. Each have a 5 inch or bigger flower. The problem I notice is that because the buds on the spike are too close together. So the flower does not open all the way, Or the petals interferes with the other flower.

Blanca Acosta

Hi Dani. What message is the pseudobulbs sending when they start displaying a change of color from green to a reddish color? Also some of the leaves along the tip edges are turning red. I keep questioning myself and hubby replies: "Forget about it. It's the Christmas season and they sre displaying holiday colors." lol. I wish, but I know better.

Kelley Ireland

The video that is recommended is "worst orchids ever" i actually have seen that one before.