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muvee 360 Video Stitcher Web Video

860 views | 1 Dec. 2016

World's first 360 Video

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Video stitcher

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WATCH: VP'S Vaccine Campaign

418 views | 10 Feb. 2021

WATCH: VP'S Vaccine

WATCH: VP'S Vaccine Campaign

Vice President Maria Leonor "Leni" Robredo launches a video on Feb. 10, 2021 to campaign for vaccination against Covid-19.


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madumb kompleto kba sa bakuna?

geralt rivia

halatang scripted puta, kung gusto nyo magkaroon ng tiwala sa vaccine ang mga pinoy dapat doctor ang tinatanung nyo about jan

Rodolfo Jr Ator

Thislike na dis hahahqhq

Bernabe Engada

This is fact, 97.3 % ang nagdislike ng video na eto. I hope you can comprehend what it means. EPAL lang.

Alonto Jr Sumagayan

Featured by you!!!???The F..

Northern FJ

Super EPAL talaga. Di naman sya kasali sa procurement ng bakuna. Kunwari busy daw sya at nagpa-impromptu interview eh halata naman scripted.

coke angel


Diego Watawat

Sa una palang nang eksena, palpak na! Naka face mask kuno habang nagtratrabahong mag isa sa kanyang kwarto ! Di man lang pinatay ung loptop eh ayos na ayos yung table nya at mag ayos man lang nang buhok para magmukhang man lang realistic ang dating!

Геральд Теплухин


Triple Double

Pekeng peke, scripted ka tanga

Facundo Altemio

Pabakuna mo utak mo gunggong
Buhay pa itong hayop na ito


ewwwwwwwwwwww cringe fest

Peter Parker


Larry Poticar


Carlojay Gonzales

Bakit nman ako magpapaturok ng bakuna alam ko ba laman nyan at kung ano long term effect nyan...advertisement para makahikayat ng magpabakuna...tsk tsk tsk..binobola na tayo neto...

Krazy Khloe

wow grabe ka scripted lol

jaynard magbanua

Nakakatuwa. Parang dula-dulaan sa high school. Nakakaaliw. ??

Pinay wifey life in Japan

Hoi cmbako aning bayhana ???


Epalog ka talaga

Triple Double

Prepared na prepared sa interview, scripted ..kahit anong gawin nyo yellow negatrons wala na kayong mabobola...kayo lang ang tanga hindi kami

Gabe Novicio


Carlojay Gonzales

How about yung issue sa kick vaccine balita nmin maraming bilyon silang kikitain dyan kya ipinagpipilitan ang bakuna sa atin proteksyon daw...alam nyo ba efficacy nyan alam nyo ba long term side effect nyan..alam nyo ba laman nyan...ang alam kong alam nyo lang ay may sign of' $' jan..anu kami u2u2...ngek ngek nyo...

Jon Rivera


Video stitcher

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January Haul 2021 (Blu-Rays, Funkos, and More)

3 053 views | 9 Feb. 2021

January has passed by. SO

January has passed by. SO it's time for the first haul of 2021!


INSTAGRAM @seantalksabout

TWITTER @kirkneverdied

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Patreon https://www.patreon.com/seanchandler​


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Check out the complete list of gear I use for creating my YouTube videos here: https://kit.co/SeanChandler/my-youtub...​

See a list of my posters (and where to get them) here: https://kit.co/SeanChandler/my-movie-...​

See a list of my Funko Pops here: https://kit.co/SeanChandler/my-funko-...​

Fan Mail can be sent to:

Sean M. Chandler

PO Box 1042

Hutto, TX 78634


This video contains Sean Chandler Talks About's January 2021 Haul!


I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this video.

DJ crazy dog

Great video I just want to let you know people keep on sending you inappropriate links

bạch trúc lan

Nghệ sĩ Kim Giang

Move with Jenna

I love how Zoom makes analysts show their faces! ? go #Zoomtopia most interactive and lively earnings call I’ve seen. Well done!

James Anderson

AoS review next? The show really improves after season 1 and becomes the best Marvel show or movie. Here is a video about what makes it so good but there are some spoilers at the end so be careful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxx_FDTguIE


unfortunate that you are still having to deal with bogus copyright claims , maybe joining a network would help if that's a huge problem. anyways good video man

Big Bird


Brick Master Entertainment

You should definitely review Ghost of Tsushima when you complete it, it is amazing! It even has a mode dedicated to filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa!

Tony Stark

My recent orders are:
Clone wars 2008 movie blu-ray
Clone wars lost missions blu-ray
Now on the hunt to find seasons 1-5 for decent price!
Nice haul!


I clicked because I saw a criterion. Love collecting those, had to see which one you got. I've never seen the following but the criterion will definitely be the best version.

Alex Thomas

Hey Man! Nice Video!! That’s Crazy That You Purchased The James Bond Collection! I Just Bought That As Well Preparing For “No Time To Die”!!

T.O.Y.Z for fun1

Have you seen Jared Leto's Joker in the Snyder Cut? What did you think?

Tarik’s Reviews & Reactions

How did they claim your review? What does that mean? Sounds super unfair and as you said, shady.

Carter Lovejoy

My January 2021 Pickups:
- Akira 4K
- Amistad Blu-ray
- The Bridge on the River Kwai (60th Anniversary Edition) 4K
- The Color Purple Blu-ray
- The Gentlemen 4K
- The Illusionist (2006) Blu-ray
- Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Blu-ray
- Mallrats (Arrow Video) Blu-ray
- Only Yesterday Blu-ray
- The Prestige 4K
- Real Steel Blu-ray
- Seven Psychopaths Blu-ray
- Spider-Man Trilogy (Raimi) 4K
- They Live (Scream Factory) 4K
- Total Recall (Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook) 4K

Tim Bagwell

Red Dead 2 is so good! You don't need to play the first one to really love the second

Richard Price

You will love the Red Dead Redemption series

Everything Weather

I've gotta go and get Greenland and check it out. I really love watching Gerard Butler and I actually love Geostorm, I think Geostorm is actually a pretty great film. I think the hate the film gets is pretty stupid to be honest. Anyway, I'm super excited that Greenland is now out on Blu-ray so now I can own it and finally check it out.

Ilija Čogelja

I was dvd collector . And last time I said " I should buy some movies maybe i wont get another chance who knows " so i bought it . And guess what? I found out all dvds in my country were completely removed from the shelves . Yeah , talk about luck

Vincent Hose

Red dead redemption 2 is my favorite game of all time

Rye Guy

My pickups:
Batman returns (steelbook)
It 1990 (steelbook)
Jurassic Park: The lost world
X-men trilogy vol 2
X-men origins Wolverine
La la land

Joshua Hickey

You should check out Hitman 2 and 3.

Nicole Clark

i really liked greenland. such a good movie!

Caleb Brett

What's your job bro...

Andrew Tomkovich

Does anyone here have the marvel encyclopedia? Is it worth buying? I’m a huge marvel fan.


@Sean Chandler Plus Red Dead Redemption 2's a prequel, so you don't have to play the first one


Red Dead 2 is my favourite game of all time! I have been meaning to recommend it to you for ages but just thought: “nah, he’s got kids, he ain’t got time for that”. Please let me know what you think!

disney fan

There are 3 things i like about this channel and the other channels a movie review the blu-rays haul and the ranking of movies and tv shows ❤???❤

Mother Moose

Red dead 2 is an awesome game it has so much detail and the story is great

Richard Price

Jack Reacher’s book series is great


U should play Last of us 1 and part 2
I think that will be right up ur alley

Jonezy WWFC

Nice haul sean ! Due to lockdown the only thing i picked up this month was Tenet on blu ray

Also have u seen the new pictures of Jared Leto's joker if so what did you think about them ?

Marshall Boii

Dope pickups, awesome stuff

Richard Price

The video everyone has been dying to see


YES!!! Red Dead 2 is great!!!

Omega Rejectz

RDR2 is probably the most cinematic game I’ve ever played. The story, characters, environment, everything is awesome. Unfortunately the gameplay and other things can ruin the game it’s worth continuing through it, it’ll be worth it.

Ghost of Tsushima is also a really great game

That Random Crazy

Great video ?

Regan the Rebel


That’s all

James Franklin

You’re going to absolutely love RDR2! Don’t get discouraged by the game’s length/slow pace. Everything pays off in the end...

GrandMaster Kaiju

I bought:
Murder on the Orient Express
Death on the Nile
Evil Under the Sun
Harrison Ford box set which includes,
Presumed Innocent
The Fugitive
I also finally decided to get all the Harry Potter books since I've loved the movies since I was a child

jordan arness

I love the fact you added movie clips I laughed at some parts keep up the good work


My Haul
The Legend of Tarzan (2016) DVD

S George

what's the first one you picked?

Jermaine Haslam

I really want to watch Green Land looks like a good disaster flick!

lazzy douse

Love this channel

Andy Votskos

Could you rank all 4 season of Batman: The Animated Series


Great haul man! Love the Wayne's World clips! ?

Mariah Tahmisian

Love the new channel Sean!

Aidan McCarel


Alex Larraga

Red Dead Redemption II and Ghost of Tsushima are two fantastic games. Nice pick-ups!

Charlie Martinez

Have you seen Platoon 1986. Oliver stone?

Llama Man

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the greatest game I've ever played. I hope we see a review!

Salty Pineapple

Hello there

The superfan

Awesome vid! How many channels do you have? I know about your main channel, this one, and real creators. Are there any more that Chandler fans should know about?

Dmitriy Starikov


Crystal Tjeerdsma

Great vid Sean?

awesome cool guy

These are all the Blu-rays I got:
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
The Prestige
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2
Inglorious Basterds
Django Unchained
The Hateful Eight
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Reservoir Dogs
Jackie Brown

Daniel Farley

I got that exact James bond collection this time last year

Christian Cirincione

Loving the new channel and content man ????

Riley Severn

Have you gotten around to playing the last of us yet? I feel like it’s your kind of game

Owen Film Reviews

I got a lot of stuff this past month but my favorite pick ups have to be Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile.

Jordan Jones

Rdr2 and ghost of tsushima r two of my favorite games. Super cinematic. You’ll love them

Batman 101

I didn't pick up much but I did get a few things so here's what I got
Tenet Blu-ray
Love and Monsters Blu-ray
Batman Soul of the Dragon Blu-ray
Flash season 3 Blu-ray
Ant-man 4k
Flashpoint graphic novel
Batman Hush graphic novel

G Xenick

Can’t wait to see the Blu-ray update vid! I also had a big haul today. I picked up
Wizard of Oz
Blade runner 2049
Green book
Knives out
And a quiet place


I watched Greenland on prime recently, movie is banging but the ending is a bit crap

Andrew Moore

Could you review Kelly's heroes on this channel?


My month was quite nice, got through heavy exams alive so threated myself with:
Jumanji The Next Level 4K
Alita Batlle Angel 4K
Godzilla KotM 4K
And most importantly
Terminator Judgement Day, ended up getting a really fancy version since the Blu-ray for that movie is quite rare in my country, but I needed to have a copy of it, and the first terminator and the last arrive in two days (I don't care that much about the ones between T2 and DF)

Calvin Friedlander

Great video, will you be doing an updated blu ray collection video soon?

Jose Fitz Fernandez

Wow I just realized I didn't buy any news movies in January. I did preorder that new Falcon (flying) funko for Falcon and the Winter Soldier though.

C Monroe

I played RDR2 a few years back and loved the first half but hated the second half. I got Ghosts of Tsushima for Christmas too and still haven’t opened it yet.

Andy Roy

Wow I Just watched Wayne’s word this morning so it was really awesome to see it

Michael Timme

I like this, it’s like The flick picks John flickinger channel.


Do you buy steelbooks. You should. I got my first one, Batman 1989 on it

Rylee Trudel

What I Picked Up In January
Deadpool 2
Jurassic Park lll
Man Of Steel
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Suicide Squad
Wonder Woman
Justice League
Birds Of Prey

Moby Huge

I’m not rly a big blu ray collector but I’m tryna start doing that so I bought my first ever steelbook: edge of tomorrow in 3D (don’t have a 3D compatible blu ray player or tv but it’s still a sick steelbook)

After Credits

Oooooh I like the new logo for your intro on this channel!


Now that you have this channel can you consider talking more community?

Game On


Mitchell Phillips

January I got a late Christmas present from my brother. Jeff Winger POP from community

John-Sebastian De Jesus

you should see freaks ad geeks it is now on Hulu