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The New £1 Coin

427 084 views | 31 Oct. 2016

The new £1 coin will go

The new £1 coin will go into circulation in March 2017. Here we take an in-depth look at the security features of the new coin.


bruh it's so ugly it's like the two pound coin and the fifty penny coin had a baby :(

Gego/XAREN ゲゴザレン

The new pound coin should have the quintessential British Two Finger Salute.

Abdelghani Mouaouiya

Io ce l'ho questa moneta si interessa mi contatta

LoLCraft YT

Just like the two pound


Introducing the iPound 6

DJ Donnelly

They look smaller

Anthony Hamer

the pound coin is like the old three penny piece

Mike Oxlong

Have you heard it's great new feature of being worth dogshit against the dollar

Thomas Cottle

The Welsh should have a Daffodil, not a leek.

Nathan Siddaway

i want 1 pound nots


If you are still replying to comments. Will the regular one pound coin still be able to be used?

srinivas prasanth

Beautiful coin

Maryo Goia

I have one pounds 2017 for sale07587652530

Marcus Porcius Cato

Hé, it just look like a Euro coin.All this Brexit drama for that, so British...

Caydaruus Ibrahim

I have like this

Silver and World coins

nice coin

Carlos Polanco


Lefwog James

I dont like smaller coins i like heavy ones


Wanna be 1€ coin

Maybe Harvey

I dont own a business


They sure look like they cost a lot more than 1 pound to make!

Ninja Team

Wondering why they have to make another one?


Man that scottish thistle is gonna look silly when the scots drop out of the UK.

stuart bray

It was made in 2017

CEO Coin


Ben Michael

so we're gonna have to replace all Shopping Trollies in the UK?


Looks like its designed by Pablo Picasso with the cubist art design:)

dj suresh nagin dj all in one

mere pass hai purana paisa plc call me 8617517385

Rory Marshall

I'm looking forward to the iPound mini

James Robertson

Cutting edge edge-cutting technology.

Gabriel Schmitt

I miss the old £1 coin, I've still got 2 of the old ones and I've had them both since you could not pay with them anymore, I do not know why I didn't keep any when the old ones started not getting accepted anymore. One of them I found, and the other one I got as change, I will keep both.

Professor Hal

EUball: Remove Tea.
UKball: Remove EUSSR.

mandeep kumar

i want to sell my old coin geroge V king emperor my contact no.9461581024

Thunder God


Elliott Eves

It's like an apple advert


Micro inscription is a stupid idea if you had to check them there so small you can only see them with a magnifying glass apart from that it's fine another thing I would do is the polymer notes make them a slightly different texture so you can tell what they are in the dark

Craparella Smørrebrød

I wonder whether the "hidden high security feature" is a RFID chip with a dedicated ID to each coin, allowing to track both movement of each coin and people carrying them through the city. It would fit the current "let's erode all privacy" government stance. Would that be feasible?

Aesthetic Subliminals



I still miss the pound note ?

jrex M

What about vending machines


The new pound coin sticks to a magnet,does that mean that it could be prone to rust like the lower denomination coins do ? just a thought that's all.


I got 1
Also don't spend the old 1 pound coin because they may be worth a lot in the future

Hayyan Muneeb

Unfortunately mays stupid ass made this worth less in different countries...

Shaik Wajid

Yeh kaun hai mere paas

Sittie Sofia Cauntongan

pls... sir i interested in my old coin one pound 2017and 2018 ...how much the good price sir

samar bhagwat

mere pass Nepal ka 25 paise ka sikaka hai 7987594609

Seb -T

i have it now

iam_abdul _06

I am sell this coin


Why the hell does our new coin have specs?

Paul Taylor

they have not used gluten in these you wont believe why muslims its haram bad we have no government jesuit prim minister all going to fill pockets like heath and on fromthere


Its a one Pound Coin the fuck, bitch advertising this like some new IPhone 8 ?!!
comes with 16 gigabytes of data
batteries not included
brand new gorilla glass
included 3.5mm headphone jack

And this shot got some new technology like dafuk what else can it do bring back the dead BETCH!!!

Shaik Wajid



As a shop worker I recently declined my first counterfeit new style £1 coin, also £2 coins are becoming increasingly counterfeited. I am declining one of those almost every week now. At least it is not as bad as it was before the new coins. Every day there were fakes in most wallets/purses.


"new " that latent pic was on pesetas from spain before the euro

Steven Whiting

The "secret" feature won't be secret for long. Guarantee they'll be people punching out the centre and drilling it to see if there is anything inside. Possibly RFID but then if so, there'd be uproar.

Panic!AtTheFalloutChemicalDisco !

what's counterfeit?

Sakeenah Trust

beautiful coin can i have one please!


it's 14 sides actually

Museum of money

I just received one of these coins I love it.

Super Hans ✅

I do like the new coin but people have already started counterfeiting the new £5 note so before long they'll do it to this too

it's anto stow

Introducing the revolutionary new ipound12

Sponge Bobby

complete waste of time and money whats the point

eurus kreacatoa

i wAnT tHaT

Uma Sukumar

This coin what Indian valued rupees

Paulus de Kenezy

Nice and worth less than the previous.


So the trolleys and vending machines won't work anymore

carlos bueno

Tengo la.misma moneda que precio tiene


whats the cost of producing this one compared to the old one

Noah Moyer

I've never seen such a dramatic ad for a coin.

Peter Wilson

I'll have to take £10 now...

Thunder God


Sittie Sofia Cauntongan

im a rich now...

Adam Collins

I hate it.


I'd buy that for a dollar

Rónán McIntyre

Hahaha "Northern Irish shamrock"

Nova and Winter

it looks like a 1 euro coin but not the same shape

Raj Srivastav

hidden feature inside.........the suspense........

Alexander Silver Darter

Which production company made this video? The word is CRAFTSMANSHIP, not CRAFTMANSHIP (0:54) - this is a little embarrassing for a video from the Royal Mint!

jenise jesus

i have it
the new coin

David Nathan Magic

Does anyone know the name of the music? I recognize it but I don't know where it's from

Richard Steeples

they not worth anything? i got lots it the Royal Mint ones that are dated 2015 that worth a lot

no one



How tf has it already been 2 years since these changes

Museum of money

I purchased this coin it is nice.

Melalyn Ocay

i have that coin 2017?


'cutting edge technology' yeah we use saws to cut it to shape ?

Shaik Wajid

Yeh phone mere paas hai mujhe call karo mera number hai 910 326 08 580 call Karke uski Keemat kya haal Shakti do

The legend 27

And it cost 3 pound to make


What's the hidden high security feature built into the coin mentioned at 0:45 ? Some kind of unique serial number on an RFID chip to make it traceable, perhaps? Where can I buy bitcoins with one of these? Bitcoins aren't just "much more difficult to counterfeit", they're practically impossible to counterfeit. They can't be hyperinflated or devalued by governments either. Ho hum.

Danny Ram

Shouldn’t this appear in 2015?

elom howe

I'm just stressed I'm going to get mixed up with the 2 pound coin


Im holding this coin in my hand write now...

Agitated Anxios

Cool, How much is it though?


'Hidden security feature'????!!

Sittie Sofia Cauntongan

thank you sir i have like that a coin2017 and 2018...one poun coin. #09206962924phillippiness number... i interest selling my old coin and the good price

Channel shutdown

RIP OLD 1 POUND COIN 2015-2017



Kishore Shenoy

How much would 51.839 new pound coins weigh?

1 pound (lb)

Angela maria Taddeo

Tengo questa moneta posso sapere il valore aspetto risposta

Sunny Pup

I like the new pound coin. I hope the sterling keeps rising and I'm very glad they used a Scottish thistle ! :)

New coin

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Help! I have the Pride of 2 Nations Set. It’s still sealed. I never opened it. Is there any good reason why I should keep it sealed. I am concerned that I probably waited too long to get First Strike or early release designations if I got it graded. Does a sealed box for this RIGHT NOW matter at all? Thanks guys. Great video. ?

Luis jackson Paguipo

Sir liberty five cents 1979 the old line state Maryland 1788 2000 Quarter dollar 1992

Churchill Coins

I was logged onto the US Mint site on two computers by 11:55 AM. I spent 17 mins refreshing browsers to nothing but errors. I don’t mind not getting the coin (it’s limited) but the way it was handled was complete crap. It’s actually soured me to the USM, it’s practices and releases. Now when I get a new resellers email it’s deleted. I also think the over hyping by YouTubers, publications, the USM and blogs created a frenzy of people that just wanted a quick flip. Many buyers just bought the coin because it had an upside which shutout the dedicated and true collectors out of the equation.


I have 2 complete sets Canadian $1,$2,$3,$4,$5 silver hologram coin sets in their fancy wood box.I wonder if you have any listing on what they could be worth because they only minted 30K of them.


When are you going to be doing some more giveaways there Sean I watch your videos all the time

mg heslep

The new 1929 is coming u are selling snake oil

Perry D. Digberry

Awesome! Great well of information. Thanks.

Teresa J

So I got to buy all those sets to get the pennies ? Wow

Sherry Welding

Thanks for the tips,ive been watching your videos for quite some time and your predictions /advice has been right on..Nice coins. Sherry in Seatac


I just sent in for grading a full set of w quarters, the 3 West Point pennies, a 1996 w dime, and 5 2019 S ASE E RPRs! Hmm now have to check out the Pride set....

well b l o w me down

theres still millions of new west points to be found in rolls

Jesus is my King 68

Of course it'll drop, on the mercury obverse palladiums, because palladium is practically worthless, except for molding into class rings. Lol
If they had minted in platinum, then I would possibly have purchased one, but not for palladium.

Brian Mello

What will happen to the value of the W cent if they stop producing cents?

Daniel B McNeill

This release was a scam, not even 1 minute after the Silver Walking Liberty went on sale, the us mint system went down, when the system came back up the 30,000 coins was sold out.

Christopher Simpson

I was buying the West point penny ms70 several of PCGS and NGC for next to nothing earlier this year. I forgot all about it so I went back to e Bay no more good deals man I do not know what happened. I really dropped the ball on this one. I wish I was still buying them till it dryed up. Oh well that is a big regret of mine. Smh

jeanice Kidd

I have a error quarter obverse
I can't tell you the date except it ends in 0 thats the only year number there is help me find out value need emergency $$ but don't want ripped off have looked up & don't find ANYTHING like it

Bono Carver

have been trying to get at least one of these on east coast but so far none

Ponce Pappas

Got three different bank accounts and they all claim that they don’t have them they can’t get them and all the businesses are stripping them.anybody?

Steven Howley

Yeah i plan on jumping on the W Penny its such a cool coin and cooper coins are my fav its a must have for any lincoln collection

allah son

Aliens at kedzie coin47# said 2019 aintbworh shytlieingScumbagg

Teresa J

I got a w penny but could not get Thur to get the proof dollar so I guess I’ll do with one,great vid. Get u some white whiskey and get that crud out of u. Happy Holidays !

rAging Gamer

Just got my 2019 S Enhanced Reverse Proof back from NGC, and i got the PR70! Going into my safe for years

Eben Klaskin

Here's something to think about regarding the uncirculated 2019W pennies. They may be the lowest quantity of the 3, but what will add even more value, I believe, is that a decent quantity coming from the mint have spots, blemishes, etc. I bought 99 mint sets from the mint a couple of weeks ago. And, as I started looking through them, the numbers of blemish free pennies (those with the best potential for MS70) are not that high.

By the way, I just bought 2 of the 2019S Enhanced Reverse Proof PCGS PF70 Silver Eagles on the secondary market. I plan on holding onto those for awhile. Very beautiful coins, indeed!!

Happy New Year!!


I was not even 2 minutes in trying to buy the reverse proof and it was sold out. Hot garbage


I got my Reverse Proof Eagle, it was a nightmare and stressful as Hell! I'm watching the prices and amazed. I planned on long term holding BUT did say I would sell now IF the prices rose to $2K. Absolutely beautiful coin for sure. I have never purchased from the mint so not knowing I opened mine to make sure it was actually in the box. Afterwards I see that now I can now send it in for grading?!??

Dylan Crosby

Got my enhanced reverse proof silver eagle going to ngc for slabbing. Gonna sit on it for a while

John Starr

What about the 2013-w silver dollar set with this special enhanced, it's the first time that they made a coin this way and that has a low mintage?

Bezo 816

I'm going to get sick...sold mine too soon...and now they're selling for triple what I sold for. Ehh, ya live and you learn. Keep doing what you do


sold 1 of my new eagles, the next one i will sell too soon....i think the value will go down

Ace Hardy


Teresa J

And I got one w quarter the 4th one out but that’s it I had to pay 20 bucks for it from my son in law lol

Pawz Brown

Very informative thanks

Silver Wolverine

I sent my 2019 S Enhanced reverse proof to NGC in a sealed box. They are too slabbing the COA...


Yeah I got Duke on that deal I had all my information in on the silver eagle with the enhanced reverse and hit enter by purchase whatever and my computer went blank, I believe the mint had pre-selected 30,000 people to receive that coin I call BS on it

Sparky Jones

I remember back in 1999 everyone was saying the same things about the 1999S silver proof set. Sane goes for that 20th anniversary silver eagle set.

Sometimes it just never materializes.

Ponce Pappas

I’m seeing businesses are going through the quarter rolls taking the W’s out putting all the coins back in or different coin I’m trying to make it look like they haven’t been walking everywhere I go the roads are not tight like they should be my question is is that illegal because these are intended for circulation in his business skip this point it’s for circulation and they’re not allowing these coins to be circulated that’s the whole purpose of the West Point quarter program any opinions on what should be done about that who should be contacted

Dodger 455

West Point anything tends to be special, and the ATB quarters in high grades will be special, your right BlueRidge

Google Thought Police

Did the mint sell a set with all 3 of the W Lincoln cent?



Shane York

I'm new so this information is good!
Thank you!!
Have a GREAT Day!!!
P.S. I just subbed, not that mine is going to matter alot when you have 120k plus subs!!

allah son

Imm selling all my w-2019(4) of them pennies,etc must sell..my packaging got a lil dinged butboh well coins unharmed

Da Lone Voice

I got one of the Silver Eagles, and right now Fedex says it was lost and the US Post Office is investigating it. I HAVE NOT GOTTEN MY COIN! I GOT SCREWED!

coin flips

I loved men

Kathryn James

You Alway Have a Great Show. Very Informative. Thank You.

Jonathan C Smelko

Nickels are Next :)))

Official Simp

I buy low mintage world coins maybe some day they’ll go up in price


Bro, I am surprised you didn't mention snagging the Canada set if you can of the Pride of Two Nations set. Only 10k of those sets were sold compared to 100k of the US version.

Boogers grow

Greetings ladies and germs ! ???

constipated in sin city

Thanks for the insightful video!


My 2019-S package mysteriously disappeared at the Dallas Fedex facility instead of getting transferred to the post office. Some people are garbage

Doug's Life & Legacy

I didnt get one. I tried hard. Paypal didnt work. My credit card on file didnt work. The best way was to manually fill the payment method out after it was in your cart. Every time I tried to pay with preloaded method the website froze. Other people got it by entering the card manually. Would not even let us use Paypal. Wish i knew that beforehand. Great video Shaun. I would not have flipped one if i did get it for Damn sure.

John Sharp

What are your feelings about holding onto 2017 P pennies?


I bought 2 sets of pride of 2 nations and had them graded. You're right, beautiful coins but a dud on the secondary market. I hope youre prediction is correct and they go up in value.

Roger Maldonado

good info brother

Mr. Z's Bees

Good afternoon

Scott Holliday

Hello Shaun, great to get my fix on time. LOL
I had 3 people trying to get through, and not one of us could get through.
Awesome video my friend. ?

Sindelicious Mixin it up

I agree with you. Thanks for sharing

Sheila L art

This kind of similar, to when I was trying to get Pepsi Perfect when they had Back to the Future Anniversary! It sold out in seconds, I was so fustrated!! I think there are bots that buy products!!

Mark Kindsvatter

I could see them doing more "Pride of 2 nations" coins, if only with other countries, Rwanda, Germany, and the like. But yeah, would be a nice set to get.


This really a great video man!


It was a scam from the United States Mint and I believe that from the bottom of my heart because the way I had everything set up when it went on sale at 12 p.m. I hit purchase had my credit card number and their everything and when I click continue purchase my computer screen went dead it's a joke it's biased they sold all 30,000 to the top coin collectors in the world that's it call me a conspiracy theorist but that's what happened

Silver Reaper

Once again another great video Sean. You’re the man !! ????

Chad Lickinstein

Best video ever! Advice taken!

max winkles

Thanks again Shaun,good job

Deborah Williams

I had a 2019s in the cart but could pay. Many people had same problem. Then my friend was told by her personal agent at gov mint (which I turned her on to) not to worry somehow they had a stash already graded 70, signed, 1st issue label etc. She bought a $2000. Not fair. I love the coin world but there are sharks out there. Where is that video on breaking out coins? I need to send back in the coins that a major auction house assured me would get 68s, I let them get them graded and the coin grades were slaughtered. So I insisted that they return coins to me (no auction).

constipated in sin city

Hey Playboy, when do you expect to come to Vegas?


Where can I buy the price of 2 nations set for 140-160?

Teresa J

I never saw where u could get all 3 w pennies where do I get them


thanks for the videos always. i found out about the 2019 s enhanced reverse proof silver eagle from your video weeks before it came out. i ended up getting 3 of them sent all of them to pcgs to grade and sell a few and hold at least one for the long haul. thanks again for the videos and the info

Sheila L art

Oh I could not get one those, Silver dollars!! I try to get one later!! Thanks sharing all your information on these items, I would like to invest in some of these items!!