Words that end in dex

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How does the brain work?

25 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Words that end in dex

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Dax - My Heart Hurts | Lyrics

1 251 534 views | 13 Mar. 2020

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??????? : My Heart Hurts

Lyrics :


My heart hurts

I gotta get this off my chest


My heart hurts in the worst possible way

You came first but now we have to go our separate ways

[Verse 1]

Came back from work on a Friday that shit was crazy

Long distance FaceTiming with the lady

Picked up the phone what's up, what's up?

I'm good, you good? I'm good, not much

But I noticed something was wrong

Can't even look me in the eyes

Got a tracker on your phone, I know that you've been telling lies

Got the passwords to your shit, I see you texting other guys

I got all the proof I need so why even deny?

Who'd you fuck?

It's on my head you have to tell me, I can't give it up, no

I think about it every day, I cannot go to sleep

I need to say


My heart hurts in the worst possible way

You came first but now we have to go our separate ways

[Verse 2]

And then I went and took you back

My boy said I was crazy that you'd do it again and that you'd manipulate me

I didn't listen, thought that I knew better

Thought if I left that I could never do better

First love, first time I'm sick, she got a spell on me

That girls a fucking witch, she casted hell on me

I feel like I'm a bitch, this is a shell of me

Fool me once, shame on you

You fool me twice, now I'm looking like a fool

My head hurts and I don't know what to do

I made this song to say


My heart hurts in the worst possible way

You came first but now we have to go our separate ways


I hope you hear this

I hope you hear this

I hope you hear this

I hope you hear this

I hope you hear this

#myhearthurts #illsayitforyou #love

Nereyda García

Always in time boo

Islumb Moddin

I loved this song

Basapi Teronpi

I m here not because of my broken heart but wanna say my feelings to my ???????????what to do this remaind of my luv....I don't know??????


This song is exactly what happened to me...... I had a crush on her but she dont know we played pubg together and then one day she dm me and said lets play i was very lost then i played pubg with her its about 4 months we played together then she asked me why i like her just a week ago then i told her everything she was very curious but it turns out she didnt need me... Last night i told her' i dont just want you to be my crush" Then sher replied "another day" Not a really sad story but ide like to share it with you

Imli Naro

Heart's fan of this song ???

Ver Mel

Shes name is pipah, shes make me broken inside, hope you listen this,

Nereyda García

Only shu understand or nah got time , world,n shhhhh secrets ok i get it

Tlan Sai

Maha leeee

Pauzi Nren

It touch me deep inside

Erik Erik

I like it


Before knowing the lyric.. i sing.. maleee

Akang Chongshi

One of my favorite song...ya..???

Stella Miller

this song is good for me right now because I just got rejected by two boys ...


hoihnu Munsong

Life sucks

Remruat puia


Oppa Kimpamy

Got a password to your shit
Who'd you fuck?

anani moose

my heart fkn hurts.

Evelyn Manji

My heart hurts me I don't know what to do ???

Big Dreamer

After adding to my favourite song....
Now lyrics touches n hurt lot's ???

Haokip 777

I miss my first love.

FT Ralte

I like it

Ngailot Hk

This song is my favorite song forever ??

Purple Keeper

The artist doesn't know that Indians have a famous meme video on this song.
A guy with the knife stabbed on his chest w/this song hahahaha?

Mat Black

Shout out to all my people watching this. We got this. One day at a time

UnderVibes Mashups

How to live with a broken heart

Andrew Yang

Dax u have come a long long way. I'm fucking proud of u ma nigga!

Esther Fanai

Finally found the song?

angel nava

I hate this song so much

rickson rj cum george


Lal Remruati

Niceee besttt besttttttttt ever

Diana Slone

Love the hook on this

Dylan Salanoa

She took my son away from me my son jus turned two I jus want my son back i don’t care if she hates me why my son gotta go through this

Henrya Henrylalruathlua

You make my heart heart

Trinity Toops

My heart huuuuuuuuuuuurts!!! Mamma you can't put a bandage on love bc then it's gonna rip off like love does!!!such a good song it really touches me???????

slong tipbha

Nice song by the way

George Jr


Ojas Yadav

broken people are the strongest people ?

cool boy

I miss my mom???

Dan Pike

DAX yuh tune dem BAAAD nuh bomboclaat ???

Mido King

deeeeeep meaning

kdsezo thakro

M so hurt listening to this song

skoud kow boy skoud kow boy


rickson rj cum george

Dax you are the boss


I like the beat of it when it has the beat when it saids My heart hurts~ it makes me think of the videos i watched~

Trinity Toops

This song hits me in such a good and sad emotion and I can't explain the feeling!!!! Having a broken heart is like being separated from family and my grandma died 2years ago and I go to this song to remember she is amazing,I make music and it's the only way I can speak to her?????

Christopher Hendricks


Hmangaihi Hmangaihi

I love it

Kiyoko Nana

hey mom.. i know your disappointed in me for not making you proud. i tried my best..got into the top classes worked my ass off... but you still love my siblings more and treat me like shit. am i the reason why you left me behind with dad?..?

ailepata samuelu

nice song

Sidhant Doley

I can't just stop my tears.

Lul Thapo




Nunhlui28 pachuau

You came first but now we have to go our separate ways...*My heart hurts* ?

Leylah Beck

I have to leave the one I love behind... I love you Tony.. And i never will stop :( <3 you dont deserve me anyhow..

Ash Janssen

My heart hurts
My heart hurts
In worst way..
U came back back from wrk said wats up.. knew something was wrong...I got all proof I need got this God's got th ?s

Onyore Keith

Men... just when I needed this

Rae Moreau

This song is how I'm feeling RN. It's starting to feel like letting go of him is what I need to do.

2 3

Wish post would hop on this

Fake Gulu

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, now im looking like a fool??

ibapynhun kharsati

Nice song????

priya Malakar priya

My heart hurts too ?????

Ashley Stoops

Kinda hard going separate ways when you love that person so much

juice juice


Billie Tlau

Mahaleee ??

Vituonuo sopfii Jesse

My heart hurts when I think about o(╥﹏╥)o .....

Tiffany Siniard

My heart broken

Zaia Varte

Pain made him successful..i hope i do too..

Laldinpuii Chhunga ta

I love this song❤❤❤I hear everytime... And I cry because my ex boyfriend


It suits wit ma life??

Henry Lalrokima

buetyfull congress

tha._gemini ___

God bless you all, we will be ok

Sungti Aier

This is for you Imnuk

Robert Houle

Whos all still listin dope song of 2021 word ???

Kta Abraham

Thought he said mahaleeeee

George Maweta

The girl is a fucking witch...

Haoneo Neozz

Dax love from india

Peshing Lam

I'm single but.... I love this song?

Puia Chhangte

~when you can feel all the words and verses' it hit you different~

Ree burnett

I was totally broken when the love of my life left me it was so hard for me & I almost gave up if not for a friend who directed me to a very good and powerful man called Dr Abia who helped me bring back the love of my life and now she treat me with so much love and care. I don’t know what your problem are passing through but with what he did for me I know he can help you. So try and talk to him on WhatsApp: +2347038377635 or via email: [email protected] com


My now ex, lives in california..I live 800 miles away from him

We broke up today on 1/4/2021 at 8:00pm

I found this song 5 minutes later..

225 Sangkima

Anyone listening this in 2021?‍♂️

Taetae Purple

Im broken heart
What shall I do

SangaBhaii Gaming

Im hurts When i dream my GF will leave me.

Ls Ruati

It so.. cool???



Eli Kawlni


Khuma Kholhring

Omg i find this in 12 month ???

SmartBox SmartBox

Great song with da great lyrics

Joshua DeWitt

This song is my life right now...my heart does hurt and I think about it everyday I feel like I cant breathe without her

Ramhluna zadeng

Ma ha le?

Kathy Bowman

My heart hurts

Catherine Frederick

It really hurts

Tawnie Yates

lision to the cover by atlas

abdulrahman shaikjee

I just took my ex back and she's the same my heart can't take this I'm done fool me once fool me twice

Kathy Bowman

I knew better I knew not to open my heart .love hurts

Nena Linda

My heart hurts ??


this is how i feel rn i have to end my relationship cause i think my girlfriend is cheating on me

Dark Lord Woody

To the 0.01% reading this comment, I wish you all a happy life

Ami Fanai

It hurts to the point it doesn't even made a crack anymore , hurt to the point you don't even care but feelings don't die easily if u love them dearly and you can never hate them enough... And 'what if' comes

Lincoln Komen

I lost a childhood friend , the song reminds me alot?

Words that end in dex

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Dex The Heart of a Hero

111 796 views | 27 Feb. 2016

This video is about Dex

This video is about Dex The Heart of a Hero