Why is the stock market so high today

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Here's Why The Stock Market Is At An All-Time High

533 993 views | 13 Aug. 2020

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The S&P 500, an index that measures the stock performance of the 500 largest companies in the USA, closed out this week at it’s highest level ever.

The USA releases it’s worse GDP figures in history? The stock market rose the next day, research is released that this whole ordeal may not be over until 2022, 1% rally in the markets.

Is it fair to say we are right back in a market bubble?

#stockmarket #recession #economics


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Isaac Annan Jr

Stock markets can be high but regular people are struggling and losing their jobs and livelihood...

David Malawey

What is the role*

Kudra Mohan

I used to have losses on bots and demo accounts, till I actually realized that there are no working strategies for those. Mr Andrew Feldstein used the combo strategy method of the double investment and risk reversal strategy to keep my trades up and running. I should have known better for quite some time how Mr Feldstein is. My doubts about all these are cleared away Contact him today via << [email protected] com >>

anthony allan

The N in FAANG is netflix The A's are apple and amazon

Kurt Hectic

u need a 17 minute vid to explain how the fed and other central banks are propping up the stock market? :p


It is very common for companies to raise funds after an ipo! this guy does not know what hes talking about!

Mason Eggers

note: do not buy a farm, farmers have been getting hosed for 50 years and its not getting any better

winnifrd ugwi

I know i shouldn't have commented on your post but am sharing this because I've been blessed with Mr Charles Turner ..He guidance and techniques has helped me achieve a lot in the stock investment. to anyone who wish to setup a trading investment with him can shoot him a DM on his Instagram page to know how to get started @Charles_forex09..

Jacob Klein

Oh the sweet returns of corruption!

M Omra

Buy more tulips

Культурный Дотер

I know that it's not cool to leave a link to a kind of a competition channel, but you left us wondering what is this all about the ETF bubble or whatever. So this is the video, that explains why this is not necessarily a problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv0pJh8mFk0


sounds like CIA propaganda to me

bos space

Stocks are on a rocket ship to the Moon! Buy Buy Buy!!

Nitin Sharma MODICARE

can you make a video on how to make a great portfolio or atleast what are the best options that one have

Isaac Annan Jr

But the FED is dumping trillions of dollars into the stock market

Gage Jongeneel

@16:42 for an ad read. and here I was thinking I was learning something, I did. Im subbing to trends


What forces rule the stock market?

Honest Reviews

Say what you will, but my investments gained value in a short amount of time! This is the best time to invest.. you’ll be stupid not to! Also I just recently did more investments and in the next few years I’ll be buying my first house. ??‍♂️

Serif Sans Serif

You need someone to do the spellchecking. There were some pretty atrocious spelling errors in this and other videos.

T Oadaly

S&P PE is nearly 29 - fully twice the historical average. I understand why, it's because interest rates are basically zero and inflation is higher than the official numbers declare, so people are desperately trying to find ways to at least preserve capital, even if you make little or nothing inflation adjusted. This is why gold is up too. Personally, I don't know, and have been wrong in the past more than once, but things seems much more out of whack right now than is typical. It reminds me a bit of 2008 before the crash, when I should have seen it coming but didn't and failed to get out before the crash. People at work are talking in the halls about stocks again - always a predictor of a crash. All the stimulus, has not really worked - how could it ever work to basically pay people to sit at home? But it has added a lot to the debt. US debt/GDP is now at 137%, well beyond the 115% maximum that many economists consider the point of rare return. We're starting to see many of the temporary closings become permanent in the hospitality and travel industries. It feel like insanity.

Andrew Kelley

I have to disagree with you on the idea that giving c-suite's stock bonuses or compensation is bad. However most publicly traded companies are here to serve the shareholder i.e. dividends or consistent stock price. And the way to make sure that the c-suites are doing what they can to benefit their shareholders is to attach them to the stock price via stock options compensation. Without their compensation being tied to the company stock then they lose all interest in serving their shareholders to their best abilities. I suggest looking into agency theory.


Hfs did he just flash r/wallstreetbets? EE probably made $$$ on GME


How can you have a title like this and not mention the fed? I feel like this whole video was a lot of yapping about the basics and built in advertisements. So disappointed. ☹️


You miss spelled ratio at 12:50


f the virus

Robert Doell

This is NOT Armaggeddon! Armaggeddon is the battle in the valley of Megiddo of the world against Israel and JESUS who destroys the enemy.

Brian Checo_joseph

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Ken C

1:49 "What is the roll of an investor?" I don't know. What is the roll of an investor?

Mikael P.

Aged like fine wine.

Thomas Forester

Stock and Forex trading is made easy when you know the right thing to do. I really find it difficult learning how to trade that's why i let a professional trader like Mr Ramesh Vijay handle my trading activities, all i do is just invest and wait for my profit after 7 trading days and he always delivers as promised

Sloppy Turtle

Ask "the media" WHY they are so obsessed with printing the running tally of the Dow. Very few people actually can use the info. provided by the Dow average. And that is all this tabulation is. It's just an average of what a certain pool of equities is worth. There are other numbers one can look at as well, but why is the media so focused on THIS number that helps very few people? Suspicious. It's almost like they think it's a metaphor for how well society is(It isn't). Or tells how happy people are with their lives(nope). Or tells how wealthy ANYONE is (It doesn't).


Because the federal government dumped shitloads of money into those companies. That's why.

Marshal Arnold

Watching now, but I'd think that when the US Gov spends like they are now the dollar value will go down, thus assets like stocks will go up. People put their cash into assets as a hedge. Maybe I'm wrong but thats what I would be doing too


Not sure I'm any closer to feeling confident in the stock market than before I watched this video. Your plug for Trends at the end wasn't merited either.


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Charlotte Dave

Hello I'm new to forex and I have been making huge Loses, recently I see a lot of people earning from it can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

:10 is what black folks walk into when they've been invited to white folks parties.


A dim congressman was recently cut off while saying the food delivery system will be broken in November...WM is pushing curbside pick up to prevent people seeing empty shelves...Dollar General has more canned meat than WM at better prices..
No one needs to be spending big bucks on ‘long term storage’ food?
We will be starving in 3 months
Peanut butter,corn meal,just-add-water pancake mix, syrup,rice, beans, grits, Spam, corned beef hash, Chunky soup, SALT, sugar, tea, Tang...Store it in totes... get with the program people?

Chris Yorke

A reliable rule: interest rates and the stock market move in opposite directions. Another reliable rule: the stock market is always forward-looking and discounts the past.

Andrew H

This video explained nothing about why stocks are at an all time high.


"HUMANS ARE DUMB." shows tweet by Kamala Harris LOL perfect!

Seriously Silent Gamer


Martin Aizenberg

wow i have no idea how the stock market works

Ali Hamzeh

Where can I find an article on this?

Duk Balla

You just described PYRAMID SCHEME

Arty Ryrep

The rich tend to be partial doomsday preppers. Take from that what you will.

The trading Channel

Forex has come to stay, is really a nice source of income if you understand how it works.

Business Guide

Your channel definitely deserves my subs!


1. IPO buying guy Mr A gives company a billion dollars.
2. Company gives A some stocks worth of a billion dollars.
3. After some years Mr A tells Mr B that he needs his invested money back so that he can invest another IPO offering business with need of investments.
4. Now B buys the stocks (say, all) for what 'investing', 'based on economy and finance of the country' reason other than B has no intention to hold the stocks? Especially if the company doesn't provide any cash dividend?

Andrew H

Take out the largest 5 companies and stocks have done almost nothing for 2 years -


So is ''the stock market'' actually at a new high or are weighted indexes at new highs?

Take out the Feds influence and the fundamentals don't look so rosy. The question is, how long can the debt bubble continue?

Stephen Adams

Capital raising happens not that infrequently on the NZX. Especially during periods of financial turmoil. Z Energy performed one recently. Also what's a P to E Ration?

89879237 4583475623

Not enough people view economics/assets from such a philosophical level. Not many have the requisite curiosity to engage in parallel construction mental exercises which may challenge conventional wisdom or gasp sacred cows of cozy ideologues. Would anyone like to purchase .0000001% ownership in a nice pair of pants? How about .00001% ownership in my hang glider? No? Stocks for most people represent similar levels of unrealistic "ownership" in a fraction of a business. Purchasing them is placing extraordinary trust in a system which has historically been fairly illogical and is effectively a bet that it will continue to be illogical so as to keep the IPO system functional. A more intelligent alien species would likely analyze the human securitized asset universe with a great deal of condescension. Price discovery is basically a useless function compared to creating actual wealth in the real world. Profit margins actually represent a mis-pricing of goods, seeing as how everything COULD be produced at cost.

Joe Boyd

retailer stocks are best for adjusting to inflation.

Felicia Sherbert

Impressive, I realized that the secret to making a million is saving for a better investment..  I always tell myself you don’t need that new Aston Martin or that vacation in Hawaii just yet and that mindset helps me make more money investing. For example last year I invested 100grand in the S&P 500 (with the help of my advisor of course) and made 350k, but guess what? I put it back and traded with her again and now I’m rounding up close to a million. Hoping to get to 2 In 6 months time

lawson allen

I saw that boogaloo meme? …love it


13:18 small details, but I really appreciated the decision to keep the numerator the same on the right. Not an obvious decision, but it took all the effort out of trying to contextualize the change!

Bennett Fields

It's, "Role* of an Investor." Right?

boogie thyme

The value of a stock is the discounted stream of after tax cash flows the company produces into the future. The rise in the stock market reflects not only the rising and lengthening of cash flows from big tech stocks, but also the falling interest rates (discount rate) and quantitative easing by central banks globally. That is simple application of financial theory.
The problem for the main street economy is declining demand for the goods and services they offer. Demand is down partly because many people have not been able to tap into the new economic realities, so they do not have the income to buy stuff. They become unemployed because they do not have skill sets that are a fit. It used to be that such people (vast majority of whom are pretty darn intelligent) would also suffer by being in the wrong location, but this is much less true in 2020, with so many organizations preferring that employees work from home. What is needed is a full frontal assault on transforming the workforce. Everyone willing to sign up for transitioning out of a legacy industry towards a future-looking industry ought to be 100% supported by government funding - living expenses, education expenses, job hunt expenses, et al, for the duration of their transition.
Stop doing QE that pumps trillions into the commercial banks, who have no one to lend to, and only inflates the price of financial assets! Put the QE to proper use - use it to create a fund to raise human capital without delay!

Lovely God Is My True North

Bc wall street investors are greedy and most rich people are apathetic. #PeoplebeforeBanks

closet of mind

Ben said - market value seems to be going higher because of ever dropping USD value,Not because market is going against the trend.

Economics Explained

Join the Trends Community today. Get your first two weeks for just ONE dollar. Go to https://trends.co/ee to get started.

Tina Palacio

Nice video here, bitcoin trading option is just like another business but in this case more sophisticated and advanced, thanks to Mr Ernest Vincent's amazing strategies and unique signals... i can't believe i was able to make $31,000 worth bitcoin in just two months.

brian glick

Does this mean that when the world economies fully recover the markets should collapse?

Kevin Dudson

Hertz went bankrupt, increased 240%, then re-ipo'ed.


An Assie telling the US stock market have no bearing on the people. lol
He must not know about 401k. This effects the top 30% of the entire US population.
Learn from a credible source.

Li Ging

Awesome and very insightful ,?? Well i will also say this here.. Investment is one of the best way to achieve financial freedom. For a beginner there are so many challenges you face. It's hard to know how to get started. Trading the forex market has really been a life changer for me. I almost gave up on crypto currency at some point not until I got a proficient broker Mr. Thomas Rodriguez. to handle my trades. I made more profit than I could ever imagine. I'm not here to converse much but to share my testimony; I have made total returns of about 5.6BTC from an investment of just 0.95BTC. Thanks I'm really grateful especially during the lockdown. I have been able to make a great returns trading with one of the best platforms around. I discovered I made more income better than what my current job pays. I urge you to take bold step by giving the Bitcoin market a trial if you really want to make more money. Here you can reach him <<[email protected]>>>


Dr. Burry didn't just "predict" the crash. Plenty of people predicted the crash. He just happened to be running a Hedge-fund at the right time, and was able to use his position to obtain an "ISDA" agreement from banks, to Short (Bet-Against) the Mortgage Backed Securities. When the market crashed, he reaped major returns of 10 to 1, or 20 to 1 on his Short-bets. No regular schmuck like you or me could have done what Dr. Burry did.


This is the second time watching your video..good one. Anyway, I’m a dividend investor but it’s a slow and steady growth. I’m 39 and currently have $200k a portfolio and plan to retire at 60. My goal is to reach 2 million by then...I repositioned some of my dividend stocks using a broker. Now, I’m buying fractional shares of TSLA, AMZN ,NIO ,NVR again. Before, I’m after dividends for passive income but it’s slow growth so now I’ll take my chances on high growth stocks like SHLL, WKHS, PLNHF 13 I've gotten a 120% increase this year but hopefully I’ll reach a million soone

Shawn Vanden

"I don't like to make Predictions, especially about the Future" ~ Mark Twain

Tristan Piano


David Blundell

Most market timers tend to loose a fortune after investing due to unforeseen circumstances whereby the market crashes or rises. Lilian Wan is my portfolio manager and she made me understand that the market move randomly so in order not to lose my investment it's best to invest consistently rather than saving up a huge amount of money and wait for the next market crash before investing. I'm on my way to make my first 500k pounds. I started off with 150k pounds and after few years i made over 300k pounds as profits because i listened to the advice of my portfolio Manager.


Nice recommended section.


S&P highly overweight to FAANG, this is the real problem.

Otherwise, money printer go brrrrrrrrrr

MONISH Kuruguntla

Please tell me what you studied and in which university did you study ?

economic معاشیات

wow good

Avern Vrey

What is a bubble? As in give me the metrics by which you can identify a "bubble." Or you just "feel" like prices are too high?

Arvind Talukdar

“Prices are gospel, but humans are dumb”
That sums up the entire year


The art of using the stock market as a scam!


the algos will continue trading long after mankind has gone extinct

Mike Haydon

@EconomicExplained are you from Qld (Brisbane area)? Trying to place that accent. It's not quite Perth and it's very different from Sydney/Melbourne.

You sound remarkably like actor Josh Lawson.

Aaron weidman

$200,000 for a combine harvester? and some land? lol good luck

Dwight Schuette

People shouldnt be touching the market even with a ten foot pole.


Will you be putting your future videos on Spotify?

Moon Shadow

Finally people noticed stock market has little to do with the economy and its just a Ponzi game for people to play with

Louie Cypher

when youtube ads are not enough

Kelly Bolton


Morris Scott

Most investors will always tell you that there's no better time to invest in the financial market than now. I've been into trading for quite a while now, and I must say it really goes with loss without the right approach and strategy. I have gotten to the point where I understand that strategy is a key element of a long term successful trading. You can keep making wins at the beginning of a period and later you start recording losses toward the end of the trading period or even halfway. This results from little or no attention to the need for sustenance and consistency with the prevailing market structure. I've earned impressive profits so far this month trading with Mr. Sam.j Avi 's strategies and working with his trading signals and I do that through his registered trading investment company. You may never find it easy trading on your own. If you are tired of losing so much money, I recommend him. He's a really good trader. He can be reached through ([email protected] or WhatsApp+12063177288

P & D Bonanni

Stock market is high because lots of stimulus money got in the hands of people who never needed it. They did things like invest it in stocks, do home improvements, etc.

Abdullah Almosalami

I'm sorry but the last part on index funds is implying something way way way off. And referring someone who predicts the financial crisis doesn't equate to expertise on index funds.

Meowdy Partner

The government should have in some way put restrictions on how to found companies that don't turn a profit. This way of driving companies makes life good for the current generation but don't create value in society in the long term.

Ronald Friedman

it's safe to invest in an ETF that tracks the S&P500 and ride it out...i put quite an amount into ARK ETF with a full service broker handling my portfolio... ARKK IS UP ALMOST 200% in last 12 months.These are actively managed DAILY ETF’s...i've had a 150% portfolio increase from these...


Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: An Investor


Evolve Myself

Did anyone else see the"Economics of Youtube" video disappear? It was privated.


Where can I find the Q&A on this?

Jonathan de Ruiter

What is an investor?

A) An investor is someone who realizes that you can only get so much $ from labour income

B) Someone who is using any capital they won't be needing in the next year or so to "have their $ work for them" because putting it into the exchanges has historically compounded wealth to be much greater within a lifetime

C) Someone who realizes that our society is set up to benefit owners of capital orders of magnitude more than those whose wages are constantly being squeezed to their minimum in order to increase shareholder returns

D) All of the above

Zineb Ibañez

Why are those meteorites heading for Italy???? Can you please redirect them towards Australia??? Thanks mate

Joe Be There

NO mention of the Fed opening the lending window to business and OK'ing quantifying easing to the tune of injecting TRILLIONS into the market to backstop zombie corporations that make no money? No mention that the Fed's overnight lending market now injects TRILLIONS of dollars to banks to keep them afloat? It's SOCIALISM for capitalists while the people get ignored. WeWork is the biggest scam in the business world. No mention of companies buying back their own shares, as something that used to be illegal? Why? Because it's terribly destructive. Good job!

Luxury Travel Camel

I thought I had found a new and interesting channel. But then I had to sit through a useless advert at the start for well over a minute. So I will not watch these videos again and have hidden all YouTube suggestions for this channel. Oh well.


The truth is a hard pill to swallow.

Seek it.

Free Thought

"Brought to you by Carl's Junior! Brought to you by Carl's Junior!" - (Quoting Idiocracy movie)

Why is the stock market so high today

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Blunders 188 - Why Is The Stock Market So Damn High?

6 720 views | 27 Aug. 2020

Gary Herbert

Hey Paul. It's time you take the red pill. Trump may be bombastic, but he's the man of the hour. The alternative in Biden is a disaster. And, even though Peter Digby taught me to never start a sentence with 'And' - our fellow PHOBIAN, Elon Musk is also worthy of some respect!

Ricky Fertig

You think a 38 PE on apple is a good buy?


Buy bitcoin


The US stock market is on uppers #YOLO

Wandile Mdaki

Is it advisable to cap my bond right now since the interest rate is actually quite low right now?

G Rim

Until now I thought you were smart.
The Fed is using special purpose corporations to buy into the US stock market - $trillions. It is a debt fueled Ponzi scheme with astronomical PE ratios in the FANG stocks being the mark of a pending collapse that will make March 2020 look like a technical correction. Get out of the stock market and buy gold and silver( physical).

Bevan Jones

HODL. HODL. HODL. Until ye can HODL no more. All I know is that volatility is not what it used to be and when someone shouts "FIRE", you had better be first in line to get out of the packed movie house....

tom sawyer

Tim Cook runs a company that panda’s to China and is reliant upon slave labor. Donald Trump is the only US President not to invade another country in the last 30 years and has stimulated the US economy a rising tide which should float a lot of boats.
I’m presuming you were being facetious

All lives matter

Daily Chassidus

BTC too baby! [Bitcoin]

Miro polish

Paul is obviously a iPhone user (Same old same unexciting product, bull-twanged as an "Elitest" device,that's all, boring as heck ), i'm 10000% the Don can teach you a thing or two about business sir, your bashing him like all the media, he aint no politician, hes making thing happen!

Michael Lawson

The stock markets are all rigged now to buy time before the big bang crash , coming soon soon.

Paul Jatho

Read the Vestact "Market Scorecard" this morning about Apple being a safe haven asset and it was a light bulb moment for me, it all came together and made sense. The only problem is (for me anyway) is that most of these tech stocks (and Tesla I guess) is that you sort of think they're at their peak and its too late to get in only to see it still flying months down the line and then think damn! I should have gotten into them.

Same thing I guess with the $1T market cap seemed like a huge milestone but they're now at over $2T and it was achieved in a seemingly short space of time.

Mmatu Mzaidume

Going nowhere slowly #JSE

Ashley Trismegistus

Tim Cook is a clever and honest person??

Why is the stock market so high today

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Crazy High Stock Market - How Bad is It? Invest Now or Wait for a Crash?

39 869 views | 19 Oct. 2020

How to Analyze a Stock:

How to Analyze a Stock: https://youtu.be/fGVtypWv04Y

In this video, we look at the Buffett Indicator, the Shiller PE ratio, and the traditional PE Ratio to see if the stock market is currently overvalued.

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#LearnToInvest #StocksToWatch #StockMarket


Maybe in the us but not the uk - ours still not recovered

David Rodriguez

Great explanation, Thanks

Hector Garmao

We already had a crash,.. what was March’s fall if not a crash? Stock prices are forward looking, investors are positioned for the post-pandemic recovery, clearly.


your right by half, some market is down by 50% ,some is up by 300% .

Hannah Monroe

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Jung Charming

i love ur informative videos! could u please analyze lmt stock as of now? (despite seemingly ok report, the stock price seems too low and i wonder why)

Chris Yee

Of all the financial youtube channels I watch, I actually LEARN something from this channel. Thank you for the content and keep up the great work!



Anthony Patton

I'm wondering why people bought into Bitcoin currency which is 11,000.00, and not the Bitcoin company it self which the tickets are BTSC, BTCS, & CBTC....which are all priced below 1.00.

Khan Jones

Wish you would comment on what you would do if you weren't as game to do deep research on specific companies as Im pretty positive I can't beat the market

Peter Lee

I just checked P/E ratio which is 34 right now



Alex Wolters

The question is if the market is really overvalued, or maybe the gdp and earning temporary decreased. This would mean the companies are not overvalued, since their profit is going to rise, same as in the 90s. What do you think?

Gianluca Freydoz

I've been looking for a channel like this for nearly 2 years. Never seen such good content Jimmy! Congrats from Italy ❤️

LH Prod.

my account is getting slashed


Crash coming? Are you joking? No, this is a great time to invest.

Isse Mexfincano

For me, it's time to move out of shareholding and start studying options... For when the next crash comes I can gain much more than in this 2020 Feb Nov spread, and be closer to the golden goal of owning Dividend shares and hold onto them until retirement.. Compound interest baby!!


Shiller pe is not as accurate since it disregards all the tech earnings growth we had. These companies are far less cyclical than the market


This chap should have a bigger channel. More subscribers. Always comes to the plate with due diligence, enthusiasm and honesty. Many thanks, Jim. Keep up the good work! ????

Joseph Mazza

The cornestone for success in stock trading is usually the broker. I am on my way to millions with Mr Steve donald

Craig Cothren

WE have reached the point that the best opportunities are tech opportunities... buying individual stocks I submit is much more risky and far less profitable than owning the disruptive etfs ARKK, ARKG, ARKW and not so much ARKQ...... 80 percent of my portfolio is not in these etfs ... the only stocks I own are NVDA, AMZN, AMD, MA...... with ARK a team of 32 people is buying and selling high tech stocks for you.... the era of picking stocks I think is passing. Hope you cover the ARK etfs soon..... ARK is the present and the future.... FAANGM stocks are aging and have less upward increase to look forward to I think.... so , the point is an let real professionals do the management for your money. New tech is so diverse no one person can be an expert in all the options to make the best stock picks.

Stευε Bαnnσn

no need to wait. rotate into value stocks.

Arpad Toth

I sell if you sell otherwise it's just a clickbait

Emerson Herrera

Buy high sale low?

Isse Mexfincano

You are the best channel on this topic. I almost don't need to make my own research. You are fair and thorough and unbiased. Thank you for your outstanding professional work.

Jnn D

Weird times, way too many emotional bulls... people, don't listen to what experts are saying, look at what they r doing (aka Buffet, Ray Dalio)

Richardson Kogan

Mr Steve donald has an intriguing strategy that cuts down losses and ensures winnings


I'm really thinking AT&T is way too cheap at today's price
Dunno maybe I'm wrong, still can't find a better, safer alternative(that is just as cheap)

Ian Marshall

Excellent! Thanks so much for the info

Smart Wallet And Me

There’s a big market correction coming.


Are you able to provide a service to come up with a list of stocks using those 8 steps love your simple clear approach no technical jumbo jumbo


Hey Jimmy, have you accounted for the fact that most of the biggest public companies today are also highly global? So yes, while the market cap to GDP ratio looks horribly high, that doesn't take into account the fact that a lot of these companies are earning money from outside the US as well. Does that affect your analysis in any way?

Kyle Petruzziello

these last few videos got me stressing, cmon jimmy, you're killing me. Problem is, I know you're right.

Mena Raouf

Buffet indicator does not account for recent globalization. International sales of products by US companies is not accounted for when divided by US GDP.


I’m starting a company. Called SolarElectricAutomatedQuantum Tech. I plan on using a Special Purpose Acquisition Company on OTC market to hide that all the money raised from stockholders went to me personally and my pr firm that released flashy news pumping prices. Anybody in?

Austin Burger - Investing

Great information! You make it very easy to follow. ?

Hussein Soliman

Hay Jimy what do u think about Ant ipo

SL twentyeight

wait 10 years for market to crash to invest. good job. unfortunately lost out on 10 years of gains.

T Shaw

Thank you, this is a precious advice .

Anthony De La Pena

As Always : OUTSTANDING ANALYSIS - DUDE : o ....... Thank you very much : ) ....... I always learn from listening, hearing, and watching your channel : ) ....... Peace on Earth FOREVER : o ........

Gabrielle Chaparro

Some banks, insurance companies, REITs and BDCs doesn't look over price and pays dividends. Yep, their are perceived as investment of higher risk. Long PRU, JPM, ORI, WPC, Canadian Banks etc.

Make Money Now

Thanks for sharing this!

Derek and Lindsey - Millionaire Mindset

Would love to see you get a chart showing to data of margin debt over time. The metrics you displayed are good. Curious if margin debt is an indicator.

romain bonnal

Merci beaucoup Jimmy, your work is impressive.
Keep it up!


Hi Jimmy, what is your point of view on INTC with the current news and Q3 earnings. It is -10% pre-market Oct 23 which looks like a good opportunity to go in. I don't know if you know about tech enough to say that they postponed the 7-nanometer chip by 2022 while AMD is at 5 nm now, and TSM with 3nm in their roadmap ahead. Still unsure if markets take in consideration these details from competition and I am reading people who believe that INTC is an outdated company. What is your insight about TSM against INTC (talking about long-term)?

Erik Frazier

Hi Jimmy, I'm Erik! Thank you for making this video (and all your other videos too) seem so simple that even I can understand it. I've been a long time viewer. Keep up the great content.

Robert Rowan

True but, the government has printed like mad lately. That money has to go somewhere.......

Ivan on Tech

My portfolio has grown tremendously. I continue to make huge profit with my broker Mr Steve donald


I love the way when jimmy says "BUT" Its like "here comes the real trouble pal" lmao

Михаил М.

You should invent your own Jimmy ratio)))))))))))))

David coplan

No strategy outclasses that of Sir Steve donald.He has proven to be very trust worthy and reliable


It would be great if there was a FAANG, TESLA, NETF, etc adjusted Buffet indicator. Would the indicator show a much lower figure? I think yes! Takeaway, be cautious with the overvalued stocks/industries, and find deals in other areas! (Pretty much what Jimmy said)

Edson M.

Double top?


You guys should take a look at ARLP stock. Is 0.3 price to book value, has little debt and high +20% ROIC. Is very well positioned in the industry with high moat and a low cost competitive advantage.
How Mohnish Pabrai said: limited downside, huge upside.

roland Philip

forex isnt an easy trading platfrom but with the help of mr steve donald i have been able to make profits?

Danny Rouk

4 weeks later all time highs over and over. With this historical low interest you can only go into stocks.

Sergi Medina

Thank you very much. This data was very useful.


May you please do a video explaining CEFs? Thank you!

Виталий Струтинский-Федоров

Jimmy, that is just great approach to analize the current situation! Thank you so much for forcing us to think more critically and for giving us a new look to the stock market from more long-term perspective.

Dandy Finance

Have some cash ready at all times.

James irvin

I literally don't losefunds to the stock market anymore. All thanks to the genius Mr Steve donald. His strategy is second to none

Sherlock Banks

Well said brother! Stick to your researching principles and keep the focus on the future!

sadan azizoski

Isn't normal the PE ratio to be much higher today as it was 20-30 years ago? I mean the globalisation and digitalisation, companies like tesla or the FAANG stocks that are having 20-50% growth per year imo is normal to have this PE ratios nowdays. This wasn t the case 30-40 years ago where everything was going much much slower.

Michael Swaim

Q2 GDP is unrepresentative of the current GDP.

Dan The Man

New ipo, Ant Group soon?


Another great video Jimmy, keep it up!

Hristo Babrikov

For me the most important question is how long intrast rate will be low. My opinion is long time 7-10 years.

What do u think @Jimmy

William Finch

I see 3 things turning the market in a direction in seconds. One, stimulus. Second,, a vaccine. Third is the election.

P.C. H.

History repeats itself, nobody seems to be studying history these days.

The Icelandic Investor

Trying to time the market is always a bad idea, you will lose money in the long run.

Craig Cothren

I am wondering why you are referencing Buffet who has not beat the SP 500 in 15 years. His performance compared to the QQQ is really bad... Buffet hates HIGH TECH.... the fastest growing sector in the economy..... don't listen to Warren. However, do buy BRK/B stock because at 90 Buffett should die in the foreseeable future and all that cash will be put into tech and make some REAL BIG MONEY...


Hi Jimmy!

Youssef Khalid

I hold an economics degree but what I’m learning from ur videos is much more than what I learned in school. Great content txs


Lol selling fear is easy isn't it


I think I subscribed when you had a few thousand subscribers, now you have 132k! Well done mate. There’s a reason your channel has done so well, your style is unique, your videos are very informative, your advice is sound and backed up by data and you’re an excellent teacher/educator to those who know nothing about the stock market.

Rajesh Upadhyay

GOVERNMENT has and still printing $ for support Stock Market.
Excessive LIQUIDITY all these Indicators will FAIL.
Value of $ will FALL, Not Market.

Business Man

I think also you should Cosider the Market Dividend Intrinsic value calculation P=D/(r-g) . as the risk free rate is considered the lowest in the World history around zero rate .

Yerilies Marti mendez

Love your vids.
What is your take on crypto and blockchain tech ETF like KOIN?


What about interest rate?? Isn't that important factor too?


Thanks again Jimmy, great content. There's another factor that you are overlooking, in the likely event that Biden wins there will be a lot more than usual capital loss and gain crystallization as investors will hedge against a likely capital gains tax hike. There will be a lot of selling at YE and then possible rebuilding portfolios in Q1 or large cash reserves if this plays out.

My Investing Journey

My cash is still waiting ???

Seyar Sayed

Hey jimmy any update on EXXON? Still going down.. feel like doubling down

blessing Moka

What i appreciate about Mr Steve donald is his consistency in making huge profits. Am on my 9th trade with him.

Mark Soberay

I bet we have a 15% pull back in less than a week before 3/31/21


From an amateur perspective, I just don't have faith that the market isn't going to come crashing down at some point in the next few months. COVID is surging everywhere and lockdowns seem likely to happen again...and even if not in the US, elsewhere around the world. I don't understand how the market is surging so high when so many are unemployed and the economy is hobbling along.

Jaime P

Never in history has the stock market been this democratised, in the sense of being accesible to retail investors everywhere. Diving into the stock market just about 10 years ago was something only the privileged ones could do. Why is no one factoring this in?


it looks like he talks abput the end of the world, I get anxious hearing him talking because I dont understand everything he says

Scottish Campbell


Manuel Castañeda

Thanks jimmy great advice ✌?

Eric James

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Earn with Sapna

I started trading stock with Steve donald when i was on vacation in Dubai and since then i always receive huge profits.

Михаил М.

+++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++


Recession pe ratios are useless

Basam Nath

Thank you

Austin Makos

Am glad that I joined this investment platform at the right time. This platform did not just help me to earn more profit on a weekly basis but it has taught me that its not all about getting wealthy but how to utilize it to get more wealth. I want to encourage everyone out there, looking for the right platform to invest and gain profit to reach out to Mr. Jason McQueen today for a successful investment. Instagram: @Jason_real.fx

Isse Mexfincano

What is the correct term for shares that increase dividends for longer investors??

Adam F.C Berner

Hi Jim,
First of all thank you for some great videos.

I was thinking if you are using the LBO (Leverage Buy-out) valuation model?
And if yes, do you have a video about that (I couldn´t find it) and if no, why are you not using the LBO?

Audrey Hamel

Guy says best time to invest is just do your research and find specific companies that make sense. Appreciate telling us exactly what we already know. Damn I should just make random videos saying nothing everybody already knows.

Frank Mularcik

consistency with investing is one of the most important things I think no matter what levels the market is at

omni 1

God, this channel is so good. I love your honest vibe too! I don't get that sales guy fomo provoking type of vibe