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Magpul AR-15 Stock Comparison

467 433 views | 11 Jan. 2014

Fun Gun Reviews Presents:

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Magpul AR-15 Stock Comparison. We take a side by side look at Magpul's Collapsible Stock Line, features and price. It's hard to beat Magpul.

ACS Stock Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P605W7dpkI

MOE Stock Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdCvronJoMc

PRS Stock Review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tigOgTES-uk

Thanks for Watching~ Sootch00

Music: Pond 5 "Confident Rock"

Failed_ Cause

Just turned 18 and got a stag 15 for my Bday. Can’t wait to go to the range!





Charles Frazier

The prices seem to have come down a bit.

Alex G.

Thanks so much I am a noob to this. Trying to take it all in.

Kanye West

I bought my ctr today for 40$

aimb4ushoot dbl.g

Great information on all these stocks . . Thanks for the video . Sootch00

solomzi miya

CTR all the way!

Operator 104

I have the ACS on my rifle and it's great! But I'm switching to the CTR for lighter weight. The main reason I had the ACS was to store lots of batteries for my Eotech but I'm switching to the Aimpoint H-1


can you do a review on Sabertube end plate stock combo by Battle Arms please?


hahaha "...nope."


these stocks are made out of plastic so why are they so expensive


I'm so glad I found this video. I knew nothing about the magpul stocks and I happened to grab the right one, the acs, mil-spec and I ordered a mil-spec tube too.. Just luck I guess. Thanks for verifying the purchase with your vid.

Jason Flessner

I just bought the MOE stock for my first AR15 build(keepin it light wait) but my next one I want to try out the PRS stock on a precision build

Mike B

Doesn't do ANYONE any good if you can't buy one due to constantly OUT OF STOCK


You've reviewd most of the magpul products.  Do you get paid for that?

K.M. Smith

Knowing about them leaving Colorado makes me glad I bought a bunch of magpul stuff. Grip, fore grip, trigger guard, rear flip up sight, rail covers and stock.

ThepDen SatThat

can you use 20 classic with lower carbine? thanks for Infos


obviously a firearm company is going to be pro-second amendment...

Sean Wika

Great comparison. Thank you!


I had a liberal tell me my magpul was a bump stock. How stupid are people?

Lee Texas

good info.   I knew there had to more cheek rests available.....my Ruger AR-556 is just 'skinny and not comfortable'. 
thanks shipmate
God Bless


How about the stock on the rifle behind these stocks whats it called ?

KaiJone PS



Could they please add MORE sling loops, PLEASE

papasquat 315

good vid

Gun Hiker

I like my CTR.....gave my MOE away to my Dad who was using the basic M4 adjustable stock.


How much does the old school 6 position stock weigh?


I like them all, but the MOE is on most of my AR-style rifles.


Is that some kind of thunderstruck inspired YouTube song so you don't get copyrighted? ? cool

E Romero

Thank you for your vid. I didn't know the STR stock had storage bays on the cheek rests.

Johnny Singer

Ironically this is better than Magpul's videos on this topic.

William Wendland

Best info. I have found about the Magpul Buttstocks.

Hungry Bird

The one with the two battery or cigar compartments . Ac1s is the one I like for the cheeek rest , yup top right one is the coolest Imo

David Gearardo

If someone actually paid 265.00 for that magpul stock they are nuts. The ctr is better by far


I plan on putting a fixed carbine stock on mine when it's time to upgrade. Even with the extended butt pad which is sold separately, it's half the price of the adjustable ones.


For anyone wondering the song is AC/DC who made who

james moore

Really lime the review as ive revently got the magpul acs stock and really like it i got it after seeing this review

The Eastern front

Holy crap Sootch00! This video is just what I needed to explain the difference of all of magpuls stocks. Thanks so much!


Looking for Com Spec MOE Stock in FDE; no one stocks it. Also looking for Com Spec CTR in FDE. Have exhausted all known suppliers and MagPul doesn't answer their emails. Is MagPul going out of business or what?

Tyler Jimenez

Was looking into this as I have a stock Smith and Wesson M&P Sport II that I am adding small mods to here and there. This was really helpful, but seems like the MOE is similar to the out of the box adjustable stock by S&W so I'll wait to get something high end down the line. Thanks!

Gordon Mckelvin

Is that STR (05:26) capable of storing a cleaning kit for an AK?

Mike Merrill

Is it possible to use a standard 2 point sling with the MOE style? The hole in the lower portion will it hold a sling swivel? I don't like side mounted slings but I like the stock system.

Mike Morelli

I have the regular moe mil spec stock for my M&p 15 sport 2. It’s a very nice budget stock but has a slight amount of play moving it up and down when extended compared to the factory one. It’s a bit longer which is perfect now


Great video, any suggestions for a good mil spec tube?


uncle sootch. this is a really random question. But what are you rocking for combat pants during the intro ? they look like the old choco chip desert storm pattern.


I don't have a measurement to measure the buffer tube diameter but the buffer tube is an angle. I bought a Magpul CTR Commercial stock. After the installation, it's pretty tight to expand and collapse the stock on my rifle. Is it considered normal? (My rifle is Rock River Arms). Thanks Sootch.

Joe Holmberg

Nice review. I actually just purchased the MOE for my AR build.


great comparison video

Brandon Houdek

I own a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 and I would like a longer stock on my rifle. Do you happen to know if this stock longer? Thanks In Advance.

chuck middleton

Just ordered the str wanted flashlight batteries holders, and maybe an extra aim point battery. Hope I like it


Great video

Dino Nucci

This is the vid Magpul needed to make

Carl Miller

"Magpul started with... a mag pull. Hence the name." Derp. I feel so dumb. :-)

Master Builder

Great job thanks


Love my CTR

Dennis Johnson

Thanks Soocth, nice information, very well said, keep up the very good work!


I am looking at the ACS to go on a Vltor A5 buffer system but I really like the standard MOE stock for most things. They are light, rugged, fit well & they are cheap. I don't find it worth the extra $ for the locking system. It is nice but it ads cost & complexity & if you do have any play in a standard MOE & it bothers you, just put a little strip of the soft side of Velcro on your buffer tube & slide the stock over it. That takes up the extra space on any stock that has some play in it.

Slogg N’Znorgin

Anyone know from experience if the 18650 batteries will fit inside the STR stock's compartments?

Lajos Tresser

Excellent comparison. I am a bit surprised that you did not mention or introduced the 3 optional cheek risers for the MOE and the CTR stocks?


There just doesn't seem to be very many butt stocks with an adjustable cheek riser on the market for less than $200.


I’m a huge fan of Magpul

User90 00

I dont understand how they got pistol grips like the k2 i bought for just 15 bucks but oh if you WaNT ThAt BuTtstock to thats 75 buckaroos

Jackson Hammersmith

I have the STR stock on all 3 of my AR's. I tried the CTR on my 15-22 but replaced it with STR because it's just so much more comfortable with the bigger cheek rest. I also dislike that on the CTR my 1.25" QD swivel could not fully rotate

Headframe Hunters

I'm partial to the ACS-L myself. It balances nicely when paired with a 20" pencil barrel, and the friction lock is an outstanding feature. I keep a couple 2032 batteries in the storage compartment for my optic.


Great review...l have been trying to decide which one to get and you have once again come through and made the muddy water clear. Sorry l missed out on the meet and greet when you were in Smyrna back in May...was working that day and couldn't get over to the store... ironically l work only a few miles from there..oh well.

Benjamin Parker Cox

is the battery tubes water resistant?

Tsar Peter I

On the ctr What buttpad size is that?

James Schaffstall

hey sootch00, mind doing a review on different free float quad rails? I need advice on what manufacturer to buy from for my mid length 16" ar15

Keith Castleberry

Just the video I needed to see Sootch!!  Many thanks!  CTR for me and my needs.  Take care and keep up the great vids!

Hungry Bird

Acs ftw. I hope I never have to shoot a human being . It’s bad enough looking into the dead eyes of animal . They have a right to live mom says plus animals are cute so I don’t shoot them anymore after I took the last squirrels head off for no reason I swore I wouldn’t hurt anything I wasn’t going to eat then a coyote was in the middle of the cornfield and I had a slug shotgun . Aw Man did he smell , big ol nuts too .

joe bama


Robert Little

Magpul factory is now in Cheyenne Wyoming!

Les Collins

I have a ati omni hybrid and I want to had a magpul butt stock to it but for the life of me I can't figure out how to remove the stock stock! Can you help me out please?


Great info sir! Thanks much!


the moe is garbage

Jasen Peroune

Thanks I bought the ACS cause of you thank you sir

Slava Owens

Today I got the magpul moe for an amazing $8 sooo happy:)


Hey there. Can you please do a video where you build the entire AR 15 5.56 from complete stripped to completely built for us first timers with building.

The Fox Doctor

I use the MagPul MOE CTR butt stock for my m&p 15 sport 2 and for my BCM M4 and love them


I just use the stock that came with my LE6920. Is there a reason to change?

Old-Flabby Man-Thighs

who made who-acdc


Why isn't an ODG COLOR for the ACS carbine model. ODG blends in the forest more than FDE and heats up less than BLACK.

Matt C

I like all the American built arms handguards ya'll are using, I just got mine not to long ago.

Robert Garrard

Great video . Thank you so much. first AR build coming up!

Jonathan Velez

Thank you for this video 6 years later! Just watched it after picking up an Anderson Ar 15 and your video pointed me in the direction of the STR.

Chris Padilla

Thank you

Kevin S

Great video ??

Tbec Retired LEO

You answered my mil spec question. Thanks.

Kevin Keener

I got magpul everything on my sport 2. last thing I am getting is the magpul ctr stock. I dont care about all the storage compartments all that much.

Howard Davis

I use the fixed carbine stock, why? I don't need to adjust my stock!!! Never look back, no need for anything else, it rocks, and is rock solid!


Ctr is my favorite

Chris Bradford

does anyone know if the Ruger AR556 has a milspec or commercial buffer tube? Thanks

Nathan Tsui

how much a magpull with buffer tube and spring cost?


Did you say $15.95 for the Magpul MOE? Where are you shopping! Thats amazing!

Kevin honey

as always great review brotherSOOTCH

chuck middleton

Luv magpul I have a forward grip a b.a.d lever and just ordered the str I love their innovation. Also forgot about all the p-mags I have, excellent.


Im totally dumbfounded on what Im doing wrong and not particularly fond on the idea of returning my parts...but I just built an AR15 lower (spikes tactical) and using a new CMMG receiver extension kit [buffer tube] (as far as I know, the CMMG tube is definitely mil spec). I then took my mil spec magpul fixed stock and tried to slip on that stock to my extension tube...the screw holes on BOTH magpul fixed-stock adapters are cut off by the buffer tube's lower adjustment/positional tab area (the lower area of the buffer tube where it slants). Not sure if Im describing this well enough...but long story short, I cant get the screw for my magpul fixed stock to go through to the other side of the fixed stock, because the lower part of my buffer tube is blocking the screw where its supposed to insert thru the fixed stock. I really dont think I screwed in my buffer tube too far either, its perfectly holding the tube retention pin in place. I compared my CMMG buffer tube to my Colt M4's buffer tube and they look identical EXCEPT for the lower part of the buffer tube where the adjustment notches are...the "lower slant" of the CMMG buffer tube looks slightly beefier than the Colt M4 buffer tube. Very frustrated. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance!

Jeremy H.

Thank you! I’m new to owning a rifle and this helped me understand the difference between the magpul stocks.

Nomad Chad

thx it was confusing! I like the ACS-L or PRS idea for my soon to buy M1A Blackfeather.

Str stock price

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Magpul ACS AR15 Carbine Stock, unboxing, review & installation

26 609 views | 3 Feb. 2016

Table top review &

Table top review & installation of the Magpul ACS stock (mag370). Street price $80-85 dollars. Side compartment battery storage and integrated storage compartment. Friction locking mechanism similar to the Magpul CTR, keeps the stock rock solid with no wobble. Available in black, fde and wolf gray.


The man did a simple review. Why the dislikes? lol

Dave DeVault

I know this vid is four years old but the part at the bottom is removable to install a metal strike plate. Your thumbnail for this video actually shows it installed. Probably exclusive to military/LEO contracts.

Dmk Pit

Don't think it makes a difference what side the door is on because if you're digging in that storage for anything their rifle should not be ready to fire anyways

R Christian Wooley

I think the door is on that side because almost everyone lays their gun down on the left side. Because of the forward assist and shell deflector.


Also not sure if you ever realized on the back where the cheek weld is both sides those rubber pieces pull out and store Batteries ?


wearing a 2 point sling it is easier to rotate the rifle counter clockwise to access the storage door than it is to go clockwise as it would be too close to the ribs.

Jim Keith

Will takedown or pivot pins fit in the bottom panel or its area?


Why isn't an ODG COLOR for the ACS carbine model. ODG blends in the forest more than FDE and heats up less than BLACK.

Big Dave

My bullet tool broke. Just used an allen wrench instead.

Jerry Wilson

That bottom panel on that stock will slide right out. I removed mine to see what I might be able to do with mine. I've found that MOE picatinny rail sections would basically drop right in but I didn't want to cut up any of the sections I had at the time. I was recently looking around online and found 3-slot rail sections that would fit fine if you milled the bottom down on both sides. Like you were saying, I was thinking of adding a monopod option myself. It's just wasted non-functional space as it sits.

Joshua Ferrufino

will this fit on a airsoft gun?

Big Dave

Also, if the stock had another door on the rear left, then you could remove both and have a more skeletonized look. I wouldn't do that, but some people might like the option.

Battle Real Estate Investments, LLC

Having trouble installing the stock. The bullet broke as I was trying to use it as a lever. Tried other tools as well and it still won't budge past where the button will send it.

Charles Barnette

Door on the right side was most likely placed there to avoid the door latch from snagging on clothes or gear and opening.


The door on the other side would be nice.

Str stock price

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Magpul STR Buttstock

32 921 views | 12 Mar. 2015

The Magpul STR Buttstock

The Magpul STR Buttstock is a great option for storage. The Magpul STR Buttstock has excellent cheek weld and the Magpul STR Buttstock is constructed in top notch form. Made in the USA like anything Magpul. But, this Magpul STR Buttstock does have a slight wiggle in it. I have used this Magpul STR Buttstock on a few buffer tubes so I know it is not the buffer tubes. I am calling it a fluke as all my other Magpul stocks work fine. This Magpul STR Buttstock has kick ass storage and has worked great overall on my SPR/Mk12 build.





Grant Etherington

Also what bipod are using?


Which buffer tube are you using? I am using Str also but can't decide on a tube. Going stt2 buffer..

Grant Etherington

Great info. Thanks


Totally understand an off stock coming off the line which could explain your wiggle. I have a spec but not high end buffer tube, and the STR does not move, at all. I bet if you sent it to Magpul, they'd replace it for you, for free.




I have this buttstock and it doesn't move in the slightest

Michael Ogden

Mine has a little bit of wiggle also. Not a huge deal, but my 9mm AR variant is just for having a little fun. I don't notice it when I'm shooting.

kenneth l

My STR doesn't move or giggle at all. Must just be yours.

Solve et Coagula

Does this thing rattle like the stock magpul stock that comes on most guns?


I prefer the B5 Enhanced Sopmod.

ryan sweeney

Wondering if the batteries storage is water tight on the str?

Clayton Siknasty

I HATE when reviewers don't say how much they paid for it. I apologize in advance if it was in the vid and I missed it.

Paul Morang

Dumb question. Do the batteries need to be encased in something for storage in the stock or will they be okay contacting each other?


I like the B5 sopmod or the new BCM way more than any of the magpul offerings they fit tighter with less wobble without the silly friction lock thing and to me feel like they are built better not as cheap feeling.


As for moving around, I wonder if it has to do with quality control on the tolerances. Mine is solid as a rock. In fact, it does not even wiggle prior to locking it down. Overall I am very happy with this butt stock.

Jake Johnson

I'm no expert on these stocks, I'm watching to learn actually, but are you matched up as far as mil spec vs commercial goes? Wondering if that's the source of your wiggling.

Joshua Callahan

came here because I couldn't get it off with the rubber bullet like an idiot as well, thanks for the flathead tip!


i know its an old video but i noticed the QD mount was missing from the left side of the stock. does it come this way? every other video ive watched has it on both sides.

The Neanderthor

Captain Berz: Bumping the camera like a professional since 2010.


Im am completely torn between this and the ACS. I have no experience with the B5 stocks, but I am working on my first build, and gotta get a stock, just cant decide where to turn.

Michael Glenn

flat head tip was great....thank you


Tell me about your handguard? Thanks

Dustin Daniel

same problem for me with the wobble and not a big deal but it drove me nuts.so through research i had a milspec buffer tube with a commercial str stock so i swapped my stock for a milspec one and fixed the wobble completely no wiggle at all