Litecoin split

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GreyHack - Exploiting LiteCoin

421 views | 24 Dec. 2020

This video has been only

This video has been only for patrons, but i will release it here for everyone as a teaser of my patreon channel. Merry christmas everyone !

(Exploits has been patched by LTC DEV)

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Zeemka - Play

Can you make a video on how to make an antivirus?

Joshy Washy

oh noo XERTZ!


I love your backround!

Litecoin split

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Litecoin Protector Charlie Lee Answers LTC Bearish FUD

2 185 views | 20 Sep. 2018

Support the stream:

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/cryptocapitalventure Litecoin creator Charlie Lee took to Twitter today to answer LTC FUD and lies. Here is a quick overview of these tweets.

My interview w/ Charlie Lee in case you missed it - https://youtu.be/vwyxvJl7LSw

Charlie Lee Tweet - https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite/status/1042648815067529217

Atomic Swaps - http://thelitepodcast.libsyn.com/11-the-lite-podcast-and-alex-bosworth

Article - https://www.ccn.com/litecoin-a-significantly-overvalued-relic-cryptocurrency-hedge-fund-claims/

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Links from today's live stream:

SEC Rejection - https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/22/sec-rejects-bitcoin-etfs.html

Bitcoin Price - https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2018/08/22/bitcoin-just-jumped-400-in-20-minutes-but-it-might-not-last/#1580c2aa1532




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Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.

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I honastly belive the purpose of spreading fud such as this articile you covered is to accumulate...

Eddie Towers

I wonder what gets more hate Litecoin or XRP? ??


FUDster and Bears grasping at straws at this point....the bull run must be imminent...


Sold my Litecoin for XRP a couple days ago. Now will be switching it back to Litecoin. ?

K Cep

Dan, I know this may put you on the spot but I feel I have to ask this question not just for myself, but for all other people invested in litecoin.....Here's my question. When you were at the litecoin summit, can you tell me and others that follow your channel, what is Charlie Lee's vision for litecoin moving forward ? I've watch at least 20 videos from the litecoin summit and not 1 video explains or talks about Chalrie Lees vision for litecoin moving forward. The only thing Charlie Lee mention is how Litecoin is very simialr to bitcoin....But there are lots of other coins out there that work just as fast as litecoin and some coins even work better then litecoin.....No offense, but it's great that you interviewed Charlie however it seems as though during your interview with Charlie you were more or less caught up in the moment of being next to Charlie.......I myself have lots invested in litecoin.....I probably have just as much invested in litecoin as you do if not more.......There are also a couple other youtubers that have complained about the Litecoin summit also saying all Charlie spoke about was how similar litecoin was to bitcoin.......But let's be honest with each other......The fact that litecoin is similar to bitcoin will only take litecoin so far.......SO I ask you and I think I speak for other litecoin investors as well, what is happening to litecoin? Charlie needs to give us more then just litecoin is similar to bitcoin........


Glad I sold my litecoin for XRP

D Sagar

FUD being thrown by those who KNOW ... LTC will be huge,
hence they wanna get in low.

Coincidentally... bitcoinben did a FUD video last night which is
More than questionable.


Hey, you mispronounced their name. I know it's spelled Multicoin Capital, but if you sound it out phonetically it's pronounced SCUMBAGS. It's a tricky one.


Dan set up a Charlie Lee & Jordan Belfort debate/dialogue

Litecoin Tech Support

Great video Dan!! Love the Litecoin Summit shirt, I am wearing it again tomorrow!

edit name

This fud didint even cause a price drop tho, Ltc was just moving with the entire market pst few days nothing unoriginal drops, I guess the FUDDErs failed there

Adam Roberts

Check out Jameson Lopp's defensive response to Kyle Samani regarding Multicoin short thesis on LTC: https://twitter.com/lopp/status/1041814853177036801


Dan my man 50 grand.

Stephen Herzog

Great video!! Sorry I missed ya!! Amazing things going on behind the scenes super excited!! Be well

Eren Kaslte

Litecoin was ghosting in plan sight and now it has haters.. I almost smell a bull run. Also I would love to see Bitmain dump all it LTC..

edit name

I think we need more fud so we can get cheaper litecoins?


Great video, thanks for making this! :)


Multi-coin about to get wreck'd... When a short doesn't pan out you are forced to buy in order to close your short position.

Frogger 251

To hell with ripple and bitcoin cash

Crypto Capital Venture

Video starts @ 2:30
Better audio @ 4:30

Tag Heuer

How many RODCoin can I get for 2LTC????

Pentix Zendor

Someone link Charlie's speech! I need to see it

Everything Is Pose-able

That article is 100% BCH funded BS FUD nonsense.

Jeff V

4:38am from the Philippines


Where can I watch Charlie Lee speaking at the summit? I did see your interview.


Anyone ever tell you that you sound like the actor Justin Chatwin from the show Shameless?

s trav

I dumped all my litecoin into XRP 2 days ago best decision I ever made it went from $.30 to now almost $.43 in one day and a half. LOL. Wake up people the hype around this coin is dying

Steve Brule

If bitcoin goes up, so does ltc, im pretty sure btc will go up, it's that simple.

Crypto Conversations

Like it a lot

Litecoin split

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Is Litecoin Dead? | The TRUTH About the Litecoin LEAKED Chat

1 364 views | 11 Aug. 2019

A leaked chat between

A leaked chat between Litecoin founder Charlie Lee and several other prominent Litecoin community/foundation members has been made public. The truth is there is a split of ideals going on here and one side is right while the other needs to let it go. We also take a look at XRP news, a chrome extension called CoinStats, a crypto friendly bank, & more!

Litecoin Story: https://bitboycrypto.com/is-litecoin-dead/

Litecoin Leaked Chat Full Transcript: https://bitboycrypto.com/litecoin-full-leaked-chat/

Coinstats Extension: http://bit.ly/2OOFbKF

Thank you to Coinstats for sponsoring that segment.

If you would like to be featured on my channel please reach out to my agent at [email protected]

Jack Johnson

I wanna see the full chat too

Chill Sensation

The public needs the truth

Kevork Hagopian

Major in the chrome extension services

Keith Fellows

DLB are my favorite.


No fan of clon coin

Crypto Gamer

Great Video! Thanks!

Jan Striewe

Big boy crypto

A Bilancione

Nice shirt, BitBoy! #TheOffice ?

Tracy Barrett

When it comes to investment hodl litecoin


Franklin Richards is a marvel character, potentially the most powerful entity or up there in top 5. Did he copy that name?

Ayem Chatham


Darman Prayoga

Litecoin community awesome community

Wenyan Chang

This is a big deal

Clemens Albert

Mg investment is bigly

Tommy Morgan

Litecoin is healthy project

Aiden Knight

Truly decentralized litecoin company

Brecken Rice

Is the chat legit

Tasuku Kimio

The chat does bring clarity

York Mcguire


Reyno SA-Crypto

Sad to see leadership fails in live chat..no wonder ltc is falling into the Ground.

Marcellus Dant

It is evolving tech

Poke Masta

Install and use it today

Ulian Gaitan

Crypto market coverage

Tiago Alves

Has their development down

Rafel Dane

As soon as we hit 9k we will see straight to 14k

Yeng Cheng

Sharing interesting footage bro

Frances Salter

About this true litecoin nature

Harvord Rank

Cool features on your site bro

Alesandro Poirrier

No crumbed ltc

Abuz Art

okay hulk ...done

Ayush Parachure

Coin stats

Hmong Xaisomboun Channel

hello......I have liked video and subscribed to the your youtube channel I hope you will help like my video and subscribe to my youtube channel too....thanks

Eanraig Oliver

Brilliant question

Stanley Poole

Regarding altcoin Litecoin good

Isidore Arrey

Who is Franklin

Gilbert Moreno

The blue


The biggest issue for me with LTC is that it's too easily 51%able.

Colby Marshall

Ah nice its still here on CoinMarketCap

Drere Urie

As long as Charlie knows his stuff ltc is here


As soon as we hit 9k we will see straight to 14k

Eike Czada

Why he is disappointed

Seth Garcia

Frank and charlie dialogue is long

Kanguroba Golty

Seems very much a rumor

Kelly Clark

Leaked ltc

RobDC Bitcoin Option Investing

Yes. Sad Ltc is dead

Topi Multala

Litecoin stuff sounds hoax

Tray Opren

Brought by popular mobile app


Great video, keep them coming!

Thyge Ovesen

The litecoin partnership in crumble so soon?

Robert Campbell

ltc already died, eos, tron and eth will soon enough, look at charts and lack of development versus btc

Dank Ham

Webstore is platform

Gabriel S

LTC is just a BTC clone, don't see why it should be relevant on a long term.

Sammy Brewer

If it drops to $60 so will btc

Dino Hering

Bakkt got official

Betty A

Great explanation of the LTC verbal exchange.

Charles Libow

Got my Ltc at $30 :)

Crypto Dad

Too many coins we dont need. Some will have to die. Just like dot com bubble.

Preda Cristi

litecoin to the moon


Very informative video, you have a thumbs up for that!

Alena Raczova

Litecoin foundation

Abay Mirza

Its still worth like 80$ per litecoin

Jenk Dab

Synced to wallet or exchanges

Polo Molo

Cool stuff BB

Janvi shah

Excelent video BITBOY CRYpto

Mathew Thomas

The litecoin partnership in crumble so soon?

Yehoram Evelia

Very bigly progressing partnership


Yes, I was looking at the shirt all through the video - beautiful blue color! I don't, however, have a clue what Dunder Miffun is.

Crypto 4Life

I think LTC will not die but I feel the gains for Litecoin are definitely slowing down.

Rodney Holloway

Hows now update in the ltc

Wilkin Ollie

Need to see this chat transcript

James M

Wow hopefully the LTC guys make the right decisions going forward. Been a pretty decent project.

Chuan Kuan

Libra does have whitepaper

CFC Hazard

Been researching this litecoin article too

Ethan Deen

Price drop since all time high

Larry Harrison

Litecoin still cool coin

Nalik Jaga

D under muffin

CartoonX 2013

Great video , thanks

Kenny Newton

The chat seem bogus

lan May

Litecoin foundation booming

Jonan Illingworth

When the great partnership of litecoin

JR Crypto

LTC will still be here 6 months from now.

Kasey Harton

When was litecoin released

Coline Pelletier


Okoro Horowitz

Cool inside info of the litecoin coin

Lino Accardo

Its still a multi million market

Rahul Katoch

Show me your portfolios
I promise I won’t steal your crypto


Thanks again! I'll just hang on to my LTC bag and see what happens, but imo this is a good thing. Already going the right direction. UP.


I think Franklin is right and the more people spend and use Litecoin more, the other CEO isn’t wrong either but at the moment Mr. Richards is right at the moment, they need to build.

Rhett Brenes

Revealing majorly coinstat

Nature World

Long chat they must been having

pinky raval

The litecoin partnership in crumble so soon?

Pedro Felipe

Its totally alive Litecoin

Rohan W

LTC is here to stay. I currently hold a few and don't plan on selling soon.

Kaleb Erickson

I like pro version than normal

Boom Box

Its clear to me litecoin is sustainable company

Arnold Graham

Its rumor

Sjef D

Ltc is huge

xue 1989

Litecoin isn't going anywhere.

Fortnite Gamer

Great video Bitboy

Viceky Cartledge

Is bakkt official