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Visiting the Fake Supreme store in China

94 986 views | 16 Aug. 2018

Visiting the Fake Supreme

Visiting the Fake Supreme store in China. new store opens, selling fake counterfeit supreme clothing, the streetwear phenomenon, and craze, to the world. Claiming to be legit and being a physical store, I had to go check it out.



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Luke Skytalker

Supreme nyc??? Wtf is that bullshit


Cowboys in Asia
Size S
Have never owned a Supreme product before, hopefully this will be my first?

Michael Hamilton

CBP will be pissed Its illegal to purchase counterfeit goods its a serious problem these days


Cowboys in Asia. I should get it because i need some money right now to support my family like fr.

Marco Della Torre

Size L cause i Like it


Issa small

Dominik Sturm

Cause I want it! M

white g

I dont get it do supreme have the best material

Amir Nordin

Fake supreme better than real one


Were they cheaper than the real ones?

Clemens Sc

Shirt Size L or XL! „Fufu Supreme“ Killed me haha

Shermo LBC

Who came here after the China Mac interview

Ilias Beri

Come and visit the off-white store in Mynokos Greece!!!!!


size M
what can I say I love the hype ?

Dylan Allman

I’m from Albany Ny there is no supreme store here only from NYC and Albany is 3 hours away from NYC


She told him over and over again it wasn’t supreme dumb fucks


medium thx

Declan M

Are you from Calabasas?

getch3ffed '

I just got sum 10$ supreme slippers from some Chinese rip off lmfao

Vincent Somers

Cowboys in Asia

T-shirt size XL
bogo is a dream

Patryk Marczuk

I should get supreme box logo couse I want to hear from everybody in my school that this box logo is fake:)

Brayn martinez

Size L why should I get it ??‍♂️. Well I’ve been fan of supreme ?but supreme box logo is too expensive when resellers sell them ? so I wish I had one, not gonna wear it so often bc it’s box logo??‍♂️ and I’m planning on keeping it not sell it like most of the ppl in here r going to do ?? also I love your videos on exposing fake supreme ???? keep it going ?? keep making good videos ?

Sean F

She said in the video that they are not Supreme. She said it’s a different company... they call themselves Supreme NYC but out of Albany... is is a rip off? Yes... is it the same clothing? No... but she did say they are not Supreme.

Min vio'nan

my size XL why i wanna win ?? hmm going to China wear that in the store and show em what is actual supreme NYC looks like


Cowboys in Asia hehe. Also, I feel that a great reason for me wanting to have the box logo is that it would be pretty cool to own one and trying fits with it and seeing what I could do/style in that shirt. Another reason i had in mind is that I have never won a giveaway before and I might as well give it a try, and test out my luck hahah. Good luck everyone entering!

Gabriel Spence

i want this shirt because i just go tan L on the CDG bogo and i mean when i think about juuling at night it makes my teeth jewel

Jackson Mullen

the tags were fake

Laeth Shibli

cowboys in asia

Carlo Dacayo

Cowboys in asia

Muhammad Haziq

XL because i have never gotten a supreme box logo before


Btw Those hypebeast from China might wear fake supreme ow or others . Shame on those chigga

Means Kim

Size L Keep up bro

potato owo


Dominik Sturm

Cowboys in Asia

tuna -

Fuck it. You're just paying what you should be paying for a t shirt with a logo on it.

Joshua Dwihan

size m
cowboys in Asia
I want supreme box logo shirt because i want to have it, thats it :)

Will Chase

size L

ManuzZ 21

size L and because i always get Ls and im from barcelona......home of the fake supreme store so winning this tee would help :)

Max Simonis

M please

young ten



cowboys in asia

Aditya Rifqi

even ilegal business brand claim like this is can opened in china!

Matin Mohamad

Size M

Josh Buxcey

Cowboys in Asia, size medium yanoo who doesnt need a box logo. Safe



Zidong Yang

I being go this store before, it just so funny that they add a nyc on the brand and become a totally different brand, ridiculously fake



Max Simonis

Cowboys in asia

Corey Lan

Size Small, I’ve wanted a bogo all my life but could never afford one ?

Denis Kožíšek

Size M, cowboys in asia


Size m

James Chen


LivingHouseOnline Platform

Let me share ,ok ?

Andrew Duffy

Shenzhen is one word.


Lol you can't even find out for yourself where it is, and THEN you can't S/O the homies when they do the work for you?? Weak...af

Mikkel Emil Aaskov Henriksen

I came to eat, so let me get that bogo in a size Large pls


size L, also I should get the bogo cause i always get "the L" when they drop ;(

Kevin W

I am a Chinese and I want to say something, first this is not fake supreme is just different supreme secondly this supreme is registered in China before the supreme everyone is buying. So supreme can’t have a store in China because this store is registered before them in China. But I still hate this store so much, is literally faking the real supreme!

Akshay Prashant

How to make easy money 101

Jamie Hale



Is exactly the same


i did it please give it to me i am gonna be very if i get the box logo supreme is my favorite brand my size is size;S

Ishan Kulkarni



Size L thank you

Ben Clark

my shirt size is M and I should win the giveaway cos I've been into supreme and fashion for a while now but I haven't got the money to flex so I can't pull with my basic h&m shit. cowboys in asia

Stefon Ulerie

This video was funny af


Size M
Cause box logos are cool idk

Cowboys in Asia

Jing Li

Your vest looks nice. What brand is it?

R4ZR Josh

My shirt size is medium

Hardy Wong

BTW Spain has got a fake supreme store too wwhy is it that no one is doing anything to stop it,,,


Hey come on man London got a supreme search google map for it why waste money flying to China just to realise that you gone on a wild goose chase

Fuzzy Bear100

Really admirable how much effort fake stores put into when displaying and making their shop either look really real or really nice.


Size medium

A Wong

I really wanted a Supreme Box Logo because I did not have any Supreme .This will be my first piece of Supreme buddy and i will appreciate if you let me win this baby and my size is M .Thank you ?

Sebastien Devaleriola

Yoo! lit video, my size is M


Id On the Vest?

Kenn Maniulit

Size M

Frederikv v

Where is your cargo vest from?


SIZE: L , im living in 'crazy rich Asian' country and ppl use bogo as PJ. that why i need one from sleeping naked lol

Ongama Mafenuka

Somebody link this song ASAP

Emeric Tonglet

Size M

khushal singh

Love from India bruhhh

Hardy Wong

Do some research before you post you bullshit up here. They went to court with the fake mj in China and they lost it because china does not acknowledge American patents, copyrights and trademarks unless they are registered under the Chinese law. its supreme and mj 's fking fault they didn't register their trademarks in China ahead of time.

stanley banbury

Size M

Pablo Murillo

Size L bro but there be guys wearing that fake supreme shit in Colorado

Adam Chouhan



Yo icy, cowboy from canada, I think I should get the shirt cause I really fw clothes and I’m trying to piece toghether better fits, I’m a size M btw


fake country


Giveaway Details:

1. Download @StockX - https://bit.ly/2MXyeBm
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3. Comment below on your shirt size!

Jeppe Strandgaard Thorup

tfw you ran out of original content so you decide to go on tour to all the fake supreme stores

Arthur Kabylbaev

I'd like to win the shirt because I won the Supreme Bogo Giveaway about 5 weeks ago and it was a scammer. The scammer was (@boxlogo) and the other participants (@insaneoutfits, yeezyboostofficial, tygabrown) did not know about it. I was very sad and would now like to get a bogo. Size Large

suburbia confusion



I'd love that T-shirt in size medium

Dávid Avagjan

Size S
I want it becase I never had before real supreme stuff :(


Size XL, love your vids would also like to see a blog of you shopping at some high end stores in China or at the bootleg markets there, insta: shane56k, id like to get it coz your channel is great

Kay Lou

3:21 - Chinese Supreme = Chupreme

S M E E Z 愛 子

cowboys in asia
size: medium

Mohammed Nizam Nordin


Joshua Yap

Cowboys in Asia.
Hey, I'm a size S.
I think I should get the Supreme T cause I've always loved Supreme as a brand even though I've never owned any pieces and would like to try a new experience in one. Also, I'm from Malaysia so it's pretty hard to cop anything over here. ?

Tiến Phát

Vietnam also has store supreme fake

Supreme china

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Fake Supreme China Market

49 373 views | 26 Aug. 2018

We explore the fake

We explore the fake Chinese Market selling fake Supreme, fake Palace, basically all the fake streetwear brands. Hong Kong Fake Market.

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Do how much is your outfit in Polsand Please

White Roodster

My friend payed 300pound for fake supreme and it is worth like 10 pound.lol

Mika boers

Cowboys in hong kong




Shite ass video holy fuck

Daan S

Visit Bangkok on any hook you can buy preme






So dissapointing. Is this your content now? unsub

Heat Switz



Don't listen to the hate this is ur channel love your videos!

GM playz

Bell gang

fla la

Strong Deadpan ?

Ghost WOW

The underwear I do not mind

Gabriel JR YT

Por favor encomenda um pouco de dinheiro para mim se tornar um hype best

Blake Fieleke

Come on. You aren’t CollinAbroadCast


Pls stop with the fake supreme


fuck you , whole vid is an ad

G‘s Slime

Cowboys in Hong Kong ??

Jerry Hanse

Ahhahaha fake supreme ?


icy gang

Simone Bottari



u should do a how much is your outfit video without picking those rich kid hypebeasts


Can this get 100 likes for no reason?

Xin Li

They sell this shit because Chinese people doesn’t really care about what’s real and fake, also it’s probably because they don’t know what is real and that just don’t care...

Hakuna matata

China is the country of fake

Silas Wichmann

He really loves that song..

lucas Ortiz

bro plz come to boston

Elias Boyne

What the music at 1:37

Emiliano Torres


Eric Lee

R u going to korea?

Jujai Jaiho

Thats a street store, what do you expect. Nobody cares about someone wear fake branded stuff.


Wow I love videos which are half an advertisement and half him saying “heheh jeez look at this stuff”.

James Garrett

they salty

Marinelva Limeira

Essa lojinha dos china parece as daqui da 25 março, aqui no Brasil.


fell soo cringe while watching that


3/4 of the video was an ad? and the rest was shit.



Niccolo Jose

everything went downhill when you went to calabasas

Wifi Daddy

Don't fuck with your content anymore, I've got a feeling you've become more cocky than ever fr

Aron Robles

Great video keep up the good vids

Wheres My Damage

Sorry man, it’s not the same as CollinAbroadCast it isn’t as charismatic.

Plus his editing promotes an amazing sense of adventure.

If you need to advertise do what you gotta do, but as a viewer it’s off putting having them in intervals like you did.
It’s distracting to the point I find myself scrolling through recommended and tapping out on a Magus video.

It must be exhausting having to deliver content all the time.
So take a break if you find you need to time come up with more creative content.

Simran x


L video

It fake but it nice

Ryan Gillen

Idk why anyone buys the real ones


Hk fans hereeeee

Yaliema Kickass

Welcome hk

Dizasta Music

Whats supreme about this merch

Justin Ng

Fam didn't know you were in Hong Kong <3

Ami Basik

line mcm ni line mcm ti

Plattstein v

Depech Mode Intro? Good job

Jacob Shamsi

I was at the same market the other day!!

George Barnes

this just comes to show how unoriginal you have become over the years like you don't do anything original anymore

Raman Tajerian

Unsubbed, these people are trying to make a living. You make so unoriginal content nowadays we don’t care about fake supreme...

Johannes Honkonen

Haahahahahahaha so funny video

delete yourself

2:22 bruh don’t give me this... I just wanna watch this...


go to the fake supreme market in chania, greece


They were cheaper than the real ones?

Mak 7


Leonardo Da Vinci

Fire video

chris cartier

Bruv we honestly don’t give a fuck about fake supreme fuck off already

brodie .evans

Icy gang ❄❄❄❄❄

Nikos Davias

Great vid bro come athens


Your quality is so dope thanks mate❤️

Mika boers

Its lit


Lmao ewww


3:29 cowboys inspiration


When will you come to Dublin Ireland For a How much is your outfit?

Gabriel JR YT

Por favor encomenda um pouco de dinheiro pra mim se tornar um hype best

Peter Lolbroek

Do a wardrobe video



Luke Faivelowitz

didn’t he say he was stopping all the hype beast stuff a while back?

lucas Ortiz

come to bostonnnn

adam Syahran

That music intro is malay song tgat js call lana line tu

brodie .evans

Fire again kofi ❄??

Gabriel JR YT

Por favor me encomenda um pouco de dinheiro para mim se tornar um hype best


Bro,the background music where u get it?

Gabriel JR YT

Por favor encomenda um pouco de dinheiro para mim se tornar um hype best


Lol so early

alvin bennett

Basically Jamaica ?

Alux Jong

So sad. All that potential yet you're running around the world to find fake versions of a brand you said you'd stop looking at. Content has become absolute toilet.


Damn this channel has gone to shits

Mohd Nazri Nawi

Shit content


Have you seen the Supreme store in Shenzhen Nam Shan district? But I think it a fake store.


Nice & Funny Video ???

young pretty boi

Boring ass video

brodie .evans

Here before 1 million views ❄

Awfulslump TWIY

Cowboy Hong Kong

Halfdan Danmark

I'm not lying, i liked!


Come to Poland and make another episode of how much is your outfit m8

Nottz boyz tv


Alfie McAllen



love the fake series

Ls C

Disgusting fake goods


This is a famous market in Hong Kong known for their fake Supremes so we just had to hit it up.

joseph alzamora

First Like And visit

Supreme china

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Cruz Discusses Big Tech, Impeachment, China & the Supreme Court With Clay Travis

4 172 views | 9 Feb. 2021


Ted Cruz "Must Attack Government Again" 2024!


Why can't Trump and Trump supporters sue congress. I found this article.
Democracy Dies in Darkness


By Nancy Lewis

November 7, 1987

A U.S. Court of Appeals panel ruled yesterday that members of Congress are not immune from libel suits arising from their attempts to influence the conduct of executive agencies, saying that they are acting as "volunteers" in such undertakings, including communicating with constituents.

The 2-to-1 opinion, written by a former senator and including a dissent by a former House member, rejected arguments that members of Congress should be protected by something akin to executive immunity, even if their actions are not directly related to constitutionally mandated legislative duties.

The decision came in a case brought against Rep. Donald K. Sundquist (R-Tenn.) by Wayne Chastain, an attorney with Memphis Area Legal Services (MALS) who claimed that he had been defamed by a letter Sundquist wrote to then-Attorney General William French Smith.

Solid Citizen

Sen. Cruz, any "Republican" like Pierre Delecto (Romney) who votes against President Trump is through!!! Mark my words. We may not have a say in this right now but, we do come Election time!!

Syugisya Hannkyou

??????     Joe Biden⏳?
?????      ☣️China??「…」
from Japan. ????? ??Ted Cruz?


So that was a bad call, lol tampa crushed em.

David Cohen

F the NBA.. I used to be a Big Fan back in the day.

Jeannie K

Get to work Ted Cruz stop wasting our $$$ with this useless B.S.

Dan Boston

Cruz is swamp

Major Rick Corbin

[Q] What is Nancy Pelosi's favorite Ice cream flavor?
[A] Him Peach-Mint

Bible Info 1000 Different Bible Playlist Subjects


debra philpott

Hurry back Trump We THE Country Need You♥️♥️????

duong tran

The righteous will win the evil! President Trump will win the election rigging and the shameful slandering of Biden and democrat!
Senator Ted Cruz is one of the greatest loyal senators who can see the bad situation in America after Biden taking over America! Biden has been using his dictatorship to letting evil dictator China dominate America and controlling the world and making Americans suffering!
God bless president Trump! God bless America! God bless senator Ted Cruz and our loyal patriots!


Ted Cruz is Real American Representative for American People
Keep pushing for Term Limits - Governors, Congress , Senate and Supreme Court
SWAMP is extremely corrupt

henry albagli

All those against Trump know they do so with an evil heart yet they do so regardless. What I think is the worst of all this is YOU the people, who follow what you know is wrong but you joy in bearing a false witness against a former president who fought for you, vowing to drain the swamp, to make America great again and giving the country back to YOU! Yet you chose to hate and destroy the one that kept his word and his promise. Biblically, the same was done 2000 years ago to a similar lover of all humanity, Jesus Christ, the mob also yelled out in a loud voice "crucify Him"

Helena Tagliavia

Senator you are great and have guts

Toni Ussery

Needs to leave congress!!!!

Maureen Brandon

They are trying to silence The Truth that Jesus is in order to replace Him. They called Him a lunatic just before they crucified Him, they didn't know that He would be resurrected from the dead.

David Adrian

God bless Ted Cruz


Google o duckduckgo for the article.
Censorship YouTube keep deleting my post.

Trump Won Two-Thirds of Election Lawsuits Where Merits Considered

Maureen Brandon

That's exactly the anti social buble world their driving for. Their trying to clear the planet of all christians, everyone that can think freely. Everyone that has morals. It's about mind control and greed and sexual immorality. The mark of the beast.

John Ashtone

From the other side of the Atlantic, Senator Cruz is Mr. USA, I'm rooting for you, because you expose the Left and Socialists in particular, for what they are, 'Stupid' and vindictive.

Clay Travis is spot on 6:32 with the market place of ideas, he might have taken a lot of flack at the time, but when Charles Darwin published 'Origin of Species' people who criticised him, took time to be 'Critical' with the knowledge they had, not through being ignorant of their own subject. There were calls for the book to be banned, but the publishers were seen as doing their job, publishing, not as enemies of the State :-))

Freedom of speech, no ifs or buts.

AT& T were only protecting their business? They were not being vindictive towards the ordinary US citizen.
IBM not mentioned, were dominant from 1950s to 1980s, again only protected, their business.

These nasty Tech multi $Billionaires are trying to impose their venal version of society, on us the ordinary person in the street, keep fighting Ted.

William Keys

Wow! Senator Ted Cruz's analysis of Presidential Impeachment by op-ed, is woeful, by any reasonable conservative standard. Cruz is playing gentle footsy with the Democrat Party and allowing them latitude with his 'wanting' analysis. Warning to Senator Cruz, converstatives are sick and tired of quasi-RINO's. For God's sake, show your true colours! Cruz quote, "I will consider (a nomonees qualifications) on the merits". He's talking about a far far left-wing and rabid Democrat nominee. What about the nominees political record?

SpicyDames Vintage Jewelry & Things

I Love you TED Cruz ❤

Scott Leeper

Beto O'Rouke next govenor of California.

Rich Carlson

Please note: I report ALL threats of violence and violent action in YouTube comments to YouTube, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security.

sue goudy

I don't know but if you're interviewing Ted Cruz right now what the heck is he doing there he should be in the Senate are voting for to get our President Donald Trump through this impeachments bull bull crap

Trust Nguyen

We need shut down all the big tech in Americans country they are under control Chinese CCP laws ?????????????????‍??‍??‍??‍??‍?

Cody Forest

Silicon valley are puppets for the radical left republicans has had plenty of opportunities too put a stop them fed up with all talk republicans

Mary T

Please save Trump from this Impeachment- his attorneys are terrible & we need to PROTECT Freedom of Speech.

Brian G

Screw these establishment Republicans!


Keith Suarez

You had the chance to repeal section 230 and failed. You have turned your back on Texas and America

Joe Duke

Time for Texas to pass a law to block Democrats from moving into the state. Being a Democrat is NOT a protected class. Also you need a law to allow Texans to use their guns to block illegal immigrants... screw Federal law. Remember the Alamo !!

KingsKid MediaGroup

Remember this moment???
#Republicans... When we came together, Bipartisan, and stood up for what is TRULY Right even when it didn't go with the Party Lines. This moment was American Democracy at its best! We need 11 more (17 total) Republicans to stand up and be these type of #Congressman #Congresswoman NEVER Forget They stormed the Capitol, Killed Civil Servants (a Veteran at that), set off a Domestic Terror Attack all in the name of #Trump. I hope that Republicans can finally remember their BETTER ANGELS. Kamala Harris Stacey Abrams Joe Biden Lindsey Graham Senator Ted Cruz Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

John Kroll

Ted Cruz is a traitor, done, finished. The leftist mob stole the election in plain sight, even kids saw it. Cruz, McConell, McCarthy, Sase and few others are also phony double faced douchebags. Finally showed their real face.

L Pawlowicz

Please email your state Senators and ask them to NOT TO CONVICT. Thanks

DanielAlexander YT

lol 60% of the interview was talking about sports

Andy Solomons

THE AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD. JEFF BEZOS, GEORGE SOROS, DORSEY AND ZUCKERBERG SOLD IT TO THE CHINESE. And all Americans are left in the bent over position waiting for the Dmcts to drive it in DRY, GOP is either in league or spineless.

Person McPerson

It's Feb. 9th and Ted still hasn't resigned. RIP Brian Sicknick.

United Communist States of America Has No POTUS

Ted Cruz is a shill.. You need to pay closer attention. He votes AGAINST America first policies and he talks about action against big tech but NEVER FOLLOWS THROUGH. He is just another RINO. Don't be followed by his Texan accent. Remember Texas is 1 tech company away from becoming the next California. Look at his voting record and you'll see for yourself exactly where his loyalties lay.

He is the most dangerous kind of politician, the kind that has even his own constituency fooled.


Once again Nasty Pelosi is causing distraction and delay so no one will notice what's really going on. Impeach Pelosi and then Biden because how long has he been telling us the stimulus package is coming, and how many people will die from all of the illegal aliens bringing us Coronavirus

Lale Ma

Thanks for your support for Uyghurs.



Judah Christ


Jenny Bedwell

You are a traitor censure and RESIGN

Mitch Garbeno

Freedom is a fragile thing and it's never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.
January 5th, 1967 - President Ronald Regan

Diane Hua Li

Best senator ever. We must keep Texas red. So many people from California flee to Texas, I hope they don't vote for democrats and change Texas from Republican state to democrats state.

Jeannie K

It's way past time to get our Lazy, money hungary, America Hating Government out of office. They should NOT BE PAID FOR THEIR LACK of doing anything for the American People.
Get to work, Imleachment is BULLSHIT AGAIN

Trust Nguyen

Hi senator this is America’s country. Is not Chinese communist country. I don’t know why the big tech they control my voice??????

Rick Jackson

It's a glorious day in Texas. Joe Biden has a higher approval than Greg Abbott. I'm sure Lyin Ted is aware of this. Let's watch Ted shape shift.

Trust Nguyen

Hi senator I don’t know why the big tech control my voice. Please make the laws shut down all

Phanita Daly

Senator Ted Cruz would you please join Gab.com and Rumble.com too. Thank you


Ted, stop trying to wax intelligent about that which you have no understanding of... nobody is looking to an evangelical, traitorous politician for a nuanced debate on the role or impact of big tech. Your understanding of how the internet works is only slightly below your knowledge of molecular biology, slam poetry, the mating habits of the common moorhen, and as it turns out, the Constitution.


God bless you ???? stay strong in the Lord Jesus Christ


This senator is guilty of sedition and now his impeachment policy will allow for Democrats to take complete control of our country. Ted the traitor

gray beard

If your congress or house representative voted to Impeach you should immediately began recall or primary (your Impeachment right ) because they refused to uphold the constitution which is a large part of their oath to the American people that they violated .
your welcome to re post this any were like fb/tw/cnn please

Robert Campbell


Dorothy A Kai

its all BH they wasting time its not going nowhere will it be funny if it back fire and end up Impeachment Joe

S. Pam Poopnuggets

Traitor Ted Cruz’s once bright career came to an abrupt halt with the storming of the capitol building by militant seditionists encouraged and incited by Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election.
Ted Cruz embraced those lies at a time of crisis, and gave them credibility when they had none.
At a time when he could have highlighted his independence and leadership, he chose instead to serve his own crass political ambitions.
Look no further than this for an example of poor leadership in the service of self.
Texas deserves better.
The country deserves better.
Mr Cruz should resign.

Angela W

What are you going to do to protect the next election Ted!???

MT Goddard

DemonsCRAT that not complain about China genocide, murder, pedophiles and so on, boys o boys,they must have their tails attached somewhere, that is guilty of culpability, write down my words.....just look Biden hold young girls...man o man...wow! Greetings from Brazil ??

tripp harris

Ted Cruz is deep State just like his wife that work for Goldman Sachs when she sold her soul to get that job....... 100% of these people need to be removed

Judah Christ

NEVER SLEEEPY BIDEN 2020...???????????
Biden have too much fear of TRUMP...TRUMP=STROOONG...[MAGA]...❤????

Rich Carlson

Vote to convict Donald Trump or stand with the insurrection. Your choice, Cruz.

Betty Lou Stordalen

China will own us one day. If republican do not the white house back.

Misty Jenkins

This impeachment is a sham, just like the first impeachment, as well as the election! Unbelievable!! Don't get me started on the Covid craziness!

Sheryl C

Texas loves Ted Cruz. Cruz 2028