Renko chart online

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Free Renko Chart 100% Work | Investing website Special Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi by Tani Forex

3 869 views | 29 Apr. 2018

Renko chart is very famous

Renko chart is very famous Price action chart in all over the world. in this tutorial information about Renko Forex trading chart on investing.com website. All information in Urdu and Hindi by Tani Forex. For more information must visit http://taniforex.com/

Yasir Ali Official

'Muddai lakh bura chahen to kya hota hai,
vahi hota hai jo manzoor e kunda hota ha''

Abdullah Trader online

good tani from abdulah trader online


Can u make a video about this and give us this indicator bhai jaan m waiting about it.

mmudasar ch

vps kasy buy ho ga ,,or us k lagany ka tareeqa b share karen ,,,thankx in advance

Yasir Ali Official

love you sir g ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Sir aise logon ki baaton per dhyan na De. Aise kuch hi log hote he. Per aap ke saath jo log he hum he tadaad me unse jyada he. Please aap gamjada na ho. Allah unhe tofiq De. Or aapka hosla hamesha buland rakhe.

Afaq Ahmed

Tanveer bhai kion dil chota kar rahy ho, mukhalfin to chahty hen k aap hamen educate karny wala nek kam band karden, aap hosla na haren aap apny nek maqsad men lagy rahen mukhalfin ki dukan khud hi band ho jaye gi.

Shakeel Murad

Welldone Tani bhai.Keep it up
tundi e baade mukhalif se na ghabra ay uqaab
ye to chalti ha tujhe oncha uraney k liye

Muhammad Waseem Akram

RankoStreet STF

Yasir Ali Official

good,better,best video


very good sir

Muhammad Sajjad

Thanks sir

forex view

Is video ke chart pe jo indicator show ho raha hai wo indicator kab denge sir


thanks sir ................

Bijoy murmu

carry on
tani vai bahut help mila app ka video dekh k

Yasir Ali Official

No No No Sir hum taqeed nai kar skty ap to hamare ustaad hain
aur ustad ka muqaam bohat buland hota hai hum to apki bohat respect krty hain
lekan jo log tanqeed krty hain wo b ap se mohabbat ki wajah se krty hain unka tanqeed krne ka maqsad hai k hum b ap se mohhabat krty hain hum b ap se bat krne ka moqa mily

forex student

janab hum apni wja se ap k group main shamil hoe hen because of kisi chez main lalch nhi rakhty. ap mukhlis insan hen. Allah ap ko khush rakhy

Shivam Mallick

Bhai isme renko box size kaise select karenge

mmudasar ch

best ......Allah khush rakhy


Tani Bro..ap konsa indicator use kr rahy hen jo abi apk chart per show ho rha hy ??


I think this also nice indicator.. for long term trading.

Jagmohan Yadav

Love You Sir you are great Traders

Yasir Ali Official

sir g ajj ki video mein jo apne renko strret STF lagaya hai wo kese lagaty hain ?????????
is indicator ka link de den plzzz

Yasir Ali Official

jo b makhlif apk bare me bakwas krty hain krty jayen apko kuch faraq nai paray ga hum log jo apk sath hain

Friends TV Gujranwala

Tani bhaie..... plz ye wala renko indicators hme b de.......we are waiting.......great work..... next video plz isi pr bnaye.......... aur ye indicators b rakhy apni site pe hmare lye.... thnx....
Asif.... Gujranwala

mohammad waqas

sir jo aise comment karte hain unki jal rahi hoti hai kyuke itna acha kaam wo nai kar sakte... wo jo fee lete hain unka kaam jo kharab ho raha hai takleef to hogi na sir unko... aur achi videos banaye sir ke inka kaam aur bhi kharab ho jaye doing a very good job.. proud on you..

Raghu Chakravarthy

Very nice video thank you sir :)


Bhai jaan apki screen par ye jo indicator hai ye konsa indicator mene to socha aap issi ke baare me bataoge ..Ye hai na.
RankoStreet STF .


Amir Hussain

Very Nice

zarfishan khan

Choren Allah KE liye AP kar rahe Hain wohi silah dega

Yasir Ali Official

مدعی لاکھ برا چاہیں تو کیا ہوتا ہے
وہی ہوتا ہے جو منظور خدا ہوتا ہے


sir hum fbs chalty han ap ifx kia ye acha broker hai ye vidwo achi hai

Shakeel Info Hub

Nice video sir


Very good bhai jaan nice allah apko salamat rakhe. Apko barkat de.

Renko chart online

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Simple and non successful Renko trading strategy

11 261 views | 24 Sep. 2019

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Vidya Anantha

You are using 3 points for BankNifty????? BankNifty is very volatile to use 3 points. How did you decide on the 3 points???? show a similar video please using 35 or 45 or 50 points.

Water Level

At the end of d day we have to follow 1 rule for success trade in that loss n profit may hits also but we have to increase our profits by practice ... practice ... Only

Prasad Jadhav

Sir you need to use box size between 15-44 for better charting in banknifty.....otherwise boxes will keep forming in both directions

Kunwarpal Singh

If u r trading with 1min TF and with 1 traditional brick size, you wont make the money. Search for correct measures to find the trend.... not the trade

Mac Tube

Intraday or positional? I m confused

Monopoly Winer

i think you made this video with that topic to make people watch it and you make views for that ! LOL :) otherwise every professional trader knows that how to use renko and its settings for every pair is different bro.

Dumsani Dlamini

Adjust your Renko size. Did you try that?

Manjunath Tyson

This is the true fact of renko

Muhammad Saleem

Hahaha He knows nothing about renko.


Renko charts in tradingview platform is not right,Renk on tradingview uses time....but renko shoul use only price movement as factor not time...TV may fix this soon.

jump_rope_ vines

It is a fact guys intraday is impossible with Renko...positional trading somewhat possible...but short term investments can be made with renko

Infinity Channel

I have a question.

How do I get confirmation that the brick won't repaint (disappear) after it full formed as the box size.

I have seen in Zerodha that once the box is fully formed with another box in the making the fully formed box also disappears.

Any explanation will be of help.


Kamal Kishore Sharma

He is right. When you do actual trading with renko, it happens


Nobody here understands anything,just listen to what the guy is trying to say.....he is right.....renko in tradingview is flawed doesn't work right....the guy doesn't realise that..... Tradingview renko uses time as a factor but renko should only use price as a factor.please understand the video properly and then say

Harshad Sutariya

Please use in penny stock u will get 1 candle in 1 year...Ha haha..Plz understand and then make video. Don't confuse.

sushila sushila

Aray babu u keep atr 14. Chutay why misguided.


Your setting for the renko needs to be adjusted!!!


This is the wrong use of renko..renko is not supposed to look at time at all, it's only the current price and only price..this is misleading video


Video full of Stupidity..u dont know what time frame and brick size should be used and still u are blaming it..u should have used macd and 20 day simple moving average

Talent Traders

Thanks for your valuable comments


Brick size 1 vecha apdi than ???

Water Level

So many i have this doubt bro u. Clarify well with ur live explanation awsome

santosh shetty

Stupid person,Chutya.


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Vikas Pawar

bro ....don't make stupid videos.....u don't know about renko....please study it.

yeyu kang

You waste my time, you don't know what renko is mean. One time frame and you now use 0.01% TRA-renko?? hehe ~

Rina Kathrotiya

Set brick size as per market volatility

Mohamedrafi Kasim

Very good. Nicely you try to confusing. you must adjust it depends upon script.

Priyadarshan Macwan

If we can't make profit with Renko chart then what is the use of Renko chart??

Tamil Option Trading

Every indicator has its own drawbacks... But you have chosen a wrong brick number for an index to make the indicator even worse to work correctly... Bank nifty is approximately 30000 points... You shouldn't keep the bricks low...
For a stock that is pricing 100, you can keep a brick number to 1.

Ganesh Poyrekar

If you don't understood it please don't use it. But please don't misguide others.

kaki sureshu

Sry to say, u don’t know how to use Renko chart

Amol Shetye

Check brick size


boss use brick size of 20 rs

Sheshadri Sampige

U R showing your ignorances of how to use Renko chart. Don't misguide viewers.

Samim Mondal

bhai please use ATR renko not traditonal renko and especaily not set 1point per brick, try it, you will get perfect result.

Tapavs Chand

do you even know how to trade?

Danish Khan

Ranko is great , but you need to find the right and optimal brick size for the perticular stock. As you can see the value of brick 0.003% which very small

Om Dubey

Given the volatility and size of banknifty you are not using correct brick size ..also the time frame is not proper for such a small brick size that's why you are facing all the problems you mentioned. You can take help from other videos on Youtube on this subject.

Talent Traders

It was perfect when you see previous charts but quite difficult to follow in live. Same which I posted on this video

santosh shetty

Half knowledge is dangerous,first learn.

Junaid Ahmed

what indicator u use ?

Rodney Mugochi

total crap

Bhavesh Shah

I am using renko in forex.

jack nono


Ewan Zane

Supply demand in multiple timeframe, max daily timeframe

Talent Traders

If I use 10 bricks multiplayer 3 when 30 point up only I can get opposite bricks right

remy autar

Renko doesn't work with the supertrend indicator. This guy doesn't understand TA properly to make a video. Dont let people like him discourage you...pm me if you want to learn my system on renko with the proper indicator.

ThiBig by Riyas Nechiyan

Sir first try to learn how to use renko chart

Talent Traders

I am not telling don’t follow I am explaining what is practical differently

santosh shetty

You are completely wrong you have put number wrong input box.

And you are saying 1 box is one minute candle.you actually don't know without knowledge making video and spreading wrong info to others and making fun of your self.

Subramaniam Rajan

You cannot use Renko Chart in your lifetime. Renko doesn't have Time Dimension is your wake up the ring. The rest up to you.

Game Player

You put brick size to low

Ravi Palwankar

For Nifty use brick 15 MA triangular 10 and aroon 5. TF daily. Pls give feed back .

Tech Geek

I think you have not understood renko charting. It is not renko candles, it is called renko bricks. Without understanding, when someone tries to use tools, it can harm, instead of benefiting, but that doesn't mean the tool is not good. Yes , Renko is used in daytrading widely and traders use it to cut noises and bring clean profits.


Don't waste your and our time by making a stupid video like this, you just don't know how to use Renko, this is the worst video on the name on Renko

Prashant Jayasawal

Use renko on mt4

Renko chart online

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Renko Charting - Say No to Noise and Yes to Profits

607 178 views | 15 Feb. 2017

Mr. Praveen Pathiyil

Mr. Praveen Pathiyil speaking at the 4th edition of Finbridge Expo. Know more: http://finbridgeexpo.com

Aidan Rufus

Although I had little idea about trading it still didn't move me to trade on my own cos I knew I wasn't ready yet for trading but now its getting more interesting trading under an experts guide



Rohit Jain

Y to follow such complex charting strategy, following staggering plan on one reliable stock


What a vada pav camera guy. He's clueless about the subject and focusing on the speaker rather than including the chart.

jugal h

Please Say NO to the Camera Man & the Production Team next time.
Bloody just couldnt see the fuckin slide!! What an ass!

Malayali Media

This worked on 2020 budget

Gourav Kohli

muh mai camera gusa de ga kya sir k, dumd camera guy
and thanks for this valuable information sir...

Suman Chakraborty


Prashant Patil

Fail ho gaya bhai tera secret aaj

annu B


Electro Plaza

Nice presentation , stupid audience

Ruma Khatun

Good video. A reliable forex learning site: forexlearnbd.com

kalpesh Vishe

Treders look vakrangee stock at 29 jan then you will be find how the market is in one day you lose all you have by using this method ?

Lawrance Pageot

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Mark Burton

The sound does come back at 32:32

cooldudeRohan onetwothreefourseven

Kid: Uncle can I manage the camera?
Cameraman: Yes

FoSTaC Training

Great work by speaker and worst work by cameraman.

Jaskirat Kamboj

what should be time frame of renko charts on the day prior to the event day? anyone knows??

SreeRadhe Interio -Interior & Furniture Designer, Contractor & Decoration in Kolkata

Where is the 2nd part of the video

cool monkey

that guy in the right is asking too much questions ??

Animesh Dutta

The camera person is an idiot....

Dheeresh sharma

Please let me know the time frame of chart for next day prediction

Siegel Mc

most Trader's fail-why? Because they give up quick, it's takes time and lots of experience to become a profitable trader, An alternative is seek guidance from some pro trader's to avoid loses of funds.


Candlesticks is the best in the business it gives u numerous patterns and signals


CNC kae liye aacha hai . intra day kai liye nahi .


lolll he is trying to teach abt renko like"if the price is performing good it will add 1 block" he himself is unaware of core trading concepts and is acting like a expert , i want to challenge him to a debate related to trading atleast ill teach him whats renko .

Robert Rose

Since this is based on price action and Nadex trading (or other day trading) depends on price action....wouldn't those 2 work together really well?

cooldudeRohan onetwothreefourseven

Kya budget ka faltu logic dia usne, aaj kuch kaam nahi aaya woh


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sala na dikhai detta hai na sunai detta hai . samjhenage kya ghanta .

Prathamesh Chaudhari

Nonsense camera man not showing chart

Mystical Rose

The person working the camera is a joke.


what time frame to use for this earnings strategy? daily?

shubham maheshwari

Who is the speaker please tell me

National Public School Guardian

kin aulad

Ravi Joshi

The presenter must have to show real-time charts on daily, weekly and monthly time frame of any company traded on the bourses.

Sultan Ahmed

Thanks Sir, I salute your truthfullness,


say no to noise..the sound only went off...hahaha

Akshay Kavate

U r correct but the Audience sitting in front of u is wrong

Coco Noel

why do the seminars keep interrupting? lets him teach. If u already know all these, stay away!

Who ordered Nachos?

if your patient...there is info here.

Prabanjan Nagamalla

Instead of giving proper info about renko how to use on daily basis or best time fram to judge the market giving blah blah stories.. by your presentation FII always wins the market because if they hold the money they pushes the market up even market is in negative.. how your 1hr helped retailers sir

Ravi Joshi

The presentation lacks proper understanding of the subject


he needs 3 years more to be perfect. .idiotic extra lengthy video. .if you want to know about Renko watch this.


On the web

Meri taraf se camera man ke liye 1 dislike

Ravi Chopra

This man is very pathetic presenter and trainer

Ravi Joshi

If making profit in the market by adopting any strategy is so easy, why this guy is teacing us instead of printing money in tons for himself ??? !!!!

Nikunj Sheth

Can we use this Renko indicator for Intraday trading.

burpy carl

this is very stupid as every trader tried this himself as a beginner. thanks for nothing.

Rajiv Singh

Nicely explained. God bless you.

Tom Pips

Why didn't the camera man zoom the camera out instead . There's no info on the analyst's face. I want to see the charts!

Anirban Ghosh

Have a question can you please let me know that if CMP is 73.50/- and I need to buy at 74 and wants to at 74.50 then what should I do.Which type of order should I place.

Rajesh Biswal

Ye bakvas he Renko chart pe trading karna, khaskar intrday me.

Aajka issue batata hu. Renko chart me aaj Reliance ka opening price jo bataya vo renko chart me kalki date me dikhata he and renko chart me aajka jo high price plot hua us price par to Reliance ka price gaya hi nahi.

To ye kesa renko charting hua? Is par kese Intraday kiya jaye ?

Koi batayega mujhe please guide. ThankQ


The presenter is excellent. Renko is very simple if it takes that many questions for those who are learning, they should not be trading.

Marcin R

To earn on forex, it is best to have an account with an ECN broker who has low or zero spreed, I recommend
The broker also offers a scalping account.

Nirmal Dutta

Very good teacher, every thing else is bad.


Good video sir, two doubts want to ask.... 1) If renko is not dependent on time then why we see more noise when we shift from 15 mins to 5 mins?
2) How to decide entry point based on EMA, when there is higher time (including 15 mins) frame we see boxes keep forming or disappearing and at same time EMA lagging behind these boxes,

Kindly advice

Sandip Chatterjee

The cameraman was an idiot. He didn't know what the viewers wanted to look at. Otherwise a frank and likable approach by the speaker.

Berndt van Deventer

He doesn't really teach me something i don't already know, he basically tells us the basics of renko and shit, what a disappointment

Abdul Razaq



What a non professional audience ! ? , Let him speak know ?

anna strokina

All of the SQB AMAC trading strategies taught by Yuril Zubong have three parts: The first is to identify the SQB AMAC zones, the second is to wait for the market to reach one of these zones, and the third is to take a trade once a catalyst prints on one of these zones. Easy like ABC. Everyone should be trading this strategy but everyone can not be profitable, some persons have to be losers. Keep sleeping on the SQB at your own peril.

Leandro Farias

Operando renko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkkpSeIBfxs

Subhash M

Nice insights Sir.whether Renko works for individual stock for quarterly results ?

Chris McKenzie

Dont listen to this weird indian guy. Use price action candles. dont lose your money guys. You need price action to trade.

marty mathison

This nifty so koo man koo dont hate

being saqib

In which charting app this ranco chart is available?


what time frame is he using on renko is it daily or 4 hrs or 1 hr??

Ariana Morales

Hi there fellow traders i and my husband have been trading with our Pro Forex trader Reed Cooper for more than a year definitely worth the investment



devaraj muthu

no sound


Can anyone say what time frame can be used in this strategy and brick size?

Rupesh Chaudhary

can you shut up that third person .. he reminds me a person having question in every seminar ..Such a interruption and flow killer..

Fazin Ummer

Is the crowd first timers, asking silly questions and making him repeat the same thing like 5 times

Bhaskar Taneja

You asked to look for Renko with default settings. I am using Zerodha which shows renko, but there is an option to choose the looking window - 1day, 5day, 1 month, 1 year... In all cases brick size differs.. like it does in candle .

Also the result of the brick is different with different looking window.
Now what to choose ?

The Sleuth Investor

Be VERY careful of Renko charting. A stock can gap-drop from 50 to 20, but the Renko chart would show a continuous line... That is: In a Renko chart some of the to continuous lines are IMAGINARY!...

Tanmay Prakash

Very very stupid camera man. Doesn't know how to record such events. Pathetic. Also, the public shouldn't be allowed to interrupt so much. There should be separate time allocated at the end for Q&A.

Stanwan Mahid

This much better and simpler than renko in detail presentation, because determining box size could lead to confusion and big losses while you try to learn it.

Shravan Kumar

Please explain in live market

Utpal Dutta

I want to talk with the host to omit confusion so may I get his number my number is 9232473717

Molana Rumi

Stupid cameraman. This was the worst presentation ever.

Siddhartha Kumar Swain

waste my time.

stdusic smith

Dumbest camera man ever seen

sathya raj

To know more about Renko trading strategy click the link below -


Are these people stupid? the same questions being asked over and over made this frustrating to watch.

Prafull Kasale

Lagta hai cameraman ne ganja phoonka hai.....

Sheshadri Sampige

U should control the audience. Donot allow them to ingerrupt / ask questsions while you are giving presentation. U can allocate a time for Q & A after your presentation is over. U did not explaint what those two lines are running below the price range.

Khushhal Pakistan Zindabad

I couldn't take it. What a strong Indian English accent.


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Gert.en.Katleen De Rademaeker - Van de Velde

Because it is repainting, you can not really trade it, I think


I don't understand what the teacher teaching to audience because of the stupid camera man

Chris McKenzie

this camera man at 2:40 man

Raymond Ramaube

hello Mr Praveen wich time do you use with renko to analyze news events

saji varkey

please dump your camera man ,

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Hanré Claasen

The man presenting this Webinar is an amazing teacher !

Ifteker Jaigirder

Glad i didn't pass this video. Thank you.

Dr. Kamal Piyush

Cameraman is an ass.