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Ripple Customers to Seamlessly Interact via RippleNet Home

3 222 views | 9 Dec. 2019

Ripple customers now can

Ripple customers now can seamlessly interact with each other with the help of RippleNet Home.

“ With our latest technology , you will be able to choose a business partner that fits into your goals. Know your partners, all with the help of RippleNet Home.”

“RippleNetHome will allow members to track all payments on RippleNet, increase smart automation, analyse transaction history and fully optimize local payments at individual local companies.”

XRP Africa

I wonder how much money this concept will save Amazon with regards to refunding clients for returned products....


Damn bro! This is good! ???X

Fire Dragon_76

Wow. Much more robust than I thought!

The Trading Bar

Sure, more good news. Umm, hello. Price? Oh sorry, didn’t see you way down there. You do realize we’re releasing good news every day, right? Well. What are you doing way down there?


Bad One

I was around when Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon were trading for less than $20. XRP will be bigger than all of them combined. Quite frankly, it can stay at this price for the next year and I will keep fillin’ my sacks.

stephen gardner

now that is cool af

XRP Andy

Only idiots think XRP will not be used

mike crowley


Kyleigh Ritter

To every crypto enthusiast, traders, and investors alike, remember not to panic. The world has not seen an asset like bitcoin and may not even see it again soon. The thing to remember is that all it takes for a trend reversal is one large green daily candle. We are so privileged to be in on this early enough even though some may feel it’s a late entry. As for all crypto-related assistance, trade patterns and signals, Mr. Rupica puri has been the man a lot of people seek out and his system has been of immense benefit to me has helped me make 5 BTC's in the last few weeks with his easy to use trade signals. I am so appreciative of him and cannot help but let others know about him. You can contact him via Telegram - Rupicapurii

Joshua Qually

goosebumps literal goosebumps. how much money does this save in logistics, travel, etc. its a game changer

Simon Bohan

Shouldn't this video be $4.99? ??

XRP Africa

Thank you Mang

Ralph Raymond

Unbelievable- thanks for sharing.

Brandon Reece

The future is now. HODL!!!!!

- D

This is awesome.


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Ripple/XRP - SWIFT GPI To Not Settle Via RippleNet? Truth Or Smoke Screen

4 820 views | 12 Oct. 2018


Ripple/XRP - SWIFT GPI To Not Settle Via RippleNet? Truth Or Smoke Screen



michael burns

how do you sleep at night kurt


Its Christine Lagarde

Leigh Jenkins

Like you said, no one will break an NDA over twitter.

Edgar Gabriel

Thank you for sharing ?

Ellyn Richmond

The value of XRP has risen dramatically recently, not because of the numbers of banks it has partnered with, which can also be considered in some regard. However, the profile and status of its recent partners have been a motivating factor for investors to go all in. Some of them include MercuryFX, Cuallix, and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union. After making research about making profit despite the bearish trend I came across a formula by Bruno Goldstein which saw my coin rising from *20,000-50,000Xrp in two weeks, ever since it has been the best way for me to make profit from my coins and I’m sharing for everyone interested in growing their portfolio. For daily analysis and trading strategy you can reach **[email protected] com

ripRAProo To-The-Moon

Nice clean window to see the shit weather in the uk , nice ?

Paul S

Another great vid Thankyou for that great information and REAL as well what your saying I like the fact of when you said about SWIFT taking roughly 6 trillion a day in bank wireing and takes 2 to 10 days to transfer money that's right what do you think will happin if and when XRP take over OR work with SWFT because the time to transfer finds won't be 2 to 10 days will be within 6 seconds SO in other words don't you think it will not be 6 trillion a day it will more likely double because of the speed we could even see it later on be around 30 trillion a day in many many years to come crazy amounts of money. I am saying this because the speed of the transfer will go from 2 to 10 days to 6 seconds think how many transfer they can do in one day crazy great vid thanks

Fiel Paner

Xrp community gone bonkers but what a group!❤️❤️❤️❤️ we all wear a tinfoil hats as they say but what fun and exciting time we are! #xrpstandard

Mohammed Hussain

USA Faster Payments Task Force

16 Companies offered their own Solutions to the FPTF from which to choose and recommend for global integration.

When determining which faster payments solution(s) to adopt, a key consideration for service providers is whether a given solution enables their business, government, and
consumer customers to send and receive payments from as many end users as possible, including the millions of consumers who do not have an account at a financial institution.

Only 1 company fits all criteria including the one listed above and that is Ripple through Mojaloop and bank integration through Temenos is well underway.

it's all there in black and white TEMENOS-RIPPLE-SWIFT all together...


Join the dots and all will be revealed, channel you inner Sherlock Holmes ;-)


I have to commend you to be able to have such a logical conversation while driving in such crummy traffic conditions LOL

The Dutch Pancake


In my opinion, speeding up the Swift system has one major flaw. As payments go faster, it will be even harder to keep up de nostro/vostro accounts. Meaning these accounts need to have more money in them to reassure settlements. So it makes lot of sense to use GPI for messaging, and transfer the money across the world with XRP, in one way or the other.

Adolf Hipster

About fucking time that you cleaned your fucking window.

Ian Walsh

If they speak of 'instant settlement' then they are using XRP on ripplenet. Good video mate

Casino Pete

Yes! Nice clear windscreen?????????



alex s

This is the video sue esoteric trading takes apart gagleton whatever his name is.


Cryptö Dave13 XRP

xCurrent is the astroglide of RippleNet allowing banks to slide xRapid into their API's backdoor a la Santander's One Pay FX and SWIFT's GPI :)~

StevoD XRP

First mucka..

Lee Newt

Trump is a laser beam on Evil and Totally a different path we was heading


I am in the real estate business and the raising of rates has instantly ceased up the real estate market. Rates were too low for too long and buyers are staying home. If houses aren’t sold; realtors, mortgage brokers, title agents, home inspectors, termite inspectors, painters, surveyors, landscapers, handymen, etc don’t get paid.


Swift GPI will not directly integrate Ripplenet = True
Swift GPI will integrate Temenos Software = True
Temenos software has Ripplenet integrated = True
Swift = message system, Temenos = settelment software via Ripple net

Mohammed Hussain

If you plan on investing more do it before end of October as T24 will be in 30,000 banks worldwide by then.

They have been secretly planning this since 2016 as world debt is so fricking high it is unsustainable.

Banks currently use T24 but the new advanced upgrade is coming very soon.

ALL BANKS must have faster payment integrated before 2020.


Phoenix has arrived. Liquid just been initiated watch out swift bitcoin is coming for you

Lee Newt


aaron james

You XRP MOONBOYS just got fucking reckt lol

alex s

Listen mate no ones gonna answer shit on twitter and whats weird is this blokes responded that tells me all i need to know watch this space lad.

Joe Jenkins

My take on the point you made about Peter Shiff basically being black balled from any broadcasts.. If he was right the first time round and no one listened, if they broadcast his views and opinions people will no doubt go.. Shit... He was right last time, and the drop off begins IMO ?

darren frayne

Ripplenet is partnering with teminos...Wich will collaborate with swift

HomeValue Glass

One thing I wonder is if the US Treasury or some other entity could buy the rights to Ripple's 55 billion XRP escrow wallet? At $.50/xrp or even $1/XRP it's chicken feed but once XRP $589 would be enough to pay off all US debt with some to spare. $1000/XRP would be enough to pay all debt and have about $20 trillion left in the pot. Then the dollar could be pegged to XRP like it used to be when it was on the gold standard. Just a thought here.

Maybe just my personal fantasy but instead of XRP becomming a global bridge asset for the IMF or something, and letting the US middle class take it in the shorts when hyper-inflation hits, and we're all jobless because we're a service economy, maybe the US will undercut them and get first crack at it and use XRP to back their currency and pay off debt. I'd love it if too if the US could ditch the Federal Reserve. Always seemed odd to me that Ripple had members on boards with both the IMF and Federal Reserve and even UN. Just thinking there could be a few parties interested in XRP and not just for a liquidity/remittance solution.

Crypto Drag

Bankers lie. Its the main concern I have about xrp.

Dietmar Bottcher

Galgitron is full of shit. There is a lady in Melbourne (Susie) dealing on her YouTube channel "Esoteric Trading Solutions" with this guy.
She takes him apart really good.
Was laughing all the way through that clip.

Anthony Loos

American here lived 15 mins away from manhattan when it happened, 9/11 was an inside job it’s ok to say


You were looking for Metcalfe's law buddy

Lincoln Continental

Mate, I think the people who work in the town you are driving to, should swap jobs with you... because if you're driving for an hour just to get to work there, they must be driving an hour to get to work in your town... swap... then you both can stay local!!.... I Luv yr work.

Bald n Bored

Same here with the driving podcast theme. Apart from I'm in the south. 10 months of it myself. It's taken over my life ffs

Major Tom

The drive ( while you shoot your vids) is symbolic of this journey that we’re all on together with XRP -( and we don’t want to see it crash lol)


Great scenery, thank you for cleaning you windscreen :)

Invest In My Decentralized Penis

I believe this is the start of the crisis, not just a correction. The 10/10 prediction was just too eerily spot on.

xrpnota security

love ur passion mate, I feel the community it holding onto the likes of temenos and earthport being the bridge between Swift and Ripple cause without that we feel like Ripple is losing - we don't wanna lose !!!!

Colourful Crypto

i would like to invite you over for liquidi-tea Love For Crypto!

DogeToshi BakaMoto


Andrew DeBellis

@24 min. Don't forget all the refugees leaving countries that were destroyed by the military industrial complex who came from a very conservative culture to say the least and went into Europe a ver liberal culture. They just don't mix well. Shit was all fucking planned. #NWO


What a great way to pass your time while driving.
Love ya brother!


Don´t drink and drive.

just another name

Moore's law

Andrew Frostick

Are you city or united

WRX GuY SubarU

dude your videos are the best i watch each one like 4 times because they are so packed full of information to absorb . Your the foookin man

Fadil Osmani

Safety 1st bro.....!!

Major Tom

Great that we can see out your windscreen lol! Don’t have to worry about you having an accident
Love your work btw- you’re on fire atm - good intel

VerticalFreedom the Yogi Vegan

Gude fookin job Mate ??


Galgitron should not be paid attention to. Nobody rates him higher than himself.

Khan Solo

Christine L’Orangé?

Oh Really

Please don't kiss Galgitron's a$$.

XRP Xtra Rice Please

Is it possible Swift will use Santander to settle their transactions

k k

Galgibot is a fooking flop!


Well, I enjoyed yesterday's rant and completely agree with you.

William Large

Diliprao didn’t actually say it isn’t in any uncertain terms??


Dont sweat it.. her name is Christine Lagarde ( laaaa gaaaaaaaaaaaaad) ((( FRENCH NAMES ))) haha those names sucks.. i can tell because my real surname is french and it sounds nothing as it looks.. however every time you pronounce her name as you do ZZ top song La grange starts palying in my head


Hey.... you cleaned the windshield! LOL Thumbs UP!

darren frayne

Just to talk about Trump the one thing about him is he can't be bought and he didn't take any contributions when he ran for president and that's huge and he doesn't owe anybody anything


Thanks for your insights and hard work! Keep it up! Enjoy sitting shotgun in your videos :-)


Coil enabled, Fantastic!

Casino Pete

You are bonkers! But the world is a bonkers place and we all have to try and make sense of it. Thanks for the clearer view! ?????????


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Ripple XRP: How RippleNet Works With On-Demand Liquidity(ODL) 2020

85 views | 5 Mar. 2020

How RippleNet Works With

How RippleNet Works With On-Demand Liquidity(ODL) 2020



Cole Brown

Great video man!