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How to Speed Up Your ThinkorSwim Performance! (New and Updated)

12 132 views | 14 Jul. 2020

This video shows you how

This video shows you how to speed up your ThinkorSwim platform running on Windows or Mac. We will take a look at 3 different tips and tricks to make ThinkorSwim faster.

Note: By left-click, I meant right-click lol. I'm sorry for the confusion.

Link to performance thread https://usethinkscript.com/threads/poor-performance-recently-in-tos-anyone-else.2627/

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Christopher Pallotta

Just pressed 'Delete' on my 488 custom studies in ToS it is taking FOREVER to delete them haha hopefully will complete soon. 10 Min in so far. EDIT: Took 30 min in total. I have a Surface Go. People with slower computers don't give up :)

Kay Jam

Very helpful thx, ppl have been asking BUY VOLUME SELL VOLUME label on charts pls help how it's done,I'm very much looking forward to hear from you Pls.

A Person

How to back up and then later restore indicators/studies?

Teja Jampani

Nice vide Ben! Can you do something similar for IPAD. Mine doesnt even load my scanner watchlist on ipad.

David Trujillo

Another speed up helpful hint is if you detach multiple windows and keep diff chart setups on diff windows... but you don't use some of those windows very often. Make backups of the ones you rarely use (keep minimized) and delete those windows from your every day setup. Some peeps make many windows for doing analysis while they're not trading. Those extra windows (even minimized) take up extra assigned memory and can slow your setup down when you are trading.

Mark N

That doesn't matter. thinkorswim is not for daytraders. lightspeed is the best platform for real time execution with no lag. You're lagging because you're using a commission free platform and your trades are not sent directly to the market makers, you are also leaving thousands of dollars off the table because of poor execution. I'd rather pay $199 a month and $5 per trade for faster execution than lose thousands of dollars from poor execution. Even if you do make a profit imagine how much money you are leaving off the table

Sabrina Leigh

Nice Ben! Thanks!

Sabrina Leigh

Thanks Ben!


how exactly does deleting studies not in use help performance? they are not loaded therefore they aren't doing anything at all.

David Trujillo

Another speed up helpful hint it to delete old drawings on all your charts, especially the ones that don't show up on any of your standard timeframes anymore.

TradeSmart John



Hi Ben! One more additional thing will help to improve go to help tab and click collect garbage I do couple of times in a day. Also in Windows task bar you can set application priority to High so its execution is processed on priority. -renz3

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good :)

Tos on demand

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watchotrade- using thinkorswim on demand feature for vitrual daytrading practice

13 964 views | 11 Jun. 2017

This video reviews how to

This video reviews how to set up the virtual trading on demand feature in thinkorswim. It's awesome and totally free!

Tos on demand

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Options Trading Basics and Indicators (TOS on demand)

45 views | 28 Dec. 2020

In this video I go over

In this video I go over many things such as indicators that myself and our analysts in our group uses to be consistent traders. As well as how to use on demand trading on ThinkorSwim. to practice trading. The platform allows you to paper trade (not real money) options and stocks from any day of the year with real stock market data.