Will disney stock go up

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1 055 views | 2 Sep. 2020


#$DIS #DISNEY #STOCK TODAY: In this video, I'll go through and talk about the DISNEY STOCK, the market news today & I'll make a price ANALYSIS on DISNEY stock. News & analysis can be an inspiration for your own trading or investing but it is NOT financial advice. On this channel, Stock Guru, I make 1 video every single day about stock news & Bitcoin. I'll always include professional Stock technical analysis, to make a stock price prediction, and I'll also show you the most relevant news for stock market investing & trading. Please subscribe if you are a stock investor, trader, bitcoin holder, and leave a thumbs up to support my free videos!




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02:10 $DIS Technical Price Prediction

09:28 $DIS Google Finance Fundamental Analysis

14:05 $DIS Robintrack Fundamental Analysis

15:37 $DIS Charles Schwab Fundamental Analysis





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Living Alone

they still pay dividend?

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Jennifer Huynh

Love your video. Could you please do analysis on RKT. Appreciate ?

Bom Suk SHIN

Thank you for the video
What are your thoughts about evofem? Would appreciate an analysis on evfm

Kinga Wieczorek

In my opinion the fastest and simplest way to start making an investment is applying robots, continue reading the web site in google "Logan Lam trader", man speaks well ;)

da shinobi

You have been on money

Pinky Hariyani

Love your work, can you please suggest in which companies should I split initial $25k in charles schwab as its a decent amount to start. Even better if you could make a video on it, would be so interesting. Thank you keep compounding :)

Ka Sa

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Luis Cordero

Is it best to load up on Friday because of Mulan? If even half of all subscribers buy into Mulan, they’ll be making around $500 million this weekend alone. It’s also a huge milestone. How Mulan does will determine if we’ll ever see Disney movies in theaters again

Андрей Андреевич

0:40 Create-Custom-Sales-Funnel and Lead Generation https://codz2019.blogspot.com/2020/09/leads-generation-loading.html


tried to time twitter, up like 10% since I was watching it. Lesson, buy when Stock Guru tells you, not when brain tells you. But i'd never buy disney for what they did to star wars.

Kamlesh Hariyani

Great Video as always, can you please make video on the company's in which you are Dollor Cost Averaging. Thank you.??????

zhou He

Thanks my friend.How much is the target price?


I thought Dinsey would keep going up so i bought calls when it dipped to $130 but it's gone all the way down to $121... My Calls exp 10/16 what should I do?

s t

Could you analyse some dividend paying stocks if possible please.

Living Alone

bro price to enter how much ?

Will disney stock go up

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263 views | 11 Dec. 2020

Disney stock soared over

Disney stock soared over 15% today on the announcement that Disney+ has added over 80 million subscribers in just over a year. That's incredible results for Disney who also said it expects those numbers to keep growing. Let's talk about this news and why I am bullish on $DIS Stock.

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Post-Video Note: I've been a long time shareholder of Disney stock, but is has never been one of my largest positions. However, with there strategy going into the streaming segment, incredible growth, and ability to make huge profits in the future I have become more bullish on this company than ever before. I see a bright future for Disney as it continues to grow its streaming segment and as the world starts to return to "normal". On a separate note: I wouldn't be surprised if Disney starts acquiring independent video game producers to start making its own line of Star Wars games (it would increase the profit margins on the games).

Ben Layno

I'm a dividend growth investor. I don't understand why Disney canceled its dividend earlier this year. Do you think Disney will reinstate its dividend? I'll buy Disney shares if it reinstates its dividend.

Will disney stock go up

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Can Disney+ Carry Disney Stock in 2021? | $DIS Stock Analysis

4 170 views | 1 Jan. 2021

Disney is beloved by all

Disney is beloved by all and with the streaming wars going on this year between companies like Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and HBO Max, can Disney+ carry Disney Stock into 2021?

$DIS was a stock that got heavily impacted with the pandemic with the parks closing or in the case of Disneyland remaining closed in California, it has seen quite an uptick in popularity over the last few months. With the announcement of the vaccines coming out across the lands, there is some light at the end of the tunnel but the real winner appears to to be Disney+.

With reports of subscribers to Disney+ going from 33.5 million in Q2 of this year, to 57.5 million in Q3, there has now been reports that in Q4 it has surpassed 73.7 million subscribers. Which with the price tag of ~$8 a month not including its premium for when Mulan was released, they are certainly winning in the aspect of retention based on these numbers.

Now that Marvel has been set to release certain shows over the next few years directly to Disney+ platform, its proving that there is no limit to the amount of content that they will be working on to keep its subscribers enticed. WandaVision is set to release beginning in January and is a highly anticipated series to pick up where Avengers End Game left off opening up a new world to the Multiverse that Marvel has been putting together.

Is DIS stock a buy or a stock to watch? Find out in our full Disney stock analysis to see how it looks and where it might be a good idea to buy.


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I'm JUST now getting into stock. My first stock I picked up was with Disney @ $181.29 I know it's at a record high, but since I'm new and just learning, I'm willing to take a risk with a small investment. I'll be keeping an eye on it and invest some more if it comes down below 120 again. Thanks for the great info.

Andy Jud

Disney has laid of 80.000 people ?


Y'all got the recipe it down.. the analysis, speed of info, and humor makes for a very informative and entertaining channel. Nice!

stevo h

You don't trade a company like dis you hold it long term. This company is going to the moon they hype is behind it. And Dis keeps raising the bar with their movies n content soul, mandalorian.. avatar 2 coming im all in long term

Danyal Hussain

What about Netflix? if you had 500-600 in this present moment, would you prefer going all in on 1 Netflix and purchase the couple Dsineys?

Mitch Laske

I bought at 30 shares at 97 and sold at 137.. I didn't seen them hitting 170+ because the parks being shut down, 30,000 plus employee layoffs and I didn't like how much of the revenue is caught up in parks. I like Disney plus and I think it has a lot of potential to bring in huge revenue.


They bought 21st century fox in 2019, that is probably the source of the dip. They also own ESPN, Pixar, and Lucasfilm.

Wayne Meadows

DIS = great company! You guys do a great analysis - thanks, from New Zealand

Carpe Diem

Bought in at $111 in May and got out @147. Felt good about getting out bc things weren't looking great!! Just felt like it was right thing to do...Feliz ano nuevo!! Thx guys!!


The average account price for Disney+ is not $8 but closer to $5.5, so 90 million accounts x $5.5 = 500mil. About half of the Disney+ accounts are from India and Indonesia and that lowers the average.

My older son has 30 DIS shares and my younger has 6 shares.

Dividend Passive Journey

Use dcf model and it will hit $250

vinny nguyen


anne chou

I hold Disney for 3 years for around $100-110, when the market was good, I was up 1%, when the market was bad, was down 10%. I sold it. Last week YouTube was pushing Disney high, a good buy for 2021. We should be careful before we do our search.

pravin kumaar s

You guys do great videos, I started watching all ur guys videos?? Disney will definitely win!!

Sabih Raza

buying price target, nice!! Tnx guys!


you guys are great, thank you so much.

Chewie 13

Saved by Disney Plus

Adam Dauble

Very good! Setting my alert at 125

rurutu M

you guys looked into parks but forgot about movies division. Theaters are shutdown worldwide, they losing big chunk of their revenue from 2019

Alexander Scavello

I'm sorry but your valuation strategy seems odd. You base it nearly only on past and present earnings and then add a multiple to todays "average" cash flow. Investing is about analyzing the future earnings of a business and adding a multiple ontop of that, so for instance, what could Disneys earnings look like 2025 with stable growth in parks but also a lot of growth in disney plus both on the margin side but also subs? The way you are doing it will lead you to miss out on /a lot/ of opportunities, just like TSLA like you mentioned since you only seem to look at the past and present.

Earth Kore Beats

Sweet video !! I have 300 dollars to by two shares , is it a good idea to hold those two stocks ? Thanks in advance !

Dom Grimaudo

I bought Disney about a decade ago. Once they hit $177/share I sold half of it. I love Disney, and would definitely buy again if it pulls back again. Great breakdown!


"beloved by all" Slow your roll there

cesar guerrero kuoc

Disney just started subscriptions(last month) in south America :)


The dip in FCF in 2019 was due to a tax effect when acquiring Fox Corp. Should be considered a one-off.

Oule Raoul

Speaking about 10x. I bought Tesla because I believe in the hype. Today I am up 100% and I have automated stop-loss. People should remember that Musk vision is not to take over the EV market but that the world will someday only drive EVs. He doesn't care if it are his cars. But there is money to be made in hypes.

Amol Musale

Can you guys share your thoughts on Boston dynamics for a long term investment?

Rupesh PayPal

Hi Seth, you didn't read my question to Paul today. Here it is...I have 15 Disney stocks with average $86. It's all time high and i am up 1575$ and it's staying in my retirement account. I do have cash available for any dip or crash but experts say sometimes you need to cash profits. Should i sell and keep the cash for any dips or is it good idea to leave it as it is for next decade. If Paul owns it, what would he do...please ask him once...rupesh canada


Think and wish Disney would sell its more adult franchise's. They haven't a clue and release rubbish films. Also why I won't invest they keep trying to go woke and are flopping plus there parks are loosing money