Printers that will print money

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Best Home Printers in 2020 - How to choose a Printer to print from the comfort of your home?

272 187 views | 14 Feb. 2020

Top 8 Best Home

Top 8 Best Home Printers

✨ Canon Pixma IP7250 - https://geni.us/uNu8R

✨ HP Envy 5540 - https://geni.us/XUVt35

✨ Epson Expression Premium XP-830 - https://geni.us/OIN1Hpw

✨ HP Deskjet 2655 - https://geni.us/4LcHUWa

✨ Samsung Xpress C430W - https://geni.us/VY9lw

✨ Epson Workforce WF-7210DTW - https://geni.us/BPhAX

✨ Canon Pixma TS6220 - https://geni.us/cePK7S

✨ Epson Ecotank ET-2750 - https://geni.us/4afT

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Thank you so much for watching! Hope you liked the video. If the video was helpful, leave a like and subscribe to the channel to see more videos in the future. If you have questions about the products leave a comment below and i will do my best to answer you!


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Tanganba Luwang


Shaunte Stieff

Thanks for all the links for the various printers. The hidden word was "Greece ".

Snow 111

Thanks for the video, appreciate all the info!!

Kristy Guy

Great review. Thanks. I just bought hpTango & wandering if I made wrong choice.

Chris Mclendon

I couldn't watch this video because the blue flashing on the screen was so distracting!!

John C Mullins

We have used the Epson EcoPrint for a year now. We do above average printing for a home use and 80% of it is high density color printing. We have not yet had to fill any of the ink tanks. The replacement bottle of ink average about $18.00 taxes in. This machine will pay for itself in 1.5 years compared to several other printers we've used over the years. Yes, the printer itself is more expensive. But the ink bottles are generally less expensive the other type of ink cartridges and last much much longer. The quality of print is perhaps not ideal for highest quality professional printing but certainly very satisfactory for anything else.

Highly Effective

Love your content and you are great on camera. If you’re interested in making money online we gotta chat! Got some huge stuff coming up and you seem like the person that I should connect with. I subbed to your youtube channel and I would love if you can show support back. I’ll be watching you more often!

Nadia Eid

I want to win hp


So which one should I buy

Soy Taina

My expensive hp is no longer working after only 2 years...not interested in hp.

Suzy Fick

GREECE is the word! My Choice is the Samsung XPRESS C439W cuz i am looking for a laser printer. Please pick me. I have a POS OKI C3200, will trade you.


Prices, reliability and quality of print are the kind of information you need when you are lost and befuddled in a mass of same-same hype. Greece or grease, take your pick.

부다페스트 김작가

Give me ?


When I buy printer ? I buy the one with the longest name.

Chana Harris

Thanks for the information! Replacing my Epson 2200 after 20 years. Still works but clogged printhead driving me crazy! Hope I can find compatible quality!

Adam Smith

8- 1:01 CANON PIXMA IP7250
7- 1:50 HP ENVY 5540
5- 3:36 HP DESKJET 2655
2- 6:07 CANON PIXMA TS6220
1- 6:55 EPSON ECOTANK ET-2750

Angela Kristine Arcega

Greece come to me. I love the Gods ?

Randolph Scudder

You don't know anything when you recommend the worst printer company HP! I'm done with them after two in a row, all plastic gearing that breaks within two years! I'm going back to Epson I guess they at least last five years.


Had an EPSON. Horrible piece of machinery. Would definitely not get one. I switched to Brother and life has become easy when it comes to my prints.

Cam Mac

I’ll NEVER buy another canon printer again! I’ve had 3 die on me from the dreaded printhead error! And when it costs almost as much to repair as it is to buy a new printer it’s not worth fixing! You’d think from all the blogs out there on this “canon printhead problem” that canon would have done something to resolve this most expensive to repair problem!

Paul Scott

The Canon Pixma series must be the most ludicrously expensive in the world in terms of printing costs. I purchased an A3 printer the TS9570 and advise people to avoid this and all other Canon printers for one simple reason. The Ink cartridges have a thimble full of Ink and these colours will run out after a few A3 prints. My analysis was that each print was costing me between $8 and $12. That is insane . You can defeat the costs of the Canon suction machine sucking all your ink out every ten minutes .. DRILL A 4CM HOLE into the top of the cartridge before it is totally depleted and pour in a bulk supply Ink.
I am now printing two-metre wide prints which before would have cost $60 or more. The inside of the cartridge is like an ink pad, the plastic from the drill hole will not wreck the ability of the cartridge. However, Canon go out of their way to defeat this >> For further about the ludicrous Canon Pixma, and how to defeat the cartridge scam write to me Paul Scott at [email protected]gmail.com >>

djalim youssouf

help pls
I need print like ECOTANK ET-15000 or Canon PIXMA G4410, but there are DVD Tray and Pvc Card Tray, it can printing DVD and PVC card, thank you


Greece - Perfect timing my Pixma just could not survive the last storm that blew thru. (Greece)

sam moore

$140 on amazon, best printer i have ever bought

Brother Monochrome Black/White Laser Printer, Copier and Color Scanner, DCPL2550DW

R. Stark

The best printer I’ve ever owned: HP laserJet multifunction CM1415fnw . Absolutely worth the thousands of dollars spent including the ink / toners. Going on seven years now without a problem.


This was very helpful and I don’t live in Greece.

Chris Stradling

A few months ago I bought an Epson XP-8600 which looks similar to the XP-830 here. I bought it mainly for printing CDs and jewel case inserts. Results are very impressive. It's the first printer I have owned that I'm completely happy with.

Christ's Child

Thanks for this great comparison video. Greece the skids and let’s go!

Rebecca Reyes

I’ve been needing a printer, this is an amazing video! “Greece” is the hiding word I saw.

Annette Kelso

no 2


HP is no more. I will NEVER buy HP again.

Lawana Riveria

i have been in need of a printer for some time now. i worked full-time and go to school part-time. i have 3 children and cant afford a new one at this time. i would love to travel and take so photos of "GREECE" to show my grandchildren some day.

Nicole Bailey



Still going?

Obert Kandongwe

No 6 I like best. "GREECE"

philip vale

Hi ? great ? help thank you ?. Phil from the Moulin in France

Margaret Joyner

How do I fix paper jam on HP Deskjet 2600

Christopher Bassit

Helpful video! Thanks . Greece

Scott Englund

Greece is the word.

Bennett Lewis

There any company out there making a reliable well-crafted functioning printer with good service at a decent price because I haven’t been able to find one

Mitchell Cain

Hidden word: Greece

Sharon Hammer

All printers suck. I have a graveyard of them in my basement. A printer is a damn necessity these days and I've been without one for a loooong time. I am paralyzed with indecision.


The Ecotank is the best ways nowadays to use a print still don t understand why all brands do not go for it !! I have the old version of ecotank it save me huge amount of $$$$, in less than 3 month i saved the equivalent of the Price price worst it compare to use cartouches !


The stock footage in this is hilarious


How is it that you have a printer in the thumbnail that is not even one of those???? Weird.


I need a flat bed scanner so some of these would not work for me. Do not like single cartridge or 4 cartridges. One black and one color works best for me.

JTp White

Helpful video. Greece

Chad Hurley

Don’t choose Cannon. After 4 years Cannon dis-abled my driver and a perfectly good printer was then garbage bin food


Canon printers are the absolute worst. I just sent mine back. Customer service is a nightmare


Very Helpful while im Printer shopping (Greece)


The one I want to get one day is the Epson eco tank


5 is so fck bad i have him and i watch this video to i change that printer

Arsh Raj

The hp event in India is know as HP 4545 . I have the printer It is great for home purpose I am using it since 2016

Ronda lee Still

. My answer!

Adrianna Jackson

Thank you!

shooky chanel

I love it ?


I really want to travel to the Greece

Robert Morrison

No more Cannon for me. My printer is 2.5 years old. Changed router / modem, can't reconnect wifi. Customer service won't give live person because it's regarded as too old. You get online instructions, follow them, still doesn't work. . Need to buy all new computer now and stuck with back up unopened ink.


Mmm I bought the ET2750 in November of 2018 by March 2019 it kept saying paper jam had it replaced by epson and in November 2020 same issue epson customer service is a joke they offered 15% off my next epson purchase like no if I spent $250 it better last me at least a little over 2 years .

Nancy Huber

Great info. Now which one to buy?

Email Account

I’m needing to get a printer for home and having a hard time deciding... they all seem to have lousy reviews or cost a ton. This is helpful, thank you! Would love to go to Greece!

Pete P

Hello thank you. Greece.


6:38 that's a different printer. What's that one?


I'm only 2 minutes into the video and than random blue strobe is driving me crazy

Klyde Bomediano

I really love watching your videos.....❤️❤️❤️

Hype Tech

Products in this video:
✨ Canon Pixma IP7250 - https://geni.us/uNu8R
✨ HP Envy 5540 - https://geni.us/XUVt35
✨ Epson Expression Premium XP-830 - https://geni.us/OIN1Hpw
✨ HP Deskjet 2655 - https://geni.us/4LcHUWa
✨ Samsung Xpress C430W - https://geni.us/VY9lw
✨ Epson Workforce WF-7210DTW - https://geni.us/BPhAX
✨ Canon Pixma TS6220 - https://geni.us/cePK7S
✨ Epson Ecotank ET-2750 - https://geni.us/4afT

The Austin Lewis

Hey you got some cool videos and we post similar stuff so I think we have a potential collaboration opportunity if you want to talk. You got a new fan and I subscribed I would love any feedback I’d like to get started asap I got some stuff I wanna share with you. Hit me up on IG @theaustinlewis


Ink cost is the most important thing for printer! Check this out

Kazi Tanjil

It's a good video but' that blue glare is fucking annoying.

James Young

epson is alright but you always have to install 800 software packages and there is a firmware update every day it feels like

Eva E

I appreciate the video but man I had a really hard time with this guys voice. Couldn't handle it lol. Had to turn sound off and skip through the video quickly lol

Victor Adamczyk


Kiara Ortiz

Are any of these good for printing business cards and labels?

Akshaya Cherukuri

Hidden Word: Greece

Peggy Mcclelland

What is the best color printer to get high quality color on card stock paper. And Greese is the word....

Max Terrazos

Ink :)

rhonda davis


Brent Bulla

I have a cannon now, one of the older versions of your #2 pic. It has lasted me for a very long time and has been dependable all this time. No problems but now that my kids are home schooling and I'm home more often, our print needs have increased and I find the ink runs out way too fast. We often are held up because it's out of ink again!! Sounds like your #1 is a confirmed option for me. :) Thanks for the video and please enter me in the contest for the $$$. Hope, faith, and love to you all.

Yan Sfor

I need to find a printer and I guess people have been buying printers because my Wal-Mart has none in stock ?

Nabil Ramadan

Oh so all of them are shit ? Cool

tymon ho



Just subscribed thank u

Arthur Meeuwen

Where was the red printer?

Sidney Johnson

I went from Canon to Epson ET-7750 and while the claim is that it saves you a ton of money there are very serious headaches around "paper jams", maintenance boxes (replacing them often), keeping your print heads for each color from drying out and clogging. And if you do manage to clog them it can be a total pain to learn how to clean them out without sending your printer back for replacement under warranty. A lot of home brew solutions can mitigate some of these problems but they are very time consuming and very "Tool time Tim" in skill level. Whereas with the ink cartridges it seems I never had to do anything close to that level of maintenance in a decade. I would totally go back to cartridges except I'm staring at enough ink to last me half a lifetime. For those that get an Ecotank, I strongly suggest running the print head check once a week to be sure you are using every color or you might run a risk of one or more of the lines drying up. There are plenty of videos on how to take the ecotanks apart and deal with all sorts of issues but this kind of hands on fixing is not what a lot of folks want to deal with. They may well want to pay 2-3 times more per page in order to avoid this kind of tender care. For those that don't mind the motorcycle maintenance that goes along with keeping your Ecotanks happy they swear by them and will say these are the best ever and they are likely right about it since they have learned to polish and oil and treat their Ecotank with "love". Prepare to acquire a good set of tools to take the printer apart frequently to adjust things and find the appropriate cleaning agents to flush out your lines - many appear to work so google it a bit or youtube search until you find the right agent for you. Also on the paper jam, be sure that both trays are at the right location, if one tray is pushed in too far it can cause your other tray to be very angry and unhappy and you will think the printer is broken before you finally notice you just have to pull the other tray out 1 cm and everything is good. If you have plenty of time and enjoy computer repair/adjustments and want to save a bundle on ink that go for the Eco-tank. If you are like many and just want to print without hassle appreciate the extra money you spend on printer and ink in exchange for that luxury and stick with cartridges.

Thomas Filion

I don't plan on much full page printing but I want to print shipping labels on it as well. I will be thankful for your help and support and maybe a program I should use for remembering people that buy repeats.

T Daniels

Epson is a bad option, the printer didn’t last 6 months without an issue

seju kim

Next time just go straight to the point


6:57 Greece


My Epson is messing up keep having lines in my work. Hp deskjet I see a lot of students buy that.

Frosty Travel's

Great video man.

Steve C

Brother HL-L2380DW all in one laser printer/copier/scanner. Was inexpensive. Had it for years. New model replaced it. High capacity toner cartridge was around $70. Says 2300? pages per cartridge. It never clogs up from long term non-use.Sharp print outs. Obviously not for photos as this is black toner only. Don't even miss printing photos. Or paying $20-40 for a tiny ink cartridge and having to replace them all of the time. Or the HP ink replacement program???? LOL

Lay Will

Ink - is my word to be entered into the giveaway! Thanks for the info!

Dulce R-L

I need an affordable home color printer for light, ocassional work. I print info from the Internet, some emails and printies for my dollhouse building and miniatures hobby. That’s it. I don’t want to deal with drying printer heads (as with my HP) or super expensive, multiple color cartridges. Which printer would be best for my needs? I can’t find any info on this, so I’d very much appreciate any good suggestions.

Gerald kyebayiga

great printers

Matt Mondon

yet you didnt review the most important thing about printers, the INK


Which printer is the easiest to set up? I had a HP printer and since we changed wifi I can't connect to it anymore(it was a pain to set up in the first place). Are wired ones easier or wireless ones?

Warren Blackwell

Good info

sherwin salvatori

I got a hp deskjet 2600 but cant use it, first I need to download the app then the loader, big problem , I went to the app site and only callgirl massages keep coming up. I regret buying it.

Angela Douglas

Helpful video! Greece

Printers that will print money

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Make Money 3D Printing with a Creality ENDER 3

137 204 views | 19 Jun. 2020

In this week's episode,

In this week's episode, Chuck explains how you can Make Money 3D Printing with a Creality ENDER 3 - 3D printer. He explains he got started making money with his 3D printer and how you can too! It’s doesn’t require a big investment or a lot of work, you just have to create that product that you need and maybe others will too. Check it all out on this week’s Filament Friday.

Uncle Jessy Video: https://youtu.be/zGxotsroCwo

Original Mailbox Flag Video: https://youtu.be/vJK3zRLZIhI

Kayak Paddle Mount Video: https://youtu.be/iOcA9im3HLw

Flag on EBay: https://ebay.to/3qADQGc

Creality Ender 3 V2

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ioLVsC

Banggood: https://bit.ly/2MQ5VGM

Creality: https://bit.ly/2MSDGav

Financial Support through Patreon:


Cura Profiles:


Cura Download:


Chuck's Favorite EZR Extruder:


Filament Friday Tool Kit:

USA - https://amzn.to/2N8NuOR

Filament Friday Filament:

USA - https://amzn.to/2rgz3Ma

Creality Ender 3:


From Banggood : https://bit.ly/2wfD5Ia

From Gearbest : https://bit.ly/2re9iQe

From MatterHackers: https://bit.ly/2VVveZW

Direct from Creality: https://bit.ly/2sEthbX

Creality Ender 3 Pro:


From Banggood.com: https://bit.ly/2DBG0AI

From MatterHackers: https://bit.ly/2MfPCFT

Direct from Creality: https://bit.ly/2SIMa86

CHEP CUBE: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3189377

CHEP PAWN: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:997832

Nozzle Removal Tool:

Palm Ratchet: https://amzn.to/2YpNtJX

1/4'' Socket: https://amzn.to/2OjdHdg

Creality Ender 3 Parts/Upgrades


X-Axis Tensioner


Y-Axis Tensioner


CHPOWER Metal Extruder:

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WINSINN Dual Gear:

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Cap Tubes & Couplings: https://amzn.to/2Vf8BCf

CR10/Creality Ender 3 Nozzles: https://amzn.to/2m39K1y

CR10/Ender3 Silicon Heater Block Cover: https://amzn.to/2PaxJ89

Solder Sleeve Kit: https://amzn.to/2Pqqngm

Creality Ender 3 Fan Set (24v): https://amzn.to/38u9aOl

CR-10 Fan Set (12v): https://amzn.to/2PrcCxK

T-Nuts Kit: https://amzn.to/2LsQZg8

Screw Kit: https://amzn.to/2Va8uGK

Temperature Meter Used in Videos: https://amzn.to/2JpUJOC

Screwdriver set used in Videos: https://amzn.to/2PbWocM

Creality Ender 3 Upgrade Package (Extruder, Silent Board & Capricorn Tubing): https://bit.ly/2MNvmcs

CHEP Prusa Profiles:


CR-10 V2


From Creality: https://bit.ly/2WwT8gz

From Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/custlink/G3GK60pMhe

From Gearbest: https://bit.ly/327t4d9



From Creality: https://bit.ly/2PF01uW

From Banggood : https://bit.ly/2udpwaj

From GearBest.com : https://bit.ly/2pLZpow

CR-10S Pro


From Creality: https://bit.ly/2JGLLh4

From Banggood : https://bit.ly/2WXWasO

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CR10 Mini


From Banggood : https://bit.ly/2u5XNJk

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What do you do with failed prints?

Mark Merberger

Hoping to try this later, I need a get a big enough workshop to build my design and run my all my printers. so right now I dealing with very little space to work. Also, still trying to figure out how the filament wholesalers thing works.


Thanks for fair review, very interesting to watch such content. Like and subscription!

Austin shupe

Buys printer to make personal protection. Prints glock

Tony H

Great videos. I’m only about a month into owning a Ender 3 Pro and absolutely loving it. I’ve wondered about printing something that is used outdoors. For your mailbox flag how does it stand up to sun and weather? Do you need to paint? What typical 3D print materials put up with outdoor exposure the best?

Rango Unchained

I don't have a 3D printer, but if someone could print a Tesla for me, that would be great! Oh, Model X please.

Phil Nolan

I was doing a 3D scanning job for a guy and he asks me if I knew any good printing companies outside of Shapeways. I told him I didn't but mentioned that I have a really good quality printer. Before you know it he has me printing 3-5 models a week for him. I just sent him a package a couple days ago.

Tech Yeet

Your channel logo kinda looks like Linus Tech Tips’s logo lol

Web User

This video has me pumped to start!


Great video! Thanks


Sounds incredible! I enjoy CAD work and I didn't think that selling designs could be a reality with a 3d printer! Should I buy an Ender 3, Ender 3 pro or Ender 3 v2? The Australian warehouse doesn't have any more Ender 3 pro's in stock.

GsdTdeaux 7

Soooo find something the public needs and sell it to the public is your advice? Love it lol I never would have thought it

Kaden McDonald



im new to your channel i might get the ender 3 or the cr-10 mini, after watching your videos on the matter, i still im having trouble deciding which one, Do you have any videos on how to make a 3d Print? plus i heard you say that you scan the item you broke on the blind, what did you use to scan the item?

mozkito life

Gee, I wonder who's complaining about your hobby? >.>


Lets think of a small plastic part that many people use, that tends to break or get lost and is then bought again, that is pricey for what it is, where there is little objective value on the design and where subjective take on the design matters just as much. I present to you : The Fishing Lure.

John O'Shaughnessy

That’s very impressive, Chuck! I had no idea. Very good of you to share. Also agree - Naomi gave you some good advice, lighting is really nice.

Jorge Zepeda

I enjoyed your insight a lot.

James Lin

Good idea. Hobby that pays for itself.


CHEP i ask this 2 months ago, What did you use to scan the blind item? would you so us newbees how your draw the flag item or anything? im sure you can make a video how to.

Maximilian Malcolm

Idk what to print to sell... Any ideas chep?

Flip Man Dan

These are some great tips! My side hustle has been offerup for the last four years and I flip almost every of my items locally. I still profit 4 figures a month by going to garage sales near me and selling items without even shipping. I enjoy your side hustle grind and think it would be smart to jump on a podcast that I’ve been working on. DM me on IG @flipmandan

LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

Hey Chuck, I got a few products already lined up. As soon they are online in the stores you and I should talk about copyright and patent options what we can do in order to protect our ideas/designs and product.


I have never seen a mailbox like that - I thought that they only existed in old movies.

Trevor Robinson

Hey, appreciate the video. How do you mail the prints without the package costing more than the actual print?

Aaron Hermanson

Do you have a link to the kayak paddle holder on your ebay? That is awesome and I need some


Thanks for the tips .... especially the Thingiverse tip.
Is there legalese (templates or language) required when you sell these things to protect your design?

rashad greene



I make model kits and statues that I print on my Ender 3 pro and sell. Ive sold a couple but i'm still building my store and I primarily make replicas of historical spacecraft so my target demographic isn't very big. Still incredibly impressed with the quality I can get out of my Ender 3 pro.


"And no one can complain I'm buying filament, or tools, or accessories for my 3D printers [...]"
hehe sounds like a Wife Acceptance Factor increase


I've been cosplaying for like 5 years building for myself to the point others have been so fascinated by my work and doing now commission work out of foam. Finally dove into the world of 3D printing, and its a whole new addition to that hobby with so many more possibilities for not just cosplay props and accessories but also stuff like dioramas or life hack accessories.

Premium Comics

Thanks for the great video. I have a spawn comic statue that took a few weeks to print. When I shared the final version painted, tons of people requested a copy. I searched for the creator of the 3D model file to ask permission to create a cast and produce at least 10 resin copies. My plan was to offer royalties to the creator. My question is, what if the creator is not specified and honestly can't be located? I looked on several sites and people are selling the file, but no credit is provided. Any advice?


I've been thinking of starting a business like this n order to pay for school and maybe to cover bills. I'm thinking of buying my first 3D printer and it will be the Ender 3 Pro as I believe this will give me the best quality parts for the cost. I don't make much money so its all I can really afford without really ruining me.

Manny Buck

Find stuff that people need but isn't cheap or available so 3d print it then sell it. Understood.


Hey Chuck, one question I have is how do you keep your shipping costs down? The flags are pretty thin, do you send them usps domestic, or what?

Piece O' Pye

How did you 'scan it in'?

Ytlim Divad

CHEP -> how did you scan the part? I've made a part and thinking of selling or selling to a company, what would you suggest. thanks keep up the good work on the videos.

Brandon Petroski

Just got my Creality 3 in the mail last week. I 3d model professionally, and it never occurred to me the world of possibilities these little things open up. I'm excited to see what I can make.

Daniel Coates

So you got to the point of making the volume that would make sense to injection mould, but never bothered doing so ?

Dominik Vladyka

Master CHEP, can I print your flags and sell them ? I can make my own model, but its better to ask you.

anameof somesort

I sell stuff to my friends, mostly warhammer stuff, I don't make any money really pays for the filament and print time. I contacted the artist and made sure my friends donated to him for his excellent work, only a dollar from both of them, but considering they only payed a dollar from me it seemed fair and he didn't mean to mind, the designs are out there for free.

I contacted an artist of some DnD figures and he said I could sell them and I worked out a royalty fee with him too. A lot of artists are definitely interested in making money with you because a lot of them did it for fun and put em out there for free excepting nothing or some really small donations, this provides a nice income for both parties. Always contact the artist and you should be able to work something out, hopefully.

Great video, really loved it!

Josue Hernandez

Is there anywhere specific you or anyone recommends on buying filament in bulk from? Preferably individual 1kg spools in bulk because I do not think I can accommodate my ender 3 pro to hold a large spool.


"You need a product you needed in the past"
My products: windowsill mounted egg shaker holder, ender upgrades so I can use it as a bad working pen plotter, a clamp to mount a graphics tablet to the wall

Yeah, I better not get started in the 3D printing selling business.


Literally just this and was about to buy an ender 3 and saw this lmao, not telling what I’m planning on making lol. Just need it to come back in stock :(

Ariel Kalon

Thanks guy... this video has got me thinking!
Also your video on bed levelling the Ender 3 was a huge help...Thanks a million!

Sean P

How do you scan in a object like the clip for your blinds?

Gonzo Rust

I've been playing with modeling software and having great results with wood pla at .5mm tip thanks to your videos. Thanks Dad!

Rugoshath IM Professionals

Make more of the same

Paul K

Step 1: buy a 3D printer
Step 2: have 3D printer make a 3D printer
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT


I learn a lot from this channel. Brilliant explanation. Very inspiring.

Carlos Melendez

Great content. What do you use to scan 3d image into the 3d printer software? I want to make money doing this too.


I bought a 120mm fan adapter that was 3d printed. It worked wonders, and I ended up buying a 3d printer so I can make small parts like that at home.

Drew Reynolds

The wife and I were just sat here watching this with a smile on our faces, we love little stories like this :)


How did you Come up with the Price

Mr B

You taking this week off?

Lilith Linda

How to make money with a 3d printer?
Record videos about how to make money with a 3d printer.

Ing Zimmerman

Did you all declared this to the IRS?

Edgar Johnson

How many printers do you use, and which ones?


So that's how you get around the wife...lol good idea

Brendan Choy

I am in engineering. Feel free to message me for custom CAD designs

Giovanni Ontieveros

What are some good scanners to use? Preferably free

Oscar Cutts-White

I've made a whole nerf modding website just mainly 3d printed parts

Alvaro Romero

So I have a couple of ideas but I have never used a 3d printer. How do I create the files for the printer?

Sloppy check videos



You remade a part of an already existing product and claim a copyright on it? Are you out of your mind? Maybe Solar Group should be told what you you did and they will sue you for copyright infringement.


It's funny to see all the haters coming out. They are frustrated they don't know how to make money with their printer, despite that it sounds very simple, and instead of accepting they are just not capable of doing it, they denigrate the video and its content.


You are a good person and I wish you well!

Divyesh Gabbireddy

Hey CHEP, I am looking for my first 3d printer and I was wondering what printer you would recommend for around $400. After speaking with the guys at creality, they said that I can buy the cr-6 se for $450 due to the $399 price, the freight shipping charge, and the wire transfer fee. Should I instead spend the money on an ender 3 v2 and upgrade to make it as good? I am really confused with what printer I want to buy and I woould really appreciate your advice. What printer would you recommend buying for around $400? Is it worth spending $450 for the CR-6 SE or should I buy something else? Thanks man, love ur content


How did you go about obtaining a copyright for your design? That sounds like an expensive thing to do for something like this.

Quad Father 504 FPV

I have a question about cura that i hope you can help me with , the hard drive in one of my laptops recently went out so i lost everything and had to redownload cura in my other one and noticed that a few things is different but one that really irritates me is the play button in the preview/layer view part disappeared and i can't figure out how to get it back


Good day sir, I hope you recognize my username.
It never ends in my world. I can never escape bad luck
So I'm sure I had some sort of power spike which killed my power supply. I don't want to mess around with the internals. Any suggestions for a great, low cost replacement? Not looking for cheapest, in this world you get what you pay for.

Fleetwood Brougham

I just bought a Ender3 and need to design parts for my biz. I know the measurements cant seem to figure it out. Its a hollow square box with two short pipes on top for air flow. Just cant seem to merge them. I am using Tindercad and Cura. So its just sitting here all set up and I have to make these parts by hand which is not precision results. Should I buy a good designing software program?

Jose Lopez

CHEP I’ve been having a problem with my ender 3, well I’m using my original hot end with a brass nozzle.. well I can make maybe one or two prints and then the nozzle messes up.. take the nozzle off and replace it then it does fine! But what’s going on? Temp is 215 and bed is 60... I did the thing where you don’t tighten the nozzle all the way push the PTFE tube all the way in and then tighten the nozzle. Any ideas sir?

Colin Ong

What is the tool that you use to do your 3D object scanning?


Thank you for this

Adrian Munoz

Thank you for your knowledge ?. I filed a provisional patent for an idea in the canabbis industry. We just began taking orders and its exciting as hell to make some money from something in your imagination.

TCG Therapy

what if you dont need to fix anything in your life? No ideas come to mind then haha

Tim D

Would have made 1 3d printed flag for a mold, then injection mold a million of them.


Thanks, appreciat this video.

lolWT nick

how to make money with 3D printer:
1. buy 3D printer
2. make and sell 3D printer parts for others.


Great video, I'm thinking of buying a 3D printer for small scale work. Trying to create something that sells here and there and easily printable. This gave me hope!

Mod1 Tech and Hobbies

thank you so much for the video! Im glad I dont have to go in on it without any tips.

Laggy Penguin

Thanks for all the advice chep, recently started selling pots I made on tinkercad & lithophanes with their own stands. It’s going great !

Christian Malinay

oh i am new in 3d printing and i started grabbing some stl file in thingiverse. and found something i start to print and my friends told me to sell it and i did and too late that there was a copyright on that file bcus i just saw this video .. so the owner can sue me? idnt want to be in trouble :(

Lisa Lo

Subscribed to support ☺️


Ok yes that's good an all but is that legal?
Don't you need to have a licence to sell these? Comply with the patent if there is one and declare taxes for those products?
Be registered in the social security as a freelancer?

Nathan McAtee

Hello. I'm new to 3d printing but have just bought my first ender 3 pro. I have really enjoyed watching your videos but was curious on something you said in this one. You said you "scanned" the part from your curtains so you could print a replacement. I'm curious how you scanned the part into a model? I have some ideas of things to start printing but it would be nice being able to scan in my initial model. Anyway, thanks for the videos, I look forward to watching some of your older ones as well.


Hey CHEP, Thank You. I Absolutely Love your Videos. You are Inspiring. Please Make a Video on How you were able to Scan?Copy your 3d Object. Thnx again


Hellebuyck? More like hella-bucks!

through put

I see you have the Endor 3 v2 there on the right.
I just brought one. its printing right now. Seems to be a good machine. It's my first 3d printer but has run very smooth in the last few day since i received it.
Good work thanks for the info.

Glon Lanagan

Do you have a video on planned maintenance how many run time hours before changing ptfe tube nozzle ect.


Unfortunately in Brazil shipping costs are prohibitive (equivalent to a day's minimum wage to ship a small box), the printed part would need to have a lot of added value.
Small, simple things aren't worth it for the buyer, on the other hand, long prints, like a building mock-up, have a too small and specialized of a market, too few sales.

Richard Sanchez

CHEP Thank you for this video sir. I'm a disabled stay home father and just recently had an ender 3 gifted to me. I am in the process of trying to maybe make a little bit of extra money to help with household bills and this seems like it would be a way to do it. I appreciate your insight. Keep up the great content buddy. Thanks again.


What did you do to "fight" the person stealing your design and selling it on (Etsy like) websites? I have a similar problem. And probably could have made a couple K Dollars.

Big Country Vet

Do you only use Crealiy printers? I just bought an Ender 3. Still waiting for it. I needed a new hobby.

Dave Oliver

Another great CHEP 3D nugget!

Christopher Rouxel

I'm a product developer in oil and gas, DM me if you need a custom design in CAD

Nick King

Thanks for the video gave me some ideas

Oscar Balvaneda

You mentioned you scanned the first clip you made for the valance into a 3D object. Could you share what you used to do the scan? I've been interested in scanning the surface of bigger complex objects so I can get the curvature and design parts to fit. Trial and error by prototyping designs with estimated curvature would work, but it will not be as good of a fit as a scanned part would. Great job on the video by the way, excellent advice for makers!

Dhruv Shah

Hey what are you working on right now on that print farm ?

Printers that will print money

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I desire to work as an apprentice to Gary Slaght and Joseph Bongiorno in the manufacturing of u s banknote plates. Hallelujah!

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god created a man and made money

Dan K

I wonder if these people have "take your kids to work day"... also, I wonder if in the break they lay down on the stack of bills.



Charles Godewyn

The artistry that goes into these is almost unparalleled. What a beautiful craft.

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