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tZERO Markets Receives FINRA Membership (TZROP Stock, OSTK Stock, OSTKO Stock)

1 180 views | 10 Sep. 2020

In this video we cover

In this video we cover some of the factors causing Overstock Stock (OSTK Stock) to surge. We discuss the blockchain subsidiary tZERO, part of the larger Medici Ventures, and the recent FINRA Membership acquired by tZERO Markets (TZROP Token, TZROP Stock). *This channel is for educational and entertainment purposes; I am not a financial planner nor am I suggesting that you buy or sell securities. Everything said is my opinion and interpretation*








Jessie - Opportunity Cost Investing

I'm very interested to see where the blockchain technology goes. Thanks for sharing the OSTK and tZERO dive.

Stock Talk with Eli, Ph.D.

1) Help me out with a like, 2) please share the video with anyone interested in tokens/coins/blockchain, 3) I need sleep, 4) send me an email for an add code to the group Discord, and 5) what do you think about tZERO Markets?

Štud Pūffin

$ostk is my favorite speculative stock.

Jerry Li

Not easy to dt ostk but a good long-term player


Bought back in today after selling PTON this morning! Didn't think I could buy again in the 60s. Especially after selling at 118. Whats your PPt moving forward? I know once you had a 120 ppt anything change for you on that? Keep up the great videos!




Whats your twitter?


Great vids!! Keep producing them. You're informative and your delivery is on point!


Awesome video thanks!


I took profits from investing in OSTK stock back in March 2020 and bought more TZROP tokens (while they're still affordable) based on the latest news and developments of tZero. Im frankly amazed how tZero remains (for the most part) off the radar, the potential is enormous! I guess the masses are still are still wrapped up on the hype of the Big Five tech giants and Tesla. Thank you for the news and insights.

Clara Os

I see the potential for tzrop. However getting an account with dinosaur has been a problem. It's been two weeks and I'm still waiting on approval with dinosaur. I'm interested in your discord chat group, please send me an add code!

Sean Britton

OSTK is a quality stock, great business with cool subsidiaries with a lot of potential. Already made quite a bit of cash and i'll be holding onto my shares for the foreseeable future

Ostkp stock

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9 Facts About tZERO Straight From The CEO (Overstock stock, TZROP, OSTKO)

535 views | 10 Oct. 2020

1. Democratizing Private

1. Democratizing Private Securities

2. Approval of FINRA and SEC to go live as a retail broker-dealer

3. Launched ASPEN security token

4. Two new Broker-Dealers have subscribed

5. Private companies need for liquidity and price discovery still exist

6. DeFi won't fly with SEC today. (This will take time).

7. Currently supports Tezos and ETH blockchains.

8. Looking at staking feature for TZROP (larger dividends based on if you stake)

9. tZero Markets will be launched in about a month or two

FINRA Reference: https://brokercheck.finra.org/firm/summary/304537

ASPD Reference: https://cointelegraph.com/news/aspen-offers-cheap-resort-rooms-as-real-estate-tokens-struggle

Let me know what you'd like to learn about security tokens and I'll do my best to put some content together!!!

My favorite Security Token (TZROP)

so much "pending" news for tZERO?????????????

1. SEC Approval of wholly-owned Broker-Dealer tZERO “Markets”

2. Merging of Dino (web/tokens) with Crypto (app) – programming done!

3. Launch of new Security Tokens

4. Launch of “traditional” stock trading on tZERO Markets

5. Launch of 24x7x365 trading

6. Adding BD’s, trading volume (liquidity)

7. SEC Approval of Boston Security Token Exchange (BSTX) – 50% owned by tZERO

8. Partner with External Investor(s) – Q1/2 2021

9. Deliver 1st TZROP Quarterly DIVIDEND (10% of gross revenues)

10. Adding international investors, Canada, etc.

11. Getting JJ and Saum on CNBC and telling the whole World about tZERO!

Get started here!


*** DISCLAIMER: Ignorant Money Club, LLC is not an investment advisor. We do not sell investment accounts. We are simply providing you with resources and exposing you to products that we have used to begin our journey to financial freedom and retirement. You are not limited to the resources we have provided above. This video is simply for education purposes. Do your own research (DYOR) !!!!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iamryanlittle/look-both-ways

Morgan Dexter

Where can I buy Tzrop ? ?


great job. smiles

Tom Young

Great work, thanks!