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Permission.io - Shop and earn platform, data protection & comparison with other ecommerce platforms

2 695 views | 21 Sep. 2020

In this video we will

In this video we will look at permission.io platforms shop and earn, how is user data protected on the permission.io platform and how permission.io is better than other ecommerce websites.

Permission.io is a platform where you can earn ASK tokens which is permission platform’s native currency for watching videos and you can use these ask tokens to shop from their ecommerce platform.

Join the permission.io platform here: https://my.permission.io/signUp?referralCode=NIPLPM

Matthew Davis

Even the other prizes suck lol

Julian Ruth

Is the company run by Mr Burns?

Brian Lovegrove

vidfeo sponsored by insipid ... haha

Mitchell Julius

$100 upfront. I'd dance.

James L

I don't know how they could not expect fallout from this. It was a terrible tacky decision but the decision to limit ours is derivative of their failing business and not necessarily greed

At the end of the day the company is struggling and terrible. They have no hours. So if you do work for GameStop and you're not getting a full 40 hours I can see how 10 hours would be something you'd be interested in going after. They are never going to stock full time employees because nobody likes to buy from GameStop anymore.

10-hour extra payroll is a great incentive for managers who genuinely care for their associates bottom line

raible 95



all jokes aside, this is way too cringe..


Literally who gives a shit about GameStop? These garbage human beings are bankrupt. Gamestop will die within couple of years, and mark my fucking words when I say that they gonna claim "Ohh the market is changing, and... And... Physical copies don't sell well anymore". My hate for this company is with passion.


"In Soviet Russia, we have gameshows, like 'Bowling for food'". -Yakov Smirnoff

Aaron Humphrey

I look forward to the day Gamestop goes under. What a shitty company.

Taro's Tavern

All of these CEO's have lost their fucking minds. They act as though everyone is a CCP slave. And there's no 'the virus' Yong. Its flu, the common cold, and pneumonia all relabeled.

Spleen Eater

The headline had me laughing more than it shouldve


I'm really trying to figure out why people still work at Gamestop. Their treatment of employees is abysmal.

John Petersen

I think people should upload videos of them doing this dance with the most soulless, joyless, dead expressions on their faces and tag GameStop.

SizzleChest McMurphy

As corporations keep gaining more and more power, work conditions any pay will continue to get worse.


I'm so happy Gamestop never got back to me for my job request

Yoo Loi

The virus is fake.

Spencer Calderon

Working at Gamestop was horrible. During the start of the pandemic, they really did not care about our well-being, they were more concerned about selling as much as we could. So glad I don't have to work for this horrid company anymore.


when I think gamestop I just keep thinking: tick tock your time is running out


gamestop wont last long its only a matter of time


We're all disappointed with Cyberpunk because 2020 has been more cyberpunk than 2077

walter mojica

This is just fucked up!


I reveiw bombed every gamestop in my city ??????


Was that Macarena then mixed with dances..?

Time on my hands

I remember a high street chain in the UK making job candidates dance (in front of all the other candidates) as part of the interview process. I can only imagine as a way of weeding out people who wouldn't put up with shit from managers and who would mindlessly do as they were told.
These companies are just shit.

Rocket Small

the everyday meetings. touching base day to day results in this.


You definitely don’t want to violate the guidelines with that video. You can find a much better video to violate the guidelines with.

Jack Vincent

Two things American needs. Slaves and LAN party games.

oven ready

dance for capitalism baby

R.L. Steinfeld

Anybody else think this is an overreaction?

JD _

Hopefully they'll go out of business soon with gaming consoles relying more and more on online sales. PS5 having a digital edition is already gonna make a huge cut in their sales


How is GameStop around I see nobody in there other than kids. Oh wait

Jon Murillo

“And would you like to preorder Just Dance 2021 with us??? You’ll get an exclusive GameStop Employee skin when you do!!”

Elektro Fox


Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

Abraham Lincoln signs the 13th ammendment

GameStop: "We don't do that here."

Paul Rippcord

GameStop has gone Roman emperor crazy. Dance for my amusement!

Best Fiddle

Dance puppets dance!

Isaias Morales

? all those jobs have nothing on jobs that involves bending down all day harvesting fruits and vegetables

afuta kai

You should work for fox news or something. Your "reports" have depth of a puddle.

Hungry Bird

There’s people who like to dance and people who don’t .


I can't fathom a world where working more is a prize. Maybe 10 hours of paid time off then hell ya. Idk, the idea of wanting more hours is foreign to me. Although, working in the medical field, I may be a bit biased. Rockstar developers have nothing on that industry, even without the pandemic. Which is why I feel no sympathy for crunch time.


i had to look ate the date to make sure this video was release last year. cant believe game stop still exist in 2020

Dewayne Yocum

this is the best comment section ever.


It’s time to get the guillotines back out, fellas. Business executives and corrupt politicians to the front of the line.


Imagine turning livelihoods during a tumultuous year into a game.

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Elliot School

This is why we need more unions. A union going on strike would fix problems like this.

Allen Navas

What's even more criminal is Gamestop made them do it on TikTok.

Jesse Robinson

Hell gamestop is still open.

Nathan Maclamare

The dance is called the "Lame-stop shuffle"

Robert Rodriguez

Gamestop: next employees play Russian roulette whoever survives gets a 50cent raise

StoveTopp Steve


Deep Dreamwalker

GameStop can ** off, and then die—SLOWLY, after giving the regular employees reasonable severance packages. RIP Electronic Boutique (OG) and Software Etc (OOG); I miss you still.


That's a really depressing contest.

Yutani Gamer

“digitally downloading games is going to be the end of gamestop”

gamestop: *self sabotage


Working at gamestop was OK, however it was only OK because I had some cool co-workers. But when covid was just hitting I lost my job for wearing a mask. Then a week or so later masks laws were implemented.

Ryland S

Not related but i hope my fellow pinoys see this
Why the fck does solane have a fcking dance challenge?

Big Joe

You not only violated Youtube's guidelines, you violated me.

upclose&personal 123

Those people dancing belong up on the wall of shame.


Dance for our amusement, you filthy peasants. Dance if you want money.

Kenneth Wright

Bitch I better get a ps5 and or a series x for this dance

Hannah Silva

Gameshit ceo should be fired. This is disgusting.

Tim Tripas

I dont care about gamestop or there employees. Gamestop has never been regarded as a good place to work. If you manipulate your war into working there you got exactly what you asked for.


This is scummy corp behavior taken to the next level.

Brian Tse

Their employees need to unionize.


Frankly, I’ve seen less horrific horror stories come from EA about their customer service and Blizzard about their employee treatment

And it’s beyond impressive that they’ve actually managed to cause my opinion on them to sink even lower

Congratulations, Game Stop, your tests came back positive
You’re a stage 9 dumb ass

ItsMoi Moí

It's all about the game and how you play it

nomadic tow

why does anyone even work at game stop anymore?

Justin A

I haven't been to a gamestop since I bought my Xbox one 6 years ago and could download games straight from the Microsoft store..

mush room

Someone prob made 5 times what a retail worker makes to come up with all these rules of the contest smh


So, does this mean gamestop stores closed EARLY on black friday? Or was it, as we all suspected, an attempt to debase their workforce for the entertainment of the higher ups?


I’m dancing low key moves front of my local Mexican taco shop because it used to be GameStop

walter mojica

Who was the idiot that came up with this idea?

SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

so basically more labor n shet = prize ?


What the fuck is wrong with GameStop? Why has it just suddenly gone downhill in the last few years? I thought it was an alright video game-based shop but who the hell thought of the awful ideas that keeps it moving downhill?! For any employees suffering under shit managers at GameStop, you deserve a reward and a far better job than this shit.

D Wills

Yet Microsft supports them. This is why I dont support eithwr one of them.


Next time they do a Hunger games contest


Reggie needs to help them get their shit straight

LittleBoxxx x

Companies making adults look like kids...welcome to women in the HR department.


The cringe level in that dance is through the roof


YongYea - every video, what should i cry about now?

Congslop's Diner

Is this really that bad?? I mean think abou..... nonono I can't do it, this is terrible.


Honestly, this is nothing compared to what happened to GAME in France a few years ago when it closed. I was working there back at the time and this was utter chaos.


Would be funny if they all said sod that so they had nobody to cover the hours they needed.

Evan M. Fabiano

I'll dance once GS finally closes for good.

Adam Cosper

The dancing was cringe but so was your withholding of crucial information until three minutes into the video. I guess this is what happens when your content formula is all outage all the time.

mike bower

I used to be an every year reward member. I stoped going to them about 5 years ago. Maybe walk into one once every 2 years. GameStop sucks.

Ev0 8u

The way Gamestop works is, the "winner" isn't one person that get the hours, those hours are added to that stores payroll and allocated between the employees. The rest of the stores now work on a skeleton crew and take advantage of the store manager who is on salary and doesn't pull from payroll hours.


“We are, we are Wallmart!”

Bardo Hosbn

You talk so damn slow. I literally watch you at 1.5x speed and it’s like normal


I swear, all those games making fun of corporations....satire turned into truth these days.

Jeffery neighbors

Just a year ago, companies were finally back to competing for workers, within just a few months Democrats and COVID-19 have given all that power back to the companies and have workers competing for companies.


This is part of the reason i got out of construction. The company asks you to perform and do well, go above and beyond. Your "reward"? More work.


I'm sick to my eyeballs of all this COVID fear mongering BS. If MSM wasn't shoving it up your ass every five minutes would you even know it's happening? A real pandemic doesn't need to be hyped. Want proof? Look up the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. No hype train required.

Trapped In Time Surrounded by Evil

fuck Bert Weber District manger of gamestop in Houston Texas


Poor Yong actually blushed watching that video! LMFAO!


dancing for black friday? you're a fucking game store, not a goddamn car wash.

Frank Markus

I’m sorry, but I find this hilarious. ?

Richie Zombie

Stupid idea but I feel this might have been a light hearted attempt to be goofy and fun. Shouldn't be forced or incentivized. I cant dance so it wouldn't be for me.

MrFlinn Top Ten

Has cody talked about this yet?

Dread Penguinlord

Thank you for pronouncing "incisiv" the way it is annoyingly misspelled!


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Best Baby Mart

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Duy Lâm Nguyễn

I have yet to be identified for the last time. Pending ASK hasn't moved to my wallet yet.


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