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Asurion phone insurance hooked me up ( less than 24 hour phone replacement)

15 269 views | 4 Oct. 2017

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My Names Nathaniel and I have a passion for videography. I decided to take my passion to a real thing that everyone can view. I hope you love the videos as much as I love making them.

This is my life!


1:26 proud too be an American

Ronald Duarte

I spy with my little eye a confederate flag LOL


they don't give you brand new phone ...ONLY REFURBISHED one...i told them why should i get refurbished one ? my phone is only two months old and works great .the only problem was just cracked screen on the corner....VERIZON and ASSURIAN suck ....they said $29.00 for the broken screen...they said they couldn't fix the screen and give me refurbished one and had to pay $199.00...Don't get too exited playa you got refurbished one ....

Anees A

Why does he have a confederate flag. Not tryna start stuff but what does it represent to you.

Trelly Da God

Praying that my new iPhone x S max come today

Nick Snell

Your hair flow is on point

Jim Nelson

how did you not get a referbushed phone

Sara Tibbetts

I've had my note 8 for a couple of days... Already dropped it. Filing with Asurion! I've read some mixed reviews about them.. Some people get brand new phones, some people get refurbished phones that don't always work very well. Hope I'm as lucky as you!


If you report it lost u can keep the old one. Why give them another phone to refurbish


How much did they charge you to replace it??

Jim Nelson

how did you get a brand new note 8 for a cracked screen i had one paid my deductable and still got a refurbished one

Karolyn Kalu

where is the claim id number located?

Collin S

My iPhone 8 Plus broke. My mom called Asurion and it cost $200. Very fast and will ship tomorrow. I better get a new phone. The 8 plus are new.

Risk Taker

Love the VIDEO but FUCK THAT FLAG !!! Other then that GOD BLESS ?????

AngelicNmore Morang

I just got my iPhone XS Max, my ex stole mines, I wonder if he’s still able to use the stolen iPhone?

Martell Tha Cool

Thank Goodness you didn't get a refurbished phone aka garbage malfunctioning phones filled with problems like asurion be doing me.


Are replacement phones unlocked?

Mixed Gypsy

I just paid 249 for a replacement for my stolen iphone xr


I did this but with my drum cymbal and I still haven’t gotten it. It’s been like 4 days. The guy said 4 hours, it’s been more than 4 hours!

jakegamester 94

Damn man I know you lying out yo teeth. I know they paid you good man but their reviews on their website are lies and you can't find any of them or leave one yourself. If you look up the real reviews for this company you'll see 199 out of 200 gives Asurion 1 out of 5 stars and would not recommend. They are straight crooks and a scam and could give a shit less about their customer service like they can just hang up and ignore your calls just because. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BS PEOPLE IM TELLING YOU. WILL CHARGE A DEDUCTIBLE THAT'S WORTH MORE THAN THE PHONE ITSELF!!!!!!

Good Bear Gaming

hope my s8+ comes in new like yours

nico b. Sunny

This company is a struggle . I keep getting the run around

Phone claim.com att

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Connecticut AT&T Contest - Text Message Scam Warning

5 210 views | 6 Feb. 2021

There is a scam text

There is a scam text message being sent out in mass right now stating to the effect of:

“AT&T Free Msg: SHELDON! You came in 2nd in the Connecticut AT&T CONTEST! Claim the iPhone12 here: URL, or show this code at AT&T store 1z87896”

This message is sent from multiple spoofed phone numbers and uses a vast array of website addresses.

Even the exact wording is different from message to message.

In most cases, the message begins with your first name which was acquired via an open-source database.

The position you ranked in the contest changes at random as well.

If you do click the link, which we highly recommend against, your mobile device could become infected with spyware, malware, or a virus intended to steal your personal information.

Should your mobile device be secure you won't have to worry much about your phone automatically downloading one of these infections.

The webpage will appear legit and will ask you a series of questions requesting you prove your identity. This is a phishing scheme designed to steal your personal information including but not limited to banking info.

These websites are reported as scams and taken off the internet very quickly so if you try to click the link and the website is gone, that means you were too slow to get scammed.

How far did you get into this scam? Did you click the link? Please warn others in the comments below.

Guillermo Garcia

Came in 1st? ?? what place you get? ?

Tami La Reina

I came in 1st place! & now I’m changing my phone company because I’ve never gotten scam messages when I was with Boost Mobile ????????


Glad I searched before clicking the link

Sheldon Helms

How bizarre that you used my name in your example!


I clicked it, but 6 days after receipt and the link was dead. Looks like I lucked out

Andrew Kasper

Forward the message to 7726 (SPAM) to report to AT&T to catch'em faster!

Drummer J

Y'all are lucky, I can't even win a scam...I got 3rd ?

Trey Wright

They are obtaining our phone numbers "or at least mine" from Facebook .. even though my phone number on my Facebook page is and always has been set to private where only I am 'supposed' to see it, since Facebook recommends adding ur phone number in the event u forget ur password, or somehow get locked out.
When I received the sweepstakes text message on my cell phone.. I was addressed as the Name/Alias that I have only used on Facebook, and have "NEVER" used anywhere els. Facebook is also the "ONLY" place where my cell phone # is associated with that particular Name/Alias. Therefore I know for a fact these scammers are getting my "supposedly hidden" phone number from Facebook, and it appears that Facebook is letting it happen.


I just got the text messages twice ! in the last hour from two different numbers Saying I won 2nd place from AT&T lol I had a feeling it’s a scam so I searched about it and saw your video thank you ! ???

Mike Troiano

You guys are lucky, I got third place :)

Pollyanna Davis

I've gotten 3 text messages saying I was the first place winner . But I didn't open it .

Xalva B&X

I came third in the contest ?

LaJuana Dorris

Thank you!

Patricia Marrie

Yep I got the text but it looked like a scam so I clicked nothing and researched it!

Michele Ridenour

It happened to me today, said I was 3rd... I blocked it

j jdelany81

I won 1st and second place

Rafael Meneses

Good work. Classic scam


I just got a text but I was skeptical so I went researching for this contest and your video popped up. Thanks

TV Stuff Reviews

How many scam text messages do you get?

William Cameron

Got this text at 5:59 PST. Thought it was a scam. Thanks for the video!!!!

Triton Lord

great now my state's looking worse than ever

Jordan Morales

Bruhh I clicked the linked ?!! What do I do I’m scared now ! I didn’t click on anything tho


I just now got this only I'm first! lol first thing i check for is scams...

oromia creative tech 1

Oh I receive these msg it’s scam

Trevor Gardner

How many people can come in second place... ?

Rick Reynolds

I just got sent mine. Stoked I was 1st and not second Connecticut, could you image the shame of 2nd or worse?! ShEEsh


Pretty funny. I came in third place. Blocked their number. Few minutes later I get another text and now I’m second.

I won’t travel to the CT AT&T store until I’m first place and they’re paying for hotel/air/car.?

Listed MiA

Lol i literally just got this text message.

Im came in second in Connecticut. ??‍♂️ ive never even been to Connecticut ?