Mco coin price

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MCO token price prediction. (Crypto.com)

7 612 views | 28 Jan. 2020

I am no Financial Advisor

I am no Financial Advisor please do not make any decisions based on this video I do all of these videos on his channel for entertainment purposes only.

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So imagine I make 1 million from the inflationary price of crypto. So let's I want to buy a car or house , in order to do that you need to cash out back into fiat. This floods the market with crypto. Bringing price down again. So it means unless the world adopts bitcoin as a currency I think there will always be problems

Crypto Introvert

Completely agree. It’s not just a crypto currency, but also has value from the app/card. If consumers get value from using the card, it will be used. More people staking allows it to reinvest and offer better value.

No brainer to me. Will be exciting to see how Crypto.com will develop in the near-future. It will BIG!

Ravi prakash

Is this one of the teeka tiwari 5 coins to 5 million?


Thank you! MCO is so underrated right now.

Digital Klout

just became a subscriber, used your code and got free MCO tokens! thanks alot!! I hit the bell notification too

Manila Crypto

MCO and CRO will go to Saturn ?

Motive tech

People that are saying this is a scam. Do your research. I have held my ruby red card for a while now and now I have my royal indigo (500 stake) card on the way.
It's way better than my commonwealth bank account in Australia here. Plus the opportunity to earn up to 12% per annum.
It's not a scam :D

Money Gainners


Con Tsonis

Discovered it recently and got ruby red. Yes very exciting

kris u

this project will have 5-20 billion market cap easy .that is 100-500$ per token.Bitcoin CASH has 6 ,5 billion market cap at the moment and who is using it???

Roland Jacob Patalinjug

watching this in July, Giggled when you said If maybe something bad happens.


I get the appeal but what about the CEO and other executives being involved in a previous scam

Crazy prayingmantis

The problem with MCO going up in price is that it scares off newcomers, nobody is going to spend 20k + to get a card.

The thing that is attracting people at the moment is the cards and their beliefs, if MCO goes to $50 who is going to stake 500 to get the card?

Robin des bois



I get the appeal but what about the CEO and other executives being involved in a previous scam

sathish kumar

Happy to join here.. MCO thank u

Crazy prayingmantis

But if the price gets too high it will deter people from getting the cards. Cost too much to "get in"

J o n a t h a n

crypto.com is the next google or amazon?? who use bitcoin when you can just use a crypto.com card.

Vraj G

What about MCO now at present???


Check out Travala.com (AVA). They have done a partnership and you will likely see their ad in crypto.com app in near future

Joseph Clarke

I followed your instructions from guildchat. Thanks for the information

Adrian Perdak

All done from guildchat

David Allen

What about CRO?


They just need to fix their issues with not accepting debit or credit cards to make crypto purchases.


I got myself the Jade Green

The_Other _Seto_Kaiba

MCO will become more expensive to obtain the metal visa cards as it rises more in value.
As of January 28, 2020 its currently $5 bucks per each MCO. Do the math.

How I made

this mco app is the my one stop shop. i send all my trading profits to this card and top it off and spend instantly then get my cash back. hodl all my crypto in the earn feature.