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Origin Trail Node Installation Guide for Newbies

824 views | 25 Aug. 2020

This is a video tutorial

This is a video tutorial how to install and configure an Origin Trail Node based on the online guide at https://otnode.com


- How to create a VPS server

- How to prepare the required wallets

- How to configure the server

- How to strengthen and protect the security of the server

- How to monitor and maintain the node

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Hetzner - Free 20€, click here: https://hetzner.cloud/?ref=JFacmarCnjhd

If you have any further questions regarding the installation, please join the Official Origin Trail Telegram group at: https://t.me/OriginTrail


Nice work Milian!!


Hi Milian,
Thank you for such a detailed post. I followed it to a T, however I am getting following warning and unable to understand the reason for it. Can you please help?

2021-01-05T00:20:20.928Z - warn - KADemlia error. Error: Message includes invalid TTL. Request: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"39f3 .........."}}}.
and also there is a warning sign (which when I click says "Check Online" and then Warning! OT hub has not found this hub yet, please try again later" and it's been more than a week - wondering if it is because of the error above

Thank you so much for your help.


Nice! How much revenue in % do you get per month from running a node?

Origin trail

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This Is Origintrail (Music Video) - Famous Amos

1 517 views | 8 Aug. 2020

#OriginTrail #FDA #GS1

#OriginTrail #FDA #GS1 #TRAC #Walmart #COSTCO

Join My Telegram - https://t.me/ChillZoneInt

If you want to get the raw audio for this, reach out, its all free. Just for entertainment.

Jason Tran

What onlyfans group is this?

Domen Kocjan

In 5 years I'm going to listen this when I'm going to cruise around the world with financial freedom.

Cris Noel

Famous Amos! My brother (John) told me about how great your videos are. Love it!!!


This song is actual fire!

Crypto Code



I just got in TRAC. So much small mcap than Vechain and seems to have more going for it but don't they market it better?


BIG BIG BIG...JAJAJAJA...thanks, this is unique

Faith Njuguna

nooo not home depot??.


Yass Amos! Keep it up, love yer werk! $trac

Elliott Denizen

That Song is ?
Are you going to cover OriginTrail Q2 release?

Christina Baboolal

I tell him drop the Trac and he really did!!!!

Lu Ku

Veeeeeeeeechain NOOO this is ORIGINTRAIL

Kamil Cieślak

@Chill Zone,
why you didn't tell me to buy!?


♪♪ Ooh My Goddd ♪♪♪ Famous Amos finally dropped the $trac!!! Time to update my ringtone <3
You're officially a legend.


Fair play, bought a smile to my face Amos ))

Origin trail

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The GS1 Connection - Why Origin Trail Is Already Becoming The "Google" of Supply Chains

1 563 views | 24 May. 2020

#OriginTrail #GS1 #Bitcoin

#OriginTrail #GS1 #Bitcoin #blockchain

Hello, My name is Amos Thomas, Owner of Chill Zone International. Please LIKE, SHARE, & Subscribe for more videos!

Join my Chill Zone Telegram to chat with me directly at - https://t.me/ChillZoneInt

Join the CR Press Telegram at - https://t.me/CRPress

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What are GS1 Standards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3t-XEKugtM&t=

Google's Knowledge Graph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmQl6VGvX-c&t=

Xilety x

Total shitcoin just like Elastos. Crypto is about making money, nothing else matters. I don't care about supply chains.

coin x

8:10 fvkin hilarious haha

Dom Lux

Great video, sir - many thanks.

Luke Hawcroft


Paddle Partner

Love Trac!


Damn this Video makes me fomo'd but I am already a bagholder since Day 1

Cory Keane

Thanks for your good content


ELA, TRAC, DAG — can i get the rest of your small cap picks please ?✌️


Excellent content making my guy

Gareth Mensah

Badass video! Had me cracking up throughout! All love!

Scott White


Yerke van den berg

TRAC what a coin! thanks for this video.

R za

funny and interesting... ;-)