Website with a watch list

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How To Monitor Website Changes? - Distill.io Chrome Extension

44 443 views | 13 Jan. 2020

Distill monitors website

Distill monitors website for changes and sends you an email/SMS alerts if a change is detected. Now available with 24X7 Cloud Monitoring!

Visit https://distill.io for more info.

Download the Chrome extension - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/distill-web-monitor/inlikjemeeknofckkjolnjbpehgadgge

Use it to track the price of an item, monitor your competitor's website, get new job notifications and etc.

Key Features:

- Monitor any web page for changes

- A visual selector to select parts of the page.

- Pop-up, audio, and email alerts.

- Easy to use Inbox with the label, trash, etc.

- Set rules/conditions for smart actions.

- Multiple audio alerts for each item.

- History of previous changes for each item.

- Powerful expressions to select source content. Supports XPath expression, CSS rule, or JavaScript expression to choose the content.

- View highlighted changes.


5/5 app. When set up correctly, it work perfectly.


How do you use this for amazon that doesn't say buy it now. It says see all available sellers, then a seperate tab opens up with a bunch of different prices

Mark Lucas

How can I monitor an entire website for changes? I'd like a free trial please to monitor a 2 hour window for a week, this is for my company. Thanks

منصة شليله

mnstshlylh Search README


Awesome looking app. Love the BG music too!

ThePilot Gaming

how can i monitor amazon product which is out of stock and i want to monitor when its available to buy or BUY NOW button!!!!!pls guide me how to do that?


Do I have to leave chrome open with the Distill watchlist or will it work in the background as long as chrome is open?

derek hale

Trying to get an RTX 3080 and only need to know how to setup for unavailable out of stock in stock and available.


how to monitor via cloud? I can select only my local device.

Easy Tech

I use a website that require log in, is there anyway to monitor changes on that website since it log out automatically?

Simon Sharestan

Does this work when my computer is off/sleep mode?


the distill extension doesn't come up on mobile devices?


How do you make it not show it opening up pages on chrome?

abdul kuddus

It doesn't work for portugeess ip address


Could you add this as a webhook to discord

The bch

You guys are awesome! Managed to get a ps5 at one of my local retailers!

The BEST thing about this extension is that it works on basically any website, no matter where in the world it is.

HIGHLY reccomend ?

Website with a watch list

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Social Media is OVER: You NEED a Website and Email List

158 545 views | 21 Jan. 2021

You Need a Website and

You Need a Website and Email List, you can't rely on social media algorithms or policies can change. So you need to build a website or blog and start email marketing and growing an email list to keep access to your audience. Don't rely on social media. Rely on yourself.

Email Marketing and Website Building are not something most social media influences and content creators want to do, because social media is free and comes with traffic. But you never know when you will lose access to your audience and that is why you need your own website and email list to keep that access to the audience you built long term.


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Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and YouTube Certified Educator. He is the founder of Awesome Creator Academy and host of the Create Something Awesome Today Podcast.

Roberto Blake helps entrepreneurs and social media influencers, through educational videos on YouTube, motivational content on Instagram and career development advice on LinkedIn, as well as offering 1 on 1 Coaching and a Group Coaching Program.

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Disclaimers: all opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledged. Not financial advice, for entertainment purposes only.

Big Poppa Ken

The funniest thing is that I felt like I knew this already. I'm a techie that started in the 90s. I had my own servers in my house, before regulations and changes in isps took that away from me. I've always built my own until the "free" stuff came along and it just got easier to work with them. Now I'm going back to my roots. Blockchain woke me up, I started looking at decentralized apps. Now I'm getting to the point where I'm going to build like I use to.


Great. Thanks. I don't have a business online (yet) but I have my own website with stuff like a portfolio when looking for graphic design employment. My whole art gallery is on flickr and should be moved to my own site. I think about expanding my website with different small services in a shop. I agree we should not depend on those monsters, giving our trafic to them. At the most to advitise a mailing list :D

Theheartlessman Neveragain

I've been over social media for years and honestly dot k ow why people are using it. Such waste of time. Social media aren't free you are paying with your own time and potential.

Rick OShay MPQ

Have to agree 100% with Roberto, you need to 'own your fanbase'. Creating a mailing list and having your own website are the best ways to do this.
So here's a question I'd like to ask. As opposed to the standard social media platforms, how would you all feel about a Fan Base Social site? An engaging place for your fans to connect with each other following your video or live stream. Thoughts?

[This would be a free to use platform that embeds your videos, features threaded comment topics, offers engagement rewards for fan activities, and more. Thanks]

A McMillan

The video is not dry when the message and info are timely! Thank you!

Mr. V

Have any advise or pointers on running ads on Instagram?

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Wow... great info Roberto! Thx ??

Ivan Commerce

E-mail: I'm your best chance to make money!
Also E-mail: Ends up in spam...
sorry, I run meme pages... xD


Such a smart young man great video thank you ?


Telegram is where it's at


Good thing I don’t have a business

Ron Jon

Great Video! Very informative! Subscribed now

Josh Railsback

Sincerely appreciate your perspective about social media and truly having control of your content. Crucial info!

Rabert's World

That makes sense. Thanks for pointing that out! ?

Herbert Lumsden

Bruh. You're a good looking Black Man who got alloootttaa great stuff to share.
People are shallow... impressions on presentation...Dig? Use a little chap stick :)
Looove your content. Keep dropping knowledge.

David Kafai

1.)social media is NOT dead. the opposite
2. )youtube and Instagram pays you money.
3.) even if Facebook closes your account your followers can still look up your name and find you (easily)

Pablo Arista

you're partially correct. there were sites like tripod and geocities where you got free hosting. it was limited though

Kenneth Dillard

Well done. This is a great video to help entrepreneurs not feel so tethered to the social media giants.



JustPerfect Designs

Great content man. Thanks for the heads up!


Great video and awesome information! I'm in the process of reestablishing an online business.

The Ordeal

The youtube algorithm severely limits my channel, has hardly grown in 2.5 years. Now I got my first strike for not even breaking the rule they said I broke!


This is some solid advice right here, and one that I have been ruminating on and have been planning to follow through with for quite some time now. Yeah, social media is a great opportunity, but there's a bunch of stuff that you just don't have control over. So many creators on YouTube have been screwed over, with their channels hacked or terminated for no reason. Sure, you might get your channel back, but what happens if you don't? You've just lost everything you've worked for.
To be honest, before now, I couldn't quite wrap my head around why every expert in personal branding wanted me to get my own website. Thanks to you, I finally know why. Thank you so much for the awesome content, Roberto!

Random Familia

That's not dry at all! Thanks for sharing! I still don't get email marketing ?, I do a bit but I need to learn more. I have my website.

John Neil

Owch 22 secs in and dam already hitting them hard truths nice...I look forward to the rest of the video

Mr. V

You can gain all your customers contact information from social media and then contact them directly...SOOooooO?

Tmale 27

Not only do you need your own website, you also need to make sure you have back ups of all content you put on the website, because web hosting companies can also cause issues. Always be able to migrate quickly if needed


Is it possible to upload video content on websites like square space without automatically having it connected to a Youtube server.


You preaching!

Light and Dark

when its free then the product is you...


Thank you ????☀️

Stevo Lution

At the end of the day I do not need either. One does own a business a business owns the "owner"

Southern Dirt Gardener

Are any of these web hosting options protect your business from being shut down? With cancel culture moving quickly I want to make sure that my website and contact will be secure. I teach people how to grow a garden successfully and share guard fresh recipes. Thank you for this video new scriber.

Tec Cash

Fuck social media’s platform it’s the devil an I hate it I don’t got none that shit have mess the world up for the bad we in really bad shape in this world cause of all this big tech companies with all this mind an life controlled ass social media’s platform it’s evil get off of it before it’s too late

jay scott

I think Ryan Leslie was on to something with his SuperPhone app. People skip over emails but if you can get into the text messages that’s hard to ignore.

Mr. X

I highly disagree on the emails. Most people find newsletters very annoying and unsubscribe after a while.

Annlt220 T

Now these days if I don’t like the content I just click out. I refrain from leaving any positive/negative comments and I don’t click like/dislike button. Once in a while you see me on the comment list..?.

Joanna Seymour

You are absolutely correct

Mario Stinger - Perpetual Traveller

True and false. You can sell something on eBay and get 100 views on the auction in minutes. But, it might take you a year to get the same number of visitors on your website. But, for all the rest, you are 100 % correct.

Scott Carter

Dry or not, great points and smart business.


You are absolutely right. Social media and YouTube can be branches for your platform, but you should have your own “headquarters” web site.

Weeping Willow


Valerija Jurkovic

I quit all apps and joined Signal only..


Thank You Roberto

Kari Moravek

Deleted all social media.

Healing Through Inspiration

Do you know of an auto email lister transfer ?because Eye don't want to upload every one of them one by one. It's hundreds of them.

Aram Sanchez

Thanks bro!! Very helpful. Bless.

Texas scifi

If Amazon web services can purge parler... The web hosting has to be on your own server at home. Then there is the ISP problem. They also could cut your connection for terms of service. It's a fasle to believe running anywhere is safe. Unless you really trust your ISP

Rachel Smith

I'm 2 minutes into this video, and I'm thinking, this is a lot of great info.

Bruhverly BRUH


First Last

I was collecting email addresses for clients LONG before I ever even considered building a website or social media platform... It's marketing 101 and backup plan 101.

Joey B


Robert Nichols

100% Times have changed and my business has totally taken off strictly using email lists!

Hannes Tschofenig

Funny that you distribute this information on a social media channel...

Ben's Tech Lab

Good video overall. But sounds like you just didn't know how to use MailChimp - you should not be duplicating subscribers into multiple lists or paying twice. MailChimp has had excellent extensible organization features for many years allowing you to segment subscribers into various interest groups and even flag VIPs for VIP only content, etc.


People are lazy that’s the problem. Having a website takes work whereas with social media you’re just uploading to people that are already there. But you’re preaching truth here Sir.

Monal Phantom

Hobby, but I am developing an online Business

Reneer Ornellas

Boom..free is really not free.


someone else understands the truth.

Reyanna Wynters

This is very refreshing good news. I'm building a website, but hate social toxic waistland media and looking for an excuse to delete! I've felt all this to be true for sometime now too. My website is not about politics

Mkl 01

Exactly dude. We are all unpaid workers for social media as they harvest our personal data and labor without compensation.

oneski io

Parler found out the hard way! Recommending AWS is not like recommending IBM, you can get the sack!

Boe Zoe

When social media sites started growing in popularity, I kept telling my clients that they didn't NEED social media to promote their businesses. They should mostly run ads and drive people to their websites THEN use social media as an extra.

Professor Pressure

Back listening to you again, thanks for the info. My name changed many times ? but at least my business I plan to make wont. Using unstoppable domains gives me a website template and its a .crypto on blockchain.

John Beard

Hey man, what do you think about Bandcamp. Do you think it is good for musicians?

Shannon G Spirituality

I have felt the same way about social media for awhile now.

Ben Frank

There you go again dropping all this knowledge. While I love my Wanda videos in the feed, seeing you pop up is always refreshing.


I'm 40s and don't want to burden strangers with a email list. I personally find them irritating in my emails.


own the relationship with the customer?

Marika Red sailor

BUT BUT BUT.....You don't own your shopify shop either...


Look into Rumble, Bitchute, Gab, Twitch... Maybe Parler.

Ysah Ehre


Power and Light Tarot

Super intelligent guy !

Roddy MacChlerich

Social media is disgusting and depressing
It feels like the Soviet union on here

Aunt Tia

Is there a benefit to going with something that is not drag and drop? I am more inclined to the easiest solution but I don't want to end up not owning the material on my own website because I used the easy drag and drop solution. I was told this is a possibility.

Wolf Amri

Spot on, Roberto. After getting so great feedback from my youtube audience, yet youtube kinda ignoring me for years and one of my videos going through the roof for 2 weeks and suddenly die again (why did youtube think it was good for 2 weeks, when it is not a subject that has a season or news-worthy, is beyond me), I finally decided to make the jump and built my own website and mailing list. It's probably for the better anyway. I like your genuine way of making helpful videos instead of just doing stuff that has a potential to go viral. Thanks for that.


Thanks for the great info and advice.

Kirthar Range TV

appreciated work my beloved bro

Texas scifi

Most people don't keep up with their email. Due to spam. Tick tock is the way of the future. Unfortunately

Jennifer Davis-Thibeault

I've been thinking about this lately. Thanks so much for confirming this idea for me. I really value your thoughts.


Even if you have thousands of friends, they won't see you unless they "click the bell" and most just don't... I think a mailing list database is a great way to go, and your own domain, especially if it's searching well for your keywords


We still have to use a large combination of things because many people feel overwhelmed by email. I am hearing that most emails get lost in all the spam so a large majority of our emails don’t get seen the first time around. You have to train your following to visit your website regularly for content that they want more of. So using social media and email to reinforce that behavior is really the only smart thing to do at this point.

Dave Miles

Thank you VERY MUCH Roberto!!!!! Very timely video.

dominic byrne

Great video, very informative.

kevin weinz

Let us rebuild GeoCities.

George G

What can you use to promote your website?

O'Dwyre ArtWorld

Building a Website is cheaper than ever but social media conveniences make it look so expensive and cumbersome.


I don't know man, you're criticizing our benevolent overlords the multinational cabal. Are you sure you're not a white supremacist?

Lisa Muzz

So true


100% everyone should have their own site, email list and all other tools in order to "own your content" . Social media being free is a positive and negative (of course) Because there is built in traffic it leads to a lot of watered down time wasting content. It used to be that you needed talent/knowledge in order to get noticed. I'm not even talking way way back. I'm talking like 10 years a go max.

Morgan Dark

@RobertoBlake look into interplanetary file system, or ipfs for short

Diya from Love, The Alchemist

Wow this is ☄️????


We have to go back to the days prior to FaceBook, IG, & Twitter. We have to be self sufficient again. 90% of the media are propaganda machines and have now officially silenced truth and anything that goes against their narrative.

DowskiVision MagicalOracle

You a smart man, Roberto. Smart, smart, smart.


This is great information, as someone who was raised on brick and mortar stores entrepreneurial families it has been very hard to transition to e-commerce. Glad this video was suggested, looking forward to learning lots from your videos.


hahah, thanks for waiting 5 years with this "information". website+email approach is almost dead now too. theres a new thing, but fu ;) hahah seriously, why would anyone tell you how to do this

Dixie Normus

ha yeah people used to host their simple sites sometimes off of their own hardware at least through the 90s while today it's easy to find hosting from providers. I remember stuff like angelfire/geocities but that's the only old free one that comes immediately to mind. There was another free one I saw people sometimes use, butt he name eludes me now, but it was in the early to mid 2000s iirc. the zeronet thing looks like an interesting idea, but I'm afraid of malware eventually abusing it and also liability issues. Piracy would be common on that probably and the most likely issue to risk dealing with from the ton of stream/dl sites existing.

I do love the idea of ZeroNet though, but it probably needs time to mature. If it became too popular and helpful to avoid censorship oligarchies would just smack it down anyways and criminalize it or scare people off of it through liability. A few big bankruptcy/lifedebt level lawsuits against single moms over something like popcorn flicks would pretty much scare the average user away. Even if 2 years later it would finally get dismissed, it would still bankrupt them defending themselves and nobody would even think about or hear about the case results by then they'd always have the initial buzz on their minds.

Website with a watch list

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How to Create Watchlist on Tradingview (Episode 4/8)

21 363 views | 23 Oct. 2019

In this video, you'll

In this video, you'll learn how to create your own watchlists on TradingView so you can scan for trading setups quickly.

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If you want to level-up your trading, then check out Pro Traders Edge: https://www.tradingwithrayner.com/pte/


do you need a membership for creating watch list

Pinnacle Financial

It requires a subscription to create multiple watchlists.

Oluwole Oke

Sup my bro from Singapore?!

Matze Hermann

Great Video! Is there a chance to include the name of the stocks instead of the symbol?


How many stocks can I add in a single watchlist

The Music Plug


Tejas Joshi

I want to run the screener on selected stocks. I tried searching a way but couldnt find that.. If you could tell us if there is any, it would be great help.

Palesa Mashimbe

I love how he doesn't waste your time

Gift Raboroko

Insightful! Thank you coach!


How to open watchlist on trading view Mobile app