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Zomedica Stock Analysis - Buy Hold or Sell – PUMP and DUMP Penny Stock - ZOM Stock Analysis

6 594 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Should you Buy Hold or

Should you Buy Hold or Sell or Zomedica Stock (ZOM Stock) today? As a former Wall Street Stock broker I go over a highly detailed analysis and list my recommendation.

#ZOM #PennyStocks #Zomedica

I am former Wall Street stock broker that has worked for one of the largest financial firms on the market back in 2007-2008 market crisis and I am here to give you my analysis of Zomedica Stock analysis going into 2021 and beyond.

I will go over a summary of the company, its product offerings, recent news, financials, analyst projections and

Give it my BUY HOLD OR SELL Recommendation.

Zomedica is a development stage veterinary diagnostic and pharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in developing products for companion animals, such as canine, feline, and equine by focusing on needs of clinical veterinarians.

It is focused on developing three diagnostic platforms, a Bulk Acoustic Wave sensor-based veterinary point-of-care diagnostic platform for performing immune-o-diagnostic testing,a Raman spec-tro-scopy-based point-of-care diagnostic platform for the detection of pathogens, and liquid biopsy assays for the detection of cancer, along with related consumables. The Company’s TRUFORMA product candidate is an investigational device being developed as a point-of-care biosensor platform. ZM-020 is its diagnostic platform being developed to screen for a range of pathogens in companion animal feces, urine, respiratory, and dermatological samples. It is developing ZM-017 as a canine cancer liquid biopsy platform.

Shares of diagnostics stocks generally trade at mid-single-digit multiples of annual sales and Zomedica stock could soar if the company quickly gains a significant share of a growing market.

Global spending on diagnostic services for companion animals is expected to rise by around 10% annually and reach $2.8 billion by 2024.

Once the Reddit Get Rich Scheme hype subsides, shares will again trade based on their fundamentals. When this happens the share price will fall drastically

LEGAL DISCLAIMER Anthony Grasso is providing this youtube page and any related materials (including newsletters, blog post, videos, social media and other communications) for educational purposes only. He is not providing legal, accounting, or financial advisory services, and this is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks, options, or other financial instruments or investments. Examples that address specific assets, stocks, options or other financial instrument transactions are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent specific trades or transactions that he has conducted. In fact, he may use examples that are different or the opposite of transactions he has conducted or positions he holds. This site and any information or training therein is also not intended as a solicitation for any future relationship, business or otherwise between the members or participants and the moderators. No express or implied warranties are being made with respect to these services and products. All investing and trading in the securities market involves risk. Any decisions to place trades in the financial markets, including trading in stock or options or other financial instruments, is a personal decision that should only be made after thorough research, including a personal risk and financial assessment, and the engagement of professional assistance to the extend you believe necessary.

Ryan Murray

i mean you can also get in on the pump and dump and make some money. that is still the point yeah?

ShengWen Fu

Thank you sir for the video! Haters gonna hate, let them be ?


we dont want to see ur face dude show us some real news and chart

EYAL Capital

Holding 589k Shares at 12 cents.. a green path into 2023! $6 by April!

Judy Sahagian

Judy Sahagian

@poif Thank you for the link (I had to break the links in order to post}

I would encourage you to read the comments on the link you provided. This veterinarian missed many key components and the reason for his comment was to learn more as he is also a small investor who came late to the party who admittedly did not do all his DD to back up his post.

As you read the comments on this post other vets chimed in and he became very bullish on ZOM and its other products. Also he failed to research that ZOM does have exclusivity which cancels his statements on IDEX look at article below:
Agreement between Qorvo and Zomedica.
From the article, "Under the terms of this agreement, Zomedica has exclusive, global rights to develop and market Qorvo's investigational point-of-care diagnostic platform for veterinary use."

newsroom news 2018 zomedica-signs-exclusive-agreement-with-qorvo-biotechnologies-for-global-vet-rights-to-point-of-care

Also in the statement this Vet said "My position: 108 shares @ $2.31 (Don't laugh I'm broke). My target price is 10 bucks a share where I'll most likely cash out my doubly my original position."before he realized that ZOM has exclusivity and other products that are currently in phase 3: sec gov/Archives\edgar data\1684144 000117184320001304 f10k_022620p htm

I and many people were in ZOM way before #WSB became a thing and according to this post this vet also got fomo and in late with a valuation at $10 for his small portfolio. . . I think we need to get away from blaming everything that goes right and wrong on #WSB or else we are feeding into the distraction and losing credibility with investors and traders who have done their do diligence.

I highly suggest to do more DD with the links I provided and read the rest of the comments in the post that you shared where you based your analysis off of and do another video with an updated analysis and include your thoughts for people who came in under a $1 and maybe add tiers so no-matter where someone is in their investment they can create a good strategy!

Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

1:41 heiß

Maxwell Adekoje

You're such a negative guy ? always looking @ the negatives in stocks. Tells me a lot about your mindset.

Can you talk about growing stocks lol ?

Danilo Michelucci

This is not a pump and dump stock.

Alvin T

Please do more value stocks analysis rather than pump and dump stocks that are hyped up by the kids. Loved your RYCEY and GE vid

Edz M


Mohamed Allam

You forgot to mention the product releases March 31st 2021. This will also be a catalyst to drive the share price up. I myself am invested in ZOM. No more having to wait days or weeks for lab results for your pets ! Instant results ! It has so much potential! People are treating their pets like humans now a days. ???


Are there any Penny stocks that have a real good long term upside? Can you do TLRY? I was waiting for a dip that never came when it was at $18.50 and now it’s $48.


Who is this clown lmao

Gordon Andres

Pump and dump stocks dumps really fast!! This isn’t a pump and dump. Zomedica actually has a promising product coming soon and prior to the hype... people were genuinely interested in this stock and still are

Mando YX

Any analysis on GSAT ? Global star

Anthony Grasso

The company has some promise but the stock doesnt with it being targeted by Reddit Social Media Pump and Dump schemes. What are your thoughts? Please comment down below and as always. Thanks for watching

Mandon Durazo


michael vincent

your research sucks! LUCK OF INFO more on negatives review which is opposite on some experts review, no wonder why you only have 6k subscriber :D


thank you! can you talk about GSAT?

jerick sacluti

worst youtuber


After the share offering dilution the stock price recovered after only 3 days.....this is not how a pump and dump behaves. Sorry but have to respectfully disagree with you on this.


Just a thought.....I’m thinking you may be right about the average small veterinarians buying into this but what about large chains like Petco Health and Wellness Co.? I do believe they may have a market and I bet it’s not long before something like Walmart has vet clinics in their megastores just to get in on those billions.

Aaron Martinez

Like the content, keep it coming!

U -

All-time high was not hit in February - it was at 2.98 last year.

John Keller

Halo Collective to the moon ?

Tess Taiwanaise

premarket in stocktwits is up to 8,19% today and webull also

lolita jones

Anthony Grasso!!! This guy is the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of stock investing advice. Fox News - Quick... give him a job, lol. I wouldn't take his advice even if I was trading with MONOPOLY play money.

On a more serious note: Anthony Grasso does state some legitimate concerns but nothing that can't be improved upon over time. And who can say how long validation SHOULD TAKE??? All companies has concerns (esp. biotechs). However, where this company is headed in the LONG term - nobody really knows. However, short term though this is definitely one of the best penny stock there is at the moment. Therefore, if you want to make some good money, I say you should chase this baby to the moon at least until the 3rd week of March (considering that the machine rolls out the last week in March). So, I suspect up until that moment this stock will ZOOM!!!!

[Regarding penny stocks on the run Check out BPTH it's on the move again. Once saw this jump from 2 dollars to 60 in one day.. came crashing right down, but that was a helluva ride, lol.] I wasn't BPTH at the time, but I'm in it now. I got in it at 2 and some change... it's currently 11 and some change as of this writing up $4 and some change on good news.

Alex Gutierrez

This guys a clown

Shuaib Ismael

What are you talking about??
ZOM is going to the moon??.
(Mark my words)

James Smith Moore

@08:58 This was one of my concerns prior to investing. Would Veterinarians be okay with purchasing this new device and how Zomedicas pricing model would work and from my research it sounds like they will be placing these devices in offices with little to no capital risk for the veterinarian. Zomedica will make money mainly from the cartridge sales. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I've found.


Bought today 6500 shares CTRM 1.00 :)

Byron Sanchez

If it's a pump and dump, why hasn't it been dumped by now?

Keith X

I am loving this channel. Thank for the info. People really don’t care for any fundamentals. I won’t touch ZOM WITH A 10ft pole. Yes someone will mak money and somebody else has to hold the bag. Let’s wait til March... Their forte is public offering. So many shares outstanding. CraZy.

Larry Adams

ZOM is not a Pump and Dump Bud..
It wouldn't be holding at $2.30 average All Day Today..Once the offering closes it will continue to climb..

VG fluberdigle

I liquidated all my assets today at close, I see a red week ahead of us

Miki path

CCTL moving just like MARA in the same Bitcoin sector. Take a look

Yogar Durand villanueva


Georgi Lazarov

Great info ??


Great analysis. As always. Don't forget about my AGN.CN analysis. Very timely and directly tied to current world pandemic issue. Thanks

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Great video Brad. Would you discuss more on Convertible Debt in some later video? Thanks!


can I email you a specific stock?


You broke this down so beautifully, Brad. I wish you went back to making more otc penny stocks videos.

Joseph Levi



i got a question

Jacob Amaral

Penny stock a day ???


Great video as always. See you in the AM 9 sharp. WTHQ number 1 place to learn how to trade stocks! FOR FREE! While you're there get Brad's Mentorship you won't regret it!