Nvda market cap

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Nvidia could be on its way to a half-trillion dollar market cap: Analyst

8 095 views | 20 Aug. 2020

Nvidia reported record

Nvidia reported record sales amid the pandemic, driven by strong demand for its online gaming and data center chips. Vivek Arya, senior semiconductors analyst at Bank of America Securities, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss what's working in the chip sector. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

Stocks rose slightly on Thursday as broad gains for the major tech names served as a counterweight to disappointing unemployment data and a dour economic outlook from the Federal Reserve.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 5 points, or less than 0.1%. The 30-stock Dow was on pace to snap a three-day losing streak. The S&P 500 gained 0.1%. The Nasdaq Composite outperformed, rising 0.6%.

Facebook rose 1.6% and Amazon climbed 0.9%. Netflix advanced 2% and Apple gained 1.3%. Microsoft and Alphabet were up 1.5% and 1.1%, respectively. Intel shares gained 1.5% after the company announced an accelerated buyback plan, calling its stock cheap.

Tech has been the best-performing sector in the market this year, leading the S&P 500 back from its late-March low. Facebook is up nearly 30% year to date and Alphabet has rallied around 16% over that time period. Amazon, meanwhile, has surged over 77% in 2020 while Apple and Netflix are each up more than 50%.

“This tech outperformance is to be expected given the uniqueness of this environment, but that uniqueness is beginning to fade,” said Jeff Kleintop, chief global investment strategist at Charles Schwab. “It seems we’ve left the recession behind us and, hopefully, we’re now past the peak of new coronavirus cases in most of the developed world, including the U.S.”

“That may mean a return to more cyclical leadership in this road to a recovery,” Kleintop added. He also noted the small-cap Russell 2000 index has outperformed the S&P 500 this month.

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I love nvidia and use their products but you must be smoking crack if you think theyre truly worth 500bil anytime soon. The valuation on the stock is nuts.


Buy no brainer bullet proof cash rich companies:
I bought Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Wells Fargo, eBay, Netflix, Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart
The stock market goes up in the long term

Erwin Lbj


STOCK UP! With Larry Jones

I held stocks for a long term and invested in Bitcoin and Forex, I've been earning much from it ??


What's with the ramp up in stock price? Every day these stocks inch up? More fools rushing in? Or the future expected cash flow is reassessed up? What's the company worth? $500 ? Or 460 + $5 each day? My $5000 car is worth $5000. Done. Lucent..,., Gets to 90 and falls off a cliff.


What's the Price to FCFE ? 40?

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Maxin' TV

So glad to hear this! I invested heavily in this company and very happy so far

Max Dalmas


T Thomas

Own it don't trade it! Trust in Jensen and be patient :)

Philip Emanuele

The big pump

Goodle In

I sold two years ago and am happy to get it back right after the pandemic and gained 30% in 3-4 months

Hank Moody

Everybody needs those RTX 2070's

Nvda market cap

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NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2021 | NVDA Stock Analysis

22 901 views | 3 Sep. 2020

NVIDIA stock price was

NVIDIA stock price was climbing near $600 during the recent bull market run. Most investors agree that NVDA stock is a solid play for the long term, but what does the EPS forecast tell us about the rest of fiscal year 2021? The final earnings report comes in February so we will use today's stock price and valuation to predict the future price.


"15 Minute Stock Analysis"


This stock analysis of NVIDIA includes their PE ratio, earnings per share, analyst price targets, and current cash/debt levels. I project the full year PE and EPS for NVDA stock to help you make your own investment decisions.

The following stocks are mentioned in this video:

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ)

Are you planning to buy NVIDIA in 2020? Let me in the comments!

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Facebook stock price prediction


Why I bought SMile Direct stock


Hung Dao

i bought in at 586 and i kept buying until today where it's at 540. i'm holding nvidia no matter what. i've been in the gaming industry my whole life, and NVIDIA had been king for a while now. AMD may catch up, but i don't think anytime soon. maybe a few more years. it's just unrealistic for them to be able to catch up. would require a 300% performance gain. i'd be shocked if they could even catch up to the 2080 ti which was nvidia's flagship 2 years ago.

Nick Griniov

speed it up by 1.25, youre welcome

Doctor Horton

Thanks Geoff! NVDA definitely a buy for me soon. 10k subs incoming!!?


Can you do Twilio ($TWLO) eventually?

Dan Frederiksen

Too long winded, concision is a virtue. Also your 16 minutes basically boils down to NVDA continuing up because they have had growth in datacenters and they are a winner in general.
However you may want to see things coming. AMD is launching new graphics chips, the jungle drums are suggesting it may not beat nvidia outright on every parameter but could be a serious match with a couple of superior specs. NVDA has just launched it's own new impressive series and they are priced somewhat surprisingly low and their high end card eats a lot of electricity and it's huge. Their choices suggest they know AMD is coming for them. I hunch from the vine that AMD will bring a product to that bests their 3080 card with lower power consumption. AMD is using TSMC's 7+nanometer process while NVDA is using Samsungs 8 nanometer, larger is worse. AMD is Using that 7nanometer hammer against Intel as well and it's a lot of hurt. If AMD comes for NVDA's gold, that could shift some stock prices short term. If subsequently the chatter is in any way that AMD is about to be king, that could hurt NVDA stock price very significantly and double AMD in a year. Nothing is certain but word is AMD is about to announce any day now, maybe 21st, maybe computex on the 28th. In my perception, the probability spread favors AMD stair climbing in the next 60 days, potentially significantly, potentially at the expense of NVDA. NVDA has been sole king in GPUs for a decade if the whispers are AMD could challenge, that should be on your radar. I should have shifted my AMD into NVDA a few days ago when NVDA announced the 30 series, that cost me a lot. Similarly, I recommend shifting all NVDA to AMD right now and how 1-2 months for the outcome and then decide. If AMD strikes hard, you might never want to return to NVDA.

island boy

In @150 sold half at 360 though had to pull some profits during these times. Now on house money


I bought at almost highest price but Imma sell.. To expensive

Saketh Koduri

I want to enter at 520 I’m a first time buyer... good buy or no?


Bought in January 19. Gonna hold it long term. Only invested 1100€. But good as a student.

J Ab

Everyone has to stop bragging about when they bought into NVIDIA and their other stocks they are investing in. Its tacky...
100+ shares @ 145 (NVDA)... TSLA, AAPL, NOK, ERIC, PG, VZ.


obvious it was down when i bought Nvdia and apple on Sept 1 & 2. Love my life everytime i touch something it goes down lmao.

Dandy Finance

Haha that could be a long wait for 50 or less. Thanks for the insights!

Andrio Daaboul

So happy I got in at $360 nearly 3 months ago

Poppoppopmusicpop Shambles

The fools who sold off this morning making the stock drop to 479 ish. Well I appreciate your sales. Now I own 300 shares which will increase to 700 or 800 by early 2021. Foolishness to get frightened because of the FED and J. Powell. Gaming in this covid era is rising. And Nvidia is a leader! and Now this ARMS deals. They are gonna be huge .

Four N9nes Fine

Today it’s dropped to sub $500 levels ? along with all tech stocks down 5-10%. BUY BUY BUY and hold


Got in at 288 thought that was decent, do a video for AMD


Nice to see a new video Geoff ! Also good to see your subscriber count strengthen every day !

Shani Ravski

Thank you for the video!
would love to hear your opinion about the stock at the current price ?

Steve Bell


Yusuf shaikh

ive bought this stock when it was 35$ back in 2015 this stock has helped me so much financially man


Nvidia will be the first semi to cross one trillion dollars in market cap. They will be absolutely HUGE 3-5 years from now.

Cédric V.

There are rumors that the growth of the data centers will be less than thought.


I own 1 share of NVDA! Let's GO with 1.25x speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Pretty accurate I’d say. Been a buyer of NVDA and AMD since the stock price was $40/$2

Ale Baba

How is it going with RKT? Are you still keeping your stock? Can you make an update on that?

Satchmo Basquiat

Thoughts on YCBD as a long term option? Thank you


How did you get to an EPS (TTM) of 6.9?

Rohit Venkat Gandhi Mendadhala

Thank you Jeff!!! This is a great evaluation on Nvidia. Looking for some videos on best ETF's to hold for the next 5 to 10 years. Also any inputs regarding triple leveraged ETF's like TQQQ, SPXL whether holding them for a longterm is a good idea or not?

Elsie Wong

Wonderful detailed description and spoke in a clear and concise way. Thanks a lot

sajjad kazi

Geoff What do you think about other electric vehicle companies like XPEV , NIO etc
Do you think they lower Tesla's stock price when they start rolling out more vehicles and get into more markets


Bought 4 shares at $500 today glad I didn’t buy at the top at $570

Lenny Anders

The trading day will be interesting for the Nasdaq on Tuesday, it will either be a complete collapse or a bang up rally, your guess is as good as mine.

Living Alone

Docusign please

Justin R

Nvidia has alot more in the pipeline that will drive the price even higher. Still undervalued imo. Have been hearing rumors of a stock split but who knows. Bullish

Võ Khang

This video you must do it before today. But well not bad, Nvidia is one of the great long term holding . some tech are down like 10% today and more tomorrow. Many people sell there Apple and Microsoft and others stocks . I think is the best opportunity to buy it and I jump back in tomorrow evening. Market’s going up again after Labor day.

Duc Thanh Duong

Great video! Could you do a video for Docusign ($DOCU)


I bought for $551. Disappointed. $650 in February 2021 seems impossible :(

dp Amok

NVDA market cap ratip is 26x more than revenues. It is a lot... probable why the stock dropped a lot, no ??!

Štud Pūffin

Wow look at that huge subscriber count! Well deserved. Check out Camping World. Could be a good stock to do a video on!

Michael D

HOLY SMOKES!!! I got NVDA today! $3,000 I actually was busy working and bought other stocks LOW, SPGI, ICE, DG, and more IGV. I timed IGV on the down slope, oh well. I feel I should get more NVDA Tuesday.


Great video. Thank you.

alok nath

Just wait for AMD buyout haa then people will think why they did not buy it

Mikey G

I definitely have interest in this stock for a long-term. The question is how much should one buy?? Thanks for the info ?


I bought 3 shares for 480. I have no problem letting it sit. Wish me luck!

Betty Popovich

Thanks for everyone who sold off NVIDIA. I am content to buy it all for
under $500 a share considering it will be up to $800 within 12 months.
It is major leader now with ARM. Also just the chip market and gaming
is so popular. Growing more with longer indoors due to no vaccine from
pandemic. People need to not panic when J. Powell of the Federal
Reserve makes announcements selling off all their stocks, but oh well.

Janna Lee

Thank you ?

dave morrison

I have a question....my goal is to avoid the big crashes or down days...I'm tired of making some good gains, just to lose them all in one day...what is a good protocol? if it goes up for 3 days straight, just sell the stock...then wait for the stock to go down, then buy back in?

Michael W.

Thanks for sharing your opinion! Greetings from Germany

Radim Šafrán

Thanks for this video. By the way, great timing mate :D, the stocks just fell a little bit so we also have a great opportunity to buy for $520.

Tyson E

Guess where my Christmas money is going ?


Bought 2 shares today after the recent dip

Living Alone

Nvidia crushing now because softbank. Still a good price below. 520$?

Martin Maldonado

Help!! First time buyer, should I buy now, it’s at 493.92?

Nvda market cap

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NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) - Stock Valuation - Estimated Investment Return

6 316 views | 12 May. 2020

This video is an analysis

This video is an analysis of NVIDIA Corp from the fiscal year 2020 financial results as well as an estimate of the future value and possible investment return based on a discounted cash flow (DCF) and EV / EBITDA market multiple approach.

Value Investing, Private Equity Valuation, Corporate Finance Valuation


-- Disclosure --

All opinions expressed by Cameron Stewart on this show are solely Mr. Stewart’s opinions. You should not treat any opinion expressed by Mr. Stewart as a specific inducement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy, but only as an expression of his opinion. Mr. Stewart’s statements and opinions are subject to change without notice. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Mr. Stewart does not guarantees any specific outcome or profit. You should be aware of the real risk of loss in following any strategy or investment discussed on this show. Strategies or investments discussed may fluctuate in price or value. Investors may get back less than invested. Investments or strategies mentioned on this show may not be suitable for you. This material does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs and is not intended as recommendations appropriate for you. You must make an independent decision regarding investments or strategies mentioned on this show. Before acting on information on this show, you should consider whether it is suitable for your particular circumstances and strongly consider seeking advice from your own financial or investment adviser.

Jacob Amaral

Hi Cameron, Jacob here from WeTradeHQ. Loving the value you provide in your videos, I would be grateful to have you as a mentor on WeTradeHQ, anyway I can reach you?

Nikita Sergeev

Is there a place where one can learn more about this valuation technique?

Mauricio Diaz

I like your excel templates, is there a chance that you could share them for running our own stocks analysis
I really enjoy your explanations

j 1

Much appreciate...seems honest opinion...

My Investing Journey

The bad news is that probably the stock will never return to $100


Great video, thanks for sharing. I had a couple questions 1. How are you calculation 'excess cash' 2. From where do you obtain your data? Do you assemble this manually or do you use certain software?

Oleg Bitkin

I watched your video today July 17th
Price is 407. No comments!


Great report, Could you go over BJ’s wholesale stock?

Paul Linares

This is amazing content!

James Wagstaff

Been binge watching you're videos, amazing content. Your channels going to blow up. I'd personally love a video on Deckers and Comcast.

Allen L

Thank you!

Learning to Compound

This is really good! Are there any other Stock Valuation Youtubers you like to watch (really rare to find)? or any other youtubers in general ? Thank you!

Ezequiel Chavez

Excellent work, new subscriber here. keep it up!!! I'm watching all your videos


Could you do CHTR ? I know you have a lot companies . CHTR is 37% of my portfolio hahaha , I was wondering your opinion. I did “tons” of research back in 2014 when cable cowboy Mr.Malone added it , I
would follow John Malone anywhere hahaha. I think CHTR goes at 10x ev/ebitda . But have insane stickiness in their monthly recurring revenue and the future of broadband is looking quite promising . With only 23 million customers monthly customers producing 30+billion revenue yearly . CHTR seems like a company you might like analyzing . If not no worries

Ido Segal

Can you do Shopify ? I find their price to be total insanity

Compare them to Square/Wix/Etsy/Ebay and you can see that $shop price has gone nuts


9/6 500 bucks

Aaron Jia

most underrated channel I ever seen. almost look all your video within few days. great job.

Mitchell Bertram

Once again another amazing in-depth video, keep them coming. Your simply ahead of and smarter than all these other stock youtubers

Pablo Nunez

do nokia!!

Jonathan Minogue

Thanks for the deep dives. Would like to see one on Microsoft

Michael Waller

PayPal, Salesforce, Google would be interesting

arindam brahma

Appreciate sir... Great analysis Sir... It's the multibagger in next 15 years... Ai is the next driving force... Love and respect from kolkata ( INDIA)

FinBrain Technologies

FinBrain Technologies provides Stocks, Commodities, ETFs, Crypto and Foreign Currencies predictions using Machine Learning algorithms, you can visit www.finbrain.tech for more.

Chaddons Chaddons

Wait till NVDA goes down from $315.39 down to $100. MMMM, sure ok. I'll hold my breath.

Benny Tan

Hi, can someone advise how to get Less : Debt $6367 and Plus: Cash is $13,015?

goldie polimac

Pfizer, Gilead, Regeneron

Ludde Sterner

I really like your info and perspective.. want to buy Nvidia but will wait. To bad I missed the cheap price in march

Nik Ramburn

Great content - subscribed.
Think about recording your computer screen and layering yourself or a voiceover. The data / presentation will be more legible


Bit off on this one.

Quantum Jump

Giving how different your forecast and the share price moved in the last 4 months I think maybe you can help more by doing a reverse analysis. Let’s say the price would be $2000 by 2030, what would the 5 metrics have to be like in order to meet that price target. This type of analysis would give us some perspective if $2000 is or isn’t a reasonable assumption.

Jason R

So you think it would be a bad idea to buy 2 shares at 360 each right now?


535.00 price today!

Dane Elkins

he’s wrong about industry average because it’s not 19. Chip stocks are not all the same

Jas Lehal

Cameron. Please do cvs health. Thanks.

Juan Pablo Cavagnaro

Es bueno ver a alguien diciendo lo que se debe decir. Overprice! Igual que AMD. Sólo análisis técnico y euforia.

Paul Linares

I would love to see a video explaining more in detail how you find the intrinsec value of the company, its still not so clear for me

Jacob Jordan

Great video

Frank Davidson

Great ?

Michael Waller

Excellent work man. Paints a different picture of these stocks when you break down the numbers and compare that to the hype like NVDA.

Russell Keeton

Cameron. I just watched your nvidia video and agree. This is a great company but way overpriced. I came up with a $100 price tag just as you did. One thing I have learned is to wait for the right price. Great job!

Miguel Softhands

ILMN please!


well , excuse me ,but I can't understand your logic.
Back in 2015 nVidia stock price was around only 30$ if i'm not mistaken. Could you have foreseen back then that few years later their stock would have been 350$ ??? That's happened because nVidia never stopped evolving and innovating.
So , why exactly a trend which continuous for over 5years (30$ -> 350$ ) can't continue in the future as well ??? why nVidia's stock should max out at 350$ and not continue the tradition that nVidia has created and grow even more ??
I don't follow economics and stocks but I follow nVidia since 1999 , and over those years I've seen a company which started as a "PC-centric graphics card designer" to expand to areas such as A.I. , Robotics , autonomous vehicles , data centre etc etc . Could you have foreseen that back then ??
And keep in mind that all these fields are the fields of the future !!! so I can't see any reason for a company which excels in those fields not to be able to go even further ,from 350$ to …. 450$ ,550$ or even more. You maxed-out nVidia at 350$ ,and based on nVidia's past ,this makes no logical sense.
They have done huge jumps in the past , so why exactly can't they keep doing such jumps in the future as well ????

Jose Lopez

Thank you Cameron, very useful information. Can we get a series on insurance companies? I found 3 atractive co. ALL , AFG, and PGR all growing Revenue and FCF

stephen philp

I’m constantly checking 10ks on the SEC website now! (Most are from 2019, when are these updated?)

Bob Tucker

$100 WOWZA! This stock is trading at $356.80 right now!!

Kevin Lutes

Good work Cameron! Thanks for the great video

Peiqi Sui

Hi Cameron, thanks a lot for these informative videos. I am wondering if you could look into Raytheon (RTX)? Their fundamentals and prospects seem very strong to me, and I'm confused about why RTX has been dropping so much this week. Am I missing something? I'm curious to know what you think. Thanks!

Sergi Medina

Amazing analysis, I'm definitely watching every one you make! It's true NVDA may have been growing a lot, but it's defintely a bubble. People just buying it like there's no tomorrow... It's not going to end well. It's WAY too expensive.

Dean Holiday

Can you do ADS? It seems to have good ebidta and balance sheet

Irfan Porbanderwalla

Hi Cameron,

Many thanks for the time and effort in creating this channel. I learnt of your podcast only yesterday from Stocktwits. Already heard several!! Brilliant analyses across the board.

I would be grateful if you took the time to share your views on Honeywell (HON) and 3M.

Much appreciated.


Ricki L

Closing price today was $384 :). You are skipping the biggest internet revolution for 5G, IoT, and AI on the edge.

Ago Arslanian

Lmao you were so wrong



Any thoughts on the ARM acquisition? Would it change your projection at all or is this type of play baked in?


Hi Cameron, amazing work! Thank You for the great detailed work. If possible can we do A) a pharma series such as ABBV, ABT & MRK B) a part 2 6 month to 1 year review of stocks you've mentioned in videos.

All the best.


Cameron great value in ur content in general. Can u start sharing ur analysis spreadsheet esp. with those who have subscribed. And may be link to referenced reports.