Verizon iphone 6 tradein

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What to expect when setting up your new Verizon phone with Smart Setup

57 979 views | 24 Aug. 2018

Verizon Smart Setup helps

Verizon Smart Setup helps you get your new phone up and running from the comfort of…wherever. It's as easy as turning on your phone and following the on-screen prompts. If you need any help along the way, the Smart Setup site is your main resource and provides a step by step guide that walks you through how to back up and transfer all your contacts, videos, images and other content from your old phone to your new phone. It also shows you how to activate your new phone and even trade in your old phone.

No matter what kind of devices you have, you can set up your new one quickly and efficiently with the Smart Setup site.

To start your Smart Setup visit https://vz.to/2MvYXcf

If you would like to learn more about your options for backing up and transferring content, visit one of these pages directly:

Apple to Apple transfer - https://vz.to/2Mx463F

Apple to Android transfer - https://vz.to/2MyS3mE

Android to Apple transfer - https://vz.to/2LoAVuc

Android to Android transfer - https://vz.to/2MPMgse

iCloud Unlock

I got my activation lock removed from my iPhone by FLIPTECHIE on insta..

Ray Bans

This video useless.



Daniel Reyes

Hit a snag during set up and it was frustrating trying to call Verizon for help....all the automated prompts.

However, once I got an actual person, she was very helpful....despite me being the one who figured out what was wrong.

I recommend making another video of what problems you may encounter...and explain the solutions. For me, I had to take out the SIM card from my old device and put it in my new device, then re-boot.


Ok so I hit a snag followed every step iPhone still not activated it’s been like 3 hours tryna figure out and the I put my old sim in and a message was sent quickly saying I see you switched your 5g SIM card with your old SIM card (btw) it works fine but I guess 5g phone 5g SIM card so obviously I’m struggling over here you can see me screwing up I even tried the chat it kept saying turn off find my iPhone on the other device did that reset it turned off and deleted EVERYTHING so I’m at a lost!!! I get it COVID-19 less is more but I need help I NEED A HUMAN BEING ASAP I even put the 5g sim back tried it again still nothing I guess I’ll call in the morning smh I love Verizon service but this sucks!!!

Daniel Hazzard

What a F*CKING joke, this is an ad not helpful at all, can someone at ATT help me?


Not helpful


No. Getting a new gun is always exciting. ☺


Never works as intended. Extremely unprofessional.


this is useless

Joshua Nolan

Your app sucks, I buy a phone it won’t activate... go through all your steps and only options are to add a new number or if I’m bringing a number from another carrier

Shachar BenJo

I want to activate a pre-paid simcard when I'm aboard, this is impossible with the automatic phone system or websites, zero help

MMO Pipe

This video was completely useless... still trying to get my existing phone number on to my new phone... as of this moment? Impossible. It keeps telling me to pick a new number, and that's the last thing I want to do....

Alice MJ

The only number one expert of all i can proudly and boldly recommend on instagram is klint.hack*, *he is the best and so ?legit

jyothsna seelam

I’m happy to fix míne from Guurusweb įn 1nšta, no one does it better than him

Jim F

What to expect when in a wildfire using your new Verizon phone if you are a fire fighter: "Your connection has been throttled"

Verizon iphone 6 tradein

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How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone

389 804 views | 4 Nov. 2020

You can now easily

You can now easily transfer all your data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone faster than ever before.

Previously, your best options were to use iCloud, or a computer to transfer data from one iPhone to another iPhone.

But with iPhone 11 and 12, this process is much easier.

You simply need to hold your old iPhone and new iPhone next to each other and follow the transfer process which only takes a few steps.

Step 1: Back up your iPhone using iCloud.  We won't be using the iCloud transfer method, but we will do this for safety.

Step 2: make sure your new iPhone is on the hello page.  If it's not, you need to reset the phone to its original settings for the settings menu.

Step 3: Unlock your old iPhone. This will work for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 mini.

Just make sure both phones have the same iOS or the new phone has a newer iOS.

Step 4: Scan the code that appears on your phone and follow the steps.

Thank you for watching this video! Please share and subscribe for more, easy to follow social media and tech videos.


Share this video: https://youtu.be/_CVzm_vNHpY


See more simple and easy to follow how-to videos.

Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/c/howfinity?sub_confirmation=1

Watch easy to follow how-to videos on social media and tech on our website.


Mohammed K.

Do I need a wifi connection to the new phone?

michaela iona

Does it work if I’m transferring it from iPhone 7+? Or only applicable for 11 & 12?

Ellie Sureya

My other phone is stuck on the logo and I can’t remember the data and I need to photos on that!!! And all my data ?


Thanks. Your video saved me a lot of time. Really helpful

Anbu Raman

wow..worked like a piece of cake. Thanks


Can you transfer mobile gaming data from app stores too?

jayden sutherland

Thnx for imformatin god bless u

Vivian Amarachi

Got my account ? again after forgotten the password for Long @ jarvisteck on IG


Does this work on iPad too?

The PacomanTv

Can you keep the same number ?

David Fowler Jr

What about the SIM cards? I’m keeping my service provider, only upgrading phones, so therefore do I put my SIM card into the new phone first and then follow this video?


How about all the pictures will it be in the same order??

Noime Camaya

If i delete pictures from the other phone will the new phone delete the photos I deleted from the other phone?

NH Vlogs

Does the whatsapp data also be transferred to new phone???


Can this also transfer music?

Matthew Reid

Will it transfer all my songs on Apple Music ?

Duong Phan duy

Set up new phone dosent show up pls help


If i don´t have a password, does it affect the process?

Hunaif 7

I have an iPhone 5s I got new phone ? will this method work

Arsema Kidane

i have a question.. when it comes to the sim card, do you put your sim card in ur new phone AFTER you transfer your data from your old phone or BEFORE you do everything you just did in this video??

Jawed sheikh

Can someone please tell me if this can work from iPhone 6s to iPhone X?

cheska lorayes

if i delete the one in my old phone, will it be gone in my new phone too?



Gretchen Tabada

Thanks! very useful.


Does whatsapp require phone verification again ?

Mulbah Johnson

Thanks for the information. It was very helpful for me.

Amira Durkovic

hi i’m going to be getting the iphone12 soon and currently have a 6s does it work for this model even though it’s very outdated

السلام عليكم

How can I not to transfer the photos?

Marc Lee

Does this transfer all passwords ?


Thnx. Super helpful. I’m about to get new phone.

pink ribbon

wish i had seen this earlier ?

Axay Soni

Thank you so much for information

Gurtej World

Thank you ? bro GBU

XZYlix 2X

if i have pictures on the new phone and hit erase now will it delete the pics on the new phone?


What about a 5s to a 6? Will that work? Both iOS 12.5.1

nayli cha

what my iphone transfers SO SLOW i dont know what’s wrong

Tatjana Tulisova

And if i dont have passcode on my old iphone on the new iphone wont be asking enter passcode?

jayden sutherland

BTW does the Apple I'd transfer as well

Luis Morales

I have one question. Will this work with a iPhone 6s to an iPhone 12

Breezy brie

Do I change my SIM card into the new one ? After it’s done ?

Mary Hoskins

So easy. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!



•Krystal n •Lynxy•

Does it work switching different brand phones? Like an iPhone to an android
Oh, and can you transfer data from a newer phone to an older phone?


Tysm it worked ?

Roy Berry

Can you do this to old iPhone 6 to new iPhone 7 ?

waz zup

thank youuu for this informative vid, it was quick and easy...

Vivian Amarachi

Got my account ? again after forgotten the password for Long @ jarvisteck on IG

J Pippin

Does it work with the iPhone 6s+ to the iPhone XS Max?


Great video! Just 1 quick question ; is there Any chips to be installed first to new iPhone 12 Pro? ( my old one is iPhone 8)

Official Darnell

My apps didn’t pop us and all my messages and contacts didn’t pop up


I don’t have enough iCloud storage to backup ?

Luis Lights

Thank you ???

Shan •

Thanks bro ?

John Kinsfather

Excellent video

Shelley Mourer

I had someone from Verizon helping me for about 4 hours. I finally gave up, found your video and BAM. Within 2 minutes of watching it, I had all my data transferred. I sent Verizon a tweet telling them to hire people who know what they’re doing. Thank you so much!!

Osmanli Askeri

After skipping set up face id, why i couldn't got the "transfer your data" page ? Any help please

Robert Owens

Did that, still showing waiting, what is that, I started this yesterday, I went from an iphone6splus to an 10r still waiting, how about long do it take for every thing to transfer

Samad Ayub

my new phone is stuck on "setting up your Apple ID" how long is this going to take?

Ali Gill

So helpful, thankyou so much!

Andrea M7 Jones

Thank you for ur help.

Mahesh Satam

You explained it so clearly, thank you ?

Jonathan mchugh

Hi. Can I ask do you need to put new sim into new phone to do this transfer?
Will it keep same number?
Do you need to put WIFI on to new phone to do this?
If yes to last question do you do that if you have not set it up.
I appreciate any help
Jonathan ??

sushanth kotian

It’s not working. In new IPhone after reset and erase, it asked to install the IOS 14.3. I kept it to install for more than 15 hours. It’s not getting installed.

Shafeeque mohammed

How can tranafer datas from 6 to 11pro

Rene De La Rosa


Love Sosa

Question can you still use your old phone ?

Abdul Basit Javed

will this also transfer whatsapp chats directly?

Irakli Razmadze

Such a relief, thank you for this video and best wishes from Georgia (Country)

Zoja Djurovic

Does that mean that it will transfer all my messages and photos from apps like whatsapp and viber ?

sherif hassan

How about what’s up media ?

Murat Ayaz

Thanks bro✌

loaf of bread

The new phone is stuck on “setting up your Apple ID...” help


Thanks for sharing man

beta bonnie

Do I keep the sim card in my old phone while backing up to icloud? Then do I move the old sim card to the new iphone before going through these steps? thanks.


What if you have the same email address??

Dumpsters Rental

Thank you bro. Cheers


and when u do that how would u be able to call and text?

Arini Wahida

Hello I have a question. Can I transfer data from my old and dead Iphone 6 to my new Iphone 11? Because my Iphone 6 is not working and I cant turn it on

Brandon Robinson

I wish we'd watched this video first before spending hours trying to set up the new phone. This is the one you want people.

Jasmine Roper

This video just saved my entire life. Omg, thank you!!!!!


What about the SIM card? Should I leave it in the old phone during the transfer then afterwards put it in the new one?

Claudius Gordon

The revelations are informatively interesting ? ?

Jim Yu

We could be support the iphone p12 pro max case

Ana arguello

Ey how can I get my old photos if I don’t have Theo old iPhone

fenja [email protected]

its work really good!

Kim Wong


Jerry Jao

You forgot to mention the Bluetooth must be turned on otherwise it won't work ?


Does it also transfer your phone number so that u won’t have to go into the store?

Abdulrahman’s World

After I transferred its been 8 hours and still the new iPhone 12 apps saying waiting.. what should i do? Do i restart the phone? Please reply


Do I need to put my old phone SIM card in my new phone? If yes, before or after your process? Also, we want to keep straight talk, does that transfer as well? Thanks for your great video!

Tae H

Does it work for iPhone 6 to iPhone 12??

Rehaan Raees

if i erase old iphone will it effects new iphone settings ?

Ellie Sureya

My phone is stuck on the apple logo and I don’t remember the data on it :(


what should I do when the IOS of the new iPhone needs to be updated?

Rob Stephens

Very helpful - thanks!

Loabat Khosravi

very useful data. thanks. It saves a lot of time for me.

Peanut turner

I did all that but I can’t call or text on new phone

Nada Nasef

One quick question plz do I put the SIM card before transferring or after transferring plz I need a quick respond


Does whatsapp require phone verification again ?

Ellie Sureya

How do I fix this without remembering any of my data or have access to passwords or anything but cant restart because of really important photos of family and friends and yourself :( edit: the logo wont go away

Verizon iphone 6 tradein

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Verizon iPhone 6 TV Commercial, 'iPhone 6 Trade In'

1 337 views | 23 Sep. 2014