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How to Tie a Swivel to Your Fishing Line for Beginners - Two Favorite Knots!

486 718 views | 21 Sep. 2018

Here are two of my

Here are two of my favorite knots for tying a swivel to your fishing line. The first knot is the improved clinch knot and the second is the palomar fishing knot. Swivels have several purposes but their primary purpose is:

1. Help to attach larger leaders to smaller main lines.

2. Help prevent line twist when throwing artificial lures.

I try and eliminate as much hardware on my rigs as possible, doing so presents the most natural presentation which really helps improve the quantity of bites you receive. This is especially true in high pressured areas.

Watch how to tie a hook to your main line here: https://youtu.be/LbmVrCuDOS8

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Michelle Jongeneelen

Thanks for the neat vid ?


Thank you man I lost a 1 pounder yesterday because of my knotting mistake

Mr. AriEz Story

FISHING lover can you sub me too..

jon shebad

Saliva (lube) is what prevents the line from burning itself, its kinda like sex, proper lubrication is safer and better!

Chris Yerp

Can this knot be used on spectra or Dyneema


Thank you <3 helped very much


Hi Josh, thank you for such clear instructions on these knots. Here's what I like about your video: outdoors at wood table with natural sunlight on your work, bright colored line is easy to see, and no distracting music in the background! Excellent. I will check out more of your content.

Grip It Sleek LLC

Excellent zoom in, only the best do that. stay Sleeked? thanks

Big O!

Pretty simple steps and knots. I love the clinch, always comes through!

Chris Canning

Perfect knots! I prefer the first knot you demonstrated! Keep up the good work ?

Lapeez 22

You seriously missed out on how to Tuesday


Uni knot is great knot for tying to swivels or hooks. I have a great video of that knot on my channel


Good you used lube on a knot. many don't which burns and weakens the knot

Syam Lal

Thank You. First option more strong or second?

bbq at home Benny's smokin' BBQ


David Devine

I do something similar but after twisting around 5 times and Tru the loop then back Tru the loop I just made between the loop I went tru and the end of twisted line is there a name for this.. thanks

Randy Jones

Too fast. Need to slow down.

David Power

I just use the good old fisherman’s knot, the only one I know haha


The problem is that you can't do the palomar know when you already have 1 end of the barrel swivel tied. Then you can't put the loop around the swivel because you're tied line will stop it... ?

Pearl fan

Thanks this helped a lot! Great content


Thanks that second knot I never seen, the first one I do use, I use swivels cause I go braid to mono leter and your correct less twisting, have you used uni knots? They work great too.


I forgot my sabiki rig at home, had to buy a $5 rig appose to the $1.79 I usually pay, go to tie it and cast and that bad boy flies away ?? thank you will be doing this from now on ??

Delia Petties


Koopa Troopa Poopa

Does that knot work with braid?

Juan Varon

Can the test line be 30 lb and leader 25 lb while using the swivel or does the leader need to be stronger?

Squi Shy

Looks confusing


Good instructions thank you. God bless you

Augustinas Činga

Ačiū tau

Tanasis Yanev


Dale Marsh


Cherise Enjoying Life

Thank you

Keith Garrison

So helpful thanks. God bless!

jeff davis

Thankfully, I don't go through leaders very quickly. In this case, it meant that my Bozeman Flyworks leaders sat in the leader wallet for a while, before I put one on. Very impressed allabout.wiki/lxtl Butt section was wrapped quite a few times in the coil, so it took some straightening out, but the mid-body and tippet were strong yet supple, with very good roll-over in the loops. Might consider phasing these in as more than just my 9' 5x option.


my uncle taught me how to fish as a kid. he always said you only need to know 2 knots as a fisherman. the barrel knot & the palomar knot. hasnt led me wrong yet. happy fishing.

Michael Shelley

Thanks for being a father for one video ?

Don Joh

3:53 um yeah???

Jordin Ward

I always like to tie tag, then cut above the knot

Haris Musanovic

I’m a noob. I just use 3 overhand knots that I tie pretty tight. Why is this better? Genuinely curious.

william compton


Parveen Lyall

Very Easy and simple for Bignors


really useful video for noobs like me! Tied on my wire trace thanks to you! Cheers!

Roy palomino

Can you please make a video where you finish both sides. So if you use a polymer knot on one side do you use a polymer knot on the other if so how-do-you-do that?


You saved my life. I lost 3 of my brothers weights and hooks. Lol im a newbie.

Rich C

Thanks for this! Would you be able to tie a palomar on the other side though?

Carter Waldron

Fuck yeah!


Great advice Sir.
Will definitely give it a try.?

Holden Ebbing

He’s gay

Jackson Scott

Time stamps?

Thomas Kelnhofer

Finally a video I can follow easily. Thank you!


Fingers aren't so nimble anymore - Thx!


Dad taught me that first knot ur a lifesaver. Gonna go toss my little phoebe spoon for kicks. On my ugly stik jr from 1988. Back when they weren't at Walmart. God bless. Be safe. Lockdown in NJ. Still some sunnies i can play with.

Isaac Perez

Wow, just got into fishing and thank u. Very simple and the angles are awesome.

Strait_ Islandoftime

I love this guy thx bro

Tom McClure

I never ever trust the swivels with the twisted eyes

Abrams College

Thanks. Been looking for this.

Sanders Jones

Thanks Josh

Justin's Fishin Fetish

Good video, and nice tutorial. Very well explained.

Lauren Becker

awesome video, very well done and will definitely be back for more

Anthony Dcosta

V simple n excellent

Kelk Azon

Great tips! Thank you.

생활낚시TV[낚시인 양프로]

Excellent video!!

EDP445’s nephew

is a 33 lb line good?

Kris johnson

sao abridged

Stank Planks Skate

Cheers mate, about to go fishin

Dylan Moore


Sheena Ramacola


James Howard

The worst

Kizzmet 21

Thanks for the video! I was wondering what benefit each knot had versus the other?

Zhang Jason


wesley sumner

Thanks Josh

Reggie Barboza

Josh, I just want to say thank you. I'm very new to fishing and your videos are simple straight to the point. I've learned a whole lot from you in such a short time. Wish there were more youtubers like you. Thank you again.

Tony Lillis

I use the uni knot

TopCat TC

Brilliant video thanks for that


Thanks that still didnt make sense

Tesco’s Are cunts

Bit wierd that u are hanging around under the table at the end of video!


Just put like 4 to 5 overhand knots




I was wondering what the uses were for the swivel. Glad you covered that immediately or I wouldn't have had the patience to watch the rest. Great vid

Elijah Gafarov

What are they for?

Syam Reddy

Where the hell the attach that swivel to? :-D

Rommel Cruz

Wow, thanks man! That was so clear and simple! Now, let's fish!

Kolby Pepper

Didn’t work out at first but then it worked just fine

Guadalupe Zepeda

God bless you man and all of you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Joshua Taylor

Here is a video on how to attach your hook to your mainline: https://youtu.be/LbmVrCuDOS8

Tway2flyguy Leggs

Thank you

Daniel Parks

Thank you soo much, you don't know how much you helped me

Alex Seneviratne

Hello this is a great video. Very informative. I am a saltwater angler from Sri Lanka. I always wated to do away most of hardware in front of the lure. I am currently using a heavy fluro instead of wire trace we used to have in fear of losing lures to macs and kudas. For the convinience of changing lures what if i have a strong split ring instead of snaplock end of the fluro so that i can change lures using a plier. Its not as easy as using a snaplock but eliminates having too many hardware. What are my chances of damaging line with split ring end? Thanks heaps for very useful tips

Daniel Griffiths

Struggled to tie the first one in practice, but found the second one really simple! Managed to land a 10lb mirror (my PB) the other day using this knot. I appreciate there are other things to take into consideration, but this is the knot I used to tie my mainline onto the hair rigs swivel and it proved successful! Thanks again ?

Louie G

Dude thank you!

Mister S

After the swivel would I add a hook then weight? Or weight the hook?

Casey Boehs

Thanks for the help dude

Frankybaby 89

Lot easier than some other knots I've seen fast effective thanks

Ivan Stones

great video, clear explanations...thanks very much



Smile Boy

Thanks dude now I can go fishing with my grandpa

James Leslie

hold does one time a loop knot? I think it's called a Triline or Berkeley knot as well
I know it goes through the eye and sets similar to a chinch.


I did 6 and my lure is gone?

Adrian Jacobsen

I was wondering about the snap swivel. How do you connect it all? Do you have snap to snap, like a double swivel? The instructions only says that it's "so easy to switch your lure with a snap swivel", can't seem to find any place that shows me just how to connect it all

Roar Petersen

Excellent. Thanks! :))

Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea

Omg, I just show my husband this video... he's gonna get a spoonful of sugar tonight. ??‍♀️ jk. GREAT VIDEO ???

Tie chart

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Power BI Bow Tie Custom Visualization Chart Tutorial

147 views | 20 Nov. 2020

Power BI Tutorial for

Power BI Tutorial for beginners for understanding what is bow tie chartand then creating bow tie custom chart visualization that is helpful looking at how one category is contributing in a related category. This is an innovative visualization that helps us look at lot of categories values in easy to interpret perspective.

Google Spreadsheet link where all the power BI videos are listed along with their video link - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UlV8vTxzcCR2WaYUYfL-JI_6ae1aOTPqORU1YjLfuSk/edit?usp=sharing

Search all my videos here in this interactive report - https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/a3a46cc8-691c-40b0-9746-dde76cb16b4f/page/MxUaB

Data Set Link - https://tinyurl.com/yd65vnf3

Matis Stebben

Hello, amazing video. Can you please post the link for the spreadsheet that is at the beginning of the video....Thanks

Tie chart

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The history of every NFL team | Chart Party

639 330 views | 22 Aug. 2017

Some NFL teams are kind of

Some NFL teams are kind of predictable. Others win and lose in ways that defy explanation. This is a scroll through nearly a thousand years of combined NFL history.

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Armand Alegg

Watching this for the first time while "your team" are champions, so congrats for that and enjoy it while it lasts ...

Nice video too!


As a Panthers fan, I can 100% support this. Although we’ve kind of settled into a losing-but-not-terrible-record pattern these past few years, we’ll have a 12-4 season, win a playoff game, everybody will come back the next year, and we’ll go 6-10.

Jack Williams

Also goddamn it is nice to see a Carolina sports team top some chart. Like thats never happened before and it makes me feel special as a Carolina sports fan.

Ly Tran

“I don’t want to talk about a football team?”
Redskins: Time to go Football Team mode

Patrick Reilly

as I am typing this, it feels like the comments section is trying to move to the right

Phil Chroniger

Thanks for not talking about Washington...dicks.

Matthew Gliatto

The music is so melancholy but also beautiful

Airiel Salvatore

Good music... Nice charts... It's a pleasant party

Weirdo Gaming

This was singlehandedly the funniest and most boring video ever

AD Williams

We should get a video on the 2001 Bears and figure out just what the hell happened


8:15 good news, Jon

Mr. Halv

Why did I just watch that?

Eric Lebo

This is not a lie. So according to my mom, I am cousins with the Kerry Collins. It is not a joke

Zafeer Lambe

go birds???


WHOA pausing this video towards the end of it trips me out

Ser Garlan Tyrell

Seriously, the Deflatriots haven't had a loosing record since 2000? Did Belichik suffer from the millemium bug or something?

Never mind... To quote Homer Simpson... BORING!

John Pickett

Can we get MLB and NBA versions of this please??


That kind of caught me offguard seeing my fave team be #1 lol. They've had a 2-14 season then 2 years later have a 15-1 Super Bowl 50 loss.

Ly Tran

And Bud Adams also witnessed 35-3.

Crystal Bull

4:20 did he predict the WFT?

Robbie Highfield

Cardinals (my team). We're one of the least volatile teams...because we consistently suck :/


4:09; Hail to the Deadskins ... in mean, Washington football team.

James Lantz

As a Chiefs fan watching this in 2020, it’s so nice to finally have a team that can win playoff games.

Artemis Walsh

Patriots history really is “Wanna see me obliterate the entire league for a decade? Wanna see me do it again?”

The Scribe



We need way more chart party.

Julian Bell

John Bois confirms Matt Flynn is a Hall of Famer

Bicycle Repairman

So this is 10 min but one about a really bad punt is 55?

Theodore the Great

This is not accurate at all


I want a 3 years later update


I knew Seattle would be at the bottom

and until Russell Wilson's out, they will continue to be.

L Haviland

TFW the Browns live in hell.


The Washington one aged beautifully.

Uniboy 13

Hey I have this idea for a video where I just put some smooth jazz over some numbers. Now you're required to work for 30 years, this was your doing Jon, not mine.

Brandon Havixbeck

What did i just watch and why did i enjoy it?


4:15 "I dont feel like talking about this team...are they gonna fire me because I don't want to talk about a *football team*?"
Jon, how right you are


I like the fact that the Browns are one of the most stable teams, because you can always count on them to suck.

Marcus Turner

Laughed out loud at the end of the Arizona chart


Running back Dave Hampton's goal was to rusht for 1000 yards a season. 
In the last game of the 1972 season, he did it! They stopped the game. 
He was given the game ball. 
The crowd gave a standing ovation. 
The next drive, Hampton was tackled behind the line for a loss. 
He finished the season with 955 yards. 

And that's the story of the Atlanta Falcons.

That would be a good bedtime story in NOLA

Zach Scruggs

does anyone know how he makes his charts?


1990 onward NFL has been crappy. Show the entire history instead.

I Want Makoto To Cradle Me In Her Strong Arms

If you pause this video it moves slowly to the left.

Jonah Falcon

Lions only have two words: "Matt Millen". LOL

Forgiven Sinner

Ok video. Lots of ups and downs.





Apex Predator

I need a sequel but with Nba teams


This is probably one of my favorite Chart Parties.

Roy Goodhand

Really? The only thing you could say about my team was "Matt Millen."?

Owen Key

That jump from 3.52 in second place to 4.52 in first place is huuuge


1,000th comment ?


"remember the time you only won 9 games"
patriots fans are so spoiled

Chris Walkey

4:14 god tier foreshadowing

Survival 1

The Chargers name and logo was created originated in Los Angeles 1960
L.A. memorial Coliseum ⚡️? ?

The name originated from the USC football games then musician and team kicker Tommy Trojan played and helped inspire then owner Barron Hilton when Hilton attended the USC football games at the LA Coliseum every time Tommy would run out to the field to attempt the extra point kick the USC fans would yell out Tommy’s Charge! Chant he created as a musician
“Da Da Da Da Trojan Warriors Charge!!
So that’s we’re R.I.P Barron Hilton then owner got inspired for the name from that Da Da Da Charge! Chant
The proof is in the Battle Horse charging into battle hence the battle horse inside the original Chargers 1960 shield logo very similar to a USC Trojan warrior Charging into battle with a Sword and shield.
The lightning bolt came from Barron Hilton liking the Air Force college team logo.
Till this day that Charge! Chant is heard at the games and through out other sporting events.
Da Da Da Da Charge!

The Chargers r the true original L.A. born team playing for the original birthplace and not too many teams can claim that fact!
The Rams were born in Cleveland.
The Raiders were born in Oakland.
and that’s a fact those other teams can’t ever claim.
And also the Chargers r also the true Southern California team they have never left Southern California unlike the Rams born in Cleveland and played in St.Loius and the Raiders born in Oakland and play in Las Vegas Nevada.

Lex Dignon

We need another one of these. Just an idea

Jack Williams

Secret Base: "Hi Dak"

Me: "Bye Dak :("

Taeeun Kim

An NBA version would be interesting

ori0n x3

About the Jags: "I don't think they're done [losing]..."

Jags were one quarter from the Super Bowl the year this video was made.


Let me guess you won’t talk about the redskins because their name offends you

Jacob Houseman

"What, are they gonna fire me because I won't talk about a football team?"

How about The Football Team?

Andrew Chaikin

I am currently doing this video but on the NBA. Come check it out.


1:46 The Cardinals are over here making W’s, but have never won a Super Bowl. How ironic.

Michael McDonald

It took me almost a year to watch this in full while paying attention. I'm glad I did. It was fun.

Zachary Boice

I just love the huge increase that just says 'Hi, Dak.'


As a Denver fan, I'm surprised you didn't try to diss us more than you did. Also, I still have no idea how we drop down and back up like that, it's confused me for years.

Brian Stryker

No no McNabb is still overrated. And a drama queen. And puked in the super bowl and not because of nerves.

Shannon Pincombe

Jon Bois....you make magic with your charts, your puns and your smooth jazz. Smooth........(yes, Barry White voice. Who else?).

Joe Thompson

Please update this with the Kyler Murray upswing for the Cardinals ??


Lmao i live in charlotte im like huh we should be pretty high up. Didnt think it be by that much

Ly Tran

“I dont feel like talking about this team, so I won’t.”

Then they didn’t have a nickname. Jon’s curse on the Redskins name.


4:20 he really predicted them just being a washington football team

Chase Moloney

This HAS to get another installment


the intro has the same energy as the inception movie


Like to see an update of this

Jonah Falcon

Now my Giants are "down, down, down, DOWN..."

Contrived Resident

The music used is almost trancelike, a solemn serenade to prefice the wonder of NFL history unfolding right before our very eyes, in the usually mundane machinations of charts and data sure, but all brought to life and animation by the greatness of the video’s presentation.
Yet another masterpiece by Jon Bois, eh!


Detroit are not that bad.


If this was created a few years later, then he could've made fun of the Titans for 4 consecutive 9-7 years.

David Hutchinson

The chargers are inherently meaningless.

random kids from cherry street

I liked the noted commentary

Crayton Caswell

Good to see the Jets have settled into a routine the last few years.

Keenen Manley

no consequence except my sub, bye cuz

Matthew D'Arezzo

Hey, Washington isn't a football team, they are The Football Team

Davoid Gaming

I hate the second half of the season
2018: 6-2
2018: 7-9
2019: 5-3
2019: 5-11
SAVE ME Teddy H20

Mike Rodick

Had 10 mins between classes. Don’t regret it


jon bois is my hero


so the colts are tanking specialists
first for peyton than for luck

Finley Jones

I'd love to see this for NHL.


Life long Panthers fan here. This is not surprising at all.


oh no, I think the Panthers finally grew out of their volatility, now that they've been 5-11 for two straight seasons =<

Charles Myers

awesome video

aaron kimball

Lack of info on lions sad face. Ik we are mediocre and all but come on lol

Jordan Leighton

I still can get over “I will suffer no consequences for this”

L Haviland

New England actually has a really consistent pattern of increase.


The patriots were even more volatile than the panthers up until the 2000s.


*sighs*....yeah...that's my Panthers...

Alex Vratsanos

“hahaha remember the time y’all won only nine games?”

Finally, that double-digit win streak is over.

Enuma Elise

Highest I’ve ever seen the Lions on a list

Kieran Ball

That Washington segment aged well

Pole Tooke

Captions unavailable

Alex Vratsanos

Sorry I’m late to this (chart) party, but seriously, the Panthers are 3.73 standard deviations above the mean, whereas the Falcons are only 1.53 above... they’d be 2.19 above if the Panthers were excluded, because they make it so much larger.