Silver trade map

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The Global Silver Trade with Asia (HOM 12-A)

340 views | 25 Sep. 2020

History of Money, Lecture

History of Money, Lecture 12, Pt. A: a look at the silverization of China and India, including the discovery of the Iwami mines in Japan and the Dutch and English East India Company.


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Dr. Jonathan Barth received his PhD in history from George Mason University in 2014. He specializes in the history of money and banking in the early modern period, with corollary interests in early modern politics, empire, culture, and ideas. Barth is currently an Assistant Professor of History at Arizona State University, and associate director of the Political History and Leadership Program in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies.


Visit my website https://www.professorbarth.com/

Professor Barth

Access the History of Money series playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLinliDgP9EbScxfH5wxoX8I_HNRSElqZ_

Renan Felipe dos Santos

Side note: the main intermediate between Japan and China was the Ryukyu Kingdom, which was considered a vassal of China.

Silver trade map

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The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

328 458 views | 12 Aug. 2019

Free wee Jones

Preposterous we are copper colored aboriginis found here in 1492 identical to ALL the oldest human remains found in America according to the Smithsonian institute that why negroes are depicted in ancient temples throughout south America and why. Martin Luther King said BEFORE THE 1ST SHIPS GOT HERE WE WERE ALREADY HERE and Malcolm said we didnt land on Plymouth rock it landed on us! Literally ALL negroe grandparents a few generations ago said they are Americans Indians before that debunked hoax was plagiarized by Alex Haley as a matter of fact the first people refered to as negroes were MY ANCESTORS taken from the American islands to Spain smh no proof =no truth!!! No more folk tales and no more fairy tales we were enslaved in our own land!

Brian Evans Evans

If anything should be cancelled is this page its wack outdated u criticize on how Dave Chappelle went to far aint funny but this whole youtube page is bigotry you are showing nothing but white skin white topics in your videos than summing your other videos up with degrading blacks nothing on here make sense Why do we care what LBGT community think did these mothafuckas carry us in they nuts are they Fucking For Us I dont get just cause Im a Pizza Eating freak dont mean I need 50 people defending me I just be a pizza eating freak

David Higgins

Your latest "Nancy Pelosi Has Gotten Impeachment Right", 9th Dec 2019 Article By Frank Bowman is an inciteful well crafted piece. As your video portfolio is a bit bare, maybe a few videos on the Impeachment of IP03, Impeached President No. 03 is best produced, if only for the history of it all.
As for the Slave Trade, far too many of the history books, whilst it may indeed be mentioned about them keep out the full wretched involvement of the English Royalty, those ignorant worthless self interest pigs of their day, the various English & later British Monarchs spanning centuries were instrumental in it all and should be thoroughly BLAMED & shamed. Especially Queen Elizabeth, a vile woman.

Richard Blankenship

And now we have Detroit.

Jai Babiii

this is the most pointless video i ever got assigned to watch ever :l

g1g2g3 Aluno Geral



Jayanta Kundu

is this the way how you explain atlantic slave trade? Shame on you guys. You should change the title.

Aaron Guyton

With info will could do two things learn from it or repeat it?

Bill Keitel

Notice the Caribbean it needed tremendous amounts of slave labor because of the brutal working conditions. The percentage going there in relationship to its size is stunning.

Jēmuzu Otoko

People act like slavery is a bad thing, yet they don’t mind being ignorant about it. ?‍♂️

Janete Fernandes

Eu almentando o volume pra ver se tinha alguma explicação: ?

Jay NW

My bad it's 10,000 voyages not 50,000 So you should make a video where 10,000 dots and not all of them are slave ships voyage so how can 12.5 million black people get here ?

Sebastian Ramirez

Soy de argentina

Timatade SALINAS

¿Cuál era el recorrido habitual de los viajes?
¿A qué países actuales los llevaban?

Jay NW

This is so fake just like Chicago University

Jay NW

Tell you the truth you should go watch Dane Calloway's videos on YouTube ?

Chalisa Tiller

Had to listen to this for class....however there is no sound

Ferry White


Gregory Love

Africa is rich in cultural heritage and diversity, a wealth of natural resources, offers breathtaking tourist attractions, and contains some of the most intricate political systems. World civilization began in Africa.The Pharaonic civilization of ancient Egypt is the oldest literate civilization. According to historical records, the Egyptian state dates back to about 3300 B.C.More people speak French in Africa than do those in France.

KaIhlee Thomas :]

smh, this is disturbing to look at..

Mr. E

Wow it looks like almost all of them went to that little part of the Caribbean.

Hieronymus Pseudonymous

Such info. Much educate? (No, seriously, someone linked
me to this and it didn't make me much more knowledgeable
beyond realizing how many people were actually involved.)

Keira Pickering

Show this to a Hispanic who claims that they are not Black :/ lol

Renato gonçalo


D. White

Damn Brazil


The Caribbean and Brazil are LOADED with slaves

Speeding Atheist

So, the North American slave trade was actually minuscule compared to South America. You wouldn't think that listening to the far-left regressive propaganda crowd.


me and the boys about to hop on that Atlantic slave trade


How did the slaves get captured?

Banned In The USA

Atlantic fake trade propaganda.

West Indian James

That's all BS Never been proven.



Worship Grego

One of the worst news sites I've ever seen


Watch this on 0.25 speed

santana jackson

so many Isrealites were scattered throughout the earth that its ridiculous . and esau pulled off the biggest lie the world has ever seen by convincing the world that the slaves were africans , when in fact they were hebrew Isrealites that were taken on those slave ships . the tribe of Judah is here in babylon america and are known as the so called african americans smh but the truth is out now esau and your days are numbered . all praise to the most high


ok, commie

David Saintloth

The most shameful human and economic genocide of human history.

Booby Hill

No action anywhere else in Africa except the Western frontier lol, prototypical West Africans selling their own people even to this day. Such a shame, they are the shame of Africa.

Chris Black

The Trans-atlantic Slave Trade began in 1492 in Portugal


Everything wrong with Slate

Dante Brown

This is very dehumanizing.

Roddy MacChlerich

Atlantic slave trade in 0.3 seconds:
??A lie!

Shiny sylveon M.L.G.

You have angered the most powerful population you could have against you with your "Mislead YouTubers try to stop children privacy coppa law" crap. No thrickular frickular, we are trying to stop the broadness of this so that playing fricking videogames doesn't make us have 0 revenue. Also every sport commentary or sport channels in general like nfl and crap also get dismoneyed because 'sports' is a kid themed word. In other words you have angered the wrath of the most important audience you have and will pay for your sins against us.

Eliana joe mama

let’s not forget that the kings of the african countries happily were selling their own citizens and helped set traps because they wanted firearms and trading goods in return.

Black 5 Entertainment

Can you please put the source in the description. I've seen this but I can't remember the website

Merrick Schoenfeld

one of the saddest graphics I've seen, embarrassing to the human race...

Leonel Molina



This version of PlagueInc is even more disturbing...

Nuc Nuc

Revenge is of the lord - Romans 12:19

Jimmy Zoom


Sticky Fingaz FPV

Mis-information. Smh


I'm struggling with clicking on the dot to obtain information ?helppppp

MyFly MkUltra

Top 10 Movies that Deserve a Sequel


So none went to Central America?

Kids Baker

That is disturbing

Jay NW

What country made all those ships How do you know all the routes that are going are slave trade? Why isn't there a famous captain of the Atlantic slave trade Atlantic slave trade online database says there is 50,000 voyage and not all of them were slave trade?

Saadiya Rothschild


Rarpumpkin 1

join the slave trade google classroom the code is: evbolwh


Death is good for slate. ?

Udayah Yisrael

The children of Israel being sold and scattered..... From the true descendants Israel I pray for vengeance.....

Abshir Abdi Rahmaan

This map is so wrong change This...


damn North America actually got a very small portion of the slaves during the trade in the grand scheme. Even crazier how our ancestors were bartered not stolen but thats too much of a red pill for some.

Anthony Wandowicz

That makes me sick

Joao De Jesus

What am I supposed to see here?

The GLO Chasers



About 35 to 40 percent of the humans on board each ship... Were children under the age of 15.

matthew mann

Some slavery still goes on in certain parts of The Americas


Notice all the slaves crossing the Algerian sahara just after the French occupation in 1830 ....


Islam is still enslaving africans today

Black News Network

If this is true where's the demographics for Europe and if the majority went to the Caribbean I'm assuming they were then sold and bought by America from there because there is no way the numbers for America can be so small


This is so hard to take....300 years of that...
Just seeing the dots crossing the Atlantic in that volume is sickening!!


It is mainly the Spaniards and Portuguese who were responsible for this. Britain, France, and the rest of the Northern European were not that bad. If anything, the Spaniards and Portuguese should pay restitution, not the US, Canada, or Britain. These two nations were the biggest genocidal maniacs in all of history. They’re worst than Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Genghis Khan combined. Yet, no criticism fall unto them as much…

Summer Winter

enlightening, wow , big big business the slave trade 600 million slave from Africa,

Jenna Lee

Fascinating how overall the total number slaves brought to the mainland U.S was dwarfed compared to the number brought to the Caribbean and Brazil



lizzy engleman


Mairu Gupta

That is the most disturbing infographic I've ever seen.

Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie


Margarita Chin

Its not accurate . Brazil ended slavery in 1890. And the Anglophone world -- aside the U.S. -- ended slavery in 1830.

Michelle H

...and that is y hurricanes tend to form right there in thee Atlantic. Hundred n hundreds of potential slaves were thrown over, jumped over, angry,scared,and wanting revenge. Alot of disturbed spirits rest over that ocean.. evey year they weak havoc taking that same excact path to florida n all the south. I have lived in fla for years. might I add that during a hurricane (and I seen many) listening to the winds, oh my. The sound of the hurricane winds, sound like sorrowful bawling, like voices collectively humming old slaves hyms. It's very scary sounding. Smdh listen to it for your self. Crazy.

Cd Dc

What rout did the ships take returning to Africa?


Wow!!! We speak of Africa bring robbed of its resources, but the greatest resource that was taken were the people, fathers, mothers, children, doctors, inventors, innovators, workers, laborers all taken. Not only taken from the land of there origin, but also enriching the land they were taken to.


There's no audio.

Sophia Esteves

Só tô vendo por qualsa da escola

Eliana joe mama

looks like it’s mostly in south america?

Tom Klecker

Where is the data and the explantion for this animation? I have questions about how many slaves were transported with each voyage. It seems to me that the ships got larger and were transporting more slaves per voyage toward the end.

Chris C

This is absolutely disgusting

Liam Mac

Crazy to think that this didn’t even happen that long ago... less than 200 years.

Silver trade map

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I hired a Rocket League coach on Fiverr, then challenged him to a 1v1

2 867 959 views | 30 Apr. 2020

I hired a Rocket League

I hired a Rocket League coach on Fiverr, pretended to be a beginner, then challenged him to a 1v1. Here's how it turned out.

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?My Rocket League Coaching Profile?


Car Colors and Settings: https://youtu.be/R6uvRkcy-Sw

Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com

#amustycow #RocketLeague

John Carista

Gold Player here, been playin on and off for a couple years, nothing serious, but me and the boys have decided to try to get a little outside of the box, started out on tutorials and training routines but man, i gotta say. your content is legit and funny and just keep up the good work bro. love it, just subbed. keep doin what you're doin

Dagoat yurem

We lowkey got a free coaching session

Kibbles mann

Bro you stole my profile pic

Mason Wells

I’m watching this for my practice

Lane Shupp

I love rocket league

Maazin Marka

wth lol there was an ad and it was About fiverr when i clicked this vii

Ashton Stanford

Bax does not know how to train a bad player

Tristan Hartmeyer

I'm a bronze one and know how to wave dash and not half flip. Am I better or worse than bronzy??

Bruh I’m ba D

This gave me free coaching?

Austin Leiwant

“Either I’m the best coach in the world or you’re not a bronze” lmaooo


Ty bax now i learned how 2 half flick


Can someone tell me what voice changer musty use


DoN’t FoRgEt To EbRiCs BuS yOuR wAy To ThE sUbScRiBe BuTtUn! XD

Omime Kessington

pls like this comment


Musty got therealkenzo in his home page

im not amustycowツ

LOL 7:23

Chris Nijkamp

you should honestly be an actor, that was amazing


When I was a bronze I got the half flip in three tries

Mo Rob


Jack Oneil

Why do these videos actually help me

Julian Lachin

I like when he said musty it brings up a crazy gamer saying yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grounds_ Up

Atleast sunless credited U

Chris N

He’s better at faking bronze then I am at being my actual rank

SEN_ swiftyeditz-_-

Question how long did it take you to make up that name and find out what is meant backwards ??


Ima copy cam set from

Conal Gaming


Cony Lee

The uptight truck tentatively embarrass because sink precisely copy athwart a unadvised circle. long-term, fluffy dedication

Mama Koita

POV: your checking comments to find SunlessKhan

B3n Tgg

Who else noticed 1.9m on the other video lol

talkalot alot

Wow I really thought that u were musty what a surprise lol

Nico Lizarraga

Imma bronze and can aerial freestyle musty flick half flip and more there is more tHan 1 steariotype

Hashir Khan

This dude is teaching a bronze how to wavedash and half flip

Salty Sadam

Lmao, his discord pfp is my Xbox pfp ??

AyJay RL

Can you guys check me out??I would appreciate if you can drop a sub❤️It would make my day, im trying to hit 100 Subs


im a bronze 2 and i can air drib flip reset and half flip so ur wrong

thegreat sofyan


Noel Halo


Charlie Wallace

Hey musty

Angel Zendejas

I already got my lawyers me oh revers uno card how abt reverse reverse uno card means I have no uno card

Carlos Reynoso

He sounds like shikamaru



Screem BlAzE

Who else unsubscribed just to see if it was actually ebircsbus but I’m still subscribed I’m not mean ?


get this comment to 5k likes for no reason

pocket klan

Subscribe ebircsbus

Alfred Henhawke




Eduardo lazaro

Why are pros so good at acting bad in rocket league??

King ging

I like cookies hehe

Gavin Dungan


Dino Hadzic

How do u play on steam like when i do it says that i need to conect to epic services pla help

chill _

i wish i could get coached but i have no money and im only gold

Connie Miller

9:15 that made me laugh lol

Jbegaming _tho


t0kyo _

yo the ebrics bus was smart af

Juwan Santiago

When he said Mertzy and the musty ?


How I get coaching for free


0:41 little z!

•Emma & neon gacha•

Imagine your name is EbircsBus

MX shaan

Who else is just also learning rocket league whilst watching dis

Fruitloop Cheerio

Musty should act like he’s a whole simp for himself using everything that he normally wears and always say “musty doesn’t do that”


thumbnail: i will rocket league coaching from a grandchamp. WHAT-

Super Mutant on the Bunny Slope

At 7:31 I died!!!?

Noah Gress

When he says mertzy is better than him


Am i weird i cant get out of bronze but im close to ariealing ... and i already made an arieal before

Keenan Somashekara

"Do pros flip into the ball?" I'm dead


am i the only one who thinks its funny in 0:45 that one of the common searches say "Rocket League coach musty"?

Halo Kitty6

It’s time to use the... REVERSE UNO CARD...

Alfred Henhawke



Damn you good


Its so funny at 13:46


I'm a platinum but can't air dribble les gooo. I dont know what to put controls as lol, cant find

kurt3270 kurt3270

1:33, woah you got me

That deserves a sub

Gabriel Warren-Wallace

9:16 how they made the T. rex roar for Jurassic park

Andrew Kahler



For some I reason I cant watch People get pranked. My Moral compass is so strange. I would burn a fetus for 50 bucks but seeing someone getting pranked makes me feel bad.

Sludge Gaming

If you remember, both of the coaches has dogs as their discord pic




These edits had me dying

GamingWithZom !


Happy Lady

That guy is really a bitch he copies everyone

Ultra XD

This guy actually helped me a bit

roland hummel

the game is the greatest scam in the world and nobody notices it! how stupid

Julian Lachin

Sunless is a steeler

Gamer Bouy

this is the first legit coach in fiverr

INSAN3 _ Exper9 9

Did anyone notice the musty flick: 13:10

Tuna Demir Sönmez

Squishy..is a BIG one?

Snowball Carrot

Bruh uno reverse wat is reverse uno card

•Emma & neon gacha•

How many times have you seen me?

Nash Mayes

Smart move

Adan Villegas

Subscribe Ebircsbus



Mohamed Aazzab

You are sp good musty

Subway SurferOG

This hurts your case a lot

ninja henk

sunless and musty takes their own content:)

Itz Ryy

POV: Your looking in the comments to see if Sunless Khan commented

Patrick Smith

2020 showing John sandman 1m seeing him in 2015 335k


Number 2...

Conal Gaming


Conal Gaming


Not Cloudyy

2:50 the coach was like “ok so 110” and musty did 109 ?